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    Deathwing vs. Tyranids 1500 points

    Alright, I just got my deathwing army and played a game against my brother today. It was a fun game, and I'm actually pretty surprised he didn't win with his horde list.

    My Deathwing:

    Deathwing Terminators x5, assault cannon, apothecary: 275 points
    Deathwing Terminators x5, assault cannon, Terminator Librarian: 390 points
    Deathwing Terminators x5, assault cannon, Master Belial: 375 points
    Deathwing Terminators x5, cyclone launcher:235 points
    Deathwing Terminators x5, cyclone launcher:235 points

    His Tyranids:

    Broodlord w/ some upgrades, retinue of 9 genestealers with feeder tendrils, extended carapace

    Fleshborer gaunts x120

    Zoanthropes x3 with synapse, physic scream

    Carnifexes x3 w/ Barbed strangler, scything talons

    Deployment: The game was capture and control on pitched battle. He set his objective in a trench all the way back in his zone, I put my objective out in the open in the middle of my zone. He deployed 60 gaunts in terrain on top of his objective, with his carnifexes close in front of them. The other 60 gaunts deploy as far up as they can with 2 zoanthropes providing synapse, all in position to make a run for my objective. Genestealers held in reserve. I hold all my deathwing in reserve.

    Tyranid Turn 1:
    Tyranids get first turn and promptly do nothing as my army is in reserve.

    Deathwing Turn 1:
    Using deathwing assault, half of my forces rounding up arrive via deep strike. The squad with Belial deep strikes close to the table edge, scattering on top of a building on the tyranids right flank. The squad with the librarian deep strikes directly to the left of Belial's squad, and the final squad with an apothecary deep strikes in front of Belial's building. The 3 squads unload on one of the gaunt broods about to threaten my objective. 16 gaunts are cut down by a storm of storm bolter and assault cannon shots. Gaunts stead fast as they are in synapse range.

    Tyranid turn 2:
    This is where things get very interesting. The broodlord and his retinue come in reserve and outflank right behind all my terminators in assault range. The remaining 14 gaunts from the shot up brood and the zoanthrope move to engage the apothecary's squad. The other brood of 30 move up next to some woods, ready to claim my objective next turn. All the carnifexes take shots at the apothacery's squad, killing 1. One shot scatters and kills a member of Belial's squad. The fourteen gaunts, in an astonishing display of firepower, actually kill 2 terminators in the apothacery's squad. The gaunts charge the remaining 2 terminators with the apothacery, and the genestealers charge the librarian's squad. It would seem that the gaunts were particulary disgruntled about their 16 lost comrades, as they atonishingly kill the 2 terminators in assault, while taking only 2 casualties...things are looking grim for the deathwing. The genestealer charge totally wipes out the librarian's terminators, but the librarian survives and rips apart the broodlord.

    Deathwing turn 2:
    Time for sweet revenge. My 2 remaining squads with cyclone missile launchers arrive, one deep striking close to my objective, ready to repel the approaching gaunts, the other deep strikes on the tyranids left flank, also in range of the approaching brood. Thankfully, the gaunts were clumped up and they payed for it with 24 bodies, nearly annihilating the whole brood with the combined fire of the newly arrived terminators. Belials squad moved to engage the brood of 12 that had somehow managed to kill 4 terminators. Through the shooting and assault of Belial's squad, that remaining brood was destroyed. The librarian continued his assault against the genestealers, killing 2 of their number while sustaining no wounds himself.

    Tyranid turn 3: The tides had turned and now it was my brother's turn to go on the defensive as his forward assault force of 60 gaunts, 2 zoanthropes and genestealers had been almost entirely repelled or destroyed. The 2 zoanthropes that had been accompanying the 2 gaunt broods moved back to support the other 2 broods holding his own objective. Carnifexes fired on my remaining 3 squads, but to no avail as my terminators were now spread out to minimise casualties. The genestealer assault finally resolved, ending with the death of the librarian.

    Deathwing turn 3: The genestealer squad was left in the open, allowing my cyclone missile squads to open up on them, reducing their number to 3. Belial's squads moved behind the cover of some high walls.

    Tyranid turn 4: The remaining genestealers retreated behind the shelter of a building, and the carnifexes attempted to kill some terminators, but again to no avail.

    Deathwing turn 4: A cyclone missile squad moves onto my objective, while the other 2 squads advance forward, one squad on his left flank, another on his right. My army fires everything they have at the zoanthropes, as I know my only chance to win will be to break synapse. Only 1 zoanthrope takes a wound.

    Tyranid turn 5: Seeing his zoanthropes threatened, his genestealers, and 2 carnifexes move up to intercept Belial's squad. Belail's squad takes 3 casualties from fleshborers and barbed stranglers, and are then cut down in assault

    Deathwing turn 5: With too few men to claim or contest my brother's objective, I just sat on my objective with the remaining 10 terminators, resulting in a stalemate between us.

    Game ends turn 5 in a tie.

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    Great battle report
    Spambot kill tally. . .337

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    Hoo-HA! For the Deathwing! Nice report. I hope mine does the same tonight. ^^

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