NECRONS HQ: 1 The Deceiver Elite: 10 Immortals Gauss Blaster Troops: 20 Warriors Gauss Flayer 20 Warriors Gauss Flayer Fast Attack: 3 Destroyers Gauss Cannon 3 Destroyers Gauss Cannon Heavy Support: 3 Heavy Destroyers Heavy Gauss Cannon 3 Heavy Destroyers Heavy Gauss Cannon Total Roster Cost: 1990 SPACE MARINES HQ: 1 Forgefather Vulkan He'stan 1 Space Marine Librarian Epistolary; Force Dome; The Avenger; Jump Pack Elite: 1 Dreadnought Heavy Flamer; Assault Cannon; Drop Pod 6 Terminator Assault Squad Lightning Claws (pair) (x6) 1 Sergeant 1 Land Raider Crusader Multi-Melta Troops: 9 Scout Squad Missile Launcher 1 Sergeant 9 Tactical Squad Flamer 1 Sergeant Power Fist 1 Rhino 9 Tactical Squad Flamer 1 Sergeant Power Fist 1 Rhino Fast Attack: 9 Assault Squad Flamer; Flamer 1 Sergeant Melta Bombs; Power Fist Heavy Support: 1 Whirlwind Total Roster Cost: 2000 Necrons win 1st turn and deploy first. The Deceiver uses his Grand Illusion to re-deploy the heavy destroyers over to the left side of the board to attack the tanks. But rolls a 3 and only gets to redeploy that 1 unit. Space Marines seize the initiative from the Necrons and rush forward full throtle. The scouts and devastator squads attack and damage 8 Necron Warriors on the right side of the board with sniper rifles, plasma cannon and lascannon fire. Necrons Shoot all their stuff at the obscured rhinos (smoke launchers) and are completely unable to destroy any! Turn 2 Drop Pod deep strikes dreadnaught and all vehicles unload shooting everything they have into the necron warriors killing a great many of them, wiping out a whole 20 man squad of warriors in the process Necrons bounce back with good WBB rolls and with the aid of the deceiver are able to defend their objective and wound a couple scouts as well. The battle field heats up as more bodies drop. Turn 3 Space Marines managed to destroy Immortals in combat The deceiver makes his way amidst the enemy banking on his intangibility to assault the tactical squad on the objective and make it a tied game. However the space marines interfere with his advance and must be dealt with. Turn 4 Space Marines attempt to tighten their hold on the objective while keeping the deceiver away. Their attempts turn to futility as the deceiver gives them the go-around and the space marines begin to succumb to fire from the heavy destroyers as rhinos get destroyed and the scout squad on the adjacent objective are killed.