My local store had a 40k in 40min tourney today, and i wanted to try my newly scratchbuilt kannons (2 of the 3 is scratch, 1 is original model). I used this list: a propper shooty deffskull list!

10 Lootas [150]

20 Shootaboys w/2BS, Nob w/Bosspole [145]

20 Shootaboys w/2BS, Nob w/Bosspole [145]

1 Kannon [20]
1 Kannon [20]
1 Kannon [20]

500 pts total.

We were 4 people playing , out of the 8 people that signed up!! A lousy warhammer town this really is! Anyways, the store had 3 tables already sat up with special rules on every table.

when i opened up my box of shootaboys they just said "ouch!". i replied "its only 40 boys... and i still got room for these" i opened the cover of the second box, with lootas and kannons.. They were all silent =D

My first game was against Tau. His list was more or less like this: 2 firewarrior squads of 10, mounted in devilfish (?) and a priest of some sort. The table we used was a ruin / trench warfare table, and I think every table was 4x4 feet. The objective of this table was to kill the leader. He choose the priest, and I choose one of the nobs. We had deployment in each our opposite corner, 12” x 12” square. I just said “how on earth can I do this? I have no room for all my boys!!” They all just laughed at me, but I laughed right back at them when I got first turn and mad both his transports useless! Lootas got 2 shot each, and 2 of the kannons managed to fire. One got destroyed with a lucky kannon shot. 6 to hit, 6 to penetrate, and 5 on the damage table! Haha! The other transport got 2 weapon destroyed, an immobilised and a few crew stunned and shocked. He disembarked both his firewarriors behind the transports, and the priest was hiding behind the immobilized transport. Next turn I tried to get a explode on the transport, but no.. I did wreak it, but I could not get a clear line of sight to the priest. All my boys slogged forward while shooting. The game ended Draw I got 2 pts, but I “won” because of the points I killed for. 210 vs 8 boys!

Second game: Chaos Space Marines with the following: Khorne Berserkers, marine squad of some sort with a rhino. The table was a “defend / destroy the factory” objective. In one deploymentzone there were a factory with armour value 12 and 3 strukturepoints. Special rules were as followed: First round = night, the attacker tries to sneak in. Round 2 = on a roll of 1or2 there will be dusk and dawn rules. If I killed the factory the first 3 turns I would get 10 pts, and decreasing for every turn. (don’t remember how many points per round) I rolled for attacker, and I went first. After a cramped up deployment I moved forward with everyone, I ran into shootingrange with my lootas and kannons (into a ruin), and my shootas were hiding behind a big pile of sand (the pile of sand was around the middle somewhere) =D He “ran” forward with everything, bu it was more like stubling forward. He rolled a total of 6 and 7 for difficult and run for both squads =D I rolled 2 on the next turn, giving me no chanse to shoot at the building, and I could not see the marines either. I just waited. He ran forward. Turn 3, clear vision! Everything shot at the building, I hit some fuelcans and pipes, and it goes BOOM! A few marines who did could not get away fast enough was burned alive! My shootas took shooting positions and shot against the marines. I then assaulted his marines, while berserkers were at an ok range to shoot next turn =D I lost 17 boys and 2 big shootas from the cc with marines. At the end I had shot the berserkers to pieces, rhino was wreaked and both squads hammering the marines =D

I ended up with the 10 points for killing the factory, and casualties were my 124 vs his 465 (I lost 17 boys + 2 bs)
Third game: Same table! Against another CSM army I think there were 2 havoc squads of 7 and a marinesquad of 6-ish. Havocs had autocannons (str 7 2shot weapon?) He got the attacking positions, and the first turn. I was sure he would do the same thing I did last game.. shoot down the building at turn 2 or 3 depending on dusk and dawn roll. So I just had to mae sure my boys could run across the battlefield in such a speed to stop them. I deployed around the factory and over the whole goddamn place. No room at all! He moved just the same spot I did last turn, into the ruins. I ran everything forward to get a nice fire position against him. Turn two rolled 3, damn! He shot the first unit against the building, several glancing, and a single penetrating. Glancing cant destroy it, and the penetrating hit rolled… a 4… wooha! Imobilised = nothing. He needed 5 and 6 to bring the structurepoint down. The second havoc squad shot at the boys. “Hmm, ok!” =D I said. He killed a few boys, my coversave saved a lot! Next turn I shot at everything. Killed the havocs outside the building with lootas and 2 kannon shots, and I managed to charge the havoc squad in the building! yeay for the waagh-move! The cc ended with him having 1 guy left, and he still had some of his marines. I defended the factory 10pts, and casualties were my 12 boys at 72 vs his 400.

Forth game: The last table, and the same opponent that was in the second game. The table was an uphill capture the other deployment battle. The defenders could deploy 18 “ instead of the normal 12”. But the objective was capture the 12” in the corner. And I rolled the attacker. Damn! I deployed my lootas nad kannons inside some trees on a small hill. And my shootaboys was ready to sprint up the board on each side. Chaos deployed his berserkers behind some trees and marines behind them. Rhino on the right side. I got the first turn, and shot with everything stationary against the berserkers, while my boys sprinted for the hill. He lost a few berserkers. His turn he moved forward with everything and shot with the rhino think he killed an ork on the right side. My second turn I aimed my kannon at the rhino, and It ended in an huge explosion killing one berserker! My other kannons and the lootas still fired upon the berserkers that now were standing in the wide open. If I remember it right, I managed to shoot down the berserkers to 1 guy, and I waaghed and assaulted the marines. Shootaboys shot the berserker to death from 1 inch away =D He rolled terrible good, and I rolled terrible bad for the assault. I ended loosing 7 boys to 1 of his! And I was still fearless!! (goddamn I hate that rule sometimes!!) and he got some free kills. Next turn we went straight to cc, where he killed a few orks, and I killed less in return (don’t quite remember) By boys ran for it, but were slaughtered by the CSM’s. I Shot with everything I got, he just had a few guys left. I assaulted and killed him with no casualties! I managed to get to the top of the hill 4 seconds before the battle ended! Phew! 10 pts. And casualties 145 vs 500!

Last game!, Back to the trench table. I had the same deployment, but this turn I faught against.. the berserkers again!? Again, my nob got to be the leader of my army, while his leader was in the berserker unit. I got first turn, boys moved a bit forward, while my kannons and lootas shot at the berserkers, dropping a few. He ran forward. I stood pretty mutch still, just moved my boys around. Shot with everything at what I could see. (shootas were not in range) Berserkers were hiding, but not good enough. I killed a few, popped the rhino and a marine was hit in the face. He was crawling over terrain pieces with his berserkers, but with my measurements were absolutely perfect, they could not reach my shootaboys! With 1”!! (and yes, the berserkers did roll good on the difficult terrain test!) The marines tried to shoot at the boys, but only 2 were in rapid fire range, 2 dead orks. Now being in the wide open, where everyone could see everyone. I moved my shootaboys forward to get everyone into firerange. One towards the berserkers for a charge, and the other a bit behind, so the marines could not get to them. The hail of fire with lootas and kannons killed the rest of the berserkers, and both shootaboys squads managed to kill all the other marines! I killed the leader 10 victory points. Casualties = 12 vs 500!

I ended up with 42 pts, while the next man in line had 22, it was the havoc guys. And the berserkers and Tau had both 18 pts. I don’t know theire casualties except those I faught.

Hope you liked it, and im truly sorry for not having pics.. i forgot my camera. But looking back, i could probably not have taken many pictures anyways because of the 40min limit.