This was a game I played against my younger brother a couple of days ago. I played Space Wolves and he played normal marines.

Space Wolves (copy pasta from a txt doc):
HQ: 348
Ragnar Blackmane: 175+12
1 wolf

Wolf Guard Leader: 125+36
Assault Cannon, Terminator Armour, FrostBlade, Runic Charm, 3 wolves

Elites: 618
Wolf Guard: 251+92

4 Wolf Guard w/terminator armour, 3 power fists, 1 power sword, 1 assault cannon,
1 cyclone ML, 2 combi-bolters, 4 runic charms

2 Wolf Guard Battle Leaders w/2 powerfists, 2 bolt pistols

Drednaught: 105
Multimelta, powerfist, storm bolter

Venerable Drednaught: 170
Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armour

Troops: 542
8 Grey Hunters (WGBL): 174
Bolters, 2 PW, Melta

8 Grey Hunters (WGBL): 174
Bolters, 2 PW, Melta

8 Blood Claws (and Ragnar): 194
2 PowerFists, rhino

Space Marines (I don't have the exact list):
Chapter Master w/ 1 Lightning Claw, Storm Bolter

Chaplain w/Terminator Armour

6 Terminators w/1 Assault Cannon (chaplain went here)

Drednaught w/ Assault Cannon

Drednaught w/ Multi Melta

2x 10 Tactical Marines w/ flamer, missile launcher, BP/CCW sargeant

Fast Attack
8 Assault Marines w/ PF sargeant

3 bikes w/ PF sargeant and HB attack bike

Heavy Support:
Predator w/ Autocannon and lascannon sponsons

He won the roll to place terrain first so he took a ruin and placed in on his side. Then I took a big piece of BFM terrain and placed in near the middle, a little ways in front of the ruins. He took another BFM piece and placed it near the one I placed, creating sort of a corridor of no terrain. I don't remember the order the rest was placed, but there were essentially 3 lines of no terrain through the board-> one at each side and one down the middle. We used a 2x4 board so we set up on the 2" edges. We rolled annialation.

I won the roll for going first and chose to have the first turn. I placed my rhino on the left side where it could go straight up the board, my terminators and one grey hunter unit were on the right side, and the two dreds and other grey hunter unit deployed in the middle. He deployed his two dreds straight across from my terminators and grey hunters, one tac squad a bit to the left of the dreds, his chapter master hidden behind the tac squad, the terminators and assault marines and bikes near the middle (terminators behind terrain), the second tac squad just behind the ruins (deployment wasn't enough to get them in), and the predator right across from my rhino. He failed to cease the initiative.

Turn 1:
I moved the Rhino up 12" and popped smoke. It was now nearly beside one piece of terrain. I moved everything else up too. In the shooting phase first I fired my WGBL and his terminators at the multi-metla dred, destroying it with a krak missile. Everything else fired at the bikes and assault marines, killing one of each.

On his turn he moved one tac unit into the ruins, move his assault cannon dred being the wreck of the MM dred, and moved up his bike, assault, and terminator squads. He fired his pred and tac units at my rhino, immobilising it and destroy its weapons. He then dropped an orbital bombardment on my terminator squad hitting 5 and hitting 3 marines from my grey hunters unit due to rolling crosshairs. The three grey hunters died and I failed 3 of my 5 invulnerable saves, opting to lose my wolves instead of terminators. He opened up with his dred on my terminators and failed to do anything. His terminators and assault squad faired better, killing half of my center unit of grey hunters. His bikes fired at my terminators, using up a save re-roll. He then ended his turn.

Turn 2:
Ragnar and the blood claws bailed out of the rhino and moved into the area terrain in preparation to charge the tac squad in the ruins next turn. The terminators moved into another pieces of area terrain to prep an assault on the assault squad, and I also moved up a dred and my grey hunters. My ven dred and my blood claws opened up on the bikes, dealing one wound to the attack bike and killing another bike. The terminators, MM dred, and grey hunters fired at the assault squad with a BP and their meltagun, killing all but the sarge (amazingly only the sarge was left when the terminators opened fire, and he somehow managed to survive!). We completely forgot about the 25% moral checks this game. I then assaulted the bike squad and assault squad with my MM dred and my terminators, accidently cutting off my grey hunters from charging. The MM dred and my WGBL killed off the bikes, and then the assault marine sarge managed to survive the 3 power weapon attacked and was finally laid low by being killed by 2 power fist attacks. Combat was won and I consolidated my terminators back into cover and my dred a bit behind my terminators so he would also be in cover.

Next turn my brother moved his terminators up a bit, he moved his dred up a bit, and he moved his chapter master up. He then opened up on the rhino with his pred, wrecking it, and fired both tac squads and the terminators at the blood claws, killing 4 and the wolf. His dred shot at my terminators, killing the one who failed his re-roll earlier. He didn't assault.

Turn 3
I moved my terminators, center grey hunters, and MM dred into assault formation, I moved my blood claws with Ragnar towards his tac marines (rolling well for cover), and moved my ven dred into cover. My right hand grey hunters kept moving up. They do nothing for the rest of the game except move. Ragnar and his blood claws fired at the tac squad, killing one, and everything else tried to fire at the terminators, killing one. I then charged the terminators with the MM dred, my terminators, and my middle grey hunter unit and I charged the tac squad with Ragnar and his blood claws. Ragnar and his blood claws killed 7 of the tac squad, losing none in return. The remaining two managed to flee away. As for the terminators, the chaplain attacked my WGBL (I forgot my wolf guard counted as a retinue) and did nothing. My dred also did nothing, and my grey hunters managed to kill 2 terminators. My terminators did absolutely nothing and the enemy terminators killed off 3 grey hunters and destroyed my dred's power fist. Combat was tied.

On my brother's turn he regrouped his fleeing marines and moved them to his tac squad. He also moved his chapter master up near where his assault cannon dred was. He fired everything but his dred at Ragnar and his blood claws, killing a powerfist and another d00d leaving just Ragnar, a blood claw with a BP/CCW, and a blood claw with a fist. The dred opened up at my left hand grey hunter unit, doing nothing. In combat my WGBL did nothing other than take a wound from the chaplian, but my grey hunters managed to finish off the terminators with some help from my terminators (though not after he killed another of my terminators) and the chaplain went down to two powerfist hits. I consolidated everything forward.

Turn 4
I moved my terminators behind the chapter master in anticipation of a charge, moved Ragnar and his merry men into charge range of the pred, moved my remaining two center grey hunters into cover, moved my MM dred into 12" range with his MM, and moved the grey hunters who do nothing into meltagun range of my brother's dred. The terminators and two grey hunters fired at the chapter master, dealing him 2 wounds. My ven dred killed the last two unit members of the group Ragnar fought last turn and my MM dred wrecked my brother's dred with his multimelta. My termiantors charged the chapter master, with him and my WGBL dealing eachother a single wound, both dying. Ragnar and his merry men charged the dred, dealing it several stunned, weapon destroyed, and immobilised results, taking off the two lascannons. At this point we both agreed I had pretty much won as he only had one tac squad left and all I had lost was my WGBL. We decided to continue playing anyways. For laughs, I moved my 2 remaining terminators right in front of his tac squad to see if he could kill them next turn.

On his turn I let him move his flamer d00d in his tac squad so he could hit both of my terminators. He wounded twice, and I failed both saves and had to use my re-rolls. He then proceded to kill my terminators with rapid firing bolters and a frag missile. Ragnar and his claws destroyed the autocannon on the pred.

Turn 5
My grey hunters onf the right tried moving up more, but didn't get farther than the corpse of the assault cannon dred. My two dreds and my two grey hunters moved into assault range of his tac squad and Ragnar and his claws moved away from the pred to re-charge. I fired at the tac squad, killing a couple of marines, and then charge it with my two grey hunters and two dreds and I charged the pred with Ragnar, the PF blood claw, and the BP/CCW blood claw. The pred was wrecked by two more immobilised results (no 5s or 6s despite half a dozen pens) and in the other combat several tac marines died, vs no losses on my side.

On my brother's turn his remaining tac marines died horrible deaths vs no more losses on my side. My win.

For mistakes we made during the game, I forgot about the retinue rules for my WGBL and allowed him to die. My brother acknowledges that his biggest mistake is trying to take the fight to the CC army instead of the other way around(something he also does against my nids). It was a pretty fun game and that orbital bombardment was pretty freaky. BS5 assault cannons are pretty crazy, and Ragnar with his 7 s5 PW attacks on the charge is a force to be reckoned with, even for tanks. I was pretty impressed with my uber terminator unit-> it was pretty fun to use and in the end it made its points back.

I usually like to play semi-swarmy nids with a unit of stealers, a brood lord, a couple of warrior units, 3 zoans, some termagants, spinegaunts, hormagaunts and 2-3 fexes, so playing such a small army was interesting to say the least (and it was great to actually hit something with my shooting!). Does anyone have any tips for what we should have done differently?