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    2K Daemons vs. Marines

    Had a game the other night, actually turned out interesting from a tactical standpoint. There were a few make or break decisions my opponent was forced to make and I though posting the battle would be interesting. Just kinda sad I didn’t have my camera as the armies looked fairly nice if I do say so myself (and I do). The mission was Kill Points with Spearhead Deployment, the armies were:

    Nurgle Daemons (Me):

    Great Unclean One
    -Cloud of Flies
    -Breath of Chaos
    4x 15xman Plaguebearer squads
    -2x have icons
    3x Daemon Princes
    -Mark of Nurgle
    -Noxious Touch
    -Cloud of Flies
    -Daemonic Flight
    -Iron Hide

    Space Marines (His Army):

    Pedro Kantor
    -Jump Pack
    10x Man Assault Squad
    -Sarge with PF and Storm Shield
    2x Tactical Squads
    5x Man Sternguard
    -Random Combi-weapons (don’t recall which ones)
    -Razorback w/ Heavy Bolters
    10x Man Sternguard
    - Random Combi-weapons (don’t recall which ones)
    -Power Fist on Sarge
    -Drop Pod
    2x Predators
    -Autocannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    2x Land Speeders
    -Multi-melta & Heavy Flamer
    -Assault Cannon
    Deathwind Drop Pod (Some FW contraption with assault cannons)

    My opponent makes me go first and Father Nurgle agrees with the half of the army I’ve chosen (Epi attached to PBs with an Icon, the GUO, and 2x DPs). He’s circled up some of his vehicles around the dread with a razorback waiting in the back. The big Sternguard Squad in their drop pod, the Deathwind pod, and the Assault Marines with the chappy are all DSing and everyone else is in their vehicles (Pedro is in the Razorback with the Sternguard).

    Epi and his unit scatters a little but stays generally where I need them, a little distance from the center. I try to drop the GUO and DPs where they can breath on some vehicles and try to immobilize them, but the scatter dice is just not my friend. The GUO and one DP scatter away from the enemy and the last DP mishaps back into reserve. With run moves the GUO ends up where I tried to place him and the DP gets behind some rocks. This is not a good omen.

    He chooses the Sternguard’s pod to come in first, but his scatter is no better than mine, they end up a good distance away and only a few can rapid fire the GUO. The Preds both open up on the GUO as well. The Land Speeders and Razorback of Sternguard go to the DP and the Sternguard get out leaving Pedro inside. The Two rhinos move away from the big scarys. After shooting both MCs have eaten two wounds each.

    Turn2 (tally at 0 )
    This needs to get better fast, but it doesn’t. I get one DP and a Squad, the DP mishaps yet again and gets placed in the far table corner and the squad just drops onto Epi’s Icon Between his unit and the Dread. I try to charge the Sternguard with the GUO needing a 5 on three dice, but the GUO decides getting rapid-fired again is more prudent. The DP however, between Breath and charging Immobilizes the Razorback and kills all five sternguard.

    My opponent gets his chappie unit which DSes in his lines waiting to counterattack. My opponent then lines up his two tac squads to open up on the Plaguebearers killing some. Predictably, the sternguard punish the GUO for his stupidity and with the help of some preds kill him. Pedro hops out and between two Landspeeders and the Immobile Razor manage a whopping 0 wounds on the DP. The dread starts making his way to the plaguebearers, but he instead fires at the DP near pedro trying to put some more wounds on. Pedro Charges the DP Knocking him down to 1 wound and taking none (ow), but at least he passes his “No Retreat” save.

    Turn 3 (tally at 5)
    Well crap, I’m down 1 Big Scary, another limping with 1 wound, another is doing a dead sprint to get back in the fight and the third hasn’t even shown up. I finally score a hit with the final DP, the two tac squads are packed like sardines and I score 14 hits on marines and 1 on a rhino, killing 7 marines but failing to hurt their transport. The Plaguebearers double-charge the tac squads. I should probably note that I wasn’t really trying to kill them, just keep them from getting back in their transports, my MCs are spread too thin to chase rhinos down at this point. I get another squad without an icon. I drop em on Epi’s Icon again (not risking anymore scatters). The DP in Timbuktu keeps running and is actually getting close to doing something. My Limping DP scores four wounds on Pedro, Caving his head in, and desperately tries to hide from the inevitable reprisal.

    His deathwind thingy comes in. It fires wildly hitting 3 plaguebearers squads, the DP from Timbuktu, 2 tac squads and 2 rhinos (apparently it even hits units in HTH). The only real signifigance is the DP eats 2 wounds and a rhino gets wrecked. His razorback, and Preds both open up the limping DP, but he’s dodging bullets like a champ. His Landspeeders fired multi-meltas at the limping DP, but can’t even manage a wound. His Sternguard come to the sudden realization that the limping DP is within Breath and charge range, but nobody has LoS. The Dread tries to solve the problem with the assault cannon, but comes up short. His chappie and assault squad rush to the aid of the tac squads, but the plaguebearers are up their usual bastard selves refusing to go down easily.

    Turn 4 (tally at 15 )
    Go for broke time, I get the last of my reserves in. The last squad with their icon try to do something clever, but my scatter rolls continue to be unimpressive, though not too much this time. The DP from Timbuktu breaths on the deathwind thingy doing nothing, and is outside of charge. The Limping DP gets some sweet revenge killing 5 Sterguard with breath and killing 2 in melee, dropping a further 1 with “No Retreat”. The DP who breathed the tac marines decides to deal with the dread, wrecking it. The Plaguebearer squad makes their way to help their buddies, but isn’t moving very fast. The other Plaguebearers continue their unfavorable combat, getting reduced to a single model, but he throws up both middle fingers as he passes all of his “No Retreat” saves.

    The two preds and speeders open up on the other plaguebearer unit that DSed on Epi’s icon doing little damage. The Limping DP beheads the last two sternguard. The Marines murder the last plaguebearer, but are pretty screwed at this point.

    Turn 5 (Tally at 20 )
    Well, it went pretty bad at first, but it’s basically over. The DP that killed the dread murders the last of the tac marines. Only one of my plaguebearer mobs reaches the chappie’s unit, but they kill them to a man. The Limping DP Blows up a pred. The DP from Timbuktu takes out the deathwind thingy.

    My opponent dumps everything left at the limping DP, but it all fails to hit or wound. He concedes.

    Final Assessment: There were a few critical decisions in this battle that I think really decided it. He had a good plan of opening up on the plaguebearers and having the dread charge tying the unit up, but broke from this when the limping DP refused to die, choosing to instead fire the dread at the DP. While a DP in your backfield is not what you want, this move cost him a lot more. Pedro getting out of his Razorback to fight is also pretty questionable, the DP needs 3’s to hit and has re-rollable 2’s to wound. Even with only 2 wounds left it’s a questionable decision, but it looked like it was gonna pay off until the DP hit and wounded with everything. I probably also would’ve left the chappies squad back to go for the limping DP as a PF re-rolling hits could probably shave off the last wound pretty easily.

    Last edited by Mastershake; May 9th, 2009 at 03:50.
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    Plauge for the Plauge God!

    Looks like Nurgle's legendary resilliance outlasted another army. I have an Ard Boys tournement this sunday, so I hope my Mortals fare as well.

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    "You my brothers! Raise your swords! Load your bolters! Tonight if we see no victory , but eternal glory, our souls will be place at the right hand side of the Lion and of the Emperor!" Master Germanus, seige of Flaxus

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