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    2K Team Tournament, 3 rounds

    Went to a team Tournament this weekend. It had a fairly large turnout of 20 teams (I think 1 team was a 1 man). The field was interesting: Mostly Marines and CSM, about 4 teams had Daemons in some form, and about the same showing from Orcs. Only 1 of the new Guard, Iím guessing itíll take another month or so before the tournament regulars start getting IG lists up. There were also 2 Witchhunters (really?). Missions were Adepticon, 1000pts per team member. My team consisted of:

    Great Unclean One
    -Cloud of Flies
    -Breath of Chaos
    -Unholy Might (had a few spare points)
    2x Daemon Princes
    -Mark of Nurgle
    -Iron Hide
    -Breath of Chaos
    -Cloud of Flies
    -Noxious Touch
    2x Plaguebearer units (10x Models each)

    My Teammate:
    Chaos Sorcerer
    -Mark of Slaanesh
    Obliterator Squad (3x man)
    Thousand Son Squad (9x man)
    -Sorcerer has melatbombs and warptime
    Thousand Sons (10x man)
    -Sorcerer has melatbombs and warptime

    Assessment going in: Iím liking our chances overall. The 1k sons are pretty stout and have mobility thanks to their rhinos and of course lash, meanwhile Iíve got some melee beasts and objective holders in the form of plaguebearers. I feel we have a healthy mix of units that can be complimentary when used correctly. The only major failing is a shortage of ranged anti-tank, but I feel that can be compensated for.

    The tourney is 3 rounds.

    Round 1

    We are facing Orks and CSM
    CSM (best guess):
    Deamon Prince
    Defiler w/ extra CCW
    Berzerker Squad
    -Power Fist on Champ
    CSM Squad
    -Icon of Khorne
    -2x Meltas
    3x Man Obliterator Unit

    Orks (best guess):
    -Power Klaw
    -Sluggas and Choppas
    20x Man Slugga Boyz Squad
    -Nob w/ Klaw
    12x Man Slugga Boyz
    -It had some big shootas not sure what else
    2x man Deff Koptas
    -1x had a Klaw
    5x Man Kommandos
    -Big Shoota
    3x Man unit of Killa Kans
    -Grot Zookas

    The Deployment was spearhead with two objectives placed in the unoccupied quarters. The primary objective was VP (not KP, VP), secondary was controlling objectives, Canít recall tertiary.

    Asessment Going In: Although their lists have some random choices overall they arenít bad. Our opponents are clearly not as experienced, not an insult mind you, just an observation. My thought upon seeing the first turn setup was that this game would have some rough patches, but that we could still pull out a decisive victory.

    The Kans looked like they might be something of a problem, so I dropped the GUO in front of them hoping he could chase them down, but this was unnecessary as the kans charged the GUO first turn (a mistake I donít see this player making from now on). The GUO took one wound and manhandled the Kans. One of the DPís (Thrax) got charged by Zerkers out of the battlewagon (a surprise and good tactic to be sure), but Thrax only took 1 wound from the charge and had his way with the Zerkers. The GUO charged in to help Thrax polish off the last few Zerkers. The other DP (Pox) charged the 20xman Mob of Orks wittling them down quite nicely, but after two rounds of much lower than average attacks the Nob and 2x remaining joes finally stumbled out only to find the GUO staring at them hungrily. Thrax died to a pair of Melta shots from the CSM squad in the rhino. The GUO fresh off his previous victories was hungry for a general, so our Lash Sorc Lashed the Lash prince into him. The combat lasted 2x rounds in which the GUO only took 1 wound and murdered the prince. Elsewhere on the field, a Plaguebearer squad on one objective ate a combined charge by the Truk squad and the Boss and Nobz, and held them there for a good turn. The other Plaguebearer squad landed on our objective and was greeted by Snikrot, who they promptly beat senseless with minimal casualties. The 1K sons got off to a rough start, losing a Rhino, 2 Oblits and 8 sons in 2 rounds to some really bad saves, but they made up for early failings by taking out the enemy oblits, the CSMs, and the Truk squad. The last oblit took out the the battlewagon, rhino and truk with 3 melta shots in 3 turns.

    At games end, the GUO had pulled the arms of the defiler and my last unit of plaguebearers with the last squad of 1K sons and Sorcerer and an immobile rhino were staring at the Ork Warboss and nobz across the table. The 1K sons especially had a rocky start, but quickly got back into the battle for a win. The objectives were a draw as the Nobz squad had been taken as troops and were holding 1, while the plaguebearers firmly had the other. A fitting quote from my teammate was ďEverything that looked like it would be a problem, the Nurgle Daemons handledĒ

    Primary Objective: Victory
    Secondary Objective: Draw

    Round 2
    We are facing SM and WH
    Space Marines (Best Guess):
    Marneus Calgar
    Terminator Squad-Assault Cannon
    5x man Scout Squad
    -Sniper Rifles
    -Missile Launcher
    2x 10x man Tac Squads
    -Probably something else as well, but they were nowhere near the fighting

    Witchhunters (Best Guess):
    -Blessed Weapon
    -Inferno Pistol
    Celestine Retinue
    -Heavy Flamer
    -Sister Superior w/ Eviscerator
    2x Battle Sister Squads
    -Heavy Flamer
    -Sister Superior w/ power weapon
    -Heavy Bolter servitor
    -2x Hospitaliers

    The Deployment was pitched battle. The objectives were table quarters with a twist. In order to take a quarter, you had to have a scoring unit from each team. To contest, you had to have at least 1 unit (of any type) from each team. Secondary was to control terrain features with scoring units. Tertiary was to have any unit within 6Ē of the middle and no enemy units.

    Assessment Going in: At first glance (and even additional glances), this list doesnít seem to have the firepower to deal with 1 daemon prince, much less 2 and a GUO. I was figuring the DPs would murder their way through units with the 1K sons mopping up the remainder.

    The game got off to an OK, but not impressive start. The Sorcerer Lashed up Calgarís Termie unit and the oblits fired 3 plasma cannons successfully missing ALL of them. Next turn the Oblits made up for this by dropping all 3 blasts directly and wiping out the unit and putting a wound on Calgar. One DP (pox) flew over to the exorcist and easily popped it. The GUO got off a breath on a sister squad killing 4 and charged in. This is where the stupidity began. The 6 remaining sisters managed 4 wounds on the GUO and the GUO failed to save 3?!?!?! Really? This doesnít even seem possible. The GUO barely draws combat and limps away 2 turns later with a single wound left. Pox gets shot down by Calgarís Bolter that scores 2 wounds WTF. Thrax then ends up fighting the Cannonessís squad, and does nothing in 4 rounds of combat and eventually dies. He never failed a faith check or a subsequent 3+ invul save. Out of the 12 or so over the course of the game, this unit failed 1. The 1K sons werenít fairing better as a rhinoís storm bolter, like clockwork, killed a 1K sons every turn, the Immolator burned down half a unit and as insult to injury, the Inquisitorís Heavy Bolter killes 3 1K sons with 3 shots. This entire affair was frustratingly stupid and I have no doubt our biggest sportsmanship hits were taken here. In the end though, our opponents either lost sight of objectives or figured their blind luck would hold out long enough to win. They had lost a squad of battle sisters, the SM Scouts and Termies, giving them nothing that the SM player could move in to contest with. The Cannonnesí retinue had a command counter making them scoring, but they went for broke and were finally killed after their ridiculously implausible rampage by the lash sorcerer.

    At games end we had 2x 1K sons left (models not units), one from each squad both with a wall of plaguebearers in front of them in two quarters And our opponents only had 1 quarter.

    Primary: Win
    Secondary: Draw
    Tertiary: Loss

    Round 3
    While the other games were somewhat interesting, this was without doubt the main event. Our opponents were 2x Daemon armies, both well built and played by skilled opponents. Regardless of all other factors, it was easy to tell this would be brutal. I couldnít really tell which army was which and for this gameís purposes, it didnít actually matter.

    The list (Again Best Guess):
    Great Unclean One
    -Cloud of Flies
    -Breath of Chaos
    2x heralds of Khorne on Chariots
    -1x had unholy might and he was the ďofficialĒ HQ for that army
    3x Bloodcrusher units
    -2x had 5x men each, 1 had 4x for a total of 14 Crushers
    3x Soulgrinders
    3x 5x man Bloodletter units
    2x 5x man Horror Units

    -Bolt on one model
    1x 10x man squad of Plaguebearers.

    The Deployment was Dawn of War. The mission involves 2x objectives per side, but with a twist. Objectives on your side are worth 2x battle points each, on your opponentís side 8x each. The secondary was Kill Points worth 5x battle points. Essentially, unless you can take your opponentís objectives, you wonít get much in the way of battle points.

    Assessment Going In: I know both of our opponents and have seen the units here in action many times before. Itís going to be rough and thatís all I could think going in. We decided to keep the 1K sons off the table after our opponents picked up first turn.

    Turn 1
    Our opponents make their daemonic assault roll and drop in a line around the middle waiting to see where were going to go. Their first wave had all of the Crushers, all of the Grinders, the GUO, the herald without might, and some bloodletters.

    I fail the daemonic assault roll, the first time all tournament. The 1k sons drive up on the board and the plaguebearers cower in ruins behind our objectives. The sorcerer Lashes a squad of crushers back, but most of the army is failing night fight rolls. The Oblits however are feeling good and manage to immobilize and knock the head weapon off one of the defilers with Lascannons.

    Turn 2
    The wave of murder closes in like a noose. One of the grinders immobilizes a rhino.

    A lot of things are going to have to go right for this not to be a total slaughter. I get the 2 DPs and drop the on the icon squarely in front of the closest squad of crushers. Meanwhile one of the 1K sons squads hops out for the rapid fire. The combined breath and inferno bolt volley killes the crushers down to a single model. The sorcerer lashes the next closest unit of crushers away. A good start, letís see if we can do some rinse and repeat.

    Turn 3
    The Last crusher from the squad and a Grinder charge the DP (Pox), while the other grinder closes in on and charges the 1K sons as the rest of the army is closing in ever tighter. Pox drops the Crusher and takes some damage from the grinder, while the 1K sons start falling as the Sorcerer is desperately trying to meltabomb the grinder.

    The GUO enters the fight and drops squarely in front of the next crusher unit. The other DP (Thrax) flies over to get into another breath position on the crushers. Through another combined volley of breath and the twin-linked plasma guns of the oblits the other crusher squad is knocked down to 1 model with a single wound left who Thrax promptly finishes off in melee. The Lash Sorcerer moves the last squad of crushers out of charge range. After some initial success, the Grinder fighting 1K sons has stalled out as the sons are refusing to fail invul saves. The plaguebearers on our right take one for the team and charge the regular herald losing several models, but doing a wound in the process and tying him up. Pox manages to immobilize the grinder heís fighting. We might be able to do something here.

    Turn 4
    The last squad of crushers starts bearing down as is the other herald on chariot and the enemy GUO. The GUO rushes in to help the grinder fighting Pox, but the grinder easily finishes off Pox without any help. The 1K sons are still standing strong against the grinder, but even with warp time canít get a meltabomb off. The Herald does a few more wounds and takes another from the plaguebearers.

    The GUO moves into a breath position on the last squad of crushers along with the last squad of 1K sons. After a Lash to get them nice and close to the GUO, he unleashes a breath attack that earns him his name of Bileflood. He hits all 5 crushers, wounding 4 and all 4 saves are failed killing 2 crushers. He also hits the grinder who was fighting pox and removes his head weapon as well. The 1K sons give another rapid fire felling 2 more crushers leaving 1 survivor. Unfortunately, the lone survivor is just out of Bilefloods charge range. The Oblits rapid fire on the enemy GUO with plasma getting 2 wounds. Thrax charges in to help the plaguebearers dealing another wound to the herald and drawing his attention away from the plaguebearers.

    Turn 5

    The last Bloodcrusher, some bloodletters, and the GUO all charge in the 1K sons, but the sorcerer survives holding the enemy in place. Some plaguebearers charge my plaguebearers and Thrax, but Thrax is easily able to dispatch the herald and shrug off most of the attacks. The last enemy herald is bearing down on the plaguebearer combat falling only an inch or so shy of a charge. The 1K sons sorcerer finally meltabombs the Grinder and immobilizes it still refusing to fail invul saves against its attacks.

    With the game potentially over this turn, Bileflood goes to bail out the 1K sons against the grinder, but the sorcerer says ďNah, I got itĒ as he scores a final meltabomb hit wrecking the beast and consolidating on the objective. The oblits continue their streak firing a plasma volley at the last herald scoring 4 wounds and the herald fails all of the invul saves. Thrax continues piling up plaguebearer bodies with his buddies as Papa Nurgle clearly favors my troops more. My last squad of plaguebearers moves into the combat with the lone 1K son sorcerer getting just close enough to the objective to keep the bloodletters from taking it and even winning combat oddly enough.

    The Game ends at 5.

    Final position, is the enemy holding their objectives for a total of 4 points, and us holding 1 objective and contesting the other for 2 points. But it is also interesting to note that we easily picked up the secondary of Kill Points for a total of 7 Battle Points to our opponentís 4.

    Wow, that entire affair was tense as hell, and a lot of things had to go perfect for it to be anything but a slaughter. Through quick reactions, correct target selection and all of the luck that was clearly not with us in the first two games we managed to eek out a technical loss, and get more battle points than our opponents. A great game all around.

    All in all we finished 6th out of 20, a good showing and fun times.

    Blais's Paint Studio-Getting broken armies good soft scores since 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mastershake View Post
    One of the DPís (Thrax) got charged by Zerkers out of the battlewagon (a surprise and good tactic to be sure)
    Adepticon's Team Tournament didn't actually allow this. They only allowed you to get in your teammates transport if it was taken from the same codex.

    Anyway, nice to see that you gave 40ke a 4 in the last round, heh.

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    479 (x8)

    Actually, they had already tried to say that the Warboss and Nobz unit could fit in as well as the Zerker unit. Their claim was that the tournament organizer had said they could. I figured the guy probably said they could transport the other team members models, so we let them choose one and hold the other in reserve.
    Blais's Paint Studio-Getting broken armies good soft scores since 2009

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