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    3K Apocalypse game - IG vs Chaos Space Marines

    Recently, I played my 1st apocalypse game. It was a very fun game. I much prefer smaller apoc games than really large ones. Not as chaotic, even though I was playing against chaos.

    Imperial Guards (me)
    Company Command Squad - Lascannon, 2x Meltaguns, Master of Ordnance, Officer of the Fleet, Chimera
    Inquisitor Lord - 3x mystics, Psychic Hood
    Inquisitor - 2x mystics, Emperor's Tarot
    4x Vet squads - 2x Autocannons, 2x Lascannons, 12x Meltaguns, 4x Chimeras
    2x Penal Legionnaires
    2x Medusa (non-squadrons)
    1x Leman Russ Punisher - Lascannon, Plasma Cannon sponsoons, Commander Pask
    3x Leman Russ Executioners - Lascannon, Plasma Cannon sponsoons (non-squadrons)
    Baneblade - Commissariat Crew
    Total - 2996pts

    Strategic Asset - Strategic Redeployment

    Chaos Space Marines
    I don't know the exact makeup of his army, but it was something like this:

    Chaos Annihilation Force formation
    Nurgle Chaos Lord in Terminator armor
    5-6x Nurge Terminators, 1 champion
    5-6x Nurge Terminators, 3x combi-meltas
    5-6x Nurge Terminators

    Thousand Sons Warcoven formation
    Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor
    10x Chosens (600pts of Aspiring Sorcerers!)
    5x Tzeentch Terminators, 1 Aspiring Sorcerer champion, Bolt of Tzeentch
    5x Tzeentch Terminators
    5x Tzeentch Terminators

    Malestrom of Gore formation
    30x Beserkers (3 squads)

    Chaos Sorcerer - Nurgle
    Daemon Prince - Wings, Nurgle, Warptime
    1x Obliterator
    10x Lesser Daemons
    10x Emporer's Children - Doom Siren, Blastmaster, Power Fist, 8x Sonic Blasters
    10x Emporer's Children - Doom Siren, Blastmaster, Power Fist, 8x Sonic Blasters
    10x Plague Marines - 2x Meltaguns, Rhino

    Plague Reaper

    Strategic Asset - Corrupt Objective (something like that)


    This report will be more of a summary as I didn't take notes while playing. There were 6 objectives - 2 in my deployment zone, 2 in his, and 2 in No-man's-land (the 12" distance between my army and his). I nominated 5 minutes to deploy while he nominated 10, so I went 1st. I deployed all but my 2 penal legions. He left his Chaos Annihilation force and Scabeithrax in reserves.

    We used 2 tables to create a 8'x6' playing area. There was maybe 20% terrain. I deployed in a vehicular gunline a good 16"-20" away from my deployment line to make sure I could maximize my shooting. He put his 2 units of Noise Marines in area terrain next to his 2 objectives. The rest he deployed around his frontline. His Plague Reaper and Chimera he deployed a little back.

    In the 1st 2 turns, my shooting was alright. I wiped out most of his terminators, his Daemon Prince, and all 3 squads of Berserkers. Besides the DP, I didn't kill any of his IC's. He destroyed my Punisher, 1 squad of veterans and chimera, a couple of my mystics and destroyed the gun of one of my Medusas. Also, one squad of Legionnaires came in and assaulted his Noise Marines on an objective, lost and then were swept. One thing of note was that when he deepstriked his nurgle termies on turn 2, my mystics and baneblade wiped out 2 whole squads of Nurgle termies before he could even do anything (only his Nurgle sorcerer and 1 squad that my mystics didn't see managed to survive).

    Everything started going downhill for me on turn 3. That's when Scabeithrax came in (also his lesser daemons came in). If only my mystics spotted the last squad of termies and wiped them out, then Scabeithrax might not have been able to possess the Nurgle Terminator champion. But they didn't, he did and was in assault range. Scabeithrax is ridiculously tough with T9, 10 wounds, and a 4++ save! I only managed to put 1 wound on him, kill the squad of Nurgle termies and not much else. He wrecked 3 chimeras and Scabeithrax exploded an Executioner.

    On turn 4, I was getting desperate. Several of my main guns were rendered inoperable, one of my vet squads was pinned, and most of his units were within assault range. I swore I would take out one of his IC's before I go, and managed to do just that by leveling Kharne with a demolisher blast from my Baneblade. I also whittled down one squad of his Noise Marines to just a single guy with my Executioner, but only managed to kill 1 guy on his other Noise Marine squad with my Baneblade Cannon (he made 9 cover saves!!!).

    He, on the other hand, manage to shake my Baneblade's main gun, destroy my remaining Chimera and wipe out all but my command squad and 1 squad of vets. Scabeithrax shot and killed my Inq Lord and wrecked one of my Medusas in assault. I was able to claim a moral victory as my 2nd squad of Penal Legionnaires (who outflanked and assaulted his Chosens the previous turn) disposed of his Chosen squad. 80pts took out 420pts of 7 Chosen sorcerers!

    Turn 5 was to be our last turn as I had to leave afterwards. I wiped out his lone Noise Marine on one of his 2 objectives, and I ran my Legionnaires towards it but was not quite able to reach it. I also wiped out his lesser daemons. He wrecked another Executioner and my other Medusa. He also took out 2 Structure points from my Baneblade and destroyed its main cannon.

    The game ended with his Noise Marines on 1 objective, my Baneblade contesting his Nurgle marines on another, and none of my troops on any.

    Victory to Chaos!

    By the ways, I think his army was a little over 3K, but it was still fun nonetheless.

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