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    The Battle for Lyseria

    The Battle for Lyseria
    a War for False Hope Battle Report

    Either the Emperor was dead or the silence from the Astronomican would break and The Jokers would be reunited with the rest of the Imperium. Either way, it was Colonel Ciathís duty to ensure the False Hope sector stayed together. This meant landing in other systems and reuniting them with his Imperial forces or, if needed, taking them back from whatever had plagued them.

    The Lyseria System was almost silent. Only the fourth planet showed signs of civilization, and even that was faint. Ciath landed his forces in the midst of the ruins of a recent war and started searching for the psychic beacons that had led him to the system.

    As the platoon closed on the beaconís signal, he noticed movement within the ruins. The platoon fanned out and the heavy weapons team deployed in a half destroyed building.

    ĎBetcha itís just a herd of groxí, Lieutenant Gorvinskís voice said over the comm-bead.

    ĎNo bettin today, Gorv. Iíve got a bad feeling about thisí, Ciath responded.

    ĎCome on, colonel. Two ration bars saysÖWHAT THE FRAK IS THAT?!í

    Ciath looked out the destroyed door frame and saw the dreadnought. He couldnít seem to focus on it for some reason. He then noticed the large figures in the shadows of the building across the road. At first he thought they were the Plague Marines they encountered less than a week ago. But as their forms seem to go in and out of focus, he felt his bowels loosen when his brain finally made the connection.

    Grey Knights.

    The 501st has fought alongside Inquisitors and Grey Knights long ago and he knew their capabilities. It was a force of Space Marines with psychic abilities and never-missing bolters attached to their wrists as naturally as a hand is.

    The light of the Astronomican going black didnít scare him. Plague Marines didnít scare him. Dying didnít even scare him.

    The forces of the Inquisition, however, terrified him.

    There was no pulling back now. Even if he ran out of the building with a white flag they will still kill him. They were clearly in a defensive position and whatever the 501st came across was not meant to be found.

    He heard a voice issuing orders to fire. Fire indiscriminately. Fire at the damn Dreadnought which was getting ready to level the building we were in. Fire the Russ! Shoot!

    It took him a moment to realize the voice he heard was his own.

    The Hambali 501st played a 750 point game against Brianís Inquisitorial Expedition Force Arrakia. My first army was Deamonhunters, so I knew how difficult it is to play less than 1000 points with this army.

    He brought two squads of Grey Knights, two Dreadnoughts with twin-linked lascannons and missile launchers, and a Brother-Captain terminator.

    I thought about bringing a command squad, two veteran squads, and two Leman Russ tanks, but figured that would be considered ďpower-gamingĒ and decided against it. Instead, I brought a command squad, a platoon with three heavy weapon squad (two missile launchers, one autocannon), a veteran squad and a Leman Russ. My previous game taught me that all-infantry armies donít have the stamina to take out the tougher armies. My system advantage was a Forge World, which allowed me 75 points for armor. That is the exact cost of a Chimera with a hunter-killer missile and pintle-mounted storm bolter. This gave me two Chimera to use as mobile cover units.

    The mission I rolled was Firebase, so I only had to hold one objective. Brian rolled Hold the Line, so he had to have more of his units in his deployment zone than me at the end of the game. He only had five units, I had nine. This should have been a no brainer.

    His army was completely painted and mine wasnít. In a tie game, the army that is completely painted wins. So I had to not only claim an objective, but I also had to have more of my units in his deployment zone.

    I set up the three heavy weapons squads in a tall building with a squad on each floor and the company commander on the ground floor. The veterans were deployed in their Chimera, the platoon command squad and two infantry squads were deployed behind the other Chimera and Leman Russ.

    Brian deployed a Dreadnought dead center in his deployment zone. The two squads of Knights and Brother-Captain were hidden behind a building. The other Dreadnought was on the side of the building.

    I won the roll to go first. And thatís when I lost the game.

    For those who havenít looked at the new Imperial Guard codex, I should explain how awesome it is. Company commanders and platoon commanders can give orders during the shooting phase that drastically improve the basic guardsman. Heavy weapons can count as twin-linked. You can force cover saves to be rerolled. You can even get an extra shot with the lasguns.

    However, these orders must be given in a specific order. Before any units shoot, then company commander must issue his orders, then the platoon commanders must issue theirs. If you donít do this in the right order, you lose the ability to issue orders.

    All of my missile launchers had a clear line of site to the Dreadnought in the center of his deployment zone. I got so excited about such an easy kill I instantly started issuing orders and shooting. I didnít move. This isnít the first time I shot before moving.
    The company commander issued the ďTake It DownĒ order and the missile launchers were twin-linked. The Dreadnought exploded. The autocannon squads barely had line of sight to the Knights behind the building and they took their best shot, but the Knights made all their saves. I ran my infantry squads towards an objective that was closest to my deployment zone on the side of the table.

    The Dreadnought on the side of the building moved to get line of sight to the veteranís Chimera and immobilized it. A Grey Knight squad moved to the same side of the building as the Dread and took out three men in the infantry squad with their storm-bolters.

    The veteran squad jumped out of the immobilized Chimera and started heading across the board. One of the infantry squads jumped into the other Chimera and maked a run for Brianís deployment zone.

    The missile launcher squad on the roof of the building unleashed into the Dreadnought, stunning it and taking out the lascannon. The infantry squad on the objective got the ďFirst rank fire, second rank fireĒ order and unloaded lasgun fury into the Grey Knight squad, but the flashlights did nothing but light up their power armor.

    The Leman Russ then barked for the first time in the game, stunning the Dreadnought and taking out a Grey Knight that got caught in the blast.

    They Grey Knights shot into the infantry squad again, killing two more troopers. They failed their moral test and ran off the battlefield.

    On turn three I got all excited about issuing orders and forgot to move again. The missile launcher squad immobilized the Dreadnought and the Leman Russ caused it to explode. The explosion took out three Grey Knights with it.

    All of the Grey Knights moved behind the building to deny me any line of sight.

    I started moving everything except the two missile launcher squads toward Brianís deployment zone. I knew I could easily capture both objectives, but I needed to cross that line with at least three units or the game would be a tie. The trick was dealing with the Grey Knights hiding behind the building. They had clear line of sight of my squads once they entered no-manís land.

    When my Chimera and Leman Russ got within range, the full Grey Knight squad jumped out from behind the building and multiple-assaulted them. They Grey Knight Nemesis Force Weapon have a strength of six. This makes them can-openers against Russí and Chimeras. Both weapons on the Leman Russ were destroyed and the Chimera exploded. The explosion took out half the veteran squad that was beside it and they started running toward the table edge. The squad that was in the Chimera lost five men and were pinned. The explosion even killed a Grey Knight.

    Every heavy weapon and lasgun unloaded into the Grey Knight Squad, killing all of them except the Justicar. The Justicar assaulted the company command squad that was sprinting toward Brianís deployment zone and surprisingly nobody managed to inflict any wounds.

    The veterans regroup and sprinted toward the deployment zone and managed to get a leg over the line. The last platoon squad was sitting on the objective in no-manís land. The platoon command squad was stuck in close combat with the Justicar in the middle of no-manís land.

    The Brother-Captain stepped out from behind the building to shot at the veteran squad. All heavy weapons shot at him but to no avail. There wasnít any weapon that could overcome his armor save.

    The Justicar killed the company commander, but was killed by the four guardsmen in return.

    This left me holding two objectives and Brian having two units in his deployment zone where I only had one. It was a tie game. His fully painted army was the tie-breaker and he claimed victory.

    I have since typed up a cheat-sheet for orders. It describes each order that can be given, who can give it, and what advantages each order provides. The top of the sheet has the following four words in bold:


    The Grey Knight Justicar raced toward Colonel Ciath with his glowing sword held high above his head. When the blow finally came, Ciath managed to block it but the force drove him down on one knee. He spun around to gain momentum and came up swinging his sword at the Justicar neck. The Justicar easily blocked the attack and the swung down. Ciath took a step back to avoid the sword and brought his weapon into a low arch toward the Knightís leg. They Justicar blocked the thrust and spun with speed that was unnatural for a man of his size. Caith stepped in toward the Justicar and blocked the obvious attack but didnít see that the sword wasnít the attack he needed to worry about. The Justicarís armored fist slammed into Ciathís chest and he felt his ribs crush as he flew backwards four meters.

    Before he lost consciousness Ciath saw Corporal Bragg jam his bayonet down into the fitting under the Justicarís helmet. The Knight flung Bragg off of him, but in doing so the bayonet only dug deeper and managed to almost sever his head. The Justicar howled as he fell to the ground.

    Lt. Gorvinsk ordered a full retreat and most of the men made it back to the drop ship. Ciath remained unconscious for the duration of the trip back to Sebationís Strait. Upon returning to the Forge World, however, Gorvinsk came under attack by a Grey Knight strike cruiser which had beaten them there.

    The 501st was forced to retreat again.

    In an effort to unite another system to their cause, they managed to lose the Forge World in Sebationís Strait.

    Follow this link for The War for False Hope campaign rules: Berks Warhammer 40K: The War for False Hope Campaign

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    fantastic report. Good back story and plenty of pictures. You may want to reconsider posting the outcome of the battle before the report itself, some folks dont like spoilers. Cant say it bothered me much though was still a great read. Also rep!

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