2000pt Swarm Nids Vs Infantry Heavy Guard - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pt Swarm Nids Vs Infantry Heavy Guard

    My list:

    Hq: 433
    Hive Tyrant w/ ES, TS, 2x tl'd Devs, 2 tyrant guard w/ ST: 211pts

    Broodlord w/ FT, TS, EC and 8 Stealers: 221

    Elites: 260
    5 Warriors w/ ST, DS: 130pts

    5 Warriors w/ ST, DS: 130pts

    Troops: 786
    8 Stealers w/Scuttlers, FT: 160pts

    8 Stealers w/Scuttlers, FT: 160pts

    10 Termagants w/ WoN: 90pts

    10 Termagants w/ WoN: 90pts

    13 Hormagaunts w/ TS, AG+I, AG+WS: 182

    13 Spinegaunts w/WoN: 104pts

    Heavy Support: 521
    3x Zoanthropes w/ Synapse, WB 195

    2x Carnifex w/ ES, BS, VC, RC: 2x 163

    Total: 2000pts

    I didn't see his list but from what I saw he had 3 platoons of 30 men, a company commander, 3 platoon commands, a unit of veterans in a chimera with 2x heavy flamers, a Leman Russ Battle Tank, and 2 squadrons of 2 Basilisks. We just deployed on the table edges we were standing at and rolled capture and control. He placed his tanks on the left of the board and then lined up all his guys in rows across the entire back end of the board. He placed his objective on the right side.

    I deployed 5 warriors right at the objective behind cover, deployed both fexes right across from his basilisks (though all his tanks were in cover), set up 2 units of gaunts on the left in front of a unit of warriors and a zoanthrope, and on the right side I deployed my tyrant with guard, my other 2 zoanthropes, my hormagaunts, and my spinegaunts.

    He got first turn and I failed to seize the initiative.

    Turn 1:

    He moved his chimera with the veterans up and then shot one of my carnifexes with his LRBT and took off a wound using with the battle cannon. He then proceeded to fire all 4 bassies at my hormagaunts, missing with all of them but managing to hit my Tyrant and his guard with 2 of them killing a guard and wounding the other and he killed off a couple of termagants with another miss.

    I moved everything but the 5 warriors near my objective up. The fexes had range on his basilisks and opened fire. The first fex did nothing, but the second fex wiped out both basilisks in the leftmost squadron with his barbed strangler and venom cannon. Nothing else was in range so I ended my turn after getting some good fleet rolls.

    Turn 2:

    He focused his firepower on my hormagaunts killing them all. He also kills off the wounded unit of termagants on the left flank. He moved his chimera up in front of the spinegaunts on the right flank and killed 6 with the heavy flamer.

    On my turn 2 units of stealers came in on the right hand side and my termagants come in on my board edge. They moved to maximize the units they could hit. I moved everything else up and moved my spinegaunts out of the way of the tyrant so he could get to the chimera. In the shooting phase the stealers and the gaunts fleet to try to get into better positions and the fexes fire at bassie squadron number 2. One misses with everything but the other fex (the one that destroyed the 2 bassies the turn before) destroys another basilisk. I then assaulted the chimera with my tyrant and guard (they blew it up, killing a couple of vets) and assaulted a 30 man unit of guardsmen with both units of stealers, with one unit also hitting the company command squad (but having to go through cover to do it) but the second unit hit both the 30 man unit and their platoon command. The first 8 man unit kills 4 men of the platoon command and 5 of the 30 man squad. The 30 man squad kills 2 of those stealers as revenge and one of the other stealer unit. The company command kill another stealer in combat with them. Then those stealers strike back killing 4 members of the command platoon and 3 more members of the 30 man unit. The stealers win by 12 and all three guard units get run down. They consolidate into cover.

    Turn 3:

    The guard player moves his guard up to fire better and moves his vets to better shoot at the unit of spinegaunts near them. He fires one 30 man unit at my stealers using First Rank Fire! Second Rank Fire!. 78 lasgun shots kill 5 of the 6 stealers with his 3 meltaguns killing the last one. He shoots his basilisk into my other stealers unit killing 3. He fires his LRBT at my forward unit of termagants and kills all but 3. He rolls to run his second 30 man unit and their command but then decideds not to move them. His vet unit with 3 flamers slaughters the remaining spinegaunts.

    The broodlord comes in on the left hand side and the spinegaunts re-enter play and move onto my objective. Everything moves up. I fleet my stealers towards his nice 30 man block and fire my tyrant at his 30 man block, hitting and wounding with 10 shots. My opponent then concedes.

    It was a fun game. My outflanking stealers killed 40 guardsmen the turn they came in and the fexes made a mess of the bassies. Nothing other than my stealers and gaunts were shot at the entire game, with my tyrant and his guard being hit only because of some (in)accurate basilisk fire. I never got to really shoot with anything other than my fexes because he conceded before rolling the saves against my tyrant and I never got to shoot with my shooty warriors. He hadn't really fought nids before and pretty much considered that the fexes weren't worth the effort to kill with 5 wounds each and he thought that if he killed all my gaunts then the best I could get was a draw. My first 2000pt game and it was a win! w00t!

    40K armies: Tyranids (2001), Space Wolves (2008), Sisters of Battle (2011)
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    Heheh. Nice and fluffy battle. Just pray your prey won't take Commissars to hold his meatgrinder shields next time, for in that case your Stealers would have big problems.
    It's always nice to see fluffy horde nids on board and eating something.

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