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    Orks v Necrons 2K

    Necrons stalked through the shattered ruins of an Imperial city. The harvesting was complete and this world was now a tomb world of the Necrons, it's population consumed. Others though had taken advantage of the destruction of the Imperial forces to move in. The Imperial world had been a bastion against the orkoid menace, and now the greenskin savages were free to invade Necron space. This would be among the opening battles of a very long war between two races that never tired of combat.

    Ork force

    Warboss on bike leading full squad of 12 biker boyz with nob.
    Big mek with Kustom Force Field.
    Full squad of 15 lootas.
    4 squads each of 20 shoota boyz with nob and 2 big shootas.
    2 full squadrons of 3 killa kans with rokkits.
    Battery of 3 big lobbas with plenty of extra crew and ammo runts.

    Necron force

    Lord with Warscythe and Resurrection Orb
    10 Immortals
    4 squads each of 11 warriors
    Scarab swarm of 4 bases
    2 squads each of 4 destroyers


    The battlefield was two lengthwise rows each of three large terrain pieces on an 8' x 4' board, a set up I commonly favour. On my side from left to right were a landing pad, a ruin and a tall hill. Directly opposite on the other side of the board were a hill, then 2 ruins. In addition to these craters, stacks of pipes and shattered girders were scattered about.


    The mission was Annihilation and my opponent won the roll and elected to set-up and go first. He strung his army down the length of the table. Looked at from my side of the board the first squad of destroyers went behind the hill on the far left. Next on the right were the Immortals, and behind them a warrior squad. Another warrior squad stood behind the ruins in the middle. The Monolith was on the right hand back corner of the same ruins. Behind the second set of ruins the scarabs buzzed. Out on the far right were two warrior squads and at the very end of the line the second destroyer squad. The Lord was between the Monolith and a warrior squad, placed to move as needed.

    The orks, despite the size of their force, operated a refused flank, a tactic I nearly always try for against an opponent deployed in a long line. No orks deployed near the landing pad. Instead the lootas deployed on the edge of the ruins in the middle, and behind them the lobbas were dragged into position by their grot crews. To the right of them a solid phalanx of orks stretched down the table. All four shoota squads deployed in square blocks 5 x 4, with the nob and big shootas in the front rank. The squads butted right up to each other, forming a solid mass 4 boyz deep and 20 wide. The boyz were spaced about 1/2 inch apart. In front of them the two squadrons of killa kanz were spaced out in a long wall covering the frontage of the first three mobs from left to right. The Big Mek was attached to the second mob from the left, well placed to grant maximum coverage for his KFF. The warboss and his bikers deployed next to the far right table edge a little apart from the boyz, aiming to hit the Necrons extreme flank.

    Ork First turn.

    The orks rolled for Steal the Initiative and got it! Catching the Necrons flat-footed the orks surged forward. The lootas scrambled into the ruins in front of them, setting up their deffguns. The massive line of kans and orks all ran, making a decent amount of ground but getting a little separated by divergent run rolls. The bikes declined to turboboost, driving forward to fire at a warrior squad. Ork shooting was light. The lobbas dropped bombs on the warriors and Immortals but inflicted little damage on the tough 'crons. The warrior squad likewise shrugged off or repaired the bikers shooting.

    Necron First turn

    The Necron line was still partly out of range and declined to move forward too much. The Monolith slid round the ruins into a central position and blasted the massed orks. Only three perished thanks to well-made cover caves. A hail of fire killed half the lootas and half the bikes, both of whom kept their nerve. The scarabs charged a mob of kans, destroying one but losing 3 bases.

    Ork Second turn.

    The orks continued to rush madly forwards, good run rolls closing the ground alarmingly fast. The kans swatted the last scarabs without damage and made up for lost time with a good consolidation roll. Ork shooting was a bit better than last time. More bombs exploded amidst the massed Immortals and warriors, knocking several over. The lootas blazed furiously away and downed two destroyers. All but one warrior were to repair themselves though. The kans fired rokkits at the Monolith, to no effect.

    In assault the warboss and his bikers slammed into a warrior squad, only to lose several bikers, before the power klaws struck and killed half the 'crons. The warriors didn't break and the battle continued. The kans were just in charge range of the 'lith and charged in, but only managed to immobilise it and tear off a set of guns.

    Necron Second turn

    The Necrons struck now at the massed ork boyz. Fire from every direction inflicted heavy losses but the boyz were undismayed. The lootas suffered badly and were reduced to two, who still held their position. The kans assaulting the 'lith were shot up but were only stunned, and so could still hack at the monolith, as neither side could move out of base-to-base contact. This proved disastrous for the Necrons as the kans burrowed into it and wrecked it. The warboss and his bikerz tried but failed to finish off the warriors, though they took no casualties themselves.

    Ork Third turn

    Few Necrons had fallen so far and a lot of boyz, but the orks were now all over the Necrons. Two mobz moved to attack a warrior squad in the middle set of ruins while the kans which had just destroyed the Monolith moved to attack the Lord. The rest of the boyz jogged along, hoping there would be enough Necrons left for them by the time they arrived.

    In the shooting phase the last two lootas did as much damage as last turn with some ace shooting, downing two destroyers. The lobbas continued to knock the Necron warriors over like skittles. In the middle the boyz in range fired at the warrior squad in the centre ruins, inflicting heavy casualties. Unfortunately they inflicted too many casualties and ended up unable to charge them! [I know I should have held off on some of the shooting but that smacks of meta-gamesmanship to me, and I always prefer to have my troops fight all out and just accept the sometimes odd results].

    In assault the kans too were out of charge range, and their rokkits had all missed (the kans rokkits failed to do anything useful all game, leaving me wishing I could just take two DCCW's). The dice behaved more normally and the warboss and his bikers wiped out the warriors.

    Necron Third turn

    The Necrons made their WBB rolls and got all but one warrior back. The lobbas were certainly hitting a lot but not inflicting much real damage. The destroyers were less fortunate and both those downed failed to self-repair. The Necrons warriors and destroyers in the centre moved up to mass fire against the ork shoota boyz. On the far right the Necrons dispersed, the destroyers moving into the far corner while the other warrior squad moved up to attack the boyz and kans in front of them.

    Necron shooting was mixed. On the left the boyz mob that had been planning to charge the warrior squad in the centre was reduced to just the nob in a blaze of gauss fire. The last two lootas perished. Fire from the warriors just sparked off the kans however, glancing hits proving hard to come by, and ineffective even when they did. The bikers lost only one bike to the destroyers.

    Ork Fourth turn

    Though their ranks were now rather depleted, the orks were in a good position and still had many of their hardest hitting orks alive. The boyz in the centre moved up to get closer to the massed 'crons on the left flank and centre, as did the kans. On the right the bikerz moved and the survivors of a boyz mob moved right up to the destroyers in the far right corner. Ork shooting was mostly not particularly effective, just felling the odd warrior, which doesn't count for much against the Necrons.

    In assault the destroyers in the far right corner failed to take down a single biker and were then torn apart by power klaws. One mob of kans and a lone nob charged the Necron lord, while a boyz mob nearby charged into the warrior squad in the ruins. The kans survived the lords warscythe attacks due to poor to hit rolls and appalling penetration rolls. They then hit and dismembered him with their klaws. The necron warrior squad fought well against the boyz mob that had charged it, drawing the combat.

    In the centre the kans and a large mob of boy charged through the ruins at a warrior squad. Not all the boyz managed to get into assault range as it was a long way to go (even with a 6 on the DTT). The kans though performed superbly, snipping apart warriors left and right. Badly beaten the warriors failed both their Ld test and the pursuit roll and were run down.

    Necron Fourth turn

    In reply the Necrons moved across to get at the orks. Fire from the Immortals was disappointing, just killing a couple of boyz thanks to good cover saves. A squad of warriors chose to forgo shooting and charged in to rescue their embattled comrades in an unusual move for necrons. The rest of the Necron army was now in assault or dead. In the assault phase the seemingly destroyed lord was restored to functionality by his resurrection orb (Opponent “4, yes I made it!”, me “ Zog it!”) and promptly struck down one kan and cut the DCCW off another.

    Ork Fifth turn

    The battle hung in the balance. The orks had now killed a heck of a lot of necrons and phase out was dangerously close, but the steam was threatening to go out of the ork attack. There were still a lot of orks but the boyz mobz were depleted and they were rather scattered. The warboss and his bikerz were now far away from the main combat on the left so turbo-boosted, gunning their engines to get back in the fight. The boyz and kans that had just wiped out the necron warriors in the centre last turn turned round and rushed off, the boyz going through the ruins while the kans stomped around the back through what had been the necron deployment zone. The rest of the ork army was locked in assault.

    In the shooting phase the boyz mob massed fire downed the two destroyers on the left (which could no longer make any WBB rolls as they had no other destroyers near them). The kans missed yet again with their rokkits. In assault the necrons beat the ork boyz, beating the whole lot to death with the spiky ends of their gauss flayers. The lord downed another kan, leaving just one kan. He was then clobbered by the nob he had turned his back on, going down for a second time.

    Necron Fifth turn

    The necron player sensed that victory was within his grasp. A depleted squad of warriors moved to fire on the kans coming round the back of the ruins, while the other moved up alongside the Immortals to take on the last largely intact boyz mob. By now this was all that was left of the necron army. Fire from the Necrons killed a few boyz but they were still in cover and made most of the saves. Shots from the warriors failed to damage the kans. In assault the lord got up again and chopped the DCCW off the last kan, leaving it with only ordinary attacks. He survived the nobs wild flailing this time.

    Ork Sixth turn

    The advance of the warriors and Immortals and their lord had stopped the ork attack in the centre dead. Now though the warboss and his bikerz and the other kans mob were in range again. The last boy mob moved closer but preferred to stay in cover rather than expose themselves in a likely vain attempt to get in charge range. Their shooting did knock over several of the warriors in the ruins with the lord. Rokkits and dakka from the the bikerz and kans killed all but two of the warriors from the other squad, and they were then run down in the assault phase under a stampede of heavy metal. In assault the lord wounded the nob and survived his counterswing and the attempt of the kan to stomp on him. At this point though, with the battle still seemingly undecided, the necrons reached phase out, and abruptly vanished.


    The battle was a surprisingly crushing victory for the orks, as while they had suffered heavy casualties only two units (a boyz mob and the lootas) had been wiped out. Many of their surviving units were badly damaged or depleted however and the Necrons still had a largely intact warrior squad and a nearly fully intact Immortal squad to back up their lord. If not for phase-out it could still have gone either way.

    My opponent felt that he should have done much more to take down the kans early on. I agree with him, but feel that he had the wrong tools for the job. A unit of heavy destroyers could have got the penetrating results needed to take them down. Hoping for glances on a 6 proved inadequate and too many times drew off firepower from my boyz. As it was the kans ran riot through his forces, WBB and Living Metal proving no match for DCCW's. It took the lord and some good resurrection rolls to prevent the squadron of kans that took out the Monolith from rolling up his entire line.

    With the Monolith it killed no more than a handful of utterly expendable boyz and was then wrecked early on. This happened because the 'lith is fundamentally a tank, and tanks are dreadfully vulnerable to infantry close assault if they don't have supporting infantry. I was astonished at the way he sent it out on its own to attack my massed line. I'd have sent it up with the lord, the Immortals and a warrior squad, at the least, to protect it.

    This action was part of a recurrent failing of tactics with this opponent. He tends to deploy right down the length of his deployment zone and fight a general battle, rather than concentrating his forces. Again and again units were lost due to their isolation and lack of support from the rest of the army. Only on the left where he put a few units near each other did the orks meet sufficient opposition to stop their assaults. While my large army limited me, I kept all my boyz and kans together in a compact mass when deploying, which kept them close enough during the battle to allow them to support each other and redeploy back to the fight. I deliberately formed a static fire base on my left, and put the bikers on my far right as part of a plan to perform a great pivoting sweep across the battlefield. Despite the general chaos of combat this is largely what I managed to do.

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    Cool report. I've always had a personal rule that a game can be lost in the Deployment phase, that tends to be more true in Warhammer Fantasy but it holds true in 40k as well. Necron players also tend to put a lot of faith in the unstoppable Monolith, if they're used carefully they are fairly ridiculous though.

    If you write more reports in the future I'd try to spread the text out more, the solid paragrpahs are a bit hard to read. Maybe something like:

    Orks Turn 1

    Probably just me being overly anal about having everything nice and neat, but my 2 cents.
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