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    Eldar vs Space Marines 2000 pts


    General: Niraco

    • Doomseer, Doom
    • Doomsee, Doom
    • 10x Banshee
      Exarch, Warshout, Acrobatics Executioner
    • 10 Troop, Dire Avengers
      Exarch, twin catapults, Bladestorm
    • 10 Troop, Dire Avengers
      Exarch, twin catapults, Bladestorm
    • 10 Troop, Dire Avengers
      Exarch, twin catapults, Bladestorm
    • 10 Elites, Harlequins
      Shadowseer, Troupe Master, 8x Kiss
    • Transport, Wave Serpent
      Shuriken Cannon
    • WS2 Transport, Wave Serpent
      Shuriken Cannon
      1 point
    • Transport, Wave Serpent
      Shuriken Cannon
    • Transport, Wave Serpent
      Shuriken Cannon
    • Fire Prism
    • Fire Prism
    • 5 Dark Reapers
      Exarch, Tempest Launcher, Crack Shot
    • 6 Fast, Swooping hawks
      Exarch sunrifle

    Space Marines

    General: Pepi

    • Captain
      Relic Blade, Plasma pistol, artificier armour
    • 10 Troop, Tactical Squad
      sergent, powerfist, Plasma
    • 10 Troop, Tactical Squad
      Sergent, powerfist, flamer, missile launcher
    • 10 Fast, Assault Marines
      Sergent, powerfist
    • 10 troops, Scouts
    • Venerable dread
    • Venerable dread
    • 10 heavy, Devastators
      3x Heavy Bolter 2 x plasma gun
    • Predator
      TL Lascannon, extra armor. Lascanon sponson
    • Drop Pod
    • Drop Pod
    • Drop Pod
    • 10 Troop, Tactical Squad
      sergent, powerfist, Plasma


    Eldar Vs Space Marines
    Deployment SpearHead
    2000 pts
    Space Marines got 2 drop pods coming in Turn 1 with 2 venerable deads inside and 1 drop pod in reserve with the Captain and his Full Tactical Squad.
    In scout move the SM scouts tried to get in southern building but only 2 managed to get on top

    Turn 1 Eldar Movement Phase

    2 Wave Serpents flat out towards the center (avengers +banshees and farseer)
    2 Serpents go 12" in the south for the enemy flank or fast redeploy toward center depending on needs.
    Prisms redeploy for predator kill and harlies and hawks advance towards center.

    Turn 1 Eldar Shooting Phase

    Dark Reapers shoots at devastators killing 6 of them (i love tempest launcher and crack shot).
    Devastators manage to fail their leadership test but they do not run out of the table
    Fire prism link their cannons and shot at predator but disaster shot goes in a tree (damn cover save).
    Scouts manage to lose only 1 member from swooping hawks/serpents fire

    Turn 1 Eldar Assault phase

    Nothing happening

    Turn 1 Space Marines Movement Phase

    Devastators regroup and go after some low cover.
    2 Drop Pods Arrive with 2 Venerable Dreads. The Multimelta dread arive like a charm behind my banshee serpent.
    Assault marines try to intercept my southern serpents (not such a bood ideea how we will see)
    One Tactical squad is coming also for the center.

    Turn 1 Space Marines Shooting Phase

    Multi melta manage to miss a serpent from behind but the plasma from devastators gets to rip off the shuriken cannon from one of the serpents. 3 harlequins die from southern dread Assault cannon. Predator hit with his lascannon shot but the hit is in the energy field so the serpents escape unharmed. The missile launcher from space marine tactical unit goes off bound.

    Turn 1 Space Marines Assault Phase

    Nothing happens.

    Turn 2 Eldar Movement Phase

    Central Tactical Squad and Assault Marines gets doomed.
    Banshee and Dire Avengers disembark from Serpents and go 6 inches banshees preparing to assault and dire avengers preparing to shoot.
    Southern Serpents go 12" and disembark their Avengers in front of the Assault marines.
    I make a mistake and try to outrun the dread with harlies but my fleet is bad. They will get shot, charged and buthchered soon.
    Swooping hawks jump over a building but they are not in range to do anything for 1 or 2 inches.

    Turn 2 Eldar Shooting Phase

    Dark Reapers kill the scouts to a single man.
    2 Dire Avenger squads with BladeStorm and 2 serpents kill the assault marines.
    Northen Dire avengers kill 2 more devastators with their bladestorm Devastators, like cowards run again from the table this time.
    The 2 prisms linked their cannon agan but this time fail to penetrate the armor of the Venerable ( i rolled a 1 grrrrr).
    I forgot to shoot the banshees but was not so important.

    Turn 2 Eldar Assault Phase

    Banshees and Farseer assault and kill the entire tactical squad. My consolidation move was only a 2 " too small for the dread range.

    Turn 2 Space Marines Movement Phase

    The Drop Pod with the Captain and his tactical squad arrive just in front of the Dark Reapers. The 2 dreads position themselves for assaults and the lonely scout is brave to charge the dire avengers

    Turn 2 Space Marines Shooting Phase

    2 Harlies die from dread shooting. The north dread is missing again with his guns (so many 1 i never saw lol).
    2 Drop Pods and a full tacticals rapid fire the Dark Reapers. 2 die from wounds.
    Central dire avengers lose 7 men from bolter fire. This was bad roll for me good roll for enemy.
    The predator shoot 3 lascannons into...dire avengers (i wondered why) and kill 3 guys.

    Turn 2 Space Marines Assault Phase

    The 2 dreads attack the harlie and banshee group.
    In south combat only 2 harlies remain alive and they flee. Dread consolidate into the woods.
    North combat nothing happens as the farseer and dread miss their hits.
    Lonely scout charge bravely the dire avengers but get killed by the exarch.

    Turn 3 Eldar Movement phase

    Harlies gets off the table.
    I embark the remaining central 3 Dire Avengers in a serpent.
    Rest of DA gets embarked as well. The serpent with the 7 man gets north, and the farseer/10 man DA goes 12 inches trying to help the Drak reapers.
    The 2 prisms try to position for the kill in front of captain tactical squad.
    Swooping hawks get`s in range to shoot finnaly.
    1 serpent i try to reposition fail a dangerous terrain test and gets imobilized

    Turn 3 Eldar Shooting Phase

    Under the heavy fire of the dark reaper team and 2 prisms, the whole tactical squad is wiped but the Captain survive in 2 wounds.
    Serpents and hawks fire make a lot of wounds on noth tactical squads but only 2 die. Lucky me one was the sergeant (he had to distribute wounds as i got lucky at shooting).
    IN south a few shuriken shots in Venerable dread back armor goes without results.
    Turn 3 Eldar Assault Phase
    nothing happens as the venerable special rule got me to reroll 1 destroyed and 1 weapon destroyed results. Got 2 stunned The dread missed his attacks.

    Turn 3 Space Marine Movement Phase

    Captain goes under the Dark reapers inside the building.
    South Dread run to help his brother in the battle vs Farseer and banshees.

    Turn 3 Space Marines Shooting Phase

    Absolutely nothing happening. All missed or saved.

    Turn 3 Space Marine Assault Phase

    Captain assault The Dark Reapers and wipe them. Farseer and the Venerable dread still battle without result.

    Turn 4 Eldar Movement Phase

    7 Dire Avengers disembark in front of Space Marines tactical squad. Prisms position for predator shot. Also the serpents for back shots. Swooping hawks try to gets in range for Predator assault but i fail my assault range.
    In south DA serpent flat out to get that pesky Captain and express out revenge (next turn )

    Turn 4 Eldar Shooting Phase

    2 prisms and 2 serpents fire strip the predator of all it`s weapons. Is a rolling metal box now.
    A dire Avenger Blade storm kill 6 of the 8 Marines alive in north part of map.

    Turn 4 Eldar Assault phase

    Disaster. My farseer dies and my banshees run with their hearts broken from the loss of such great man. The dread consolidate to deny my regroup.
    North dire avengers charge the remaining SM but all saves are made. Combat equal.

    Turn 4 Space Marines Movement phase

    The predator tank ram my serpent but the energy field (or the armor) holds. The central dread prepare to assault the hawks and the north one follows the banshees.

    Turn 4 Space Marines Shooting Phase

    Nothing happened

    Turn 4 Space Marines Assault phase

    The central dread wipe the hawks unit.

    Turn 5 Eldar Movement Phase

    The Captain gets doomed and 10 DA and the farseer unload from serpent for the kill. Banshees run off the table. Rest of the movement is just adjustments f positions for better visibility

    Turn 5 Eldar Shooting Phase

    Reminder: to kill a SM Captain you need more than one full bladestorm. after 15 wounds saved i needed 3 more done from the serpent to take his last wound. His artificier armour was very good

    Turn 5 Eldar Assault Phase

    Nothing happening. Still noone was willing to die in north combat.

    Turn 5 Space marines = absolutely nothing. dreads fail their shooting. another tank ram is missed by the predator. In assault dreads fail their charges and nobody died in the DA/tacticals combat.

    I rolled a 2 for 6`th turn so match ended. Minor victory for Eldar.

    Very good game. we both did some mistakes, we rolled some amazing dices or awfull ones. In the end we had a great fun together.

    As always distances are not right in the pictures

    Last edited by niraco; July 19th, 2009 at 21:36.
    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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    Good fight. Love seeing the Eldar in action

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    That was awesome report if it werent for his v.dreads murdering everything you would of tabled him!

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