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    Soul Reapers CSM verses Imp Fists (Maps)

    The Engines on the Stormbird thundered as it lifted off, from the rendezvous point on the Ridgeback Massif. They had just dropped the Sorcerer Jhor Locke to his battle group. Titus was irritated with this inglorious task as he would much rather be slaughtering the servants of the Corpse God.

    Just as the Stormbird reached the edge of the mountain range, the pilot spotted a small column of yellow armor. The Imperial Fist armor was heading south west obviously on the way to reinforce the Imperial forces defending the Pierefoy. The Daemon Prince grinned because he knew the Dark Gods would be pleased with his Butchering of the Sons of Dorn.

    This was a 2000 point Pitched Battle with 4 objective markers.

    Here is the Soul Reapers List
    (DP)Daemon Prince of Tzeentch
    Wings, Warptime

    (T)4 Terminators with 3 combi-plasma, Heavy Flamer, 1 powerfist, Icon of chaos glory

    (CSM1)10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 meltaguns and icon of chaos glory
    Aspiring Champion with power fist
    Rhino (orange)
    (CSM2)10 Chaos Space Marines with 2 meltaguns and icon of chaos glory
    Aspiring Champion with power fist
    Rhino (Blue)
    (PM)7 Plague Marines with 2 meltaguns, personal icon
    Aspiring Champion with power fist
    Rhino (Red)
    (Z)8 Khorne Berzerkers, personal icon
    Aspiring Champion with powerfist
    Rhino (Green)

    Fast Attack
    5 Chaos Spawn (S1)/(S2)

    Heavy Support
    (O)2 Obliterators

    Defiler replaces flamer with CCW
    Defiler replaces flamer with CCW

    Here is the Imp Fists list
    (C)Chaplain w/jump pack

    Dreadnought, AC, Extra Armor
    Dreadnought, AC, Extra Armor
    (T1)5 TH/SS Terminators
    (L2)Land Raider Redeemer w/ Multimelta, Extra Armor

    (T2)10 Tactical Marines - Flamer, Multi-Melta, Power Fist, Rhino (R1)
    10 Tactical Marines - Flamer, Lascannon, Power Weapon, Razorback w/ TLAC (R
    (T3)10 Tactical Marines - Flamer, Plasma Cannon, Power Weapon, Rhino (R2)

    (A)10 Assault Marines, Power Fist, 2x Flamer

    Lysander and the Terms deployed in the LR redeemer.
    Chaplain deployed with the assault marines.

    IF turn one sees the LR rush forward and pop smoke, followed closely by the Rhinos who move six so they can take shots at a Rhino and the S2 Spawn; resulting in a dead Rhino and a wounded Spawn. The LC combat Sqd takes a shot at the Oblits and misses. Dread 1 fires the AC at the PM Rhino and blows off the TL bolter. Dread 2 and the RB both fire at the Defilers; with the AC shaking and stunning the defiler on the right and the RB destroying the Defiler on the lefts BC.

    SR turn one was extremely lucky for the Reapers. The Spawn scuttle forward at a good pace S1 goes 9 inches and S2 goes 11. The DP leaps over the wood bearing down on the LR. The BCless Defiler fleets forward, while the other one moves nd fires the BC at the assault sqd; killing two. The Oblits fire LCs at the LR, they hit twice one is saved by the smoke the other penetrates and rolls a 6; unluckily killing one Term. CSM squad 2 fires 2 meltas at the Terms killing one more, leaving the squad with 3 plus Lysnader. This is followed by the brutal assault Ive ever seen against CC Terms. The DP and S2 assault the remnants of the Terms; Titus fights Lysander hits 5 times and kills him, the Spawn attack the Terms with 8 attacks wounding him 6 times killing 2. The Term Sgt attacks and kills one Spawn. Then the Term SGT rolls boxcars for his LD test and is run down. I have never seen my buddy roll so many ones for Terminator saves before; I really felt bad.

    IF turn 2 Dread 1 moves forward and the Rhinos fall back. Dread 1 fires the AC and SB into the Spawn killing one. The LC combat Sqd, the PC Sqd and the MM Sqd fire at the DP causing 2 wounds. Dread two destroys one defiler while the RB shakes the other one.

    SR turn 2 sees the DP and Spawn 2 rampage in the direction of the Rhino Sqds. CSM Sqd 2 rushes forward in their Rhino with the Melta gunners protruding out the top hatch. The defiler clamors over the wreck of the other defiler and fleets 6 inches. Spawn 1 moves 7 inched towards Dread 1. The PMs and Zerkers dismount and move forward.

    CSM Sqd shoots and immobilizes Rhino 2 with the PC Sqd in it. Spawn 2 assaults Rhino 1 immobilizing it. The PMs Melta Dread 1 and destroy it. The DP assaults the LC combat Sqd and kills 3 including the LC; they fall back. The defiler assaults Dread 2 and immobilizes it; Dread 2 destroys the BC on the Defiler.

    IF turn 3 sees the Assault Sqd lunge forward to take on the PMs. The RB shoots and kills an Oblit, while the PC Sqd destroys CSM 2s Rhino, 2 die in the explosion. The MM Sqd Kills the last Spawn of S2 with MM and Flamer fire.

    The Assault Sqd and Chaplain kill 5 PMs; the PMs kill two in retaliation. The Dread kills the second Defiler.

    SR turn 3 sees the DP moving toward Rhino 2. The Spawn and Zerkers move in to swarm the Assault Sqd. CSM 2, fires 2 Meltas to destroy Rhino 1. The Obli fires and kills Rhino 2 with the explosion killing 2.

    The DP assaults the PC squad and Kills 5, they fail to wound him, fall back and get caught. The Zerkers and Spawn assault the Assault Sqd; During the fight the PMs are destroyed as are the Assault Sqd. The Chaplain, Zerkers and Spawn consolidate and all unbelievable fail to move more than an inch; so the combat is over.

    IF turn 4 sees the Chaplain falls back near Combat Sqd 2. The Dread fires at the Zerkers killing 2 and the RB shooting at the DP who makes his 4+ save. The MM squad unleashes hell onto the DP, he simply grins and makes 10 saves!

    SR turn 4 sees the Zerkers and Spawn assault the RB immobilizing it and destroying the LCs. CSM squad 2 and the DP assault and wipe out the MM Sqd; they consolidate towards the objective.

    IF turn 5 sees the Chaplain hurl himself at the Zerkers cutting down 2; then the Zerkers claim the Chaplains Skull for their Lord.

    SR turn 5 sees Titus killing the last two members of the LC Combat Sqd, and the Chosen Terminators finally show up! They them proceed to Vaporize Combat Sqd 2.

    Victory to the Soul Reapers, the Dark Gods must be pleased.

    As he boarded the Stormbird Titus looks back and smiled as he watched the smoke rise from the field of battle. His first combat action on Ammoriss was a success and he knew that as long as he was at Lord Krugs side this pitiful world would fall to the Dark Gods.

    After thoughts:
    The game was riddled with horrible dice rolls, but overall it was pretty fun.

    I lost 3 outta 5 Spawn, which isn't bad for a unit with no save. I didn't see them as a slow unit, but again this is dependent on dice rolls. They were a lot of fun to use, the only thing I would't do with them is field less than 4. Two units are more survivable than one. IMHO.

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    I always find reports where the luck is one sided kinda boring but it was well written and illustrated. Also props for no Lash, playing without it should give you a free candy bar or something.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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