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    1850 Eldar vs. Eldar

    Battle of Mech vs. Vanilla on foot (mostly)

    My List: (I'm not going into details, if you want the exact upgrades, it's "http://www.librarium-online.com/forums/eldar-army-lists/174406-1850-upcoming-tournament-list.html"
    Farseer w/ jetbike
    5x Warlocks, jetbikes
    8x Fire Dragons
    Wave Serpent
    5x Dire Avengers
    Wave Serpeant
    5xDire Avengers
    Wave Serpeant
    5x Dire Avengers
    Wave Serpeant
    5x Dire Avengers
    Wave Serpent
    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism

    His list was: Seer Council on bikes (exact as mine)
    Autarch on a bike with laser lance and fusion gun
    20x Guardians, attached conceal warlock, starcannon platform
    20x Guardians, attached conceal warlock, starcannon platform
    2x Vypers with brightlances (seperate units)
    5x Swooping Hawks inc. Exarch with upgrades
    5x Dark Reapers inc. Exarch with EML and fast shot
    6x Fire Dragons inc. Exarch with fire pike
    Falcon inc. holo-field and spirit stones
    8x Striking Scorpions inc. Exarch with claw and shadowstrike
    6x Pathfinders

    To the Game: Objective based, 4'x6' forest board with roughly 10 forests evenly spread out, so enough cover for the both of us to use LoS to the advantage. The objectives were all 24" in from the table edge, 1 in the direct middle of the board, and the other 2 on both sides of the board. He deployed first, and I won first turn and elected to go first. He doesn't even attempt initiative.

    ~ He infiltrates the pathfinders into my left, objective (his right). Scorpions infiltrate into the middle objective.

    Turn 1
    Me: I move with every Wave Serpent roughly 8-14" up on average to hide all behind forests and block LoS. Council turbo's to stick behind a forest on my left, making a push intentionally for the pathfinders. The Prisms all open fire on seperate targets, only one blast manages to hit, on the reapers, I wound 3, he only fails 1 cover save.

    Him: Guardian squads push forward, he decides to camp the objective for now with the scorpions. Falcon, surprisingly, moves 10" in between two forests to *just* make it through and be able to hit one of my Serpents (this I did not forsee). Hawks push up middle with a slight move to my left. Vypers advance both 12" up. One Vyper shakes my prism on my right side. Luck pulse laser from the Falcon just catches my Serpent pushing onto the pathfinder objective, he guns it down on a pen 5, kills 1 DA, nothings pinned. Pathfinders shoot into the council, fortune saves lives, nothing dies. Hawks are able to hit 2 in the council, he ends up killing 1 warlock, go figure....

    Turn 2:
    Me: Everything moves. I noticed he overextended his Autarch a bit more than I think he wanted, I move 12" near it and im roughly 3" away. I roll one DA serpent up just infront of the objective on my right side that he was pushing to, tank shocking the guardians and forcing them to move 1" away after he passes the test, this blocks the entrance and he can't get within 6" to be considered holding it, while my Serpent contatins a full DA squad so it's my point. The shaken prism jumps back behind the forest to save until next turn. DA's push 1" away from the pathfinders. Council mindwars the autarch, rolls an 11 on psychic test . 3x destructors into him, nothing wounds. Jetbike catapults put a wound on him. One Serpent opens Lance onto a Vyper, shakes it. Another Serpent opens onto the Falcon, stuns it. One Prism large blasts into the Guardians pushing on my left, I wound 5, his conceal saves 4, only 1 dies. My other prism large blasts into the hawks, killing 4. DA's shoot into the pathfinders doing nothing. DAs charge and kill a pathfinder, he kills one DA as well. Council charges into Autarch, his wounds do nothing as he didn't initiate combat so he resorts to normal str3 attacks. Council kills him in retaliation.

    Him: Everything pushes forward roughly. (This is my fault to let this happen I forgot he had something in the Falcon and my Prism was WAYYYY to far up for no reason), Falcon pushes 12" up deploys Fire Dragons within 6" of my Prism (stupid me, seriously....), His council pushes to get mine. Reaper exarch shoots his EML into my right serpent, nothing. Non-shaken Vyper shoots to same Serpent, nothing. Dragons shoot at the prism, pop it easily. His seer mind wars my seer, I win 6-2 (you'd think he should take wounds because Mind War says "if the seer wins the opponent takes wounds for each point won by," well my seer did win but yea he was the caster so just nothing occurs). He puts 2 destructors into my council, does nothing. Jetbike catapults do nothing. His guardians push and shoot into my council, does nothing. His council kills 1 warlock in mine, I do nothing in return, leadership is fine we remain in combat. ( we both knew this would be for the entire game, he regretted doing it once he did, but he said he just wanted to shut down my council). DAs kill 1 ranger, he does nothing, his squad runs and gets chased down.

    Turn 3
    Me: Everything traditionally moves, I still take a bit more chances and opt to stay fairly closer to his army so that I don't need to play accordingly to the terrain. DAs plant in the objective for now. One serpent lances into his Falcon, does nothing. Another serpent goes into it, nothing again. I focus prism onto his dragons, scatter only hits 2, I wound and kill 1. The DAs in the objective shoot at the dragons, killing 2. My right prism focus fires into his reapers, killing 2. My 2nd right Serpent shoots into his Vyper and immobilises it, he drops to the ground due to vectored engines. (He had some spare points so he just put on upgrades...it proved to help....). Council vs. Council does nothing.

    Him: His guardian squad that I'm block on the right started to move around my tank last turn, this turn they do get a few around but moving through cover limits him to only 3". Left guardians push 2" from my DAs in objective. His scorpions push out of the objective towards my council. Left guardians shoot into my Objective DAs, they wipe the squad. The right guardians manage 3 models able to hit the back of my serpent, I brush it off, but he is able to shake the tank, no big deal. His lone fire dragon exarch (who passed the leaderships) shoots into one of my serpents on the left, manages to shake it. His Hawk Exarch assaults the serpent next to that one, and manages to stun that one as well. council vs. council nothign in combat again.

    Turn 4
    Me: I'm a joke, and I forget to fortune my council. My 2nd Serpent on the right side pushes to completely block the objective from him so he can't even go around, they actually fail and run 7" back to his table edge, I pivot the Serpent that was there so back armor can't be hit by anything anymore. My Fire Dragon Serpent pushes to his Falcon, I decide I really need to drop this nuisance, and I deploy dragons within 6". The Dragons pop his Falcon on double 6's on the pen chart (because of his holo-fields). In combat he kills my last warlocks so I'm down to the lone Farseer. We remain in combat. Prism focus drops another reaper, the other scatters.

    Him: His guardians regroup and make a push for the middle, now that he realizes he can't get the side. Guardians on my left push into the objective to attempt to hold for the game, at this point he needs to control both middle and left side to have a chance at winning, the right point is completely mine he can't even contest if he tried. Scorpions did not assault last turn because he knew I'd come for the Falcon with my dragons if I couldn't pop it with anything else. He moves within 1" away. Hawk exarch kills 3 dragons with shooting. Scorpions assault my dragons, 3 die, we remain in combat though. Council vs. my seer, he does nothing and I do nothing.

    Turn 5
    Me: Everything pushes around, I turbo one of my serpents on the right side within 6" of the objective in the middle to claim it, and I position on the side of the Guardians so that he can't move straight to the objective he'll need 2 turns to go around. One prism opens large blast onto that same guardian squad, killing 9. Remaining serpent on the left side pushes 11" to contest his guardians on the left objective. The lance shot kills the lone fire dragon exarch. My Farseer does nothing, but again survives another round in combat to hold his council from being able to contest the middle objective. Scorpion assault fails to kill a model of the dragons! His exarch with the claw rolls, his only 2, gets snake eyes and is stuck in combat with me unable to try to move and contest the middle as well.

    Him: Exarch EML firest into my Serpent in the middle and manages to destroy it, the DAs I had deployed last turn though into the objective so no wounds are taken, scatter destroy only goes 1", does nothing. Nothing else is able to make a difference in the game, his guardians were still outside 6" range from the middle objective, he was in the left side but I was contesting it with a squad of my DAs, the right side I was holding with my squad of DAs in the serpent. We roll for the game to end, he rolls the dice, gets a 2. The game ends after turn 5. Score is my Eldar holding 2, him holding 0, and 1 objective is contested.

    ~ I could have played this game a lot better, I did go in under-estimating his army though, tactically I know he usually knows what he's doing, I've seen him play better than this though when he goes out serious. All in all though, his army did do better than I had expected it too, he did make some under-valued and un-appreciated models look like they really had a purpose on the field at points.

    5th E Sand(Grey) Knights: 11-3 (retired) 5th E Eldar: 37-4 (retired) 5th E Wolves 5-0

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    Not really a fan of either list, his was pretty bad though imho. Cool report, a bit dry though.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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