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    Witch Hunter Vs Blood Angels (1,500) [Pics]

    For those of you how are like, "Wow, this is the guys 3rd battle report in a week." Yes, yes it is. I got fed up trying to find a good, current rule set Witch Hunter battle report. So I made my own. Besides, it helps me learn from my mistakes. Like in this one I started just a tad too close to the guy.

    So here's my list (It changes a little each time)
    Canoness 65
    -Combi-Melta, Book of St. Lucius

    5 Celestians 158
    -2 Melta Guns
    -Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

    10 Battle Sisters 203
    -2x Melta Guns, Veteran Superior with Book of St. Lucius
    -Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

    Inducted Platoon: 295
    Command Squad
    -Autocannon, Grenade Launcher
    2x Infantry Squads
    2x Chimera
    -Heavy Stubber, Heavy Flamer

    5 Inquisitorial Storm Troopers 70
    -2x Melta Guns

    2x 5 Dominions 354
    -2 Melta Guns, Veteran Superior, Book of St. Lucius
    -Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

    2x Exorcist 282
    -Searchlight, Dozer Blades

    Immolator 73
    -Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

    And his
    Company Captain 320pts
    -Power Armor, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Combi-Plasmagun
    Honor Guard
    -Jump Packs, Chain Sword

    Chaplain 310
    -Power Armor, Jump Pack, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist
    Honor Guard
    -Jump Packs, Chain Sword

    Tactical Squad x2: 480
    -Flamer, Lascannon
    -Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol

    Assault Squad:
    2x Palsma Pistols
    -Combat Shield, Plasma Pistol, Power weapon

    Death Company
    -Jump Packs

    Mission was Capture and Control and Pitched Battle. He won the roll, told me to go first, and then stole the initiative.

    On his turn, he moved everything up. The Tac squads took up position in the ruined building.

    I was thinking, "Yes! An isolated squad with three Immolators in front of it!" Too bad I only killed 2 >.< The rest of my army shot the 10 man squad.. killing two again. I guess my army doesn't like first turns.

    His turn he charged one platoon with his Death Company, and another with his, now 8 man, assault squad. His Lascannons took the second Immolator and didn't manage to hit the front one. His Captain blew up the Immolator he was facing. He then assaulted that squad and killed everyone. The Death Company killed all, and the Assault squad didn't... I think he forgot the extra attacks for charging. That Platoon held it's ground.

    My turn 2! As with last game, my gals actually decide to hit stuff! I killed both Honor Guards, and all but one Death Company. My Immolator Tank Shocked the Tac squads for the heck of it, And I actually made a squad run oh, and the Infantry Platoon was run down.

    His Tac squads shot up the Immolator and take off it's Flamer and shook it. The lone Captain Assaulted the big Sister's squad, killing several, and the single Death Company chewed up the Command Platoon. The Assault squad stunned the Exorcist, sadly he Chaplin was out of range to attack.

    My Exorcist decide it had enough of the Death Company and unloaded three shots into it, killing him outright several times over. The rest of my army shot the assault squad, bringing them down to four. The Captain crushes a few more gals. The Immolator Tank shocks again hoping to finally take that cyan Tac squad off the board, but the yellow Lascannon Death or Glories and immobilized it.

    His assault squad assaulted and killed the Immolator. The Tac squad blows up the left most Chimera, and the other shoots the immobilized Immolator, doing nothing. That Tac squad has only been running tree or four inches a turn. >.<

    On my turn, I finally finish off the assault squad. The Storm troopers run to take the objective, and the red Dominion squad moved to contest the bottom one, thanks to the nearby Rhino.

    His Cyan squad finally runs off the board. And the other Tac squad moves to grab their objective, shooting the Immolator on the way. the Captain finally finishes off the Sisters. Lesson learned: Sisters make great tar pits.

    The red Dominions jump out of the Rhino and shoots at the Tac squad, killing several. The Exorcists kill some of the Tactical Marines as well. The Captain survives a hail of fire.

    Turns 6 and 7 were basically me sitting on top of the objective and his Captain killing the Dominion squad. I won 1-0. I enjoyed the game and learned a few things. I'm also thinking I like Heavy bolters on my Chimera more then Heavy Flamers... Next game we'll see. ^^

    Oh! and I have a rules question: You are supposed to measure distance from the Tank's barrel, correct? So what do you do for Immolators? do they hit them selves? and if they shoot backwards, do you place the template on the Immolator as well so that a lot of the thin part is on the Immolator? If anyone could answer that it'd be great ^^

    Hope you all enjoyed the game.


    "My Word is Iron"
    "Show me your Friends, and I'll show you your Future"

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    heh, it was a fun battle, with way too much luck in die rolls in my favor.

    I'm up for a re-match when ever you are.

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    You are posting up a storm.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    Good report. Personally, I think jumping Blood Angels are a dying breed. With the shift towards mechanization, unprotected infantry don't last very long now with the plethora of infantry-killing weapons out there (with the exception of jump infantry and Shrike getting a 1st round charge). I think the sisters should have overwhelmed them. They crack a rhino/immo and next turn they eat rending templates & bolter fire not to mention a couple of exorcists raining missiles on top of them.

    One word of advice, get a imagifer for your celestians+cannoness. It's worth it.

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