Emperor's Children vs Red corsairs - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Emperor's Children vs Red corsairs

    Daemon prince
    Dreadnougt with ML&CCW
    3 Noise marine squads
    3 rhinos with havoc launcher
    Havocs with lascannons

    4 CSM squads
    2x5 terminators
    10 terminators

    Deployment: dawn of war one objective in each deployment zone
    Red corsair goes first deploying 2 small CSM squads one to the far left and one to in the center led by huron. I deploy 2 noise marine squads with blastmasters, and keep everything else in reserves.

    Fortunatley for the emperor's children the cunning lord lucius's plan worked perfectly, and the slaaneshi marines cought Huron's pirate scum of guard, thus siezing the initiative. All slaanesh units entered the board surging forwards while their rhinos unleashed salvoes of havoc missiles against the nearby corsairs. While the havoc took position i a building on the right. The havoc launchers took a heavy toll on the corsairs slaying many of their number and even wounding lord Blackheart himself. The daemon prince used lash of submission to charge the 5 corsairs on the right. Alas the powers of the warp must have drained the prince of his energies as he missed all his attacks and even worse suffering 2 wound in return. In the next turn the remaing corsairs arrived to assist their master but wherer too far from the action to pose a serious threat. The daemon prince killed a single space marines suffering yet another wound in return.

    Turn 2 began with Lucius rhino surging forwards to engage the new enemies aproaching. The dreadnougt angrily fired two frag missiles against the nearby slaaneshi rhino causing no damage. The rest of the shooting was quite innefective killing the odd marine here and there. The daemon prince fuelled by his pain killed all his adversaries before the had a chance to retaliate. The corsair recieved reinforcement in the shape of 20 terminators arriving from the warp, the small units fired their reapers to great effect killimg the daemon prince and destoying a rhino, while the big unit fired a couple of combi melta against the dreadnougt destroying it's CC weapon.

    Turn 3 Lucius rhino tank shocked Hurons marines to no effect while lucius himself killed a few with his siren. The havocs and noise marines managed to wipe out a 5 man terminator squad with an impressive volley. the dreadnought charged the big terminator squad killing one and suffering no injury in return. With his marine bodyguard almost wiped out Huron joined the 5 terminators personaly spearheading the corsairs countercharge. The terminators managed to blow Lucius rhino into pieces with their reaper, allowing Huron and his new bodyguard to charge the chosen of Fulgrim. Huron and his terminator crushed the noise marines beneath their mighty fists. While Lucius impaled a terminator on his wicked blade. The battle ended in a stalemate as Huron and his men surounded Lucius. The other terminator squad did no damage to the dreadnoug thus remaining locked in combat another turn.

    Turn 4
    The noise marines although exited with the slaughter, began retreating leaving their leader alone against overwhelming odds. Lucius leapt at Huron, in a swift motion he slashed the corsair captains throat seemingly killing him. Enraged by Hurons defeat the terminator sergeant disemboweled Lucius with his chainfist.

    Turn 5 The noise marines chaged the remnants of hurons terminators killing them. While the large terminator squad one again failed to breach the dreadnoughts tough carapace. The havocs where wiped out by the combined fire of the remaing red corsair marines. With both sides holding on to their objectices the game ended.

    Huron roared viciously as he regained consciousness, he was in the the dark mechanicus temple abouard his flagship. His damaged bionics repaired and even more of his human body relaced with adamant. His loyal terminators stood next too him, the sergeant's face covered in scars. "We await your orders sir" he said. "Leave" Huron answered coldly. "Yes" the sergeant replied, his face now twisted into an contemptfull glee. "Move out" he ordered his men, laughting maniacly as he left the temple.

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    Some point totals would have been nice.

    Personally I prefer to know what actually happened from a reality PoV rather than a fluff one. Fluff is cool, I just prefer it separate from the actual report, maybe in italics or bold or something. Just my opinion. :]

    *thumbs up*
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    If only you'd get doom sirens for the noise marines, it would've been game over pretty quickly for Huron's unprotected CSM's.

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