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    1000pts Thousands Sons vs Alpha Legion

    Just played a game last night with my friend, chaos to chaos.

    Board was about 4x4, ended up playing capture and hold.

    Thousand Sons (me):
    Daemon prince--wings, mark of tzeentch, bolt of change, wind of chaos-- 205

    5 terminators-- combi plasma, heavy flamer, chain fist-- 190

    8 1k sons, 1 sorcerer-- bolt of change--rhino-- 304

    8 1k sons, 1 sorcerer-- bolt of change--rhino-- 304

    Total 1003

    Alpha Legion:
    Chaos lord--daemon weapon, bike--160? (can't remember any of his exact points, don't have the list with me sorry)

    10 Chosen--aspiring champ w/ power weapon-- 210

    10 Chosen--aspiring champ w/ power weapon-- 210

    10 CSM--aspiring champ, 2 melta guns--rhino-- 220

    10 CSM--aspiring champ, 2 melta guns--rhino-- 220

    Total 1020

    We set up three objectives, one in my deployment, one in his, and one on the far right side of the board. Terrain was a few hills and rocks, not much to speak of.

    I deployed both rhinos behind my objective (a big ruinous hill) with one unit in their rhino and the other babysitting the hill. the daemon prince started all the way forward just in front of the hill. terms waited to DS.

    He deployed both rhinos side by side and as far forward as possible with his lord behind them. Chosen waited to outflank.

    He won first turn roll but opted to go second.

    Turn 1:
    I moved my one unit in their rhino hard to the right heading toward the third objective. The unit on foot stood atop the hill while their rhino moved down in front of them, below their line of sight but i was hoping to block a charge or some shots. Daemon prince flew forward and got in range to shoot.
    Only shot fired was a BoC that hit, penetrated, and managed to only weapon destroy one of the rhinos.

    His turn he moved both rhinos to his left (my right) toward the third objective, which btw was a huge chaos shrine. His Lord followed behind them still.
    He disembarked and fired his meltas at my rhino failing to hit with any of the four.

    Turn 2:
    I disembarked my 1k sons from their rhino and prepared to fire. I moved the other unit down the hill to fire at the flank of the second unit of chaos marines. My DP moved around his rhinos to get in position to fire. I move the empty rhino in front of his rear unit to block them from getting to my 1k sons on the hill.
    I shot the furthest unit first and was only at max range. Using 8 bolt shots and a BoC i managed to kill 5 CSMs from the unit. The DP shot at the same unit and failed to hit.
    My other 1k sons, guns blazing, rapid fired and rolled an incredible strew of 'ones' managing to only end up killing 3 marines in the end.... dammit....lol. The sorceror killed another with his BoC.
    Oh yeah, no reserves yet.

    The lead CSM unit and the chaos lord moved in on my 1k sons that had rapid fired. His other unit moves closer to the action and out of sight of my unit on the hill.
    No chosen show up.
    He fires his 2 meltas from the rear unit at the face of my empty rhino, he misses twice (lol).
    His other unit and his chaos lord fire at my 1k sons, killing 2.
    They charge the same unit, the lord rolls a 1, hurts himself, and sits out of combat to cry a little. Meanwhile, his unit manages to kill 3 thousand sons with their bare hands, meanwhile i hit back and only kill 1.
    I manage to take 2 more wounds from being fearless and fail both, fml, 2 more die.

    Turn 3:
    Terminators show up and land right near the action, inches from the rear CSM unit (the one not in combat). I move the babysitting 1k sons back onto the hill and out of sight. My DP sweeps around to the back of the unit the terms now face.
    My terminators shoot their heavy flamer, wounding 2, and their combi plasma, which despite several ones (i rapid fired) managed to kill 2. They failed their saves for the flamer and a lone melta gunner was left standing before my terminators. My DP, his target not looking too tempting, turned and fired at the rhino with BoC, failing to destory it. He then charged it and only managed to shake it and stun it, awful.
    The other combat, where my 1ksons were being massacred, resulted with the lord rolling a 4, and then bashing 3 guys total from the unit. My sorceror was the only one left standing, swung his sword and killed one guy before being murdered by the remaining attacks from the CSMs. They consolidated toward my terminators.

    He managed to get his outflankers to show up, both on the same side of the board as the fighting. They both moved but weren't in range to do much. Realizing it was an objective based mission (finally) he backed his CSMs away from the combat. His melta gunner passed his LD test, and fired at the terminators, killing one.
    His lord and loner charged the terminators. His lord rolls off and manages to kill two terminators. My power weapons strike back with no damage to the lord, but my lone chain fist SMASHED HIS BRAIN and killed the lord out right. I won the combat, and his loner was sent packing then killed in the sweep. My terminators consolidated toward his remaining CSMs.

    Turn 4: we rolled and got 3 more turns...
    I moved my Daemon prince right behind his CSMs and my terminators right to their face. I fired bolters and heavy flamer, killing 2 guys. I used my BoC (like and idiot) and killed nothing. Charged them with both units, murdered everything, the end of that.

    His chosen, his last two units on the board, were his only chance at running all over hell and back to contest my objective and force a draw. Instead they moved and shot bolters at my terminators, killing all three with rapid fire goodness.

    Turn 5
    My Daemon prince moved toward the chosen. Fired his wind of chaos through both units and killed 2 from one unit (squad A) and 4 from "squad B." He charged his technically original target, squad A, and killed 2 for no wounds in return. They stayed in.

    He charged me with his other chosen unit, i now had 12 CSM chosen dog piling in on my DP. I attacked squad A somemore, killing 3. He struck with everything and didn't manage to hit or wound. His power weapon pulled one wound off though. He lost but stayed in.

    Turn 6
    I attacked squad A, killing 2 more. He struck me for nothing.

    I finished off squad A, he got nothing on me from squad B.

    Turn 7:
    I killed 3 men from squad B, he managed to scratch an itch on my DP's back....

    Game. I won holding my objective, the squad only shot once and did nothing but baby sit lol. If his chosen had came in off the right though then i would have been screwed.
    For the record we finished the combat just for fun and he got one more wound on my DP by the time i wiped out his whole unit lol, pretty terrible.

    We both rolled horrible all game but managed to have fun about it!

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    < the loser

    It was a pretty fun game overall despite the TERRIBLE rolls especially with the melta weapons. It's funny, before the battle started i was explaining why I try to avoid plasma, I believe it was 6 shots fired, 2 hits, 4 misses and 3 of the 4 misses were 1's (awesome shooting for space marines ) this is why i don't take plasma... and i deeply regret taking that daemon weapon, it's not fluffy at all (which is what i usually strive for in an army nowadays) and it really didn't earn its points back in my opinion.

    If you all have any ideas about alpha legion army builds/ tactics they would be greatly appreciated. I'm still getting used to used power armor after playing a few of the lighter armored armies (tau, eldar, and IG).

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