~1500 pts.~ Nid vs. Nec - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    ~1500 pts.~ Nid vs. Nec

    Hey Folks!

    I'm, as you see, a new member of LO, but I follow all the topics in the Necron Forum for long (its the force I collect).
    It was a Capture & Control game, Pithed Battle deployement.
    Well, the army lists looked something like this (We forgot to count the rezorb):

    Necron (me):
    Lord on foot with orb

    Pariahs (4x)

    Warrior squad 1 (10x)
    Warrior squad 2 (10x)
    Warrior squad 3 (10x)

    Fast Attack:
    Destroyers (3x)
    Scarabs (7x)
    Wraiths (2x)

    Heavy Support:

    Total: ~1483~ pts
    PO: 9

    Broodlord /w Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Toxin Sacs

    -Retinue of 6 Genestealers /w Flesh Hooks, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons, Acid Maw

    "Bomba" Warriors (5x) /w
    -Deathspitters, Toxin Sacs (4x),
    -Barbled Strangler

    "Melee" Warriors (3x)
    - Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Adrenal Gland (I and WS), Toxing Sacs, Flesh Hooks, Extended Carapace (2x)
    - Scything Talons (x2), Adrenal Gland (I and WS), Toxing Sacs, Flesh Hooks, Extended Carapace

    Hormagaunts (16x)
    - Toxin Sacs

    Genestealer squad 1 (12x)
    - Scuttlers

    Genestealer squad 2 (8x)
    - Scuttlers

    Fast Attack:

    Heavy Support:
    Toxin Biovore

    Carnifex /w Toxin Miasma, Adrenal gland (I and WS), Crushing Claws, Tusked, Scything Talons, Toxin Sacs, reinforce chitin and bonded exoskeleton.

    Total: ~1444~ pts.

    The Table (6' by 4') setup:
    There were six terrain pieces: A big, flat landing platform, a five-floor building, a wall with verious open doors, a big open terrain with wall around, verious open doors, a high tower and a square rubble.
    The landing platform was in the middle-left of my side, on the right-side of the rubble (which was near the edge of the board). On the opposite place of the big building. The open terrain with some stuff was placed in the nearest right corner. The wall was placed on the opposite place of that piece of terrain. The tower was somewhere in the middle of the board.

    I won the roll-off and chose to be the first to deploy.

    I've set the Destroyers on the right-edge of the board, with my scarabs behind the open terrain piece. The Wraiths far to the enemy's deployment zone, in the open terrain to avoid being shot at. The Deceiver stood in the middle of my deployment zone.
    The lord with pariahs stood some more left of the middle, next to the landing platform.
    Warrior squad 1 stood after the deceiver and the lord, warrior squad 2 on the landing platform, defending my objective and warrior squad 3 near the piece of rubble. The Tombspyder was between warrior squads 2 & 3.

    The Broodlord and Genestealer squad 1 were outflanking.
    The Hormagaunts stood after the wall with the Carnifex and Melee Warriors. The Bomba Warriors were at mid-floor in the big building with the biovore. Genestealer squad 2 was on the ground floor, scouting towards me.

    I used the Grand Illusion ability to set the destroyers to the other half of the table, behind warrrior squad 3.

    My friend failed to took the initiative

    Necron turn 1:
    I moved my Deciever to his Fex, pinned hormagaunts with decieive, wraiths to the top of the tower, scarabs to the middle and warrior squad 3 took position in the rubble with running. Lord & Pariahs moved to big building, shooting some stealers. warrior squad 1 ran under the platform to the stealer squad 2. Warrior squad 2 walked to stealer squad 2 and rapid fired them, leaving only one behind. Tombspyder did nothing. Destroyers shot at biovore, killing him.

    Nid turn 1:
    Moved stealer back to objective in building, melee warriors running to lord, but had to go on open field because of hormagaunts. Carnifex walked to deceiver (that was his only choice). Shot everything at warriors with no effect.

    Necron turn 2:
    Moved warrior squad 3 near building with running, tombspyder walking with them, making scarab and took 1 wound. Lord stood still and shot at melee warriors, killing 1 model and wounding anoher. warrior squad 2 shot at bomba warriors causing 1 wound. warrior squad 1 moved further in cover. Deceiver pinned hormagaunts again and charged carnifex and MISSED ALL ATTACKS. Fex got 7 attacks because of Crushing Claws, missing 5 of them and wounding 2. Saved only 1 and because of fearless took ANOTHER wound. Wraiths charged melee warriors and killed both, consolidating to big building. the destroyers shot at bomba warriors, causing a kill and a wound.

    Nid turn 2:
    Both the Broodlord and Stealers flanked me on the left side of the board.
    Broodlord charged warrior squad 3, and stealer squad 1 charged destroyers. warrior squad 3 was wiped, but 1 destroyer remained. shooting downed 2-3 necrons, because of tombspyder some warriors (5) could still join warrior squad 2. Fex took 2 wounds, without causing any damage.

    Necron turn 3:
    Failed Destroyer WBB, but 4 necron warriors stood up from their grave.
    Shot evrything at broodlord, killing him and his squad. Wraiths charged bomba warriors causing 2 wounds and taking 0 wounds. Destroyers died, stealers consolidating to warrior squad 1. Fex took another 2 wound without causing damage. Hormagaunts again pinned.
    Scarabs did nothing. spyder made another scarab KILLING himself (with the scarabs created).

    Nid turn 3:
    Sporemines come in without causing damage, stealers charged warrior squad 1, wiping them, consolidating on platform. Deceiver killed fex. Bomba warriors killed wraths with 2 models with a total of 3 wounds.

    Necron turn 4:
    warrior squad 2 /w lord whot at stealers missing ALL shots.
    Deceiver pinned bomba warriors (with help of pariahs) and used dread at hormagaunts, pariahs killed last stealer from squad 2. scarabs charged stealers, taking a lot of wounds, and causing 1 wound.

    Nid turn 4:
    hormagaunts charged pariahs with thei 24" beast-leaping charge, failing to kill them because of dread. pariahs caused 1 wound, killing 2 hormagaunts. bomba warriors couldn't do anything.

    Necron turn 5:
    Deceiver hurries to help everyone, but failed to. scarabs were killed, the pariah-hormagaunt combat was a draw. warrior squad 2 prepared for impact. Deciever failed to fail any oppenents Ld-tests.

    Nid turn 5:
    Stealers charged and wiped warrior squad 2 /w lord and took my home objective

    A game with a lot of bad rolls, but it was a game for fun.

    Feel free to advise me, give me comments and tips.

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    531 (x8)

    Hey there, FKellog!

    Your report was a little difficult to read. A schematic drawing of the terrain setup would have perhaps helped. Pictures of course are best for battle reports. A little storytellingwould be very nice too, but I know that not everyone cares for that.
    We didn't tell us where you placed the objectives and such. This information would help visualize the battle too.

    One thing about the battle itself: you wrote that the genestealers consolidated into the warrior squads. 5th edition doesn't allow for consolidating into close combat anymore. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you wrote, though.

    Your army list is a little piecemeal. If the enemy kills three destroyers in one turn (pretty easy at 1,500 points) they're gone forever. If the enemy kills two wraiths in one turn (pretty easy at 1,500 points) they're gone forever. A squad of four lonesome foot-slogging pariahs will most likely get shot up at this points level before they get anywhere. Etc...
    You should try to follow one of the Necron army themes. The shooty Necron army (with lots of warriors, immortals and destroyers, possibly monoliths), the assaulty Necron army (with lots of flayed ones, wraiths and scarabs, possible c'tan and pariahs), or the fear list (with pariahs, flayed ones, deceiver, lord with nightmare shroud, etc).
    A destroyer lord with warscythe and phase shifter is always good to run with wraiths or scarabs. He can really deal a lot of hurt without going down quickly himself. Put the chronometron on him and you'll sweep quite a lot of units (Nids are, unfortunately, an exception here).
    Long story short: try to find a focus for your list and build it around that, instead of taking a little of everything. That doesn't work very well most of the time...
    It's not a good idea to try and outassault Tyranids. They are born for close combat. Necrons are very, very shooty, and it's probably best to play that strength against them. More immortals and destroyers along with the monoliths flux-arc or particle-whip kill many of those beasts.

    Sorry you had poor luck with the dice! But you said it was fun, and that's what counts. Better luck next time! Thanks for writing up a battle report, even if it's difficult to follow. I appreciate your effort and it'd be nice if more people posted their battles!


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