Battle Report. 40K Local League 24.9.09 (Nids vs. Blood Ravens 1500 pts.) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Battle Report. 40K Local League 24.9.09 (Nids vs. Blood Ravens 1500 pts.)

    First of six rounds in the local league was played today with me facing against a Blood Ravens force.


    Space Marines:


    - Gabriel Angelos (Chapter Master, T.Hammer)

    - Librarian (Gate of Infinity, Smite)


    - 5 Sternguard (at least 1 combi-plasma and 1 P.Fist)

    - 5 Assault Terminators (TH/SS all around)

    - 5 Vanguard Veterans (1 Relic Blade, 2 Plasma Pistols, 2 Power Weapons, 2x 2CCW)


    - 5 Tacticals (sergeant had P.Fist)

    - 10 Scouts (Hvy Bolter, 7 Bolters, 1 B.Pistol+CCW, Telion)


    - Devastators (2x Hvy Bolter, 2x Plasma Cannon)

    Tyranids (Me):


    - Tyrant (TL-Devourer, Venom Cannon, +S, +BS, Psychic Scream) + 2 Guards


    - 6 Warriors (+S, +Sv, 6x Scything Talons, 5x Deathspitter, 1x Barbed Strangler, 1x +BS)


    - 16 Hormagaunts (+I, +WS, +S, Flesh Hooks)

    - 12 Genestealers (+Sv, Scuttlers, Flesh Hooks)

    - 8 Genestealers (+Sv, Scuttlers, Flesh Hooks, Scything Talons)

    - 14 Termagants (Fleshborer)


    - Carnifex (+I, +WS, +Sv, +T, +W, Mace Tail, Tusked, Bio Plasma, 2x Scything Talons, Flesh Hooks, Toxic Miasma)

    The terrain was a ruined Imperial city with a large building (impassable since it was impossible to get units in there) in the middle and several other pieces of buildings sprinkled here and there.

    Annihilation with Spearhead was the mission.

    I won the roll to select a corner, and opted with the one that forced my opponent into a corner with worse firing lines. I deployed first and my opponent rolled a 5 on Seize Initiative... Close, but not quite.

    His Terminators teleported, his Scouts with Telion infiltrated and my both Genestealer broods chose to outflank.

    I deployed my Warriors behind a piece of ruined building with the Termagants next to them between two buildings. Tyrant+Guards, The Fex and Hormies deployed behind another piece of building, well-hidden from enemy fire.

    He deployed the Sternguard+Librarian on the bottom floor of a building near the middle, with the Tacticals+Angelos in the upstairs. The Devastators went into a building at the back of his deployment zone and the Scouts went to a building near the Warriors+Termagants.


    Short version of the report is at the bottom. And here be the story-version:

    Brother-Captain Angelos of the Blood Ravens chapter surveyed the battlefield from the balcony of a ruined Imperial building on the planet of Raminglus V. Not far ahead he could see the swarm of Tyranids lurking behind buildings, their black skin and deep-purple chitin glistening in the faint mid-day light.

    His eyes narrowed dangerously as he spotted the lumbering forms of a Carnifex -the mighty beast's form slightly obscured by a cloud of venomous haze- and a Tyrant with it's two Guard-attendants amids the Swarm. This would not be easy, but in the name of the Emperor they would succeed!

    The microbead in his ear rattled and the voice of Scout-sergeant Felios came through "Scouts in position. I count six Warriors lurking in a building, and a large brood of Termagants nearby."

    "Take the Warriors out, Sergeant. Cut out their Synapse network!" Captain Angelos commanded, getting a brief affirmative from Felios.

    "Sir!" Sergeant Tavalar spoke from behind Angelos, the sergeant's powerfist clenched into a tight ball "Litany of Fury reports, their scanners have detected Genestealers lurking nearby!"

    Angelos grunted, his stern expression turning ever so slightly grimmer. This was to be expected... The Tyranids had been, after all, summoned to the planet by a thriving Genestealer Cult. The fleet that had arrived had been identified as Hive Fleet Cerberus, a splinter of Hive Fleet Leviathan.

    Below him, Captain Angelos could hear Brother-Librarian Dalvere instructing his bodyguard of Sternguard veterans, explaining his plan to them.

    The Captain was torn out of his thoughts as a horrible psychic scream resounded all accross the battlefield, signalling the Tyranid horde's assault.

    "So it begins..." Captain Angelos thought to himself, his grip on the haft of his thunder hammer tightening.

    The swarm moved with surprising speed, the weapons of the Warriors spitting death as the nearby Gaunts fired their weapons in vain.

    Scout-Sergeant Felios watched grimly as the maggots from the Wariors' Deathspitters exploded amidst his Scouts, the acidic substance searing their flesh and killing them in worryingly high numbers. To make matters worse, Felios saw a large pod -like an overgrown seed- landing near his feet, the seed bursting to explosive growth, ripping two of his scouts apart even as the Sergeant laid on the assailing vines with his knife.

    Brother-Captain Angelos let out a brief curse as the runes indicating the vital signs of the Scouts on the display of his scanner winked from blue to red one after another. Eight casualties in a single salvo of fire...

    As a brood of Hormagaunts showed themselves in the gap between two buildings, Captain Angelos didn't hesitate "Devastators! Fire!"

    With a roar of Heavy Bolters the Devastators opened fire, but the nimble aliens seemed to avoid the bullets with ease. A heavy bolt of super-heated plasma exploded close to the swarm, and with a slight hint of satisfaction Angelos noted that two of the swift aliens had been incinerated.

    Below, Brother-Librarian Dalvere tried to whisk himself and the Sternguards accompanying him through the Gate of Infinity, but the psychic shadow cast by the hive Fleet's presence foiled his attempt.

    The massive Carnifex burst through a nearby wall, the lumbering behemoth taking shelter behind a statue of gold depicting a triumphant Space Marine. The brood of Termagants also lunged into view from their hiding place, their guns spitting the infernal Fleshborer Beetles towards the Scouts' position, but Angelos could tell the creatures had miscalculated their distance. Those creatures would pay dearly...

    Brother-Captain Angelos clicked open a communication line to the orbiting battle barge that was duelling with the hive ships of Cerberus "Litany of Fury, this is Brother-Captain Angelos, requesting orbital bombardment. Transferring coordinates..."

    The Captain got a confirming message from the ship and moments later the heavens were split open as a barrage of las-fire rained down from the skies. The ship's aim, however, was a little off -probably due to the ongoing orbital battle- and the target counter on the Captain's bionic eye counted up eleven targets remaining... The barrage had taken out only three!

    A Thunderbird flew above the Brother-Captain's position, and he could see the Vanguard Veterans dropping down, aiming to attack the Warriors just as the two remaining vital-sign runes of the Scouts winked red, signalling the squad's annihilation.

    Moments later, as the Vanguard veterans charged the Tyranid Warriors, the Tyrant let loose yet another horrifying psychic scream, the scream apparently throwing the veterans' aim off as their blows either missed completely or then sliced off an insignificant portion of chitinous plate. In turn the Warriors dragged down and tore apart three of the Chapter's finest veterans, causing Captain Angelos' blood to boil with anger.

    The remaining veterans took to the skies with their jump packs, swooping behind a building and out of Captain Angelos' line of sight. His entire right flank had been shattered by the swarm... things did not look good!

    The sergeant of the Devastators informed Angelos that his squad would be redeploying to a better position, but they seemed to have difficulties moving through the ruined building with their heavy loads.

    Down below, with a rising humm that ended with a sound like a whip cracking, Brother-Librarian Dalvere and the Sternguard jumped through the Gate, landing close to the rapidly-moving Hormagaunt brood.

    Brother-Librarian Dalvere narrowed his eyes at the sight of the hissing swarm moving towards the position he had occupied moments ago. The circuitry of his psychic hood activated as he began to draw in the power for the Smite, psychic electricity dancing on his mailed hand as the Sternguard around him opened fire with the Hellfire shells.

    Nearby, like a dark, hungry void in the Warp, loomed the Hive Tyrant, the psychic screaming of the beast invading Dalvere and his group's minds, making focusing harder. Still, despite the distraction, the Brother-Librarian unleashed the full force of the Smite, the psychic energy ripping through the alien bodies with ease.

    As the smoke settled, nine of the fell beasts had fallen, but the five that remained were unfazed by the destruction of their kin. Driven on by the mental lash of the Hive Mind the Hormagaunts turned and started to lunge towards his squad.

    At that moment, just before the snarling, hissing Hormagaunts crashed into his squad, the Tyrant unleashed a withering salvo of toxic crystals and black-headed worms from the weapons growing out of it's arms. Two veterans were punched off their feet as the worms found vulnerable spots on their
    armour, a third one -brave Brother Malona- died as he jumped in the way of a toxic crystal coming towards the Brother-Librarian, the marine's lower back exploding in a shower of ceramite chips, blood and bone before he collapsed on the ground.

    Dalvere roared in anger as the Tyrant, it's attendant Guards and the Hormagaunts lunged towards him and the two remaining Sternguards...


    Angelos looked around with a grim expression on his face. The remaining Vanguard veterans were still on the run, but luckily the aliens' weapons had proven ineffective... For now at least.

    What was worse, the lumbering Carnifex had fixed it's malevolent gaze at him and his retinue, the hulking beast turning slowly and starting to dash towards his location.

    The crackle of his micro bead caught the Brother-Captain's attention.

    "Sir! We must withdraw now or we'll be annihilated. The Hive Fleet has gained the upper hand and they're boxing us in. We don't have a moment to waste." The captain of the Litany of Fury spoke.

    "Roger that, get us out of here as soon as you can" Gabriel Angelos said with a bitter voice, clicking then a com-channel open to the remainders of his planetside unit "We must withdraw for now, brothers! Get ready for teleportation, squad leaders confirm."

    The leader of the Devastators was the first to acknowledge "Yes, Sir. Devastators... What in the name of the Throne..?" the sergeant trailed off for a moment before shouting "Genestealers! open fire! Fire at will, fire at--"

    The rest of the sergeant's message was garbled, the line filling with men shouting and then a vicious, triumphant, alien screech as the Devastator squad's life-runes winked out.

    Captain Angelos opened a line to Brother-Librarian Dalvere "Brother-Librarian, we must withdraw now! Acknowledge!"

    "For the Emperor and--- Gyaaaaah!" Was all the Brother-Captain got as a response. Behind the building he could see the Hormagaunts dragging down the Sternguard as the Tyrant tore the Brother-Librarian's head off his shoulders, the two Guards finishing the job by tearing Dalvere's body asunder.

    "Get us out of here... Now! this planet may be lost, but we can still stop the Hive Fleet before they reach Raminglus Prime!" Captain Angelos said, feeling his body being whisked away by the teleporters on board the Litany of Fury just before the Carnifex smashed into the building he'd been using as his command post.

    Down on the surface of the planet the Tyrant raised it's head towards the skies and roared in triumph, the rest of the brood joining in soon after as the skies darkened with a rain of mycetic spores... The Fleet would feast and it would feast well on this planet now that the prey-that-fights had been driven away!


    And then the lazy man's version:

    Tyranids Turn 1:

    Termagants moved forward, Warriors shifted about 4" to get better line of sight to the Scouts nearby. Fex smashed through the wall of the building and hid behind another wall-section nearby. Hormies galloped towards the other long edge of the table to get cover from another piece of ruined building with the Tyrant moving in support, still remaining hidden behind the section of wall behind which it started (Devastators had a LoS to the small gap between two buildings.

    Shooting saw the Termagants lunging about 3" forward. The Fex also wanted to run, but got a bad roll so opted to stay hidden from the Devastators. Hormies felt lazy and fleeted only 1", Tyrant ran about 3" into a better position. The Warriors shot at the Scouts. Only one had no LoS, so the Scouts ate four small templates (of which one scattered harmlessly away) and one big one. After the smoke and acidic clouds had cleared, only Telion and one Scout remained. Pinning saw my opponent roll an 11, so mighty Telion hugged the dirt.

    Nothing to assault.

    Space Marines Turn 1:

    Librarian+Sterns tried to use Gate, but rolled an 11 and stood thusly still. Angelos and his cronies shifted to a better position on the building to get a good LoS for next turn's Orbital Barrage.

    In shooting, with the Scouts pinned, only his Devastators had something to do. Two Hvy bolters and one Plasma Cannon were deemed to have LoS to the Hormies, so they took aim, shot and... Summarily killed only two.

    Nothing to assault.

    Tyranids Turn 2:

    Genestealers didn't feel like joining the fray. Termagants skittered forward, Fex smashed through another wall and hid behind a statue (which incidentally covered 50% of the big fella, yay for cover!) The Warriors shifted closer to better see the remaining Scouts. Hormies and Tyrant skittered towards the safety of the other ruined building, with the Hormies preparing to assault the Librarian+Sterns.

    Shooting saw the Fex shift a wee bit to better hide itself behind the statue, Termagants shot at the Scouts but, unsurprisingly, were out of range. Warriors annihilated the Scouts, granting me the first KP in the game. Hormies fleeted, but got only 3", so I'd have to roll good on the difficult terrain test to get into melee with the Librarian. Tyrant ran a mighty 1", but still luckily enough to get him hidden from the angry Devastators.

    In assault... I rolled a maximum of 4 on the Hormies' assault, leaving them an inch short of a successful assault, so they stayed put.

    Space Marines Turn 2:

    With no targets to shoot at, the Devastators jumped down from the building, but they didn't get too far with a roll of 4. The Librarian and Sternguards finally managed to pull off a Gate and hopped close to my Hormies, ready to Smite and rapid-tap them to oblivion. His Vanguard chose to drop down for a visit, landing close to my Warriors, ready to assault.

    In the Shooting phase, Captain Angelos dropped an Orbital Barrage... on my Termagants (not very smart, I know...) and, as a result, three of the Termies got croaked. His Librarian+Sterns bombarded my Hormies, killing 9 in total.

    The Vanguards heroically charged at my Warriors. The Relicblade swung thrice, missing twice and not wounding with the last blow. His other attacks caused a grant total of one wound, whereas the Warriors butchered three of the Blood Ravens' heroes, who then proceeded to flee a whopping total of 15".

    Tyranids Turn 3:

    The large 12-strong unit of Genestealers decided to join the battle, jumping in behind the Devastators, ready for a murderous assault.

    Termagants closed in on the Vanguards to get more within shooting range, the Fex bolted to the shadows of the impassable building -still hidden from the Devastators- readying to rush Gabriel Angelos and his cronies next turn. Hormies closed in on the Librarian and his cronies, as did the Tyrant and Guards.

    In shooting, the Termagants did nothing to the fleeing Vanguard, the Warriors fumbled with their blasts, hitting mostly the Gaunts with a result of 5 dead and both the remaining Vanguards still standing. The Tyrant opened fire with everything he had at the Librarian's unit, hitting and wounding with every shot. Alas, the 3+ save saw only three Vanguards falling under the fusillade of shots.

    At this point my opponent conceded. His Librarian and two Sternguards would've suffered a grisly death in the talons of the Gaunts + Tyrant, his Devastators would've been torn apart by the Genestealers, his Vanguard were on the run and Gabriel Angelos would've had to duel with an angry Carnifex next round.

    Last edited by Ridell; September 24th, 2009 at 22:30.

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    368 (x8)

    Man that guys list was bad, way to stomp him. Sternguard and Vanguards, with terrible wargear? Yikes.

    I liked your list, it had some things I don't agree with but at least it wasn't 'Nidzilla. Hormagaunts? You get rep just for using them. Keep up the good work, easy to read and to the point.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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    531 (x8)

    Well done, Ridell, way to go!!

    Your opponent had a lot of bad luck the first two turns, but that's probably what he gets for having a ridiculously elite, expensive and ineffective list. Plus, deploying second he must have known your genestealers would outflank - why put the devastators close to the table edge without support?!
    Good game for you. And very nicely presented. Keep it up!

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    37 (x1)

    I always use the Hormagaunts in my lists and they hve never let me down. Not even now, even though it would appear all they did was die horribly, as the sheer threat of them lunging 12" on an assault caused my enemy to shoot them instead of trying to kill the Tyrant and his Guards.

    Also... My opponent was young, on estimation 13-15 years old, who claims to play just for the fun of it. What he's doing in the League? I don't know, but that match gave me an easy 3 points. (3 for win, 2 for draw, 1 for loss. That's the League's scoring)

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