First let me point out that the local players at my GW store are currently running a campaign game called Diplomacy with about 20+ players representing the various factions of 40k.

This is the starting map:

Blue - Imperium
Red - Chaos
Grey - Necrons
Sky Blue - Eldar
Yellow - Tau
Green - Orks
Purple - Tyranids

We are currently playing the second half of Day 1 battles with the current map looking like this:

So from now until the campaign ends my battle reports will be based on my battles in this campaign they will include the mission rules and my army list build for that specific battle and if possible my opponent's army list as well.


Rules of the Campaign
Players: There are 7 players in the game, one for each of the interested powers on the Planet.
Turns are divided: Night and Day with the game starting in Cycle 1 of the isolation on the Planet.
Players discuss their plans for their units privately at the beginning of the Night and Day moves.
You are not bound by anything you say or do with another player.
Players secretly write down their orders for their units and then they are revealed and adjudicated simulta¬neously.
Abbreviations in order writing are listed on the conference map with S for Support and C for Convoy.
When writing a support for a unit to move you have write where the target unit is moving to.
There is no discussion when players have to retreat or make adjustments to their positions.
The map is divided into different numbered sector spaces.
Sectors can be water or land. Land sectors may be coastal or inland.
Split Coasts exist in R-6, N-7 and N-14. A Mobile unit in those sectors must be on one coast or another.
There are 34 supply centers on the map (stars/dots) scattered in 75 named sectors.
To win you need 18 supply centers at the end of a Day move.
Players start with 3 or 4 supply centers; these are your drop zones in one of 7 regions.
There are two unit types: Land and Mobile.
Each unit represents the same amount of points in a battle force.
For every supply center you own at the end of the Day in the Cycle you may have one unit on the board.
If you are short of units, you rally new ones in unoccupied starting supply centers you control.
If you have more units than supply centers you must reduce your units to equal the number of supply cen¬ters.
Each unit has equal strength so it moves with a force of 1 plus 1 for each of its supports.
A supported unit may take an additional 250 points of units for each support it receives over the opposing unit. These support units does not count toward the Force Organization chart.
A Land unit may move or give support for another unit to move into or hold an adjacent land. The battle force also does not have any Fast Attack slots automatically
A Mobile unit may move or give support for another unit to move into or hold an adjacent water or coastal land sector or convoy a Land unit to a coastal land sector. The battle force also does not have any Heavy Support slots automatically.
Only one unit may be in a sector at any time.
You may move all or some of your units each turn.
After each Day turn, players check to see how many supply centers they control. A supply center is controlled by a faction when one of its units occupies that supply-center sector after the Day turn has been played and completed. Once a faction has gained control of a supply center, it can leave the sector vacant and still keep control of it, as long as that sector isn’t occupied by another faction at the close of a Day turn.

A unit moves only one sector at a time to an adjacent sector unless you are an Land unit being convoyed.
No switching. Units ordered to each other’s sector does NOT switch positions unless one is being convoyed.
Your unit may only do one of the following things in any turn:
MOVE to an adjacent sector or be convoyed from a coastal land sector to a coastal land sector. Mobile units in split coasts may only move to adjacent coastal land or water sectors.
SUPPORT to defend another adjacent unit in place if you could have moved there and it is not moving.
SUPPORT a specific unit to attack another sector that your unit could move to; Mobile units in split coasts may only support moves into a sector that they could have moved on.
CONVOY if a Mobile unit at a water space, you can assist in convoying an Land unit.
HOLD (also called Stand) in place doing nothing.
When giving support you are adding your force to the mover on, or the holder of, a sector.
You may support other people’s units.
Supports are CUT by a unit moving on the supporter from other than the sector that the support is di¬rected at.
To force someone out of a sector requires that you have greater force than the unit that is holding the sector plus all of its supports to Hold. A move with one support and a hold with one support bounce.
Cut supports do not count for the determination of who has the most force.
A convoy is a move of an Land unit in one coastal land sector to another by a Mobile unit, or a chain of Mobile units, in adja¬cent water sectors.
A Mobile unit in a coastal land sector may not convoy.
You cannot dislodge or cut support of one of your own units. No ‘friendly fire’.
Units forced out of their sector are dislodged and must retreat to a vacant adjacent sector that it could otherwise legally move to.
You may not retreat to a sector that was the site of a Battle.
You may not retreat via a convoy.
If you cannot retreat or decide not to retreat, the entire battle force is destroyed/disbanded.
A dislodged unit has no effect on the sector from which the mover came that dislodged it.
A dislodged convoying Mobile unit disrupts the convoy and the convoy does not take place.
Oddities: Sectors T-1 and N-3 have a single coast due to their waterways. N-3 connects with N-2 so armies can go between them but the N-3 and N-2 coasts are not divided in two. As a coastal land sector you may not convoy through N-3, G-5 or T-1.

Units trying to occupy the same territory will play Capture and Control. Defender will Win ties.
Units moving into an occupied territory will play Seize Ground.
Losers of the fight must retreat. If you wiped out the opponent at the end of the mission, not only do you repel the enemy, you also decimate their fighting force. The unit is immediately removed from the board.
When there is no Winner, then the two units bounce and no one gets in and secures the sector.

Necrons vs Tyranids
• 2000 for Necron Mobile force (Heavy Support Slots cost extra, see main campaign rules)
• 2000 for Tyranids Land force (Fast Attack Slots cost extra, see main campaign rules)
Limit on list: Max 1 Special Character
Mission: Seize Ground, per standard mission.
Condition: Normal
Deployment: roll random
1 Dusk of War (same as Dawn of War, except Turn 1 is day, night fight starts Turn 2)
2-3 Pitched Battle
4-5 Spearhead
6 Dawn of War (only Turn 1 is night fight as day break)

Result: Winner repels opponent's back and out of their initial sector. Loser must first retreat back to their initial sector, then out to an adjacent sector. The Victor will be able to claim the sector as their own as the loser clears out. In a Tie, both forces retreat back to their initial sector.

My Army List:

Opponent Army List:

Deployment: Spearhead