1000 Point IG vs. SM - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1000 Point IG vs. SM

    Played a game for a local gaming store's campaing/tournament thing that
    they have going on yesterday. Was actually a fairly close game due to weird
    and sporadic rolling on both me and my opponents side.


    Map - A neutral party set up the terrain with oneside dominated by
    some hills on the flanks and a small ruin. Middle of the table had a small
    lake, edges had forests with only two narrow paths to get around the lake.
    Other side had a building and small forest.

    The map itself was 4' x 4.5'

    • King of the Hill: Basically there was one objective at the exact center
      of the map (ended up being right on the edge of the lake toward my end of
      the board). At the end of turn 5 a roll of 1-2 would end game, at the end
      of turn 6 game ends automatically. Player with the most scoring units
      within 6 inches of the objective won.

    Special Rules
    • May change list twice over the course of the campaign, but it must be before you find out who your next opponent is.
    • HQ is not required, but you must nominate one sergeant/officer as you
    • general
    • 0 points for a loss, 3 points for a tie, 5 points for a win
    • 1 point if you kill the enemy general, 2 points if YOUR general kills
    • the enemy general
    • Award you opponent 0,1,3,or 5 points for sportsman ship
    • 0, 3, or 5 points for how well you completed the weeks painting assignment
    • Maximum possible points for the week: 17
    The Armies

    IG - Me
    • CCS - x4 GL, Chimera
    • Vets - x3 Melta, Chimera
    • Vets - x3 Melta, Chimera
    • Platoon
      • PCS - Autocannon
      • Ifantry - Autocannon
      • Ifantry - Autocannon
    • Scout Sentinel - Multilaser
    • Scout Sentinel - Autocannon
    • Demolisher
    • Demolisher

    SM- The Enemy
    • Tactical Squad - Meltagun, Lascannon
    • Tactical Squad - Plasmagun, Lascannon
    • Tactical Squad - Missile Launcher, Flamer, Powerfist, Rhino w/ HK Missile
    • Powerfist Sergeant is army general
    • Terminator Squad - x2 Chainfist, Assault Cannon
    • Vindicator

    The Game


    Dawn of War, IG deploys first

    I picked the side with the farmhouse and small forest the the marine player would have to walk around the lake to get to the objective. Since the HQ had a dedicated transport, I decided to star with the PCS and and Infantry squad hiding out in the farmhouse and adjacent forest.

    Marine Player comat squaded the Lascannon groups and put one on a hill and the other in the ruins of on his table half.

    Turn One

    IG: Everything rumbled on at full bore with the demolishers on the flanks to cover the side armor of the chimeras and have crossing lanes of fire over the objective. Chimeras supported tanks towards the middle with one melta vet squad on the outside to race upfield on the far side of a forest out of sight. Sentinels moved with the 2nd Infantry squad to support the first one and PCS by the farmhouse. Autocannons failed the Nightfight check so nothing happened.

    SM: Everything rumbles on much the same way as mine, unfortunately for him he had to come on in the open between the two hills. Rhino and supporting combat squads are in the middle with termies on one flank and the vindie on the other. Lascannons fail the Nightfight check as well.

    Turn Two

    IG: The Platoon is now fully in cover around the building and in my deployment zone supported by the sentinels. Vehicles advanced and hid behind the cover of the forest. Bring it Down is issued and the rhino bites the dust (pinning test is passed). Both demolsihers are either out of line of sight or whiffs. Multilasers kill two marines.

    SM: Everything except the lascannon combat squads move forward towards the lake advancing along the forest for cover one either side if they have the option. Vindie takes a shot at a demolisher and completely biffs it. Lascannons take out a heavy flamer on the CCS's chimera, the other passes a cover save.

    Turn 3

    IG: Not much movement except for some subtle rearranging of vehicles. One demolisher drops a shell directly on the vindicator and kills it, the other kills two terminators. A couple marines die on the lascannon squad in the ruins falls back.

    SM: Everything, except the lascannons move forward and start to manuever around the lake. Huzzah for choke-points. Lascannons misses and the terminators glance a chimera

    Turn 4

    IG: Meltavets on the right flank charge forward now that the vindie is gone, round the forest and pop smoke. I feel like moving the demolisher on the right flank into the forest (area terrain) so I can sit and snipe then flame anything that tries to move through the choke-point........but the driver sucks and immobilizes himself. The other demolisher kills 9 marines and a terminator. One of the marine squads falls back.

    SM: All move forward an now are nearly throught the chokepoint (some of them run as they can't do a thing to the vehicles). One chimera takes a lascannon shot and is wreck, I find out that I am an idiot and blocked part of the exit with my own sentinel and two veterans can't disembark so they die. Pinning test is passed.

    Turn 5

    IG: Vets the disembarked move towards the objective, PCS runs toward the objective. A good number of marines and a terminator die (yay, one left)

    SM: The termie shoots at the vets, assaults them, and wipes out the whole squad. Everything else runs towards the objective.

    A neutral party rolls the dice to see if the game ends and luckily we go on to turn 6

    Turn 6

    The demolisher that can move tank shocks into the choke-point on the left flank and the chimera on the right flank does the same. One squad falls back and the rest are cut off from the objective. Only one marine and the terminator are now near the objective and cut off from the rest of the marines. The one demo that can fire biffs it. Everything else shoots at the lone marine and termie. Marine dies, but the termie lives. A scout sentinel assaults the terminator and through an act of the God-Emperor manages to kill him.

    SM: Everything that can get as close to the objective as possible does so. Meltagunner unloads on the chimera blocking the right choke-point from point blank range and misses. The chimera is assaulted and survives once again.


    IG scoring units: 2
    SM scoring units: 1

    IG VICTORY!!!!

    Campaign score

    IG: 16 out of 17 for the week
    SM: 10 out of 17 for the week

    Thoughts and highlights

    I probably should have tank shocked sooner, but I wanted to kill as many marines as possible and force leadership tests. And never, never, NEVER block my own transport exits EVER again. The heavy flamers on the demolishers where never used so I may switch them out for heavy bolters, other than that everything preformed pretty well.

    I think the best moment of the game was when my sentinel charged and killed terminator which saved got my the win instead of a tie. If that hadn't have happened the termi would most likely have kill the PCS.

    Last edited by Hockeyman506; October 9th, 2009 at 18:52.

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    Nice report, didnt waffle on and had clear turns and not too much detail. Well done on the win and good luck with the rest of the Campaign!
    For get your Mr T, John Mayer leaks pure awesomeness with every note he plays.

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