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    1600 pt. - Imperial Fists vs. Blood Angels COMPLETE.

    Contains a lot more narrative than may be be expected. I'm into more immersive script myself.
    After a quick roll off, it was decided that for this game, the blood angels would be the heretics (necessary distinction in imperium vs. imperium games).

    The Scenario
    On the desert world of Victris Prime, two space marine chapters are drawn to combat in the city of Calrens. The sons of dorn and sanguiniuis, both notoriously headstrong chapters, come to clashes, and the taint of heresy is suspected in the Blood Angels. Well documented is the recent corruption of battle brother Arkio, and Imperial Fist chief librarian Franz Grenstein, in his dilligence, requests that the Blood Angels submit themselves to inspection and examination. The lord commander dante, insulted and angered, refuses. Instead, he issues his own ultimatum, for the imperial fist forces to leave the system imediately for their audacity. The librarian, overseeing the Sons of Dorn, withdraw to their temporary camp to deliberate upon their next actions, unwittingly pursued by an elite blood angels force, intent on ensuring their withdrawal from the system... with force if necessary. The fists muster their defences against the enraged angels, and temper their own resolve for combat against fellow astartes.

    The Forces

    The Imperial Fists
    Overseeing a detachment of the 3rd coompany, Chief Librarian Franz Grenstein commands the main camp, witth 5 terminator armoured veterans of squad Rymmes, 1st company. The remainder of squad Rymmes reside in orbit, on the Imperial Fist battle barge Unconquerable Might, for teleport insertion.
    Also from 1st company 6 sternguard veterans of squad Aspis, under veteran Sergeant Malachi, took to the field in a razorback for flexible fire support.
    Two tactical squads from 3rd company were mobilised. Squad Sol, under Sergeant Apollo, took to the field on foot, and Squad Agni, under sergeant Gracion, took Rhino transport to meet the spearhead of the Blood Angels.
    3 scouts of 10th company, squad argus under veteran sergeant Hilts, functioned in reconnaisance capacity, using scout bikes for rapid, flexible movement.
    Finally, Techmarine Navarrone, manning the Thunderfire Canoon Judgement, provided the main fire support of the imperial fist base.

    The Blood Angels
    The lord Commander himself, Chapter Master Dante, took personal responsibility in forcing the Imperial fists to fall back. Taking a thunderhawk transport, 5 of his honour guard, a 5 man assault marine squad under sergeant Helzin and finally the death company, they were to jump pack out of the thunderhawk behind enemy defences.
    A 10 man tactical squad in a rhino, 5 terminator armoured veterans in a land raider and 5 sternguard veterans in a rhino formed the vehicular spearhead of the blood angels attack, while 5 scouts and a 10 man devastator squad provided long range support to the sons of sanguinius.

    The blood angels having taken point, came at the imperial fists from the east across the 6 foot field, with a 2 foot deployment zone for both parties. The vehicle spearhead was placed first, the land raider taking point in the center south of the field, tactical squad in the rhino immediately south of it. To the North, further away, lay the sternguard veteran rhino, mobilisiing across the right flank of the blood angels approach. Setting up in a ruin on the north side of the approach, the scouts and devastators defended the blood angels objective and fired upon any that strayed out of the imperial fists camp.

    Taking a defensive stance, the imperial fists set up their main camp in a ruin directly opposite the blood angels, techmarine Navarrone reinforcing its defence and deploying the thunderfire cannon inside. Half of tactical squad Sol set up a lascannon inside the same ruin, to deter enemy armour. meanwhile, just outside the ruin, Sergeant Apollo led the rest of Sol, now armed with a plasma gun, to take front line defence against the sternguard. Unbeknownst to the Blood Angels, the scout bikers of squad argus had set up cluster mines to ambush any who made it into the imperial fist base.
    Librarian Grensetin and 5 terminators, armed with an assault cannon, covered behind the central ruin for an early counterattack, adjacent to squad Aspis in their razorback, combi weapons ready for armour and vehicles. The remainder of squad Rymmes, led by sergeant K'Naan, armed with cyclone missle launcher and prepared for teleport assault. Tactical squad Agni lurked behind the hill ready to ambush the approaching spearhead as well.
    Finally, scout squad argus boosted towards the blood angels vehicles with their scout bikes, for shots of oppurtunity and with locator beacon in hand.

    At the last moment, Librarian Grenstein unexpectedly seized the initiative, and led an unexpected counter-charge towards the Angel Sanguine's forces.

    Turn 1
    Striking against the Blood Angels spearhead, the Imperial fists mobilised. Sergeant Apollo and his four battle brothers advanced on foot, running into the cover of a ruined bunker alfway up the north flank of the field. Scout bike squad Argus advanced to directly in front of the Blood Angels land raider, yet to move. Tactical squad Agni in their rhino moved at cruising speed into the cover of a ruin on the south flank, to disembark next turn. Librarian Grenstein advanced on foot with squad Rymmes through the central ruin to gain a better vantagge point.
    Veteran Sergeant hilts of scout squad argus drew his combi-melta at the land raider and fired his single shot. On target, the superheated beam struck the land raider, wrecking its internal systems and forcing an emergency disembark by the terminators inside. After the blood angels terminators exposed themselves, Librarian Grenstein ordered fire upon them, with storm bolters claiming one terminator and the assault cannon rending the armour of 3 other battle brothers. The terminators, stalwart as any son of sanguinius, stood their ground in the face of this punishing barrage.
    The fire base of the imperial fist then unleashed its guns upon the remaining targets. The lascannon of tactical squad Sol suceeded in stunning the rhino containing the sternguard, preventing the advance for the first turn. Judgement and techmarine navarrone fired their surface detonation shells into the ranks of devastators, kiling 5 of the sons of sanguinius outright.

    The pressure upon the blood angels, a hasty push is made to overcome the counter-attack. The rhino containing the tactical squad moves up beside the ruin of the land raider, brothers remaining inside. The remaining two terminators, enraged with righteous fury, fire upon the scout bikes and destroy all but the sergeant in the assault cannon's shells.
    The scout snipers in the blood angels ruin attempt to fire upon tactical squad Sol, taking one battle brother down but are unable to pin them down with their fire. The massed guns of the devastator squad attempt to fire upon the terminators in the central ruin but are unable to target them effectively, the targets lying outside the range of all but their missle launcher. One terminator is killed in the explosion, but nothing else.
    The terminators charge the sergeant responsible for the land raider's demise and crush him beneath their power fists, marking their first squad kill.

    Turn 2
    The imperial fists press their attack, catching the blood angels off guard. Sergeant Apollo and tactical squad Sol run and cover directly adjacent the North flank ruin, remaining out of devastator line of sight. Tactical squad Agni approach behind the south flank ruin in their rhino and wait for ambush next turn. Sternguard squad Aspis approach in their razorback, emerging from behind the ruin, moving at full speed and utilising its smoke launchers on the approach. Librarian Grenstein and terminators approach the remaining terminators on foot, cornering the blood angels south flank.
    Sol's Lascannon, firing upon the enemy rhino it had stunned previously, only shook the crew, allowing it to advance. The thunderfire cannon's barrage however, manages to destroy the remaining devastator squad members in the punishing salvo, denying heavy fire support to the blood angels. Grenstein, unleashing the avenger on the enemy terminators with psychic energy, only manages to kill one terminator outright, and the other shrugs off the hail of shells from the terminator squad, standing as the lone survivor.

    Trying desperately to regain their momentum, the blood angels vehicles push forward, both rhinos advancing upon their respective flanks. The sternguard activate their smoke launchers, and unsuccessfully try to tank shock Sergeant Apollo and squad Sol. The lone terminator falls back between the land raider's wreck and the advancing rhino, firing at the fist terminators as he retreats, hitting but failing to breach their armour.
    The tactical squad, newly disembarked from their rhino, rapid fire upon the terminators in an act of vengance, but yet again the sacred terminator armour proves impregnable, a veterans crux terminatus even deflecting a plasma pistol's energy. Finally, the scouts in the ruins fire upon sergeant apollo's squad, however are unable to wound them or halt their advance.

    Turn 3
    The second half of Terminator squad Rymmes, led by Sergeant K'Naan, teleport onto the battlefield, behind the retreating blood angels terminator and the blood angels tactical squad. Librarian Grenstein opened the Gate of Infinity and attempted to place themselves behind the same squad, however was delayed in the warp to prevent a deadly mishap. Tactical Squad Agni, moving up to flank the enemy tactical marines, disembarks into an attack. Sergeant Apollo and Sol continue running up towards the enemy ruins, and with no devastators to cover from, are only one turn away from closing with the scouts. The last rhino advances forward, to the north of Squad Agni, disembarking 6 sternguard to add their wapons to the attack.
    The terminators open fire upon the tactical squad of the blood angels, cyclone missle launchers and bolter fire killing 3 of their battle brothers.
    The sternguard open fire upon the same squad, however the blood angels make quick use of their rhino as cover. Tactical Squad Agni, the last to fire, fires its weapons, including a meltagun blast, destroying 3 brothers in the salvo, leaving 4 remaining blood angels. Squad Sol's lascannon fired upon the sternguard rhino, but smoke obscured the vehicle, preventing an immobilising shot. The Thunderfire cannon of Navarrone fires upon the scouts, out of range of retaliation, and yet only manages to kill a single scout under this barrage.

    The blood angels thunderhawk discharges the first assault squad, however, mishaps cause the squad to scatter into the other ruin in the fists camp, killing one blood angel in the dangerous descent. Dante and the death company deep strike after them, managing to land on target between the advancing sternguard and the thunderfire cannon. The sternguard continue their push towards the fists base, eager to push Sol from the ruin, while their rhino moves towards the central ruin. The remaining terminator advances towards the newly arrived squad of terminators, preparing his assault cannon for fire. The blood angels tactical squad remains stalwart and braces their firearms in preparation, as their rhino crew attempts, but fails, a tank shock on the tactical squad firing upon them.
    The scouts fire upon the advancing squad Sol, yet are unable to stop the tenacious sergeant Apollo. The Sole terminator fires upon the recently arrived fist terminators, rending the sacred armour of 2 battle brothers. The remaining 4 tactical marines fire upon the enemy fists and manage to claim 4 brothers in their rage, a plasma pistol detonating inside the chest of one marine.

    Turn 4
    Librarian Grenstein, arriving from the warp, emerges behind Dante and his honour guard, but are pushed off course into the north flank ruin, and two battle brothers are fused with the walls of the ruin. Tactical Squad Sol's forward half continues to close with the blood angels scouts, and await beneath them for an assault. Squad Agni, having lost 4 brothers, remains stubbornly entrenched, determined to destroy their target blood angels. The 3 terminators of squad rymmes, advance upon the sole terminator of the blood angels. Sternguard Squad Aspis embarks again into their razorback, circling around the central ruin, towards dante and his honour guard.
    The terminators engaging the terminator survivor of the blood angels fail to damage him in a barrage of cyclone missles and bolter fire.
    Squad Agni fires upon the remaining tactical marines, sergeant Gracion opting to activate his combi melta for this salvo. three marines are killed in the fire, yet their sergeant stands defiant after the smoke clears, refusing to fall back, even shrugging off the heavy bolter fire of squad Aspis' Razorback. The thunderfire cannon and rear half of squad sol concentrate their fire upon Dante's honour guard, killing 4 of his honour guard, but leaving dante unscathed.
    Squad Sol, making its long awaited charge into the scouts, kills 3 scouts in the melee, leaving the veteran sergeant alive, who with his centuries of experience fells an imperial fist brother as his scouts perish. Squad rymmes charge the remaining terminator and lose a brother to his wild attacks, but crush his heretical body between their power fists.

    The blood angels, enraged, move their remaining squads forward. The death company is for some reason unable to disengage from the thunderhawk, and do not enter the field. Sergeant of the tactical squad runs towards the two terminators who felled the last of the blood angels terminator armoured veterans, brandishing his plasma pistol as he runs.
    The sternguard approach the ruins containing the thunderfire cannon, and run into the first level of the ruin, detonating the cluster mines and breaching the armour of 2 brothers. Chapter Master Dante and his remaining honour guard jump towards Techmarine Navarrone, responsible for the devastator squad's abrupt end. The rhinos of both the sternguard and the tactical squad meet on both sides of the Fist sternguard razorback, ramming and immobilising the vehicle. The last assault squad, on the other side of the map, jumps towards the imperial fist camp and loses a brother to dangerous terrain, now numbering 3 assault marines.
    Dante's inferno pistol claims techmarine Navarrone, leaving Judgement unmanned and useless. The sergeant of the tactical squad on the left flank of the blood angels approach fires his plasma pistol, claiming an imperial fist terminator with the shot.
    The sternguard are unable to charge squad Sol, and remain on the first level of the ruin. The scout sergeant, able to parry all of sergeant Apollo's attacks, uses his armour to deflect the remaining space marines blows.
    Charging the terminators, the blood angels tactical sergeant almost inflicts a killing blow with his power weapon, but the crux terminatus turns aside his sword, and exposing him to the deadly energies of the terminator's power fist, destroying the last of the blood angels tactical squad.

    Turn 5
    The imperial fists, having seized the south flank of their defence, withdraw their tactical squads towards the central ruin. Sternguard disembarking from their razorback, they move towards the Blood Angels sternguard rhino, swiftly disabling it with their combi meltas. Librarian Grenstein opens the gate of infinity again, discharging just outside the ruin , in close proximity to the sternguard.
    Librarian Grenstein, once again calling upon the avenger, destroys the remaining sternguard in its fiery wrath. Squad sol, not as having been charged yet, fires upon Dante, whose artificer armour prevents the single bolter thought to have wounded him.
    The combat between Sol and the scout sergeant continues, with one brother falling to the scout sergeant, and power weapons failing to injure him effectively. The 2 imperial fists remain in combat, stubbornly fighting on.

    The death company, discharged from the thunderhawk, almost scatter onto an enemy squad and delay their descent, unable to arrive this turn. Dante and his remaining honour guard jump towards squad Sol, holding the imperial fists objective. The assault squad charge towards the sternguard in the central ruin, intent on killing one of the pivotal defenders.
    Dante, slaying one marine in his shooting phase, charges squad Sol, killing the remaining members with his mighty combat skills. The valiant scout sergeant, continuing in his combat, falls under Sergeant Apollo's power weapon, allowing the imperial fists to claim the blood angels objective.

    The two commanders assess the situation, look each other in the eye from opposite sides of the ruin's walls. The battle continues, not ending this turn, lest the commanders turn the tide of combat.

    Turn 6
    Librarian Grenstein moves into the ruin, charging upwards towards dante and his honour guard, two marines in tow. The sternguard advance through the central ruin, to engage the assault marines. Every other squad, knowing the battle is almost done, and will be settled in this turn, simply pulls back towards the imperial fist lines.
    The sternguard open fire upon the assault marines, utilising their combi plasmas and vengance rounds, dropping all 3 assault marines, but incapacitating a single fist veteran when a plasma bolt exploded in his weapon. Librarian Grenstein, unleashing the avenger one more time, fails to wound either Dante or his hounour Guard, and prepares for the advance.
    Librarian Grenstein and his two terminators charge Lord Commander Dante, Chapter Master of the blood angels, fully aware of the line they stand on with death, and their precarious position upon it. Dante unleashed his attacks, intent on removing the terminators and their powerfists before they are able to cause deadly injury to him. Dante's skill fails him however, and only one blow fell upon a terminator, cleaving through his ceramite armour. However, the terminator turned his left shoulder towards Dante at the last moment, and the energies of the crux terminatus deflected the Lord Encarmine's fury.
    Seizing the advantage of Dante's distraction, Librarian Grenstein swung his force weapon, swinging three blows at the enraged Chapter master. Dante dodged the first blow, the second two connecting with his golden-armoured form. Dante's Iron halo flared brightly, pushing the force axe away at the critical moment. However, Grenstein's backswing embedded his force weapon into the lord commander's body. Channeling his psychic might into the blade of the weapon, the aetheric energies within tore the Lord Commanders soul from his body, destroying his mind in a flash of warp-fueled energy. The remaining honour guard, horrified at his lord's abrupt and instant death, was distracted to the point of missing his blows, and opening his defence to the swing of an activated power fist.

    Victory : Imperial Fists
    The blood angels, seeing the destroyed body of their lord commander being flung down from the top floors of the ruin, withdraw to their battle barge in sorrow, as the Imperial fists capture those involved in the attack, and submit the remaining blood angels to grueling examination and psychic investigation to purge the taint of heresy from their souls, and to purge the willingness to turn on their battle brothers from their minds.

    Librarian Grenstein, joined later by Chaplain Lo Chang, led the sons of dorn in litanies of penance, sorrowed at the necessity of the deaths of their battle brothers.
    From the chapter Chaplain's lips left the final battle cry of the Imperial Fists on Victris.
    "Rogal Dorn, Primarch-Progenitor. To your glory, and the glory of him on earth."

    And done! Feedback much appreciated, hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did. Blood angels guy, not so much.

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    Nice Batrep bro I really liked the style of the writing was entertaining yet still contained all the game information necessary to know what went on keep em coming.

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    yeah I find it really difficult to finish reading a battle report unless there's some narrative coming through. Think of white dwarf battle reports! They're not about "rolling 2 1s" or "moving 6, running 4", there's some descriptives keeping you immersed.
    Good to know you enjoyed reading the battle report man, peace.
    Yellow, Red, and White = Imperial Fists 3rd Company + Veterans = Slow paint progress.

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    nice battle report
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