Here are two interesting games using a special scenario. I played with Joseph from the "Philadelphia Area Gaming Enthusiasts", who also wrote the battle reports.
Board was 4x4, Combat patrol restrictions, 750 points.
Mission was "Buker assault"(a custom mission for their tournament). Attacker has deployment zone of 8", can choose to go first or second without roll, always deploys second. Defender has 18" deployment zone, always deploys first. There is one objective, the defender holds it automatically even without troops, attacker has to contest to win (the mission was modified after our games, because it prooved quite an uphill battle for the attacker if the defender held the objective without troops).

My list:

HQ - Command Squad, vox, company standard.

Troops -
Platoon command squad, two flamers.

3x infantry squad, plasmagun, missile launcher, vox.

1x Infantry squad, plasmagun, vox.

Heavy weapons squad - 3x autocannons.
Heavy Weapons squad - 3x mortars.

Veteran squad, 2x meltagun, heavy flamer.
Chimera - multilaser, heavy flamer, extra armor.

Battle reports: RocketShip Games Battle Report: PAGE CC 750pt 2010/01/03

Post battle: First battle went according to plan, with the exception of me losing two crucial autocannons in turn 1 due to the S6 blasts from the Thunderfire. Luckily the plasmaguns and missile launchers compensated nicely. After his transports were busted and he had to walk, it was easy to focus fire and incapacitate the marines.

Second battle I did some bad mistakes. The flank marching 20 man squad was ok, but the other twenty guys should have been in separate squads, not a big 20 man unit, so vulnerable in assaults. The mortars and autocannons did their job as a firebase and distracting unit.
Biggest mistake - unloading the veterans. First, I should have unloaded them as close to his plasmacannon as possible, to discourage shooting, as even a small deviation meant I will take him in hell with me. Second, I should not have unloaded at all, I should have waited for the support of the big infantry squad.

P.S. I am not a new member of LO, I just had not visited in months and forgot my user name and password...