Here's report on my first battle versus Blood Angels for our anual clubleague.

List are at 1500p
My list

My opponent - I don't know everything by name, sorry:
2 rhinos: each with 5 marines
land raider: stormbolts on the side
10+ jetpack marines
10+ jetpack marines
Extra: 5 death company

We played spearhead annihilation.
My opponent sets up first. Everything nicely packed together. Ready to trash some DE.

I go for a pincer move.
I take initiative
My first round o shooting isn't exactly great. I only take out the heavy bolter on one of the rinho's.
One wychsquad moves flat out alongside the table edge. So, I can move for the assualt in turn two. The other wyches move forward (opponents table edge) and park behind a large bunker. My archon and disi ravager follow. The Reavers move towards the centre.
Both my gunboat units hop on the empty raiders and move on.

The blood angels, eager to beat some xeno. Move straight in. Although one rhino gets stuck in some debris. As said, they are too eager and loose their cool with shooting. The gunboat near the bunker gets blown to bits. Also two reavers find their reaper.

Turn two:
My wychsquads move in for the assualt.
The rest take a nice shootingposition. Let's go tankhunting. Landraider poof, rhino immobilised. The wyches smell blood and each unit attacks a jetpack unit. We easely win combat. And due to being fearless, the marines aren't smart enough to run. However, their souls smell even better then

The blood Angels know they are in trouble. The rhinosquads jump out and try to help their brethren. One wychesquad really takes a punch now. Yet Dante has been killed.

Turn three:
Well, my archon knows it's time to move in now. The remaining wyches kill some more marines. And I snipe the remaining rhino.

Cobrulo and one death company somehow survived my disi salvo. And are now wandering around. The few marines still in combat are lost now.

Turn four:
Over kill.

Dark Eldar victor (just lost a gunboat unit, reavers and wychsquad)
Blood Angels wiped out.
Game winning: Dark lances, agonisers and the 4+ inv for the wyches in combat. And , it has to be said. a little help from my opponent. The amount of saves he failed.