Here were the armies:

SW (Me):
Hq: 110pts
Rune Priest w/ Chooser of the Slain, Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane: 110pts

Elites: 151pts
7 Wolf Guard w/PA, CCW, BP, 1x Thunder Hammer: 151pts (I had no more suitable Gray Hunters models so these were filler that I didn't expect anything from)

Troops: 595pts
10 Gray Hunters w/2x Meltagun, MotW, Rhino: 205pts

10 Gray Hunters w/2x Meltagun, MotW, Rhino: 205pts

9 Gray Hunters w/ 1x Flamer, MotW, Rhino: 185pts

Heavy Support:155pts
6 Long Fangs w/4x Missile Launcher, 1x Lascannon: 155pts

Total: 1011pts (No one had a pencil and I had to make the list in my head-> I forgot to include the price for one of the longfangs when I first made the list)

Guard: (points included based on what I knew the opponent had)
Hq: 95pts
Company Command Squad w/Master of Ordinance, Command had a powerfist: 95pts

Elites: 100pts
10 Ratling Snipers: 100pts

Troops: 605pts
Platoon 1: 295pts
Platoon Command Squad w/PW on the officer: 40pts
30 Guardsmen w/ Commissar w/PW: 195pts
3 Heavy Weapons Teams w/ Mortars: 60pts

Platoon 2: 310pts
Platoon Command Squad w/PW on the Officer: 40pts
30 Guardsmen w/ Commissar w/PW: 195pts
3 Heavy Weapons Teams w/ Autocannons: 75pts

Fast Attack: 130pts
3 Scout Setinals w/ 2x Missile Launcher, 1x Autocannon: 130pts

Heavy Support: 370pts
Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Heavy Bolter sponsons, Lascannon: 185pts

Leman Russ Battle Tank w/Heavy Bolter sponsons, Lascannon: 185pts

Total (from the stuff I know he had): 1300pts

I didn't realize he had so many points when I played him (he's the one that said he only had 1000pts), though I was wondering how he fit all those guys and two russes into a 1000pt army. I tallied it all up later after the store closed.

Anyways, on to the battle!

My opponent had set up the board before hand. One quarter (my lower right quarter) was outlined with rivers and had a tiny bit of terrain inside. Another quarter(upper right) had a bastion and a fair bit of terrain on it. Between the upper right quarter and the upper left one was a large bunker (larger than a rhino, happily). On the lower left corner there was a large stone henge piece and a couple of bits of terrain, including a piece of area terrain and a tree stump which was placed near the bunker (and was taller than a rhino.... ). We rolled capture and control and spearhead deployment. He placed his objective behind the bastion and I placed mine behind my stone henge.

My opponent won the roll to choose table quarters and deployment and so he chose the quarter with the bastion and deployed his ratlings in there. He placed his CCS on his objective (I guess he didn't realize it wasn't scoring), he placed his PCS behind some bushes in front of the bastion, his setinals in front of the bushes, one of the monster units o0f guard in front of the setinals, and then he placed one LR to the south of his guardsmen and he placed his autocannon unit behind his LR. His mortar unit was placed to the north of his guardsmen. His second Russ, PCS, and monster unit were all placed in reserve.

I deployed my LF in the area terrain, then I deployed one of my melta rhinos half behind a log, my RP rhino behind that, and my last rhino with my second melta unit to the north of my RP rhino (my rhinos were diagonal so I had space like that). I failed to cease the initiative.

Turn 1: Guard

He didn't do any movement.

He fired his mortars at my long fangs. I had tried to spread them out, but evidently I didn't do a great job as he hit 4 per mortor and rolled a hit for each. 12 hits, 7 wounds, 2 to my pack leader, 4 to my MLs, 1 to my lascannon, and I ended up losing 2 MLs. The autocannons fired, killing another ML (my pack leader saved again). His ratling snipers fired, killing an ML (no rends, and my pack leader once again saved). He tried to finish them off by shooting them with his Russ. My lascannon fell, but my pack leader endured several more saves, as if to mock me. His setinals fired at my lead rhino in cover and failed to do anything. My pack leader failed his leadership check and hightailed it to my board edge.\

Turn 1: SW

I moved my rhinos behind the bunker in such a way that he couldn't see the fronts of the two meltagun rhinos with his Russ, though he was in their front arc and could see their sides. 3+ cover save... w00t. My front and back rhinos both popped their smoke launchers, but I thought that my middle one would be safe from fire so I didn't pop its smoke. My pack leader had regrouped and moved up 6" and ran another 5".

Turn 2: IG
He rolled for reserves and everything came in. He placed his LR in front of his mortar squad, his PCS in front of his LR, and then surrounded them with the newly emerged 30 man + commissar guard unit. He moved his other LR and his autocannon team both into the river so they might be able to see a bit, he managed to move his other 30 man + commissar unit towards my quarter, and he moved his PCS out of the bushes behind the 30 man unit.

He newly emerged Russ fired at the rhino that didn't smoke (and it had a clear view), but only managed to blow off its storm bolter. The other Russ could either fire at the RP's rhino (which had smoked) or either of the melta rhinos rhino that had a 3+ cover save. He chose to fire at the melta-rhino that had just lost its storm bolter and failed to do anything to it. His MoO missed. His ratlings shot at my Pack Leader. The pack leader took 3 wounds, with one being a rend. Despite his death, he still managed to pass both of the savable hits, dying only because he couldn't get a save vs rending. The IG player ended his turn.

Turn 2: SW
I failed my reserves rolls.

I tankshocked the 30 man unit that had just come out to play, splitting it in two with the rhino that had lost its SB. I had my other melta-rhino move 6" so it was diagonally 1" behind it so the unit couldn't get within coherency without going past the rhinos and past the bunker (though in the end next turn I let him claim coherency by letting his guys within 1" of my rhinos). I also moved my RP rhino forward 6".

In the shooting phase my melta-rhino that only moved 6" failed to do anything to the Russ (~12" range) while my RP's rhino, their rhino, and the flamer in the RP's rhino shot at the 30 man guard unit that had just been tank shocked and killed a couple. My RP cast Murderous Hurricane on them, hitting them 13 times, After all was said and done the unit lost 8 guys and took another leadership test (they passed due to the commissar). The tankshocking rhino popped smoke. Then I ended my turn.

Turn 3:IG
He had to move his 30 man unit that had come on the board last turn because he was out of coherency, so he had to tanke dangerous terrain tests on everyone. He lost 6 guardsmen and the commissar, which was over 25%. This time they fail their morale check and flee off the board. He started moving their PCS away from the rhinos and his other PCS tried to get back into the bushes. He did no other movement.

In the shooting phase both PCS used Move, Move, Move on themselves. The PCS that had come on the board move beside the LR and the other PCS ran a bit more into the bushes (though still hadn't managed to undo the move last turn). The one LR that had LoS to a rhino at my non-smoked melta-rhino and stunned it and took off its SB.

Turn 3: SW
I made my reserves roll and my WG came in on the sparse part of the board surrounded by water. They moved up to try to get into the small bit of cover.

My melta-unit in the stunned rhino bailed out and moved towards the LR that had stunned it, meltagunners in front. My RP rhino moved beside my stunned rhino (for cover) and my last rhino tank-shocked the PCS taht was trying to escape me (it passed its morale check).

In the shooting phase I used Murderous Hurricane on the PCS and killed 4 of them. My melta-GH from the stunned rhino fired at the LR and immobilized it. The PCS passed its morale check and my WG ran into cover.

In the assault phase my GH charged both the last remaining PCS member and the LR. The one guy who had to attack the PCS member killed him and all but one other marine managed to attack the LR, destroying its battlecannon and stunning it. As they won combat against the sole PCS member and went from being locked to not being locked in combat, they got to consolidate and spread out.

Turn 4: IG
He moved his mortars near my tank-shocking rhino and used a free pivot to turn his usable Russ towards my WG.

In the shooting phase he used First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire on his remaining 30 man squad against my guys who were now out of a rhino. Due to the bunker and my tank-shocking rhino (also my only 2nd ed rhino) part of the unit couldn't see my GH unit and so they could only fire 64 shots at them, killing 3 including one meltagun. His sentinels failed to hurt my tank-shocking rhino, managing to fail to pen or glance with any hits. His usable Russ, his autocannon team, and his ratlings opened up on my WG and killed 5 of them. They passed their morale check.

In the assault phase he charged the tank-shocking rhino with his mortar team, not realizing he couldn't lock it into combat.

Turn 4: SW
My formerly stunned rhino moved 6" and its unit jumped back into it. My RP rhino decided to suicidally move in front of the stunned Russ while the tank-shocking rhino tank-shocked my opponent's PCS, his mortar team, and the 30 man unit, all of which passed their cover saves. It now had cover from the sentinels, too. My two remaining WG moved towards the autocannon team.

My RP used Murderous Hurricane on the 30 man unit, killing a few but not many. My single meltagun failed to hit the LR.

In the assault phase my two WG tried to charge the autocannon team, but managed to roll a 1 and a 2 for difficult terrain, coming up short.

Turn 5: IG
My opponent moved his sentinels in front of one of my rhinos to try to prevent it from tank-shocking and supporting the tank-shocking rhino.

He fired his autocannon team and his ratling snipers at my two remaining WG members and killed them both. He then targetted my RP rhino with both russes and his sentinels and only managed to stun it. He also tried to use his MoO on it, but it scattered off onto his Russ and it stunned it (though the Russ already shot so it didn't really matter).

Turn 5: SW
My opponent said he would concede after my turn so I played it differently than I normally would.

I used the tank-shocking rhino to tank-shock the CCS so it was now more than 3" from the objective. My other melta-rhino unit tried to tank-shock the sentinels (something I wouldn't have done otherwise) and the sentinels blew it up, killing no marines and 4 guardsmen. My RP and his unit bailed out of the stunned rhino and moved towards the large unit of guard.

In the shooting phase the melta-unit that just had their rhino explode shot at the guardsmen, killing 3. My RP and his unit fired at the sentinels, with Living Lightning getting all of one shot (which nuked a sentinel) and the bolters immobilizing another sentinel (wrecking it) and stunning the third.

I announced I was charging my 7 SW into his 30 man unit, but he said GG and conceded before we could do that combat.

I rolled to see if there would have been another turn and there would have been.

It was a pretty fun game and it really showed off how good mech is, at least to me. If I had been running a footslogging army I would have been creamed by his 99 model army, but as he only had four units that could hurt my rhinos (and my opponent had poor rolling for his few anti-tank weapons) that meant my rhinos pretty much dominated. Murderous hurricane was also pretty good.

For that last turn, if I hadn't known he would concede at the end of my turn I would have played it differently. I would have still tank-shocked with the tank-shocking rhino (its what it does), but I would have only let my RP out of the stunned rhino and I wouldn't have shocked with my final rhino. I would have shot my RP and melta and a bolter at the sentinels to try to take them out.

As I said earlier, I didn't notice he had over 1000pts when I accepted to play against him (and I had missed a LF when tallying my army, hence why I was over by 11 pts so its not like he was the only one over 1000pts). I think he probably had those extra 300pts by accident because his units actually had models with special weapons, but he chose not to use them. If he had meant to cheat I'm sure he would have kept the special weapons rather than telling me to ignore them. I don't see how he tallied it up wrongly enough to miss 300pts, but either way it was a good game and as the winner I can't really complain. My only regret is I think he didn't enjoy the game too much as he couldn't touch my rhinos.