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    Daemons at 2250 Tournament

    Played in a 2250 tournament on Saturday at my FLGS (Grand Adventures Comics in Murfreesboro, TN). Wanted to try my daemons now that I had some flamers and 2 new scratch built Tzeentch heralds on chariots.
    Despite the cold weather and some snow we had 20 people show up and as an added bonus for me, my Dad showed up to watch the first game (he is looking at getting into the hobby).

    Here is my list:


    Bloodthirster - Unholy Might
    2xTzeentch Herald on Chariot - Bolt, legion, MoS


    3 flamers
    6 Bloodcrushers - Icon, Instrument, Fury
    5 Fiends - Unholy Might


    2x9 Bloodletters - Fury
    12 Bloodletters - Icon, Fury, Instrument
    6 Plaguebearers
    5 Plaguebearer


    2x Soulgrinders - Tongue
    Daemon Prince - MoT, Bolt, Unholy Might, Iron Skin

    Preferred Wave every game was: Thirster, x2 heralds, crushers, x2 Grinders, Prince

    Game 1

    Scenario – Each player chooses 5 of his opponents units (no dedicated transports) to be worth kill points.

    My opponent is a WIP beautifully painted Pre-Heresy World Eaters army. Models where so beautiful that I was hesitant to touch them, despite the strong smell of several layers of matt varnish.

    List from memory:


    Kharn the Betrayer
    Khornate Daemon Prince with wings


    5 Terminators, 4 x2 LCS, p.fist, heavy flamer, icon of khorne All champions (riding in LR)


    x3 10 Khorne Bezerkers Champ with p.fist. Rhino with Daemonic Possession

    10 Khorne Bezerkers Champ with p.fist. (ride with Kharn in LR)

    Heavy Support

    x2 Land raiders w/ daemonic possession
    Defiler with AC and additional DDCCW

    I chose the terminators, defiler, kharn, the bezerkers with kharn, and kharn’s landraiders as counting for kill points. He chooses the flamers, fiends, and 3 units of bloodletters.

    I win the roll off and make him go first.


    He deploys in a box formation with the LRs up front and the rhinos and prince behind. The Defiler is on my left flank

    World Eaters Turn 1

    He moves out into the middle of the table keeping pretty much the same formation.

    Daemons Turn 1

    I get my preferred wave. I drop the Thirster to the left of the big vehicle formation (closer to the termie’s LR), one Soul grinder to either side of the thirster, one herald behind his rhinos, the other the the left, the Blood Crushers drop to the far right of his formation, and the Prince mishaps after an 11” scatter and gets placed in my back left corner by my opponent. Shooting proves disastrous as I do NO damage…uh oh.

    World Eaters Turn 2

    The World Eaters break ranks in order to try and handle the multitude of threats facing them. The terminator’s LR moves towards the Thirster at full speed and discharges it cargo. One of the Bezerker rhinos also breaks left and they are joined by the defiler. The daemon prince moves to punish the herald that dropped in the backfield while everything else moves to try and counter the Bloodcrushers, but critically, Kharn’s landraider is immobilized while trying to cross some ruins, leaving them far short of any sort of assault range. Shooting sees the defiler put a wound on the Bloodthirster. In assault the terminators charge the Bloodthirster who kills two of them and is not wounded in return, while the herald manages only to take 2 wounds from the Daemon Prince of Khorne.

    Daemons Turn 2

    Reserves have the fiends, flamers, 5 Plaguebearers, and 9 bloodletters come in. They all land on the right side using the Bloodcrushers icon to land behind them. The Bloodcrushers move in to get the bezerkers out of their transports, one way or another. On the left the herald and a soulgrinder move to try and destroy the defiler, while the other soulgrinder moves in to do terrible things to Kharn’s landraider in h-t-h. Shooting is again a total flop as I fail to even scratch the defiler’s paint, but the right Soulgrinder gets a good fleet and will be able to assault the immobilized landraider.
    In assaults the Bloodcrushers charge both rhino’s and only manage to pull the gun off one…while the soulgrinder gets 3 pens against the landraider and then rolls 3 1’s and 2’s….yay… The Bloodthirster kills two more terminators and then runs down the last one….some good news. My herald manages to not only avoid getting wounded but actually puts a wound on the Daemon prince!

    World Eaters Turn 3

    Predictably, the bezerkers get out of their rhinos to see who’s banging on their rides. The rhinos then move away, one back and one moving past the crushers to try and block off the bloodletters from charging next turn. The defiler moves in closer to threaten the remaining herald. Shooting sees the immobilized landraider wreck the soulgrinder attempting to make un-natural love to it. The bezerkers also manage to kill off a bloodcrusher and do some additional wounds because I am unable to roll a 3+ save. In the assault, the Bloodcrushers are killed off while only killing about 3 bezerkers, crucially though both squads get a poor massacre roll and are in prime flamer position. The Khornate daemon prince, apparently enraged by last rounds defeat, finally manages to finish off the herald. The Defiler manages to charge the remaining herald and do 3 wounds to it.

    Daemons Turn 3

    Reserves have the remaining daemons come in. With one pack of bloodletters on either side of the concentration of bezerkers. The Plaguebearers go hide somewhere. My Bloodthirster moves off towards the larger battle and prepares to destroy the termies landraider. The remaining Soulgrinder moves to take shots at kharn’s LR. The daemon prince finally gets back into the game and the flamers, fiends, bloodletters move in to remove the 2 squads of bezerkers. Shooting sees the flamers hit both squads and remove all but the champ from one and kill another 5 from the other. My prince’s pen is negated by the far left rhino’s cover save and my soul grinder misses..again. In assault the remaining bezerkers are removed as is the termie’s landraider. My herald manages to live on with 1 wound left.

    World Eaters Turn 4

    Kharn and co move out of their raider and prepare to kill the fiends and flamers (who I thought I had moved out of range but ooops). The Khornate Daemon Prince squares off with the Thirster and the leftmost bezerker rhino moves to stop the prince from assaulting the defiler. Between shooting and assaulting Kharn’s boyz managed to kill off both squads with no loss in return….ouch now I’m down 2 KPs to 1. The defiler finishes off my herald, but the daemon prince fails his difficult terrain test to assault the thirster.

    Daemons Turn 4

    The Bloodthirster moves to kill Kharn’s LR and the prince moves to take on the defiler. Point to my opponent here, due to his canny placement of empty rhino’s I am only able to charge khan’s unit with 1 of the 3 bloodletter units that would otherwise be able to charge. In shooting the prince fails to harm the defiler. Assualt sees the last LR destroyed and all of kharn’s bezerkers killed and kharn wounded, however kharn kills 4 bloodletters on his own. The Prince only manages to immobilize the defiler and pull the cannon off of it

    Turns 5-6

    Kharn is killed off when a 2nd squad of letters charges in, while the last of the bezerkers kill both the daemon prince (who pulls the remaining weapons off the defiler before dying) and the Bloodthirster (gah!). The daemon prince takes his frustration out on some plaguebeares.

    Result – Solid Victory for the Daemons with +2 Battle Points =19

    Game 2

    Scenario – “King of the Hill”, each table quarter is worth 2 points and the center (6” radius from table center) is worth 4 points. Most points at games end wins

    Opponent’s List – Space Marines!




    5 TH/SS Terminators
    Landraider Crusader w/ multi-melta

    Ironclad Dread
    Drop pod


    x3 Tactical Squads missile launcher, melta-gun
    Rhino – extra armor


    Land Speeder Typhoon – heavy flamer
    Land Speeder Typhoon – multi-melta


    10 Devastators – x2 ML, x2 LC
    x2 Vindicators

    Deployment – Spearhead, all of his tac rhinos are in his backfield and to my right, while the raider with Lysander and co and the vindicators are in the leftmost part of his deployment zone. His devastators deploy in a ruins that Lysander re-enforced

    I win the roll and make him go first.

    Marines Turn 1

    Ironclad drops in the middle of what would have been my deployment zone.

    Daemons Turn 1

    I don’t get my preferred wave….uh oh. I try some ballsy drops and they pay off. My flamers manage to land right in front of his devastators and kill all but 2 of them , and one of my 9 man squads and the 12 man squad of bloodletters with icon mange to land in his backfield while the other letter squad lands and scatter about 16 inches from the center of my table edge while the Plaguebearers drop in the two left table quarters. Everyone runs for cover.

    Marines Turn 2

    Surprisingly, the rhinos move away from the bloodletters at cruising speed, while the land speeders move to hit the letters with frag missiles and the heavy flamer. Vindicators move to get shots on the bloodletter squad that landed near my table edge and the redeemer turns to annihilate the flamers. The iron clad moves off after the Plaguebearer squad closest to me. After the smoke clears the flamers are dead as are a number of bloodletters, but far fewer then it could have been.

    Daemon Turn 2

    Reserves – I get the crushers, fiends, a herald, and both Soul Grinders in. Everyone but one of the Grinders drops of the bloodletters icon, covering my opponents table quarter in angry daemons. The other Soul Grinder drops in front of my other bloodletter squad in the center. Shooting sees a speeder and a rhino shaken. The Plaguebearers try and run from the ironclad.

    Marine Turn 3

    The rhinos continue with the general retreat. The shaken speeder moves away and the crusader moves to threaten the Soul Grinder that dropped in the center. The iron clad continues to chase the Plaguebearers. Shooting sees the crusader kill the Grinder with the assault cannon, and a couple more bloodletters die to sporadic fire.

    Daemon Turn 3

    Other Herald drops as does the Prince, Thirster is still busy finishing his blood tea. I drop the herald in front of the fleeing rhinos and the prince off the Crushers icon. The blood crushers start to chase the rhinos as do the bloodletters. The fiends set their sights on the vindicator. The Plaguebearers continue to run from the ironclad. In the shooting phase one of the rhinos is exploded by the left most herald who also immobilizes a landspeeder, while the other herald shakes another rhino and a landspeeder. In the assault phase, the bloodletters with icon kill all but 1-2 of the marines that had their rhino destroyed and the fiends to everything BUT destroy the vindicator.

    Marine Turn 4

    The Crusader makes a b-line for the Soul Grinder that has been licking it for the past two rounds and disgorges Lysander and crew. The Iron Clad looks like it will catch the Plaguebearers this turn. Marine shooting is mostly ineffectual. In the assault phase, Lysander leads the charge on the Soul Grinder, who manages to kill a single termie before being immobilized and having all but 1 of his weapons destroyed. The Ironclad squishes 3 plaguebeares.

    Daemon Turn 4

    Bloodthirster finally makes it to the prom and drops near the landraider. Bloodcrushers move to attack Lysander’s group as does the center bloodletter squad. The fiends move to assault the other vindicator and the bloodletters with icon chase after the rhinos. Heralds and prince move to get shots on rhinos. Shooting sees one of the remaining rhinos exploded as well as the mobile speeder wrecked (both done by the same herald, I love “We are Legion”. The other Herald destroys the immobilized speeder. In the assault phase the Bloodcrushers need a 6 to get through terrain and assault the assault termies, luckily I drop a 6 and between the crushers and the letters its down to just Lysander, who only manages to remove the last weapon from the Soul Grinder. The Fiends manage to charge both the vindicator and the devastators, wrecking the vindicator and killing 1 of the devastators, the last marine holds.

    Marine Turn 5

    The last rhino continues to move away from the letters. The crusader opens up on the Bloodthirster and doesn’t do anything. In assault, Lysander falls as does the last devastator. The Iron Clad finishes of the last Plaguebearer.

    Daemon Turn 5

    Wrap up at this point, the last rhino is wrecked by a herald and the occupants are slain by the fiends, the bloodletters with icon finish off the squad who lost their rhino last turn. The daemon prince wrecks the vindicator and the Bloodthirster blows up the crusader.
    We call it at this point as he only has the drop pod and iron clad.

    Result – Massacre +3 Battle Points = 23

    Round 3

    Scenario – “Everyone Pile In” Dawn of War with 5 objectives, EVERY unit is a scoring unit.

    Opponets List – Khorne Heavy CSM..again!


    Winged Daemon Prince of Nurgle
    Greater Daemon


    x4 Terminators w/ combi-meltas


    x3 10 Bezerkers – champ w/ p.fist icons

    10 Chaos Space Marines – Champ, icon chaos glory


    10 Raptors – plasma gun, champ w/ Lightening claws


    Vindicator – daemonic possession
    2 obliterators

    I have played this opponent and list many times before. In the past he has had terrible luck against me and me excellent luck against him.

    I win the roll off and make him go 2nd, he keeps the oblits and terminators in reserve

    CSM Turn 1

    Everything rolls on pretty close to the center of the table with the raptors coming in on the left (my left). Everything that can pops smoke.

    Daemon Turn 1

    I get my preferred wave! The Blood Crushers drop in the center of the table flanked on either side by the Bloodthirster and daemon prince, and flanking each of them is a Soul Grinder. The heralds drop on the far flanks with the one on the left scattering way back towards my table edge (the only bad scatter of the game actually). My shooting accomplishes nothing.

    CSM Turn 2

    Reserves – He gets in the terminators and 1 oblit. The oblit uses an icon and lands near his table edge while the Terminators land right behind my Soulgrinder. He moves his daemon prince in position to kamikaze my right soulgrinder and the rhinos shuffle around a bit. Shooting his mostly ineffectual, save that the termies predictably nuke the Soul Grinder. In combat the daemon prince fails to harm the Soul Grinder and takes 2 wounds for his trouble!

    Daemon Turn 2

    Reserves – one unit of 9 and the unit of 12 bloodletters show up as do the flamers and the unit of 6 plaguebearers. The bloodletters use the Bloodcrushers icon to drop with the 9 in front of the 12. The flamers drop in position to flame the termies and the Plaguebearers drop near an objective in my backfield where they will stay. My heralds maneuver to get shots on rhinos as does the prince. The Crushers move to kill the enemy Daemon Prince. Shooting sees one herald destroy the leftmost bezerker rhino and 1 herald does manage to bolt the single oblit, the flamers eliminate the terminators and the bloodletters run so that the 9 are providing cover for the 12. In the assault the Bloodcrushers kill the nurgle prince who still failed to damage the Soul Grinder.

    CSM Turn 3

    Reserves – His greater daemon comes in through his CSM aspiring champion. He disembarks and moves up one bezerker squad to assault my 9 bloodletter squad. The Bezerkers whose rhino exploded move a few inches but are still in range of the Bloodthirster. Shooting sees a few letters drop. In the assault my bloodletters are wiped out and he rolls high enough to consolidate back into cover.

    Daemon Turn 3

    Reserves – Rest of my army drops. Fiends drop next to the flamers, Plaguebearers drop next to another objective (where they stay) and the last unit of Bloodletters drops of the bloodletter icon and near the CSM rhino. The Bloodthirster moves up to assault the rhino-less bloodletters, the bloodcrushers move to assault the bezerkers that wiped out the bloodletters, and the Bloodletters with icon move to assault the CSM (who disembarked from their rhino last turn to shoot.) Shooting sees nothing really happen. In the assault the Bloodthirster kills 4 bezerkers and the bloodcrushers kill all but 1 bezerker. The bloodletters with icon fight to a draw.

    CSM Turn 4

    Reserves – the 2 oblits show (can’t remember where they dropped as the didn’t do much). His greater daemon moves to assault my bloodcrushers and the last unit of bezerkers moves to assault who ever is available. The Bloodthirster finishes off the bezerkers, as do the bloodcrushers but they are in turn dropped to just 2 wounded bloodcrushers by the greater daemon! The bloodletters beat and run down the CSM (he rolled box cars twice for their break test…ouch!)

    Rest of the Game¬

    At this point its just mop up, the fiends killing off the greater daemon after it kills the bloodletters, the Bloodthirster wrecked the vindicator and the flamers+herald wiped out the raptors.

    Result – Massacre + 3 Battle Points = 23 for a total of 65

    Turns out this put me tied for firstwith another player. They broke the tie by calculating strength of schedule which edged me in for the win! I used my winnings to get a Battle for Black Reach box set and a dice brick for my Dad in order to further encourage his interest in the hobby. And judging by his reaction he’s hooked.

    This event has truly sold me on flamers and fiends. These two units really impressed my. My Bloodthirster did better then he normally does and my Bloodcrushers and Bloodletters where reliable as ever. MVPs had to be the heralds, especially the 2nd game where 1 herald took out 3 vehicles in 2 turns of shooting. Overall I am very happy with the list and I am really looking forward to ‘Ard Boyz this year.

    Last edited by Gardeth; January 12th, 2010 at 13:54.

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    104 (x4)

    Congratulations on your wins! Very good report indeed. I only wished oyu hace faced more variety of opponents, since fighting CSM/SM/CSM can be a bit repetitive. But you did a great job at fighting what seemed solid lists.
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    797 (x8)

    Good battle report. You might want to increase the size of your fonts. It's a little small and hard to read.

    I thought the Khorne lists might give you problems but you seemed to handle them pretty efficiently.

    In your future battles, if you can afford it, you should give your DP wings. Otherwise, go with 3 soulgrinders and get more elites or troops.
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    78 (x2)

    Font size increased, sorry about that.

    The Khornate CSM lists where a challange, getting them out of their rhino's was the hard part. As far as giving the prince wings, I hadn't really considered it, but maybe drop Iron Skin to get the wings? I can't see dropping anything else from the list save maybe 1 plaguebearer.

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