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    1850 points Tyranids vs Eldar friendly game

    I have been play testing various Nid units and different list over the past two weeks. This is my 8th game with a list similar to this and after many tweeks this list is shaping up well. I have been very satisfied with what the new Nid codex has to offer . For example the Tervigon and Venomthrope have great synergy with Termigants. My gaming friends call the Termigants "Supergants" when they are under the influence of these two simple units affects: adrenal glands, toxin sacks, counter assault, defensive grenades, and catalyst (and sometimes old advasery from the Hive Tyrant). I know many of you have discovered the strengths of units such as the Zoanthropes and Trygons as have I. Overall the new codex is very good, synergetic (as mentioned above) and now the Nids can do what bugs do best... feed. Here is the BatRep as promissed. I think this list will be one I use for a while since it works so well and plays the way I think (of course the metagame changes and my list will to).

    1850 Nids
    Nightmare's Gloom Brood
    Tyrant BS/LW/ST/Old Advasary
    Tyrant Gaurd X2

    Zoanthropes X2
    Zoanthropes X2

    Termigants X20
    Termigants X19
    Tervigon X2 Catalyst/Adrenal Gland/Toxin Sack
    Genestealers X10 w/ TS & Broodlord w/ST & IA

    Trygon X2

    1850 Eldar
    (he try to make a snipe list since he knew he was facing Nids)
    Not all wargear / weapons are accounted for below
    Farseer runes of warding/runes of witnessing

    Fire Dragons X6 w/flamer
    Howling Banshees X10
    Wave Serpent

    Dire Avengers X10 Exarch Bladestorm

    Gaurdians X15 scatter laser

    Pathfinders X10

    Darkreapers X5


    I maybe missing somthing but this is what I remeber my opponent had on the table.

    5 objectives/Pitched Battle

    My opponent won the roll for deployment and going first. He set his army up in the center of his deployment zone holding 1 objective and haveing a solid firing line. He also was able to infiltrate on a second objective in the right of center of the board.

    I set up on the left flank keeping one tervigon/termigant brood on each flank of the Hive Tyrant and the Venomthrope tightly behind the Tyrant, this way everything was getting a 5+ cover save and Old Advasary. The far left Termagants were sitting on an objective. The Genestealers outflanked and the Trygons deepstruck.

    I roll a 6 to go first:

    Turn 1--------
    I create two new broods of Gants 14 and 10 (rolling a double with one Tervigon). I walk and run everything as far and as fast as possible towards the center of the table to close the gap. I get catalyst on one Tervigon and take a wound on my second Tervigon (Runes of Warding is brutal) I also take a wound on a Zoanthrope by rolling way to high on 3 dice for my psychic test. Nothing eventful happens in my turn since I run.

    My opponent shoots the piss out of me killing all but 3 of my newly formed brood of 14 sitting near the center objective. He fails to wound my Tervigon to the right flank thanks to Venomthrope and FnP(did I mention I love the Venomthrope's synergy with this army type, take one you will love it). He really focuses fire on this Tervigon cause he dont want any more Gants on the table than what I currently have but it survives only having 1 wound now.

    Turn 2 --------
    Genestealers and 1 Trygon comes in from reserves.
    I get genestealers in charge range of his Pathfinders (far right side of board), I deepstrike the Tervigon near his objective right in the Direavengers face ( I think they wet themselves when it burrowed up from beneath them). I spawn more Gants and do not roll doubles, 10 more Gants to feed. I manage to kill the 2 Darkreapers and they run away. My Genestealers eat all the Pathfinders and are not so hungry anymore. I manage to immobilize the Falcon. I also take 1 more wound on 1 Zoanthrope and both Tervigons they now only have 4 wounds each (dang warding)

    He throws everything he can at my Genestealers including the firedragons (in charge range) and kills all but 1 stealer and the BL (bye bye firedragons on my turn) and drops the Banshees out to assault the Trygon. He bladestorms the Trygon I make 8 3+ saves (my rolls were king this game) he assaults my Trygon with the Banshees and does 5 wounds I kill 4 banshees.

    NOTE: since he was not able to kill my Trygon he was in a dire position becasue my entire army was in range for assualt and the pain was about to ensue on his army. He was very leary and his morale was crushed.

    Turn 3--------
    I rolled a 4 and the second trygon comes in form reserves. I deepstikes, in his gaurdians face (they crapped thier pants). I make more Gants and get 14 more and do not roll doubles (that is a total of 38 Gants from one Tervigon this game so far). He then begins to pick up his models and conceeds the game. Says he cannot do anything since my tervigon keeps crapping out more "Supergants" shakes my hand and says good game.

    Nids win by masaqure.

    synopsis: I absolutly love the Venomthrope. I know many have not come to see its usefulness but every game I field one or two they all ways make thier points back by saving more than 55 points worth of wounds. Once my opponents figure out what they do they start shooting at them if they can see it (ususally cannot get a bead on it since it is tightly tucked behind a Tyrant and Tervigon). I also highly recommend Tervigons/Termigants, any time you can "make" 50+ more Gants a game its a good thing thier only downfall is annihalation games, I just dont make any until needed. Every game I have played to date I have fielded a Trygon and they are huge fire magnets this is the first game I ran 2 of them and two is just right!!! They keep my Tervigons alive since they are in my opponents face and well which would you shoot/assault? This is the first game I have fielded 2 units of 2 Zoanthropes and makes them much more flexible, I recommend this configuration (at 2000 I will run 2 units of 3).

    Thanks for reading I hope this helps you with your new Nid swarm/brood


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