Ok, today I played a battle against an Ork player. We were both relatively new (I have only played six games, including this), so our game is probably littered with mistakes, so I apologise in advance.

I took my DIY Space Marine Chapter, with this list:

Captain with Power Fist and Artificer Armour
10 Tacticals with Heavy Bolter and Flamer
10 Tacticals with Plasma Cannon and Flamer
5 Terminators with Assault Cannon and Chainfist
Land Raider Crusader with Storm Bolter

He took this list, not sure of exact config:

Big Mek with Shokk Attakk Gun
40 Boyz with 2 Rokkit Launchers
5 Nobz including a Painboy
10 Stormboyz
5 Flash Gitz and Badrukk

We played Capture & Control, with a Pitched Battle setup.

The terrain was evenly spread, there was a hill in each deployment zone, two woods in his and one in mine and a ruin in his.

He set up first, putting his Gitz on top of the ruin, the Boyz went in the woods, the Nobz just behind the ruin, and the Mek round the side.

I put all my squads on my hill, except the Terminators who were going to deep strike.

His first turn involved the Boyz mobz moving forward 6", and the Gitz firing at the Tactical Marines, killing one.

In my first turn, I shot the Land Raider at the Boyz, killing four, and the Plasma Cannon at the other Boyz, also killing four.

In his second turn he deep striked the Stormboyz in front of my Tacticals, and killed another Tactical with the Gitz. He assaulted the Stormboyz into a Tactical squad, but it was a draw at two wounds each.

My second turn: I deep striked the Terminators, but scattered 10", right in front of the Nobz! Shot at the Boyz yet again, killing another 4 from each squad, and wounded one Nob with the Terminators. Heavy Bolter shot at Big Mek, killing it! The combat between the Tacticals and Stormboyz was very boring, with only two stormboyz dying, and no Tacticals dying.

His third turn: Assaulted the Nobz, Badrukk and 10 Boyz into the Terminators, killed two Tacticals with Git fire. Killed five stormboyz, he killed no Tactical Marines! Remaining Stormboy fled. 3 Terminators died from the Assault, and killed none back.

My third turn: Land Raider shot at Stormboy, killing it. Tactical Marines shot at remaining Boyz mob, killing 5. Terminators were very lucky, didn't die but didn't kill anything either.

His fourth turn: Assaulted Boyz into Tactical Squad who had killed off the Stormboyz. Shot and killed another tactical marine. He killed off the Terminators at last, and the assault between the Tacticals and Boyz ended in two wounds on his Boyz, none on the Tacticals.

We ended it there, as he had to get going, and we thought it would've been a draw anyway.

Result: 1-1

Post- Match thoughts: I think that if my deep striking Terminators had been more successful, then I could've won that one. The tactical squad who killed the Stormboyz and killed half the Boyz did well, and the Tacticals did well in killing the Mek. My Captain didn't do a thing, and my Land Raider didn't do as much as I hoped.

In the end, I ran out of targets, which with a small gunliney army isn't great. I will probably swap the Terminators for Assault Marines (double the Attacks!), and swap the Land Raider for a Jump Chaplain and Vindicator. Otherwise, it was a good game, and we both enjoyed it, which is the main thing.