Friendly 1850 Nightmare's Gloom Brood vs Space Marines 10th game with new codex - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Friendly 1850 Nightmare's Gloom Brood vs Space Marines 10th game with new codex

    Hello fellow gamers I hope all is well. Today I will be detailing my 10th game with the new Tyranid codex. This report will feature my splinter fleet Nightmare's Gloom Brood vs Space Marines.

    1850 points
    Seize Ground 5 objectives
    Nids deploy first and get first turn

    Nightmare's Gloom Brood
    Nightmare (Hive Tyrant) X2ST/ Hive commander /Leech Essence & Paroxysm
    X3 Tyrant Gaurd

    Prime X2BS / DS / AG/Regen

    X2 Zoanthropes
    X2 Zoanthropes

    X6 Warriors BS&LW / Dev
    X20 Termigant
    X21 Termigant
    X2 Tervigon AG/TS/Catalyst


    Space Marines
    (note:snipe List as most players at my gaming club are trying to figure out how to beat my nids, to no avail!)
    Forgefather Vulkan (makes all melta and flamers and thundre hamemrs twinlinked)
    Libraian w/might and null zone

    X8 Terminator Assault thunderhammers
    X10 Legion of the Damned meltagun/multimelta/plasma pistol

    X10 Tactical Squad flamer/MM/pf in drop pod
    X10 Tactical Squad flamer/MM/pf in drop pod

    Landspeeder HF/MM
    Landspeeder HF/MM

    3 objectives near my deployment 1 in center 1 in SM deployment zone

    I deploy entire army in a huge menacing horde on 2 objectives keeping everything in cover and or near the Venomthrope.

    SM deploy Redeemer and 2 Speeders in far corner of thier deployment zone so the zoanthropes cant kill them on my turn.

    Turn 1
    Nids:Tervigons create 11 and 11 gants one rolling doubles. I shuffle my army some not straying form my objective but getting new gants in position to hold 2 more objectives. Catalyst the Trygon and Warriors. no shooting or assaults

    SM:He deepstrikes off table and rolls a 6 on the mishap and goes back into reserves. He boost the speeers on each flank and moves the Redeemer up some but out of reach from Zoanthropes. No shots or assaults

    Turn 2
    Nids: Tervigon spawns 15 gants (the most without doubles). I get on 2 more objectives knowing my gants will die but I need him to kill them so I can make more, after all I only own 84 gants (I must buy more so I can run 3 Tervigons).I shoot at the left flanking speeder with my Zoanthropes and destroy it. I shoot at the right flanking speeder with my gants and fail to hurt it. no assaults
    SM: He brings in 1 drop pod and it lands way back in his deployment zone on the objective (not where he wanted it but it worked out for him). He brings his speeder up to kill gants on the objective on his side of the table and roast them all the Redeemer just inches up a bit so he can drop out the termies on the next turn. nothing really happens in this turn but the next 3 turns are full of action.

    Turn 3
    Nids: Tervigon spawns 11 gants replacing the 11 he killed with the speeder and bolter fire, no doubles. I shuffle things around preparing for his assault with thoose mean looking termies on my ohh... umm... gants!!! haha yeah thats all he can really get to since there are about 77 gants on the table at this point and it is a thing of beauty. I kill the second speeder with my Zoanthorpes that are on the right flank. I am very confident that even if he lands his entire army in my fice I can take him but lets see what happens

    SM: He is able to bring his last DP in and the Legion. He lands the legion right near a brood of no other than gants which are on the left flank and he lands the last DP on the right flank so he can kill the Zoanthropes on that side(this is the DP with the Forgefather in it). He rolls up with the Redeemer and drops out the Termies + Librarian and gets them in position to bring the pain. He kills 1 out of the 15 brood of gants (5+ cover and catalyst) with the legion and kills both zoanthropes on the right flank with the Forgefathers squad (glad he didnt kill the 2 on the left as they were closest to the Redeemer). he is able to wound a tervigon with random storm bolter fire. He in facts does assault the gants (11) and easily kills them and moves closer to Nightmare.

    Turn 4
    Nids: Tervigon spawns 9 gants no doubles. On the left flank I move up Nightmare and her gaurd, 11 gants to assault the termies. I move the 14 gant brood, 20 gant brood and tervigon to shoot and assault the legion. Right side all gants warriors tervigon move up to take on teh forgefather and crew. Trygon is out of assault range this turn but gets in position to strike next turn. I shoot lots of gants and kill all but 3 models in the forge fathers squad and it runs away 12 inches (he rolled an 11), I completely kill the legion with gants with shooting and assault (Old advasay adrenal glands and toxin sacks rule!!!). The Zoanthropes easily kill the Redeemer... Here is where it gets a little wonky as my opponent never rolled to use his psychic powers but said his librarian was S6 by default, at the time I did not question him as it was a straigh up game so I had no reason to think he would be cheating but he did so here is how it went down.... resume... I cast paraxysm on his termies assault with tyrant and friends I kill 3 termies he kills 3 gants and then gets 1 hit with his libraian and rolls a 4 to wound the gaurd and instant kills one. His termies kill the other 2 gaurd and 1 wound on Nightmare.

    SM: He moves his back unit towards the action as he is thining out on models. he kills a few gants with shooting and goes to assault. Again he does not roll for might but claims his librarian is S6. Gets 1 hit on the tyrant and rolls a 4 again and rolls a 10 on 3 dice..... dead Tyrant he clears the combat and moves towards the action.

    Turn 5
    Nids: Tervigon craps out this time with only 4 gants rolling double 1s,but it was a great run as I was able to make 61 gants this game with only 2 tervigons.

    Quick summary... at this point I am holding 1 objective and contesting 2 more he is holding 1 and contesting 2. He kills my Trygon with that blasted sword (I assualated him) but I kill him too. there are only 2 termies left and they win the combat this turn wiping out 11 gants. at the end of the turn I am holding 2 objectives and contesting 2 he is holding 1 and contesting 2. All he can hope for is a tie and only if he can roll a 4 on his run move with the termies. He gets a 2 (that will teach him to cheat) giving the Nids a win 2 to 1 on objectives.

    Overall the gants won the game killing easily triple thier points. The warriors are great but they never saw combat and were shot down to 3 models (forgot to mention it but it did happen) I ended up loosing lots of gants, trygon, Tyrant and gaurd, 2 zoanthropes and 1 tervigon. My opponent lost tactical squad, redemer, 2 speeders, all but 2 termies and the libraian. If it would have went 1 more turn I could have killed all but the last tactical squad and I would have held 4 objectives.

    Thanks for viewing and have fun out there.

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    Not only did he not roll for Might (and on 3d6), but once he uses it, he won't be able to use his force weapon's instakill ability unless his librarian is an Epistolary (normal librarians can only use only 1 psychic power).

    Also, he had 8 terminators and librarian in his Redeemer? It only transports 6 so the most he could fit in are 5 termies+librarian. Seems like when you play him again, you need to be aware of the rules or he'll take advantage of them (not sure whether he did it intentionally or not).
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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    jy2 thanks for clearing up thoose rules for me. This particular player is one that is known to stretch/cheat (it is an ongoing joke around the club) on occasion but this game he seemed to be on the up and up. I was willing to give him the benifit of the doubt but in the future I will be more "aware" of what he is doing. It didnt even dawn on me how many terminators he had in that redeemer LOL!! I can't believe he got that one past me as I use a redeemer all the time but not with terminators and I never use a librarian. Now I know and that is somthing I will not forget. However with all that said I don't think he intentionally broke the rules on the redeemer but I know he intentionally broke the rule on the librarian and his force weapon / might it was just to fishy the way he was acting. He used to be a GW empoyee so he know the rules but acts stupid when he breaks them!

    Again thanks for the clairifications


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