1,500 pts Chaos Marines vs. Nebula Raiders - "Marking Territory" - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1,500 pts Chaos Marines vs. Nebula Raiders - "Marking Territory"

    Comments welcome. Enjoy!


    Again it has been a long time since my last detailed battle report here on LO. 2010 has been a good year so far, but not necessarily so 40k-wise. I have only had three games in two entire months, unlike one game per week in the last months of 2009. Life is just keeping me (and the rest of my gaming group) really busy.
    And though I believe in my right to shift priorities away from wargaming (and believe me: I do that not light-heartedly), I feel like I owe the community a piece of meat once in a while. And since my game against Chaos Space Marines yesterday has been very fun for my opponent and me, I chose to finally write another battle report (with narrative elements).
    [Because of holding bonus sectors in the Sector Play strategic part of our campaign, my army had one free Superiority (permission to spend additional points up to 5% of the points limit on your army) and one free Bombardment TACOPT from our TACOPTs system.]

    Army Lists

    Space Marine Detachment: Lieutenant Suldokan and Gunboat Strike Force "Heirs of the Storm"
    HQ1 - Captain w/ Bike, Relic Blade, Artificer Armor, Storm Shield
    Troops1 - Bike Squad w/ 4x Bike, 2x Plasma Gun, 1x Attack Bike, 1x Multi-Melta
    Troops2 - Bike Squad w/ 4x Bike, 2x Plasma Gun, 1x Attack Bike, 1x Multi-Melta
    Troops3 - Bike Squad w/ 4x Bike, 2x Melta Gun, 1x Power Fist 1x Attack Bike, 1x Multi-Melta
    Fast Attack1 - Landspeeder Squad w/ 2x Typhoon Landspeeder
    Fast Attack2 - Landspeeder Squad w/ 2x Typhoon Landspeeder
    Fast Attack3 - Landspeeder Squad w/ 2x Typhoon Landspeeder
    Heavy Suppport1 - Vindicator w/ Dozer Blade
    Heavy Suppport2 - Vindicator w/ Dozer Blade
    TOTAL - 1575 points

    The Superiority TACOPT is responsible for the extra 75 points [5% of 1500] and paid for the storm shield and artificer armor on my captain, the multi-meltas on the plasma attack bikes, and the power fist in the melta squad.

    Chaos Space Marine Detachment: General Lucanos and his "Black Wolves" Task Force
    HQ1 - Chaos Lord w/ Mark of Khorne, Pair of Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs
    Troops1 - Chaos Space Marine Squad w/ 8x Chaos Marines, 1x Aspiring Champion, 2x Melta Guns, Rhino
    Troops2 - Chaos Space Marine Squad w/ 8x Chaos Marines, 1x Aspiring Champion, 2x Plasma Guns, Rhino
    Troops3 - Khorne Berzerker Squad w/ 8x Berzerkers, 1x Skull Champion, 1x Power Fist, Rhino
    Heavy Support1 - Havoc Squad w/ 9x Havocs, 4x Plasma Guns, Rhino
    Heavy Support2 - Havoc Squad w/ 8x Havocs, 4x Autocannons
    Heavy Support3 - Chaos Defiler
    Summoned - Greater Daemon
    TOTAL - 1499 points

    I just realized that my opponent's army was illegal with two special weapons in each of the chaos marine squads that both only numbered nine models. I firmly believe, however, that this was a mere oversight and not purposeful cheating, so never mind.


    "Who are those traitors, Recon-Three?" Suldokan inquired. "If I were to make a judgement, Sir: rabid dogs without a leash, twelve clicks from Cardahall" the speeder pilot replied. "Lucanos?" Suldokan guessed, and was given affirmative. 'Finally', the young Space Marine commander thought to himself.
    Suldokan switched frequencies and broadcasted to his entire force: "Time for another dance with the wolves. Recon-Three: Fire some stray long-range shots to get their attention and lead them towards us before they reach the settlement and cause unnecessary harm. Heirs: gather round and prepare for battle, dawn lies not far before us..."

    This battle took place as part of our campaign, the Battle for Duglum XIII (Battle for Duglum XIII v2(DIY Campaign)).
    General Lucanos and the Black Wolves had faced off against Lieutenant Suldokan and the Heirs of the Storm before, when the Nebula Raider Gunboat Strike Force had breached the security perimeter around the hangar of the Reaver-class titan Glamor of Duglum which the Thadeus' Black Hearts' Dark Mechanicus intended to infect with daemonic possession after the Daemon Prince Baleus and his task force had failed to acquire the titan's crew in an ambush on the crew's escort which had also been led by Lieutenant Suldokan.
    At its weakest point, the perimeter was guarded by the Black Wolves. Suldokan's swift and precise attack had done only little direct damage to the enemy, but permitted the Nebula Raiders to infiltrate commandos behind enemy lines in order to thwart the enemy's plans. This brought not only victory to the Nebula Raiders in the lands west of the hive city of Terdohar, the most heavily fought over region of battle, but also great dishonor to General Lucanos and his underlings.
    In all their bloodsheds thereafter, the Black Wolves left a single survivor and let them spread the message that the carnage would not stop until Suldokan and the Heirs of the Storm would come to face up with the traitors once more. Of course they never intended to end their rampage even if the Nebula Raiders took up the challenge, but Lieutenant Suldokan intended to, as he could not tolerate a stray traitor splinter force wreaking havoc in Imperial-held territory...

    Thus, the two forces met again. It was the reunion with a wolf pack. Who would mark the territory as their own and scare the intruders off?!

    The Battle

    The Battlefield

    "We have neither the time nor the means to prepare an ambush. We close in with them as fast as we can and strike like lightning. If we ride swiftly we can meet them right there" Suldokan estimated, circling an area on the battle map. "We can minimize collateral damage among those old ruins,where our skimmers can easily outmaneuver their ground-based craft".

    Everything granted 4+ cover. The pile of rubble from the collapsed building was impassable terrain.

    The Mission

    Suldokan let his gaze wander along his line of bikers. "The cards have been turned on us: this time they are the attackers and we defend. But unlike these traitors, we will not let our perimeter be breached. We must scare these wolves away and show them once and for all that there is but death here for them to find. When the twin suns rise above the horizon within the next minutes, we will mark our territory with the blood of the enemy!"

    Capture and Control with Dawn of War deployment.
    My opponent won the dice roll to decide who gets first turn. Keen on picking a suitable deployment zone for his force, he chose to go first. He picked the northern side of the board and deployed his objective in the northeastern part of the crater. In order to force the enemy to spread out and maximize the advantage of my army's speed, I deployed my own objective far away from the enemy in the southwestern corner of the battlefield, south of the hill on my side of the table.


    "Where's my bombardment, Gold-Flotilla? Battle is imminent" Suldokan urged the strike cruiser. "We won't be able to make it in time, Lieutenant, you are on your own. We're sorry" was the disappointing reply. Suldokan sighed. 'By Fortuna and all Naruan deities, I can't wait to become captain and command a ship of my own...'

    My opponent chose to deploy his plasma marine squad in its rhino between the crater and the small boulders, stating that the rest of his army would arrive on turn one. The Nebula Raiders deployed nothing, planning to put everything on the table on turn one.
    The bombardment on the rhino failed and did nothing. I did not attempt to steal the initiative.

    Battle Plans

    The Chaos Space Marines planned on holding their own objective with one troops unit and the autocannon havocs keeping the Nebula Raiders at bay with their heavy guns. The rest of the rhinos were supposed to rush forward, supported by the defiler, to run me over and take my objective.
    I expected that my opponent would devote the majority of his forces to his attack and my initial plan was to deploy on the eastern side of the board, far from my own objective, and take the enemy's. But with my few and fragile troops and the extreme range of the defiler's battle cannon, it did not seem a wise course of action to stay at range where the enemy had superior firepower. The new plan was to dispose of the defiler as quickly as possible, while tying up the rest of the attacking forces, depriving the autocannons of targets by staying out of their range entirely, and devote one bike squad to feint a flanking maneuver along the eastern edge of the board to keep the defending enemy forces occupied.

    Turn 1

    Suldokan knew that the enemy army would emerge from the shadows in front of him anytime now. The blackness of the sky was steadily growing a lighter blue, indicating that sunrise was imminent. "Fire on sight, Heirs. Gunboats ride the vindicators' slipstream for protection, bikes approach at full speed. Sergeant Bansett: seek out that defiler. Sergeant Peltier: support the tanks. Sergeant Andlukar: feint a flanking attack on that heavy weapons team, but keep your heads low. Let's do this..."

    The defiler entered play between the northern rock formations, the rhinos of the berzerkers (who the lord was riding with) and the plasma havocs went 12" up the field between the rock formations and the hill. The rhino with the melta squad went 12" up the field on the other -the eastern- side of the hill. The autocannon havocs advanced towards the crater. The plasma squad's rhino stays put.
    The shooting phase sees the autocannon havocs running into the safety of the crater and the defiler running a few inches forward.

    Nebula Raiders
    The vindicators advance 12" up the field between the southern hill and small ruin, the typhoon squadrons tightly packed behind them for cover. The eastern vindicator blew smoke in case the havocs proved to be in range to shoot its side armor despite my estimation that they wouldn't be. One plasma bike squad turbo-boosted up the eastern edge of the table, ending its move shielded from the autocannon havos by the big ruin. The second plasma bike squad entered play at the southern rock formations and then turbo-boosted to the west to end their move south of the barricade and at the side of the landspeeders. The melta squad and -at its very tail- Suldokan turbo-boosted to south of the pile of impassable rubble.
    Reasoning was the following: turbo-boost everything to avoid obliteration by the defiler's battle cannon, melta squad out of movement+disembark+rapid-firing range of the two closest rhinos, but close enough to target the defiler next turn, the flanking bike squad to keep the defending units on guard, but everything out of range or sight of the autocannons to leave them stranded. I was unable to see far enough in the shooting phase.

    Turn 2

    "Take it out, Bansett!" Suldokan ordered, as he split from the squad to engage the traitor rhinos behind the screens of smoke they had blown. "And somebody crack open that shell for me" he requested, talking about the troop carriers and raising his relic blade. "I want the yummy-yummies inside..."
    As the defiler was torn to pieces by an explosion triggered by the precise melta hits from Sergeant Bansett's squad and the rhino in front of Suldokan was wrecked, spilling out traitor marines for him to cut down with his blade, he almost thought victory was certain.

    The greater daemon failed its reserves roll.
    Instead of advancing further, the defiler took a small sidestep to have better line of sight to the enemy tanks. The autocannon havocs left the crater towards the southwest to close in with the Nebula Raiders, the rhino with the plasma squad near them relocated a few inches northward so as to shield the havoc squad against the southeast where the plasma bike squad was still lurking. The berzerkers' and plasma havocs' rhinos went 12" to the southwest ending up just north of the small ruin, closing in with Suldokan and the melta squad, arranging in a V formation to shield units that would have to disembark and blew smoke, the berzerkers' rhino turning its rear towards the Nebula Raiders so that they could disembark and assault next turn. The melta squad's rhino went 12" to the southwest ending its move just west of the high grass and blew smoke.
    In the shooting phase, the defiler shot its battlecannon at the western -unshielded- vindicator, penetrating and blowing off the demolisher cannon.

    Nebula Raiders
    The melta bike squad rushed 12" towards the defiler, lining up at the side of the berzerkers' rhino, blocking one entry hatch. Suldokan split off the squad and went 12" towards the gap at the tip of the V rhino formation, ready to assault any disembarking squad. The plasma squad feinting the flank attack turbo-boosted straight to the west, attempting to draw fire from the havocs and provide support in the main battle zone. The other plasma bike squad advanced to the northeast to east of the small ruin, so that they would be able to shoot either the plasma havocs' or the melta squad's rhinos, the intact vindicator rolling up right next to them. I forgot to move the disarmed vindicator at all this turn, while the landspeeders all moved west to south of the hill for cover.
    The first landspeeder squadron shot at the berzerkers' rhino, scoring four penetrating hits which were all saved by cover. The second landspeeder squadron fired at the same target and managed to at least stun it. The third landspeeder squadron fired at the plasma havocs' rhino, failing to do damage. The typhoons really did some bad rolling there. The plasma bike squad then chose to shoot the plasma havocs' rhino instead of the melta squad's one, finally wrecking it, havocs disembarking into the relative safety of the V formation. The vindicator targeted the melta squad's rhino and missed. The melta bike squad was in effective melta range for the multi-melta and one melta gun, exploding the defiler.
    Suldokan then assaulted the havocs, who now blocked the second side hatch of the stunned berzerkers' rhino through the gap at the tip of the V, engaging the closest model in such an arc so that his bike blocked the rear hatch of the berzerkers' rhino, leaving only very little space, effectively imprisoning them in their own transport. Suldokan killed only one, havocs passed their morale check.

    Turn 3

    Suldokan was in for a surprise as a single power-fisted traitor stumbled out of the rhino to his left, screaming and quivering and jerking. As a purple glow began to emanate from him, Suldokan heard "Code D right behind you, Lieutenant" through his earpiece and spied a huge daemonic monstrosity where the skull champion had stood but a moment before. "Get out of there, Bansett!" Suldokan screamed, but it was already too late.

    The greater daemon made its reserves roll and appeared. My opponent chose his skull champion and deployed the greater daemon 2" from the rear hatch of the berzerkers' rhino just 1" from Suldokan's bike.
    The melta squad's rhino rushed forward 12", squad disembarking in front of the plasma bike squad. The berzerkers could only have emergency disembarked, which would have been rather useless, thus they stayed put, as did the autocannon havocs and the plasma squad in its rhino.
    Knowing they were out of effective melta range of the vindicator, the freshly disembarked melta squad shot at the plasma bike squad, supported by the autocannon havocs, killing a generic biker and putting a wound on the attack bike.
    The plasma havocs lost one model to the relic blade, but the squad managed to put a wound on Suldokan in return. The greater daemon assaulted the melta bike squad, killing none, but remaining unharmed itself as well.

    Nebula Raiders
    Both plasma bike squads brought themselves in position to assault the melta squad and its rhino. The intact vindicator swung back to the west of the small ruin to fire north at the berzerkers, should they disembark. The disarmed vindicator went 12" to the northeast, two landspeeder squadrons following up in his slipstream to start engaging the autocannon havocs. The third landspeeder squadron stayed put to engage the berzerkers' rhino.
    One typhoon squad wrecked the berzerker's rhino, forcing them to emergency disembark to north of it. The vindicator shot at them, scattering a little but wounding six and killing three nonetheless. The other two typhoon squads fired at the havocs, killing one autocannon and two bolters. One plasma bike squad shot the melta squad, killing the champion, one melta gun, and four bolters. The other plasma bike squad shot the rhino, failing to damage it with two plasma guns and a multi-melta.
    The plasma bike squads each assaulted their targets, one killing two in the melta squad and sweeping the third but suffering one wound on the attack bike in return, the other again failing to hurt that rhino with krak grenades. The greater daemon killed the generic biker in the melta bike squad, Sergeant Bansett put a wound on the daemon with its power fist in return - tied combat, argh. Suldokan killed another one of the plasma havocs, but again they passed morale.

    Turn 4

    "Overtake them now!" Suldokan cried out to his battle-brethren, swinging his sword furiously. The Nebula Raiders were regaining the advantage, but time was growing short.
    Suldokan ignored the cries of "Blood for the Blood God!" from the red-armored traitors struggling free from within the wreckage of their battered transport. He knew they could not threaten him from their position. But he knew just as well that they would take out Bansett's squad faster than he could blink, and if Suldokan was to save at least his brethren's gene-seed for the apothecaries, he needed to end this encounter quickly...

    The berzerkers and chaos lord moved into position to assault the melta bike squad west of their wrecked rhino because they could not reach Suldokan. The intact rhino from the melta squad tank shocked the plasma bike squads which passed their morale checks and where merely moved out of the way, to end its move in between the Nebula Raider gunboats and the autocannon havocs. The plasma squad disembarked from its rhino and positioned itself within the crater on top of the objective. The squad's rhino moved almost in front of the autocannon havocs so that they would have cover from enemy fire.
    The autocannon havocs shot at the more severely wounded plasma bike squad, killing the attack bike and one plasma biker, leaving only the sergeant and the other plasma biker. The tank shocking rhino shot its storm bolter but failed to kill anything.
    The berzerkers and chaos lord assaulted the melta bike squad and wiped it out, they and the greater daemon consolidating towards the Nebula Raiders' objective. Suldokan finally killed two havocs, the squad failed its morale check and got swept away, Suldokan consolidating towards the enemy objective.

    Nebula Raiders
    Suldokan turbo-boosted towards the crater with the enemy objective, ending his move about 6" from it. The largely unharmed plasma bike squad turbo-boosted north towards the crater as well, ending their move about 2" from the autocannon havocs south of the crater. The heavily-wounded plasma bike squad turbo-boosted into safety on the home objective. The disarmed vindicator rammed the eliminated melta squad's rhino penetrating and stunning it. The intact vindicator swung back to the east of the small ruin again to be safe from the berzerkers and the greater daemon. The two typhoon squadrons that had closed in with the autocannon havocs continued to advance.
    Those two typhoon squads killed two autocannons in the havoc squad. The third typhoon squad shot at the greater daemon and finished it off, sending the vile beast back to the abyss of the warp.

    Turn 5

    "Daemon down!" Suldokan heard a gunboat's gunner proudly announce. The breakthrough was imminent. Apart from unfortunate Sergeant Bansett, the Lieutenant received only messages of success on all fronts.
    "Position secured, wounded in safety" Sergeant Peltier reported. "Running attack on enemy position, we got your back, Sir" said Sergeant Adlukar. "Target acquired, locked, bade farewell, and... it's gone" was the vindicator crew's comment. "Fire at will, Heirs of the Storm! We shall prevail, today and forever!" promised Suldokan, not slowing down as his bike approached the crater infested with his hated enemy.
    As they trained their weapons on him, a chuckle escape him when one of the plasma gunners was smoldered, having handled his weapon improperly and used too high a rate of fire. 'Centuries of experience' Suldokan thought, 'and still scared like chicken'...

    The berzerkers advanced another 6" towards the Nebula Raider objective. The plasma squad's rhino attempted to tank shock the plasma bikers who passed their morale check and were moved to the side. The autocannon havocs advanced towards the plasma bike squad in front of them. The eliminated melta squad's rhino was stilled stunned from the ramming attack.
    The berzerkers ran 1". The autocannon havocs shot their bolt pistols at the bikers, killing none. The plasma squad fired its guns at Suldokan, doing no damage to the Lieutenant, but one plasma gunner dying to overheat. The plasma squad's rhino shot its storm bolter but failed to hurt anything.
    The autocannon havocs assaulted the plasma bikers, killing one biker and losing one bolter - tied combat.

    Nebula Raiders
    The intact and disarmed vindicators both moved into position to target the berzerkers, as did the typhoon squadron that had hung back. The other two typhoon squadrons moved flat out towards the enemy objective to contest on turn six. Suldokan moved to the edge of the crater to assault, the remains of the plasma bike squad on the home objective positioned itself a little more advantageous.
    The demolisher shot scattered off target, the storm bolter from the disarmed vindicator failed to do damage. The typhoon squad killed three berzerkers. Suldokan shot his twin-linked bolters killing none.
    Suldokan assaulted in order to contest the enemy objective. He killed two, the enemy failed morale and got swept. The autocannon havocs and plasma bikers tie combat killing one each, leaving the sergeant, wounded attack bike, and one plasma biker against a single autocannon marine.

    My opponent rolls the dice to see if the game continues and it does!

    Turn 6

    'Narua victor!' Suldokan thought gratefully, but the enemy did not withdraw. 'All the better' he decided eventually, and called out to his entire force: "Kill 'em all, wipe 'em out! I want those traitors dead to the last man! Fight, Raiders!" And fight they did, guns blazing.

    The eliminated melta squad's rhino charged towards the Nebula Raider objective, probably to attempt to tank shock off the two bikes at the last moment. The eliminated plasma squad's rhino closed in with Suldokan. Berzerkers and lord advanced again, they would be in assault range next turn.
    It shot its storm bolter at him and inflicted an unsaved wound. Berzerkers ran.
    The plasma bike squad finally finishes off the havocs and consolidates.

    Nebula Raiders
    Suldokan and the plasma bikers move behind rear armor of the deceased plasma squad's rhino. One of the two advancing typhoon squads moves in front of said rhino, the other one behind rear armor of the deceased melta squad's rhino charging toward the Nebula Raider objective. The disarmed vindicator rams the melta rhino again but fails to do any damage this time, while the intact vindicator assumes a better firing position to shoot at the remaining berzerkers.
    One typhoon squad wrecks the plasma rhino, another explodes the melta rhino. The third shoots at the remaining berzerkers, killing two and leaving only the lord standing. I hate myself for not shooting the vindicator at the berzerkers before shooting the typhoons, but manage to land a shot on the lord that only scatters 3", barely hitting him. He fails his invulnerable and dies.

    Nebula Raiders wipe out the enemy on the bottom of turn six, and hold one objective to none. A dice roll said the game would have gone on to turn seven, where the score would have been two objectives to none. NEBULA RAIDER VICTORY! Fun game.

    Last edited by Red Archer; February 28th, 2010 at 14:29.

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    Great report! Rep for you
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    Fun report there Archer, congrats on the victory. I was surprised that your opponent brought Havocs in more of the troop CSM mode (Rhino, special weapons) - I would have thought Chosen might be preferable so he can outflank if he desires.
    "If you can wait til I get home, then I swear we can make this last."

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    Fantastic! Rep for you mister Archer.
    The Wolf time is upon us!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotspike18 View Post
    I was surprised that your opponent brought Havocs in more of the troop CSM mode (Rhino, special weapons) - I would have thought Chosen might be preferable so he can outflank if he desires.
    He mentioned something about having considered chosen, but not having the points for them. I can see that, as he didn't even have the points to max out his champions (for the daemon) or push the chaos marine squads to ten so that his second special weapon is legal. I don't know, though, I would have run a different army anyhow, if it were me!
    I don't think that outflanking would have been much of an advantage for him, however, as he really needed to rush as many rhinos at me as possible. Even with the typhoons shooting really badly, the rhinos were quickly downed. If he's coming onto the board piecemeal, my firepower would pick him apart even faster. And he wouldn't be able to assault, only shoot (if the dice don't make him come onto the board on the wrong side, and if I don't chose to move my army to the center of the board, etc)... I think trying to overwhelm me was probably the better idea compared to outflanking. But that's just theory - to each his own!

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