Short story:

500 points, 4x4 table
Seize Ground, 4 objectives
Spearhead deployment
Game Length: 5 turns
Result: 0 objectives to 2 objectives
(Dark Eldar massacred)

Long Story:

So with the day off, I decided to spend the afternoon at my local Games Workshop. Having finished my Dark Angels and not wanting to finish my one...measly...Necromunda Bounty Hunter, I decide to gather up a small force of Dark Eldar that need painting and take it with me.

No sooner have I step in the store than I am asked if I brought a 40k army and would I like to play. Sure, it's been months since I played 40k and longer playing Dark Eldar, but hey, this is why I brought enough guys to paint that I could play a game if the opportunity arose.

Dark Eldar
Dracon, Agonizer, Splinter Pistol, Shadowfield, Combat Drugs, Plasma & Haywire grenades (106pts)
Retinue: 5 Warriors, 2 Splinter Cannons (60pts)
12 Warriors, 2 Dark Lances (116pts)
12 Warriors, 2 Dark Lances (116pts)
3 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 Blasters (95pts)

Imperial Guard
Command Squad, commander, medic, mortar, and another guy I don't remember doing anything all game veterans, lascannon, lasguns, voxcaster(?)
Prisoners, minister (rolled the assault 2 lasguns)
Sentinel, multilaser

There was plenty of terrain (ruins) on the table. None of the objectives were in the open and two were on the left side of the field, the other two along the centre line (my perspective). In the first of many mistakes, I won the roll off and elected to go second - Umm, no transports, so why did I do that again?? I need more practice! LOL.

IG picked left corner, prisoners on the left objective, veterans on the centre, command squad and sentinel between them. I get the right corner which has the least cover. I put one warrior squad in ruins on a hill on the right edge of the field (furthest away from any objectives) and one on the centre line, behind a building for cover, but they will have to walk one turn to claim the objective. The Dracon and retinue set up between them with the Reavers behind the centre Warrior squad and hidden by the central building. They rolled +1WS for combat drugs.

1st turn
I failed to seize the initiative. The prisoners left their objective, heading towards the unclaimed objective on my side of the field. The sentinel moved out to take shots at my units, as did the vets. I lost a few warriors, but both squads passed their leadership tests.

I moved my HQ forwards and fleeted. Central Warriors squad claimed the objective in front of them. The Reavers moved forwards. The right Warrior squad failed to do anything to the Sentinel with the Dark Lances. The Reavers were out of range of the Sentinel for the blasters and so moved back behind the building during the assault phase.

2nd turn
The prisoners continued to move towards me. The Sentinel came closer. Marbo turned up next to right-side Warriors and threw a demo charge, killing six. The prisoners shot the central Warrior group. The Sentinel and vets shot the HQ killing 4 warriors. Everyone passed Leadership.

HQ moves forwards, rolls a 1 for fleet which leaves me out of charge range for the vets. Had I not made the last warrior's armour save, I could have taken the 12" charge drug. Bah. The Reavers move towards the prisoners, kill a few, and move back off in the assault phase. The central dark lances manage to immobilize and shake the sentinel. The right-side Warriors shoot 2 dark lances and rapid fire 4 splinter rifles and only manage 1 wound on Marbo.

3rd turn
About to move his HQ onto his 2nd objective, the IG player is reminded that only Troops can score. His prisoners begin making their way back to his objective. IG HQ shoots DE HQ and kills the remaining warrior. Vets shoot at the Dracon. Shadowfield weathers all the lasgun shots, but shorts out on the Lascannon - go figure. Instant Death. The central Warriors take a few more wounds but pass leadership. Marbo assaults the right-side Warriors, kills a few, but is killed in return, leaving the 2 Dark Lances and one Splinter Rifle.

The Reavers pursue the prisoners, shooting and assaulting. 3 dead prisoners and 2 dead Reavers later (both Blasters failed their saves!) sees the remaining Reaver surrounded. The central Dark Lances finally explode the Sentinel. The right-side Dark Lances fail to penetrate the vets' cover.

4th turn
The prisoners finish off the Reaver and consolidate towards their objective. The IG HQ finishes off the central DL squad. The right-side Warriors are reduced to two DLs. This leaves me with nothing to claim objectives (the right-side squad are waaaay to far away). I'm not going to call the game, because where's the fun in that? Can the IG wipe out all the DE troops before the game ends??

With nothing to move, DLs shoot for a casualty, but nothing important.

5th turn
The prisoners finally reach their objective, giving the IG 2 to DE 0. The vets kill off the remaining two warriors, leaving no DE on the table.

I had a lot of fun this game. It reminded me how much fun the DE could be to lose with. I should also point out that while I'm aware Raiders are almost a must, I wasn't transporting them to the store when I had intended to paint and this is the first time in quite a while someone had been there who actually wanted a game! Guess that's another mistake I'll have to learn from, eh?

I wonder if the four extra warriors I put in the Troops could have done better in the HQ - at least given someone else to take the lascannon to the face to ensure the Dracon got into combat. The trade off would have been taking wounds on the DLs sooner, though. Were I to build another 500 point list, I think I might swap out the two warrior squads for mini-sniper raider squads. The mobile Dark Lances could have come in handy and the lasguns wouldn't have been able to hurt the armour. The HQ also could have hitched a ride and been in combat faster.

The bikes might have synergized better if I'd replaced the 166 points I spent on the HQ+retinue with a Dracon or Archon missile, which I am currently in the process of modeling anyways. I know there are those who think it is better to have him on foot (6"+fleet+12" charge drug for the 19-24" charge) but I like the idea of +1S, +1T even if he only moves 18" on the charge.

Both armies were mostly unpainted and I'm not a big fan of that, so I'll have to get cracking at getting my DE (re)painted ASAP!