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    1850 Tyranids take on Imperial Guard Tourney (Adepticon)

    Tyranid Versus Imperial Guard 1850 Adepticon Style Tournament

    Hey People,
    The last battle at the tourney, after winning both previous battles, I knew it would be a toughy as the third round matchup is all about how well you and your opponent did in the previous battles. I was surprised to be going up against IG and I haven't played against them since their last codex update so it would be all new to me.

    On to the battle!

    My List:
    Hive Tyrant
    Heavy Venom Cannon
    Hive Commander

    2X Zoanthropes
    2X Hive Guard
    5X Ymgarl Genestealers

    16 Termagaunts
    15 Termagaunts

    Toxin Sacs

    Toxin Sacs

    Fast Attack
    3X Shrikes
    Bone Sword Lash Whip
    Toxin Sacs

    3X Shrikes
    Bone Sword Lash Whip
    Toxin Sacs

    Heavy Support
    Trygon Prime

    His List: (again, I haven't read the newer Codex so I'm not too sure about what he actually had in terms of equipment or FOC)

    Psychic Hood

    Psycher Unit (9 Psychics and a Commisar)

    Sly Marbo

    10X Guardsmen
    Heavy Bolter Team

    10X Guardsmen
    Lascannon Team

    10X Guardsmen


    10X Guardsmen
    Valkyrie Transport

    Chemical Sprayer


    Leman Russ Demolisher
    Plasma Sponsons

    Manticore Missile Launcher

    The mission we got was cleanse with 3 objectives, 1 primary and 2 secondary. I won the roll to place the objectives so the main one was in my deployment zone and the secondaries were not too far away to the right and left of the primary. The board was a cityfight board with ruined buildings all over the place. My deployment zone had a 2 story ruined building near the center and craters leading towards the center of the board. There was a 5 story ruined building with some ruined statues to the left where one secondary objective was setup. In the middle of the board was a ruined building with the completed wall facing my deployment zone and the open areas facing his. In his deployment zone there was one building which must have been the other half of the one in the center (a two story with the open areas facing me). Buildings lined the sides of his deployment zone and a crater sat in the back corner.

    I won the roll off and decided to go first and deploy first. I put my tyrant and hive guard in the 2 story building under the walls but the Tyrant could still shoot out. The Shrikes went to either side of the building in cover. The tervigons split up, one going towards each secondary objective. The gaunts stayed in the center to take the main objective. The Zoanthropes were placed as far forward as I could get them since their cover save wouldn't be better than their invulnerable save. The stealers and Trygons stayed in reserve.

    He deployed his vehicles in a semicircle with the Demolisher in the center bunkered down in the ruined building. The psycher council's chimera was to the Russ's left with one of the guard chimeras. One other Guard chimera was to the right of the Demolisher. The Valkyries went behind the building, out of sight. The Manticore deployed in the far back corner in the crater. He kept his Hellhound, Medusa, and one chimera in reserve to outflank.

    Tyranid First Turn:
    I moved the tyrant and the Hive guard forward into the craters with the gaunts. The Tervigon on the right spawned 10 Gaunts with no doubles and moved towards the right secondary objective hugging a wall. The gaunts moved out in front of it toward the objective. The left Tervigon spawned 4 gaunts and kept its ability and moved to get to the left objective as fast as possible. The Zoanthropes moved forward to get range on the Demolisher. The shrikes on the left moved behind a building near the left secondary objective. The right ones moved behind a building out of sight of the enemy. In the shooting phase the tyrant shot at the Demolisher but failed to penetrate. The Zoanthropes found out how big of a pain a psychic hood can be and only one passed the test but failed to be in range. The Hive guard were out of range. One of the Tervigons passed the test and cast FNP on the gaunts moving towards the right objective.

    Imperial Guard First Turn:
    Having taken no damage from my shooting he go ready to unload on my army. Can I just say I love cityfight now? The Valkyries moved around to get a bead on my right tervigon. Everything else stayed still. The Demolisher fired everything at my Zoanthropes. They saved. The Manticore fired a missile at my gaunts and Hive Guard and scattered into my left shrikes. No more left shrikes. (I stupidly left them out of cover because of the whole dangerous terrain thing) The rest of their army fired into the center including the stinking psychic council and the gaunts saved everything. I might have lost 1. The tervigon on the right was not so lucky as it lost 3 wounds to the Valkyries.

    Objective Score: T 2/ IG 0

    Tyranid Second Turn:
    Ouch, I was feeling the loss of the shrike squad but since he was all armor I wasn't so sure they would have been useful anyway. The wounded tervigon spawned another 12 gaunts and lost its power. The healthy tervigon spawned 10 gaunts and kept its power. None of the reserves came in because he had some kind of reserve dampening thing that subtracted 1 from my dice rolls. I moved the Zoanthropes towards the demolisher. The Hive Guard moved up and the Tyrant moved over to see the Valkyries. The Shrikes moved into cover in the building, no terrain tests failed. The Tyrant blew the Valkyrie transport out of the sky and killed 4 guard in the crash. The guants shot at these guard and killed another 1. The Zoanthropes took the Demolisher cannon off of the Russ. The Hive Guard shook the right chimera. The Tervigons failed to pass the test to get off their catalyst. The gaunts on the left then charged the guard who had fallen out of the Valkyrie. Only one squad was in range and they had to go into the crash crater so the guard struck first. The guard killed 2 and lost 3 but held.

    Guard Second Turn:
    The guard in the chimera on the right climbed out and got ready to shoot the gaunts. The remaining Valkyrie moved back away from my Tyrant. He brought in all of his reserves. The Medusa and Chimera appeared on my left flank and the hellhound rolled right down the middle. Sly Marbo popped in on top of the building in the middle The rest of the army resumed firing on my Zoanthropes and gaunts holding the main objective. 2 more Gaunts died and a Zoanthrope took a wound. The remaining Valkyrie killed the right Tervigon but it was out of range from the gaunts so none of them died. The chimera on the far left shot the gaunts on the left secondary objective but they all saved. In the combat the Gaunts finished off the guardsmen and consolidated on the objective.

    Objective Score: T 3 / IG 0

    Tyranid Turn 3:
    My Hive Guard moved forward a little to shoot the Demolisher. The Tyrant moved back into cover. The Shrikes flew over to assault the guardsmen who had gotten out of their chimera. The gaunts consolidated in the crater on the right secondary objective. The Tervigon spawned 8 gaunts and lost his ability. The gaunts ran over and sat on the main objective. The Tervigon ran toward the chimera and Medusa. All of my reserves came in. The Stealers popped in behind the chimera on the Demolishers right. The Trygon Prime came in between the Manticore and the Psychic council. The Trygon came in in front of the medusa. The Tyrant shot at the hellhound and blew it up. The hive guard shot at the Demolisher and shook it. The Zaonthropes shot at the Demolisher and took off a plasma cannon. The Trygon Prime shot the back armor of the chimera with the Psychic council and immobilized it. The Genestealers popped +1 Strength and charged the chimera on the right. The Shrikes charged the Guard on the right. The Genestealers kill the chimera in a fiery explosion and noone dies. The Guard all die.

    Guard Turn 3:
    The left middle chimera moved up in front of the Tyrant. Sly moved to the edge of the building overlooking the Hive Guard. The Medusa moved around the Trygon to get a shot at the objectives. Once again everything shot at the center objective but only killed a couple gaunts and put a wound on the Hive Guard. Sly then tossed his package and it almost scattered back to hit him until we both realized he was five stories up from the explosion. In the end he killed 1 of the Hive guard. The Valkyrie shot and killed 2 of the Shrikes who were out of cover because of the combat.

    Objective Score: T 3 / IG 0

    Tyranid Turn 4:
    The tervigon moved up to the chimera on the far left. The Trygon moved to charge the Medusa. The Stealers and Shrike moved back onto the right objective. The Trygon Prime moved to charge the Psychic council chimera. In the shooting phase the Tyrant shot the demolisher and did no damage. The Hive guard shot at Sly but he saved. The Zoanthropes managed to get past the psychic hood but failed to hit. The combat phase went better with the Trygon Prime destroying the Chimera and killing 4 of the psychers. The tervigon destroyed the Chimera on the left and killed 3 guardsmen. The Trygon only took off the medusa's gun and shook it a lot.

    Imperial Guard Turn 4:
    The Medusa ran around the Trygon and went full out to sit on the left secondary objective, contesting the gaunts hold on it. The left middle chimera tank shocked the Tyrant who chose to get out of the way. The chimera went and sat on the middle objective and dumped its guardsmen contesting the main objective. The Valkyrie went to contest the right secondary objective. The demolisher, sly and the psychic council shot the tyrant and killed it. The manticore shot at the main objective gaunts and scattered to hit the guardsmen and chimera. It shook the chimera and killed 1 guardsman. The Guard on the far left lasgunned the tervigon for no effect.

    The end.

    Objective Score: T 0 / IG 0

    His move at the end to contest the objectives made the game a draw. We both got a bunch of secondary objectives and ended evenly tied. Next time I'll kill all the transports first and worry about the big tanks later.

    In the end I think I like my army list but it needs more anti tank long range shooting. Especially at these tournaments where everything is in tanks. Not sure how to change it but I think another tyrant with a HVC or a tyranofex would be a good idea simply because the Hive guard and Zoanthropes aren't long range enough. The Ymgarls really worked out as both a force to take on pesky back deployed tanks and infantry and a psychological threat that made my enemies really worry about where they would deploy and move during the game.

    Thanks for reading,

    I dream of a day when a chicken can cross the road without anyone questioning its intentions.

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    Good job. Cityfight is definitely a disadvantage to Guards and other shooty armies. You had him on the ropes but he was very crafty. Your Hive Tyrant was on fire with its shooting. Remember in objectives games, always take out fast skimmers first and then any transports with infantry in them. The name of the game in objectives-based missions is to stop his mobility. How'd you do overall anyways?
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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