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    1500 Mech at LGS Tournament (Round 2, Game 1)

    Hello Librarium crew! I spent all of yesterday playing in a smallish 1500 tournament at an LGS in Markham (Ontario, Canada for anyone who cares). The turnout was ok with a bunch of last-second entries and the final count was 13. For some reason there was no standby army and so the number of players remained 11. I brought the Mech Eldar army I recently finished amassing and decided against using Eldrad Ulthwan because I was worried about comp scores (3 Prisms, 4 Serpents, and Eldrad). To my surprise there were no comp, painting, or sportsmanship scores at all. I took lots of pictures which will be posted in the appropriate places soon.

    The other armies present were 3 Space Marines (all had special characters including Magnus Calgar, Pedro, and one army with Vulcan AND Cassius), a Tyranid army with 6 Fexs, a fairly standard Tau force, some Chaos army, 2 Imperial Guard armies, a Space Wolves army, and 2 Eldar (me and a list much like mine but with some differences like Eldrad, Avatar, 2 Wraithlords, fewer DA's, and no Prisms). My list is posted in the army lists section but for convenience:

    -Doomseer EDIT*(Doom, RoWitness, RoWarding)*
    -2 squads of DA's (8 and 9 models strong) in WaveSerpents with EML's and stones
    -5 Jetbikes in a squad with Shuri Cannons
    -2 squads of 5 FireDragons in Serpents (one EML one Shuri Cannons)
    -3 Fire Prisms

    The tourney was 4 rounds but I didn't get to play first round. A by counted as a full victory and full points so I wasn't that disappointed but I wasn't expecting to do very well so I wanted to play. Oh well, on to round 2:

    Game 1 (Round 2):

    Round 2 was Spearhead Deployment, Primary condition was kill points, Secondary condition was assasinate HQ's (2 points for Character and retinue)

    I got paired against the Space Marine army with 2 special characters who'd pulled off a full victory against one of the Guard armies last rounds.
    -Chaplain Cassius (I think thats the name. T6 Chaplain guy who never hit the board)
    -Tactical squad in LR Redeemer (Vulkan here)
    -Tactical squad split into 5 on foot and 5 in a Razorback with Cassius
    -Tactical squad in Rhino
    -2 Land Speeders with Melta/flamer
    -Dreadnaught with assualt cannon
    -Dreadnaught in Pod with Multimelta

    I wasn't too concerned by this matchup because the player was fairly young and I’d watched him play the first round. There was a lot of trash-talk at that table and some really funny arguing going on (not related to 40k in the least). However in our game he played fairly well and the atmosphere was friendly with lots of Family Guy and such.

    I deployed fairly far back with Serpents screening the Prisms in the corner. I’m planning to take pot shots until he gets close then hop away. I was screening to avoid his taking the initiative making any difference to my Prisms. He deploys as close as he can in his corner with a wall of armour. Redeemer is in the center flanked by Rhino and Dread with the Razorback on the other side of the Dread and Land Speeder on the flanks. The only slogging marines are behind the wall.

    Turn 1

    I win the roll to go first and he doesn’t cease the initiative. I shuffle around in my corner (waiting for those two kill points to deep-strike into my midst) and take some pot shots immobilizing the rhino, stunning the left-most speeder and not doing anything to the Land Raider. On his turn he drops the Dreadnaught and pops a Fire Prism which was near the center of the board’s width and against my far edge. Everything else advances 6” or 12” hoping for some lucky rends and such. A lucky shot from his Redeemer’s Multi-melta (just in range) immobilizes one Fire Dragon Serpent. Damn!

    Turn 2

    The mobile Dragons move and disembark near the dreadnaught and behind the drop pod. The rest moves away from the oncoming Redeemer except for the Wave Serpent with the Farseer and DA squad which bravely moves along the bottom edge to temp the Redeemer off-course. That is 3 kill points and so very juicy bait but I need to divert that monster form the poor downed Dragons and my Prisms. The Dragons somehow only immobilize and remove all weapons from the Dread. The Drop Pod dies to an EML and the Land Speeder which was stunned is stunned again. A desperate EML shot from the sitting Serpent manages to shake the Redeemer.

    The opponent takes the bait and moves directly towards my DA Serpent. The second Land Speeder (right-most) shoots towards my lines at top speed and the rest continues its advance. The Rhino fixes itself with a roll of 6. Shooting is mostly ineffectual as the Redeemer misses its Multimelta, the rest fails to rend my Serpents, and the dread is useless.

    Turn 3

    The bait Serpent now does the very much expected and shoots back to my lines at full speed. The rest of my army starts moving along my short table edge towards the other side and away from his heavy-hitters. That whole flank had very little AT and the Redeemer now had no chance of catching anything but the downed Dragons and their ride. The Dragons finish off his Dread and the explosion kills one. The Prisms destroy the speeder speeding towards me and shake his Razorback.

    His turn sees the Redeemer finally move to kill the poor lonely Dragons and his fixer Rhino drives into a cemetery and is immobilized again. I laugh. In shooting nothing happens; actually.

    Turn 4

    Seeing the Redeemer rolling towards them the Dragons decide to sell their lives dearly. The brave fools disembark and move towards the Redeemer. Despite their ride facing the wrong way 3 still make it into melta range. The rest of the army continue to move towards the other long edge as I’m now into the points denial phase of my battle plan. The mobile Dragons re-embark and are once again safe from flamers. The heroic Dragons open up on the Redeemer and it is wrecked! Hell ya. The squad inside isn’t pinned but are dead-scared of the 2 remaining prisms and stay in cover (and away from my Dragons. The Prisms open up and kill a couple marines and everything else either moves 18” or is ineffective

    In his turn Vulcan forgets about Assassinate secondary objective and leaves his squad to avenge his Redeemer. The rest continues its creep forward except for the previously multi-stunned Speeder which moves as fast as possible towards my lines. Vulcans flamer kills all the Fire Dragons in a gout of irony.

    Turn 5

    We only have time for one more round if that. I give my opponent the choice of ending it and he decides to go on. He apparently completely forgot about secondary and I would have gotten only partial points if it ended.

    I continue to dance with my transports, fail to damage the speeder, and still don’t care about the rest of his army walking up. Now the important part. First Fire Prism fire on Vulcan. Misses. Second one opens up and scatters 2 inches. An argument ensues. Imo is a 1.5” template scatters 2” from on top of a 1” base then it mathematically can’t not hit. He concedes and Vulcan fails his invulnerable save. Bam!

    On his turn he fails to do any damage. Even the downed Wave Serpent only loses its EML. The game ends due to time constraints.

    Result: Total Victory for Eldar

    Thoughts: I didn’t find this game too challenging because I got to basically dictate how it went. Once the Redeemer was downed I knew I had Primary objective and when he detached Vulcan I didn’t even realise how much of a difference it would make. The way the tournament was done you needed to get Primary and Secondary conditions to get full points while my mentality was that Primary objective gave you full victory. Either way that lucky kill got me the points I needed to keep my winning streak (hurray for that by in the first round!)

    Last edited by powerclaw; March 30th, 2010 at 13:38.

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    Nice and easy to follow batrep. You have a very strong list. His list just couldn't handle your speed though in all fairness, besides another mechdar list or dark eldar, not many armies can. Just a little advice...with all the psykers out there nowadays, you should get Runes of Warding for your farseer next time. Lucky you didn't have to go against any psykers this tournament.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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