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    Batrep Tau vs. Orks 1000pt annihilation

    To begin with the army lists:

    His (Orks):

    2 Warbosses
    Snikrot with retinue
    One truck (modelled by a whiteboard eraser)
    Lots of boys and nobz with powerclaws.

    As far as I can remember, he had his boys split up into 5 squads of 12. Each had a nob with a poweclaw. 2 had attached warbosses. One of the warboss groups was in the truck.

    Mine (Tau):

    Fireknife Shas'el

    2 Crisis suits with MP/ TL flamer

    11 Fire warriors with a devilfish (fletchettes/multitracker)
    10 Fire warriors
    10 Kroot

    5 pathfinders with a devilfish (fletchettes/multitracker) [used by second set of firewarriors]

    Ionhead with fletchettes, multitracker
    Ionhead with blacksunfilter, fletchettes,multitracker

    We rolled for mission and got annihilation. Setup was pitched battle.

    The board had an even setup of terrain with 2 or three firelines. He won the rolloff and opted to go second.

    I placed my 2 ionheads on opposite sides of the board, my two devilfish in the middle (one loaded, one soon to be with nearby fire warriors). I then placed my 2 XV8 teams behind the devilfish as to be out of the way of possible incoming fire.

    My pathfinders were placed with my leftmost ionhead to cover both open firelanes.

    I kept my kroot in reserve to infiltrate into good position. Harrasment was the idea.

    Then it was his turn to set up. He asked me if I had any blast weapons. I told him no, not this game. He decided to put all of his orks huddled together behind a large piece of cover as far forward as he could. I really wihed I had pulled some points for a hammerhead.

    I placed my kroot behind him to harrass and hopefully draw some of the orks into a wide firelane.

    Turn 1


    I saw that with my mobile force, it would have been easy to just fly away and destroy a few of his units from afar. Being a friendly game, I decided to not go for the cheap and easy win.

    The pathfinders lit up his closest (only visible) orkboy squad. Using the markerlights to their fullest advantage I was able to knock off a whopping three of them. The rest of my army was moving into position; but, was unable to find line of sight with the majority of my army. My kroot moved closer. I saw that he would be able to move out and have the charge within 2 turns if I was not careful.


    He moved his units as far forward as they could move. After moving his truck his boys would have just been out of assault range; so, he decided to hide his boys behind it. The truck survived due to my own lack of attention to detail. I thought the eraser that represented it was another picece of terrain. Whoops. His whole army was clearly within Waargh charge range of my pathfinders, an ionhead and one of my fish.

    Tau: 0 Ork: 0

    Turn 2


    I decided to take a chance and sacrifice some units. My ionhead and one of my devilfish moved less than six inches so that they would be side by side with the pathfinder squad. The pathfinders lit up the truck. My flamer Crisis suits launched some missile pods and hit paydirt. The truck was destroyed, leaving an open path for every unit hee had on the board. The rest of my army (minus a second devilfish that I forgot to move) was able to fire into the orks removing a few more of them. The kroot continue their long trek towards the battle. My flamer crisis suits moved behind the tank/pathfinder/tank combination during the assault phase and that was it.

    He took the bait.


    Every unit he had charged in. Two units of orkboys charged into the ionhead, two charged into the devilfish and one charged the pathfinders. With 1 warboss and 3 nobz all armed with powerclaws charging the tanks, I was confident the tanks would be destroyed. Luckilly, the fletchette chargers were there to saev the day. Nearly half of his army was lost to the fletchettes. A third of the remaining orks were killed by both tanks exploding. As the pathfinders were "squeezed" by tanks on either side, the single unit of orks were hit by exploding tanks as well.

    On the other side of the board, Snikrot came on and was able to assault my other devilfish. The fletchettes did a number on him as well. Over half their number were lost to fletchettes and an explosion. On both sides of the board, I lost a few firewarriors. 1 gundrone died. This put my ork friend well ahead in kill points. However, his largest ork unit had a nob and 6 orkboys. The others consisted of 2 models each.

    Tau: 1 Ork: 3

    Turn 3:


    My flamer suits that were behind his tanks moved up and roasted the large unit of orkboys. One down. My two sets of Fire warriors then rapidfired into a unit of orkboys and snikrot's remaining few. Two more down. My gundrones pinned a fourth unit while my Fireknife and remaining ionhead took a few wounds off one of the remaining warbosses. The kroot moved in for the kill.

    At the end of this shooting phase, one warboss, one warboss with a nob (pinned), and a nob with a boy.


    The pinned unit stood up; the others began to run towards a unit of fire warriors and assaulted them. Goodbye Fire warriors.

    Tau: 4 Ork: 4

    Turn 4:

    Tau: This was just clean up. Massed firepower was able to remove all but an orkboy and a nob from the table. The kroot quickly advanced and cleaned up the remaining unit.

    Sweeping Victory


    Looking back at the game, I would have removed my firewarriors from their transport right before the sacrifice. this would have led to more guns rapidfiring and not having to worry about a pinning check. Another good thing to have done would have been to use the kroot as a speedbump. I could have also sacrificed a single vehcile instead.

    Another victory for the Tau empire. Thoughts/Suggestions?

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    *moved to Battle Report Section*
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    Good battle and great tactics. I honestly thought he was going to overwhelm you with all his orks. Guess he wasn't a very experienced general. That and the lack of mobility against your army hurts.
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    Did he not read your army list and see you had flets?

    Although saying that im not sure what he would have done to take them out otherwise
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