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    Blood Angels 1000pt training exercise

    Played an interesting game against a fellow Blood Angels player at my local GW store, my 'balanced' list against his more 'elite one'. Must note that this is only 3rd battle in 5th edition and was considered by both players a friendly

    My List:

    Librarian, shackle soul and sword powers

    Librarian Furiso, wings and might of heros
    1x Sanguinary priest

    1x Tactical Squad, sergent with power weapon(goldie locks), melta gun, plasma cannon,
    1x Tactical Squad, segent with bolter, flamer, plasma cannon,
    1x Assault Squad, sergent with power sword and melta bombs, 4 more marines

    Dedicated Transports-
    2x Razorbacks, one with heavy bolter one with heavy flamer

    His List:

    Dante (joins Sanguinary guard)

    Lemartes (joins death company)
    1x Sanguinary Priest, with power weapon and jumppack joins sguard

    1x Sanguinary guard, chapter banner, (not sure about deathmasks)
    Death company 6marines with jumpacks

    Fast Attack-
    Vanguard, all have power weapons and melta bombs

    My initial thoughts are his list is rather weak. There should be no way i lose an objectice base game and i have a good chance of tabling him in the event of kill points. We roll a seize ground mission with 3 objectives and DoW deployment. I question his only having 1 scoring unit says that its 'just a fun game who cares' and hes 'going to table me anyway'. The board is an ice planet about 48" long and 60" wide. We decide the objectives are some ancient eldar construct in the middle and a hill on each side of the board.


    I split both my tactical squads into combat squads. 2x plasma cannon with 4 meatshields apiece. The combat squad with the sergent and melta go in the heavy flamer razorback and the Librarian goes with the other combat squad with a flamer in the heavy bolter razorback. I deploy everything along my table edge and wait. I keep the rest in reserve while he deepstrikes everything.

    1st turn

    Rolling for Red Thirst the only one who gets it not via a sanguinary priest is my dreadnought.

    His 1st turn nothing happens.

    My 1st turn razorbacks speed forward one to the elder construct the libbi one to the hill on the right. Everything else stays put.

    2nd turn

    His 2nd turn. Dante and the SG deepstrike onto the elder construct objective. Vanguard deepstrike near my Libbi RB heading towards the hill objective. Dante shoots at the RB infront and shakes it. The vanguard heroic intervention the other RB and melta bomb it into oblivion no wounds are cause by resulting explosion though.

    My 2nd turn. Libbi dread walks onto the field. Assault squad donot arrive(i forget i can reroll). The melta in goldie locks' combat squad takes out a sanguinary guard. Bolters do nothing. Both plasma cannons wipeout the other 4 sanguinary guard leaving dante and the priest. Flamer next to libby kills a vanguard then the libby and combat squad charge. Libby strikes last due to Dante's death mask my tactical marines are wiped out to a man doing no damage themselves. Libby use his sword/axe of sanguinius to squash a vanguard. Losses combat by a fair bit but passes ld test with flying colours.

    Turn 3

    His death company don't arrive. Dante moves into position to assault Goldie Locks combar squad and shots one in the face. Dante assaults kills 2 more the priest kills 1. Goldie locks rolls 3 hits yet fails to make a single wound on the chapter master, thus earning his namesake. Sanguinary priest and melta dude actually manage 2 wounds which are saved by feel no pain. His vanguard put down my libby in the other combat.

    My turn 3. I take a slight risk and have my libbi dread move 6" forward only just in assault range. I was going to use wings to make sure but wanted to use might of heroes in assault. Plasma cannon to my right takes out rest of vanguard. Libbi dread assaults dante causding 2 wounds (i messed up majorly here. Forgot that dante doesn't get eternal warrior so should've gone squish after failing his saves, this would have effectively won me the game right here) Dante kills of Priest and melta guy Goldie locks runs away.

    Turn 4

    His turn 4. Dante hit and runs away from libby dread. Using his jumpack to do some sort of awesome backflip behind him so he can shoot its rear armor with his inferno pistol blowing it straight to hell (kinda messing up the order of phases here but that what i envision happened in the turn). His death company show up deepstriking 6" away from my left plasma squad. They kill two with their bolt pistols.

    My turn 4. Razorback tank shots dante on the off chance he runs off my table edge. Unsurprisingly he doesn't. The Razorback is now however in range to flame his Death company it cause 1 wound which the other player attributes to Lemartes. I scoffed at this, he precceded to tell my about lemartes special rule. I inform him i have read this codex entry but Iam scoffing because Lemartes is about to explode in a ball of plasma which he and the rest of the death company promptly did :p

    Turn 5

    Dante wipes out plasma cannon csquad to my right.My Assault squad finally arrives deepstriking on hill(objective) far away from dante, scatter slighty one git slips and hits his head on a nearby rock. My squad on the left fire and take out the priest leaving only Dante left in his army. I hold 1 objective he only has dante left. We go to turn 6

    Turn 6

    Dante wipes out other plasma cannon csquad and consolidates 6" towards the hill. I know I should stay put on the objective and hope the games ends here. But its only a friendly and i decided that camping on the hill is alittle too un-blood-angle-like my assault squad move down to put the chapter master to the test. I shoot my bolt pistols at Dante all shots either miss or bounce off his armor. I charge Dante only kills 1, the rest of the marines cause a wound. Then the serg with the game on his shoulders hits 4 times and does 0 wounds (seems fimilar). The game ends at the end of this turn with a tactical draw while Dante battles the assault squad and my other surviving sergent stands around being useless.

    All in all a fun game. I probably should have won/could've won if i didn't act like a spas in the last turn. Though really whenever its imperium vs imperium i get abit bored much less BA vs BA so i tend not to take it seriously. Playing guard isn't that bad though. I do feel justified about my list now though

    Last edited by Chosen of Sanguinius; May 13th, 2010 at 15:12.

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    Yeah his list is really awful. Looks like you made some mistakes that you noticed. Good write up, no idea why this guy would be talking crap to anyone.
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
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