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    3150 Apocalypse IG vs Chaos

    Apocalypse report: IG (w/allies) vs. Chaos Marines.

    IG force:

    Company Command squad:
    Flamer, Plasma gun, Vox caster.
    Commander w/bolter & Power fist

    Lord Commissar with bolter & CCW

    Mordian Vets:
    Melta, Grenade Launcher, Lascannon team, demolitions. All carry melta bombs.
    Sergeant has bolt pistol & ccw.

    Red Platoon:

    Command squad with plasma gun, vox caster, krak grenades,. Commander has bolter.
    Red/Red squad: Heavy weapons team (missile launcher), krak grenades, flamer, vox caster.
    Red/Blue squad: Heavy weapon team (lascannon), krak grenades, vox caster

    Yellow Platoon:

    Command squad: plasma gun (X2), flamer, Krak grenades, vox caster.
    Yellow/Yellow: Heavy weapons team (mortar), Krak grenades, vox caster.
    Yellow/Red: Heavy weapons team (mortar), Krak grendades,
    Heavy Weapons Squad: 3 Lascannon teams.

    Green Platoon:

    Command squad: vox caster, 2 x plasma guns, commander with bolt pistol & ccw.
    Green/green: vox caster, flamer, Heavy Bolter team
    Green/Red: Vox caster, melta gun.

    Heavy support:

    LRBT 311 ‘Fear Nought’ – bolter sponsons, lascannon hull, Battlecannon, Knight Commander Pask, dozer blade
    LRBT 312 ‘Semper Fi’ – Bolter sponsons, lascannon hull, Battlecannon.
    LRDT 313 ‘Man Drupp’ – Plasma sponsons, Lascannon hull, Demolisher cannon


    Assault Terminator allied squad x10 : sgt with lightning claws, rest have TH/SS combi.
    Terminator 2 X10 : Cyclone launcher, assault cannon.
    Terminator 3 X10 : Cyclone launcher, Heavy Flamer

    Fast Attack:

    Scout Bike Squad X3: Sgt has Grenade launcher, both bikes have linked bolters.

    Total cost: 3163

    Chaos Forces:

    Chaos Sorceror: linked bolter, force weapon, mark of slaanesh, lash of submission, warp time, familiar, personal icon.
    Chaos Lord: mark of slaanesh, plasma pistol, Blissgiver.
    Chaos Lord: Mark of slaanesh, bolt pistol, Blissgiver.

    Chosen X5 : Melta Gun, plasma pistol, bolter, bolter, Chaos Glory. Champ has melta and power weapon.
    Possessed X10 : gained furious charge.
    Terminators X5 :2 power fists, chain fist, reaper Autocannon, combi melta. Reaper is used by Champion.


    Khorne Berserkers X10 : 2 have plasma pistols, skull champ has plasma pistol & power fist.
    Khorne Berserkers X10 : 2 have plasma pistols, skull champ has bolt pistol & power weapon.
    Chaos Marines X10 : plasma gun, heavy bolter, champ has plasma pistol & power fist
    Chaos Marines X10: plasma gun, heavy bolter, champ is armed equally.
    Chaos Marines X5 : Aspiring champion in Rhino (havoc Launcher, dozer blade).
    Chaos Marines X5 : Aspiring champion.

    Heavy Support:

    Defiler: Reaper Autocannon, havoc launcher
    Predator: T/L lascannon, lascannon sponsons, dozer blade, combi flamer
    Predator: Autocannon, lascannon sponsons, dozer blade.

    Fast Attack:

    Raptors X10 : plasma pistol, melta gun, champion has plasma pistol and power fist.

    Total 3130

    5 objectives.
    Chaos chose Vortex grenade, IG chose Orbital bombardment.
    Chaos go first. Holding Terms and Raptors in reserve.
    IG hold termies, bikes, and tanks in reserve. Yellow platoon merge 2 infantry squads.

    Turn 1:

    Chaos find that bikes have mined the forest they are hiding their Khorne in, killing 1 berserker.
    Most chaos forces choose to move towards objectives this turn. The Defiler opens up on Red/Blue, killing all but 2 of them, however their sergeant is made of the right stuff, and keeps his last man in order.
    Autocannon tank opens up on Green command, but fails to hit.

    IG themselves just sit tight on objective, moving other squads towards remainder. Vets take western objective. As the shooting phase comes in the Orbital Bombardment is allowed (rolled a 1) and kills the Khorne that just moved out of the mined forest, obliterating them, and killing 4 possessed marines into the bargain.
    Yellow platoon order ‘First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire’ killing another 2 possessed with a well aimed volley of shots. The mortar teams kill another while the lascannon squad finish off one more, leaving just 1 on his own.
    Red Squad of Red Platoon fire a Krak missile at the Rhino, giving the crew a headache and a need to change their underwear and reposition.

    Chaos 2, IG 2

    Turn 2:

    Chaos hold terminators in reserve still, bringing on their raptors near to Yellow Platoon, hoping to move them off the objective. Possessed marine moves in range of Green/Green squad. While the remaining Khorne guys move to the bastion. The Eastern objective is taken by the 4th squad of Chaos marines. While the 1st squad head for the cover afforded by a large area of vegetation at a run.
    2nd Chaos marines again stay put, holding their objective. While the commanders, backed up by the Chosen marines move towards the bastion and Green/Green.

    Again the Defiler opens fire, this time on Red/Red, killing all but the heavy weapons team and 2 others. The sergeant cries ‘Steady guys, steady’ and they stay. The Predator with Autocannon manages to kill the vox operator from yellow command squad. While the lascannon predator kills a heavy weapons team with a well placed shot. The remaining teams lose their nerve and will to fight, running away. The possessed charges Green/Green, but as they are in cover loses the initiative, and while fighting through the undergrowth is cut to ribbons by their bayonets. The Raptors shoot the yellow command squad, ripping them apart, leaving only the lieutenant and a plasma gunner alive.

    The first 2 Leman Russ’ arrive, ‘Semper Fi’ and ‘Man Drupp’ with her demolisher cannon. The scouts on their bikes also arrive, blasting in from the west flank to mow down 4 of the chaos marines threatening that objective. Man Drupp fires at the enemy lascannon tank, but misses hopelessly. While Semper Fi also fails miserably against the marines holding the east objective. The missile team also fail to hit the Defiler, despite the order to ‘Bring it down’ from their commander. The veterans kill a further 2 Chaos marines leaving just 4 to threaten the western objective. Yellow platoon take their revenge on the Raptors, killing 5 of them.

    Chaos 2 IG 1

    Turn 3:

    Chaos Terminators arrive, threatening to melta gun the ‘Man Drupp’. The chaos at the West objective open up on the nearby veterans, killing 2 of them. Meanwhile the Defiler lets rip it’s cannon again, this time decimating the red command platoon, and leaving only the lieutenant alive. The Autocannon armed Predator opens fire on ‘Man Drupp’ but fails to hit, while the Terminators deftly melt it’s Demolisher cannon off with a well placed shot of Melta fire. The Khorne berserkers fire at Green/Red, knowing they are behind Red/Blue, leaving them open to charge both. They kill 2 of that squad. The raptors shoot at the command squad, killing 2 of them.
    Khorne charge, declaring against Green/Red, but managing to base with red/blue also. It soon becomes apparent the Khorne guys are not in it just to win, for as Green/Red try to run they cut them all down in a bloody display of fiendish delight. The Raptors now vent their fury on the Command team, charging them and killing 1 more, while the commander uses his power fist to kill one of the raptors.

    The ‘Fear Nought’ finally arrives, as do all 3 terminator squads, scattering in amongst the enemy with almost uncanny accuracy (or luck). The bikes and Veterans stay put, just closing a little on the chaos squad to the west, while yellow platoon move to assist the command squad. The Commissar, seeing the swirling melee, moves to assist, but can’t quite make it just yet. ‘Fear Nought’ fires at the lascannon predator, doing no real harm. Meanwhile ‘Man Drupp’ lets loose with her plasma cannons, killing 4 Chaos Terminators with one and causing no damage at all with the right sponson. The newly arrived 2nd Terminator squad, let fly at the remaining terminator, but fail to wound him, their sergeant is heard to mutter something about ‘lucky B*d’.
    The veterans and bikers kill the remaining Chaos marines, leaving only their champion standing. Meanwhile the ‘Semper Fi’ is given orders to ‘Bring It down’ concerning the Defiler, she fails miserably. The missile launcher team also fail to hurt the Rhino. Green/Green take down all but 2 of the remaining Khorne Berserkers.

    Yellow platoon to the rescue, or so they thought, but the raptors fight really hard, and kill the command squad. They also kill 1 of yellow but Yellow platoon stay due to the proximity of the Commissar. Terminator squad 2 attack the last enemy terminator, and kill him totally without loss, before moving to ready an attack on the Khorne berserkers.
    Chaos 2 IG 0
    Turn 4:

    Very little movement this time from Chaos forces, apart from the Rhino, which tries to ‘tank shock’ Red/Red who just move aside. Chaos middle ranking Lord throws the Vortex grenade at Terminator squad 3, and laughs hysterically as they disappear into the swirling maelstrom that is a vortex warp. His squad open fire on the remaining few, killing another, while the Defiler also shoots it’s battlecannon at them, and the squad holding the north-eastern objective add their bolter fire to the hail of bullets at the terminators. With only 2 guys left they decide discretion is the better part of valour, and move away. The raptors manage to cause Yellow platoon to run, but don’t let them and cut them down as they do so. Then turn towards the Commissar, who stands belligerently in their way. The remaining Chaos champion to the west charges the veterans, in an attempt to cause as much damage as possible before dying. He kills 2 of them. But they stand their ground being true veterans. The 2 Khorne berserkers charge green/green in the forest. Butchering them completely with no loss, then moving towards the final IG squad.

    The Vortex reappears to the west of the Bastion, threatening the Predators.
    Terminator squad 3 move to the bastion to contest it. Red/Red move towards the bastion, while their platoon commander considers attacking the Rhino, but thinks better of it. Just staying nearby. The bikes move close to the combat on the western objective, unable to fire for fear of hitting their own forces.
    ‘Semper Fi’ fails again to do anything to the Eastern objective marines. ‘Fear Nought’ wipes out almost all the chaos marines on the Eastern objective, leaving only a chaos champion standing.
    The bikers attack the melee at the western objective, adding their weight to that of the vets. The Commissar shows how brave he is and charges into the 2 remaining Raptors. While Terminator squad 2 attack the berserker and the assault terminators assault the marines on the northeastern objective. The Raptors attack the Commissar but fail to harm him, he shrugs off their attacks but in defending himself fails to hurt them either. The Chaos marine on the western objective manages to kill another 2 veterans, who run away rather than risk being killed. The Assault terminators suffer no losses, and totally obliterate the chaos marines except for their champion, who runs off screaming never to be seen again. Terminator squad 2 shrug off the attacks of the Khorne berserker, while their sergeant hacks him down with his power sword.

    Chaos 1, IG 0

    Turn 5:

    The vortex moves near the assault terminators.
    Chaos’ command team move towards the objective bastion, with victory in sight they know that contesting that objective will secure it.

    The Tanks fire at ‘Fear nought’ and ‘Man Drupp’ but only succeed in shaking ‘Man Drupp’. The Chaos command team use their weapons to kill the last of Terminator squad 3. The chaos marine on the Northeast objective kills the red platoon commander.
    The Raptors kill the Commissar, and move to the south western objective. The Chaos marine survives the assaulting bikes. The Defiler assaults the Terminators, but fails to harm any of them, while they use their thunder hammers to smash it to pieces, leaving just a smoking hulk on the battlefield, they regroup to the southeast objective.

    The vortex removes a forest.
    The vets regroup, using their regroup move to get closer to the western objective. Terminator squad 2 move closer to the bastion, as do Red/Red. ‘Man Drupp’ rams the Rhino, knocking out it’s havoc launcher. Then the Terminators fire at her, shaking her crew. ‘Semper Fi’ manages spectacularly to score the ultimate in Friendly fire incidents, hitting herself with her battle cannon, leaving her crew screaming obscenities at her gunner. Her lascannon also missed the mark, despite only being a tank length away from the enemy on the eastern objective. The assault terminators move away a little seeing the chaos command are close to being in range of an assault.
    Red commander orders ‘move,move,move’ but the squad only shuffle nearer to the bastion. ‘Fear Nought’ fails to score any damage this time. The bikers finish off the chaos marine on the western objective. Then move away a little to allow the vets room to come in later.

    Chaos 1, IG 0

    Turn 6

    Vortex moves towards the predators.

    Chaos command team move towards the assault terminators to get them into assault range, they can smell victory and are assured by their sorcerer it is their day. The final raptor moves to the northwest objective. The Rhino runs at speed to the bastion, securing it by unloading the chaos marine squad within.
    The chaos squad fire but a single bolter who can see red/red, but he misses. The command team use lash of submission to move the assault terminators closer to them.
    They then fire at them killing a single terminator. The lascannon predator fires at the ‘Fear Nought’, hitting her but not causing any more damage than a burn mark on her armour plating. The other predator fires at ‘Man Drupp’ but only scares the crew into inactivity.

    The chaos marine on the northeast objective charges the ‘Semper Fi’ hoping to plant a melta bomb on her. He fails, meanwhile the command team charge the terminators, killing 4 of them. The terminators attack back killing almost all the chosen marines apart from the champion.

    Vortex grenade kills a set of tank traps.

    Vets move onto the eastern objective, while Red/red run to the bastion. ‘Semper Fi’ tank shocks the marine that was attempting to melta bomb her, he runs away screaming in fear, leaving the northwest objective uncontested except for ‘Semper Fi’ herself. ‘Fear Nought’ fires her battlecannon at the Rhino, but it scatters wide narrowly missing red/red but still killing a chaos marine. She also fires her lascannon which obliterates the Rhino in a fireball, but the chaos marines are still alive, so terminator squad 2 add their guns to the fray, killing them.
    The assault terminators continue the fight, with the chaos team unable to dislodge them, or indeed kill any of them. They return the fight by killing a chaos lord and the final chosen champion.

    Battle ends, with IG holding 2 objectives and contesting 2, while chaos simply contest 2. Talk about last minute comebacks.

    Man of the match:

    Since IG won for me it has to be the vets and the assault terminators for them.
    For chaos it would have to be the command squad.

    Last edited by jboweruk; May 19th, 2010 at 18:55.

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    797 (x8)

    30 terminators backed up by Imperial firepower. 'Nuff said. It probably would've been more lopsided had his vortex not taken out an entire squad of your termies.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
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    I only had 1800 points of IG, so somebody had to make up the numbers. Since my marines were already commited elsewhere (campaign game), all I had to spare was the terminators. And that could have been nasty for them then, as DS a 10 man squad is begging for a mishap. Luckily I didn't have any, and only lost that 1 entire squad. Without them the IG would have lost this, no ifs or buts.

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    797 (x8)

    I once had an apoc game with my guards against my friend's chaos marine army. As a matter of fact, it was my first real apoc game (and can be found here (3K Apocalypse game - IG vs Chaos Space Marines)). It was supposed to be 3K but he seemed to have a lot more than that, including Scabieathrax and a Plaugereaper. Afterwards, I calculated his list and I believe it was almost 5K of chaos against my 3K of guards! Anyways, the point is, chaos is tough, but guards in the right hands can hold their own just fine.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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    Yeah, unfortunately I don't have 3k of IG yet, and you saw the damage done by the damned Defiler, it hit every single damn time it fired. Ugly brute.

    Hopefully soon one of my mates is selling me his 'Last Chancers' he has all 12, I'm planning on mixing them in. For example Ox would make a great Harper, with that heavy bolter.

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