1500 Friendly Chaos vs Marines - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Friendly Chaos vs Marines


    6 Beserkers, champ w/power weapon, rhino w/combi melta
    6 Beserkers, champ w/power weapon, rhino w/combi melta
    7 Plague Marines, champ w/power fist, rhino w/combi melta
    7 Plague Marines, champ w/power fist, rhino w/combi melta

    5 Raptors, 2 meltas

    Predator w/Autocannon and las sponsons



    10 Tactical Marines w/Heavy bolter + flamer
    10 Tactical Marines w/Plasma cannon + flamer
    10 Grey Knights, champ w/psy cannon (or something similar)
    5 Scouts, 5 sniper rifles

    6 Terminators, 1 assault cannon, champ w/power weapon
    Chaplain in terminator armor

    5 Devastators, 4 missile launchers

    We were playing Kill points, I setup first, deploying a beserker rhino on my left flank, then in the centre a Plague marines rhino -> Defiler -> plague marine defiler -> predator -> beserker rhino.

    My opponent setup his scouts and devastators in cover in his corner, his tactical marines behind them, and was deepstriking the terminators and grey knights. He seized the initiative

    Turn 1
    First turn saw Lysander move and run towards the Chaos lines, everything else sat tight. The devastators unloaded there missiles at the Chaos rhinos but only managed to bounce off the top of some tree's in the way. The plasma cannon took a shot at the front of another rhino but scattered off.

    The defiler moved forward and the rhino's too, the flanked rhino fell behind the defiler to cover back armor, and the predator shimmied to a slightly better location for a more direct shot. The raptors head for the trees, to which lysander was heading towards. The defiler shot his battlecannon and took out 2 devastators (saved 3 cover saves) and killed 2 scouts. The predators autocannon shots were negated by the armor of the tactical marines it aimed at

    Turn 2
    Both the terminators and the grey knights both arrived from reserve, the grey knights behind the predator and the terminators scattered towards the trees; but still lay in chaos territory. Lysander advanced into the tree's but lay just out assault range. The devastators now with a clear shot at the defiler took aim and wrecked it. The grey knights shot at the predator but only managed to stun the crew. The terminators killed 3 raptors. The plasma cannon scattered off target again.

    Everything disembarked, the grey knights suffered 6 wounds from the rhino's and plague marines shooting. The terminators suffered 2 casualties and took the chaplain to 1 wound from the other plague marines and rhino's shots. The raptors flew towards the grey knights to avoid Lysander, leaving a squad of Plague marines in the way instead. The beserkers charged the remaining 4 Grey Knights and the champion took them by himself. The other squad of beserkers charged the terminators, leaving only the chaplain and one terminator standing, the chaplain and terminator killed 3 beserkers.

    Turn 3

    Lysander charged into the plague marines, all of the marines shooting was ineffective. Lysander managed to kill 2 plague marines, and took 2 wounds in return from them.

    The beserkers wiped the Grey Knights blood from there chain axes and embarked back into the rhino, then moved towards the trees. The plague marines moved towards the Lysander combat to lend a hand. The rhino's advanced out of cover towards the devastators, using smoke on the front two. The predator killed a tactical marine. Lysander killed two more plague marines in the assault, but failed to survive the onslaught of plague marines. Equally the Chaplain and terminator fell to the mass of beserker attacks

    Turn 4
    Now relying on destroying transports to gain KPs, the marine player fired everything at them, due to smoke they failed to do anything.

    The next few turns ensued the massacre of the marines. With no real way to stop the onslaught, Kharn and the beserkers led a full charge to wiping out the infantry left on the table.

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    I'm surprised he killed as much as he did, losing Lysander to regular Marines is rough though, he's a beast.

    Well written and easy to read, although next time perhaps a closer game would be in order. You clearly had a better list/skill level than the Marine player.
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