War of Attrition - 1800 pt Necron vs. IG - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    War of Attrition - 1800 pt Necron vs. IG

    The first casualty of War is Truth. This is essentially incorrect in Imperium since the endless war has not killed the truth. Instead the truth has evolved. The Imperial Truth is superior to any other form of truth because unlike the other truths the Imperial Truth is in no way subject to the limitations of reality. In fact, in Imperial Truth any resemblance to real persons or events is purely coincidental.

    War of Attrition

    1800 points Necron vs. Imperial Guard

    Necron List

    ”Lord of Flies” (destroyer body, warscythe)
    5 Pariahs
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    4 Destroyers
    4 Destroyers

    Imperial Guard List

    Company command squad, master of ordnance
    8 Ogryns w/bonehead
    5 Ogryns w/bonehead
    Infantry platoon:
    Penal legion squad w/priest
    2 lascannons
    2 meltas
    2 missile launchers
    Lots of warm bodies
    Infantry platoon:
    Penal legion squad w/priest
    2 lascannons
    2 meltas
    1 missile launcher
    Lots of warm bodies
    3 Mortars

    We both built the list not knowing the scenario but knowing something about our enemy. I knew he might take psykers and I knew he would take Ogryns. He knew my list was likely to be troop-heavy and I would field either Nightbringer + support lord or Destrolord + support lord. What he didn't know (and where I took a calculated risk) was that this time I would leave the resurrection orb home. I went ahead with Nightbringer and Destro lord. What I didn't know was that he intended to go close-combat list on me...

    We rolled for a random mission from Necron and Imperial Guard missions and ended up with War of Attrition. Now there is several notable things in the mission. Both sides get all their killed troop units back as reserves but the victory is counted point-for-point by comparing the point values of fully destroyed units. Deployment is full table halves. And, what is more, Imperial Guard gets hefty advantages in the start: He chooses the table sides, he deploys second and he has the first turn... You can't get game more stacked for you on first round, now can you?

    As he got to choose the table edge and would be deploying second/going first my deployment would have to be pretty damn carefull. I didn't want to get creamed on first round, after all. So I put my Nighty smack in middle of the table, as close to his side as I could. Following him from considerable distance was two warrior squads up front, one warrior sqaud in gunline at either flank. All destroyers were crammed back and left side and destro lord was on the right side with pariahs.

    When I finally handed the deployment over to Imperial Guard and my friend started to put his miniatures on the table I realized I had made a potentially fatal mistake. Due to terrain I had not deployed the warriors behind the Nighty in straight line but instead the line was curved a bit forward on both flanks, making my deployment look something like a huge bowl with Nighty hovering above it. Now as I usually had nothing to fear from Imperial Guard in short range deploying very aggressively out would not be a problem... However, the mini-army of the Ogryns begged to disagree and when I saw my friend deploying his Ogryns on both flanks as near to my forward-curving troops as possible I realized surviving the first turns would become a fight in itself.

    Turn #1

    Predictably enough I do not manage to steal the initiative so the Guard goes first. The lascannons manage to wound Nightbringer and master of ordnance and mortars start the indirect fire causing a few casualties. On both flanks the Ogryns advance along with penal legions following close by. The Ogryn ripperguns manage to rip down a few Pariahs and a couple of destroyers, but they aren't (yet) in range to assault. The penal legion manages to assault one necron squad, promptly wiping it out.

    On Necron turn I pull back my destroyers. Having lost one warrior squad my left flank is now open with Ogryns and penal legions closing in, threatening to roll me. I concentrate every ounce of fire I have on Ogryns there, managing to make them flee. On the right flank I need something to slow the Ogryns... But I only have one Pariah and Lord left so I throw them to assault. I do manage to cause a wound or two, but thats it. Out in front my necrons advance a bit while the Nightbringer leaps forwards to catch one of the platoon command sqauds in assault, locking him there.

    Turn #2

    The Guard tries to rally the running Ogryns but they just don't want to and continue their escape towards the board edge. Meanwhile the penal legion on the left flank has gotten pretty near and they fleet to catch my two remaining destroyers, promptly wiping them off. On the right flank Ogryns finish killing my pariahs and the destroyer lord and another penal legion squad hits my warriors straight on, leaving them locked. Nighty finishes off the command squad in melee.

    Lord of Flies makes his WBB and is back on track now. Having lost a bit too much for my own comfort I'll really need to cut down the second batch of Ogryns now. I'll divert Nightbringer towards the cover and use destroyers and warriors to shoot the Ogryns on the right. Lord assaults the remains and kills them off. However, in right flank I lose another warrior squad in melee racking my total losses around 750 points against measly 80 point command squad... I need blood, loads of it, to break even.

    Turn #3

    Ogryns rally and are back with vengeance. Nightbringer draws some lasercannon fire and is wounded again. On the right flank infantry shoots down my lord (again). The fleeting penal legion squad that has been the source of my troubles fleets yet again, straight into assault range of the destroyers, locking them up... Things look really bad.

    However, Things are starting to turn around on my turn. The Lord of Flies passes his WBB (again) and I get one warrior squad back from reserve and thats all I need now. I'll walk the reserve squad in from right side of my table edge, 8” away from the penal legion squad that just wiped them... Revenge is sweet. Rapid fire of 20 shots with absolutely no cover to speak off wipes the legion to a man. I'll throw my Nightbringer into slaying yet more infantry and charge the large penal legion/destroyer melee, sweeping the rest of the legion off the table. Lord assaults one squad of infantry on the right, sending the fleeing and consolidates back towards the warriors.

    Turn #4

    Ogryns are marching back to fray in left and on right side the Guards get both of their killed legion squads back... and they enter the game right next to my Lord and Warriors on the right. Promptly charging onwards they drop the lord (yet again) and sweep the Warriors off the board.

    Now that I've gotten rid off one Ogryn squad and the momentum off the Guards seems to be spent its time to rack in some serious kills. Lord of Flies makes his WBB (yet again) and I'll get two destroyed warrior squads back from reserve. I'll march one squad of warriors in from right and another from left side of my edge. I really *need* to kill the Ogryns now so I'll shoot them with two full warrior squads and all my remaining four destroyers, killing them finally. Another fresh warrior squad on the right shoots down one more penal legion group and lord assaults another group, causing a few wounds before going down (yet, yet again). Nighty carves up some more infantry and in the middle my warriors assault a smallish infantry squad.

    Turn #5

    We are close to even in points now but Guard doesn't have much left to fight with. He shoots everything he has dropping a few warriors here and there but with Nightbringer locked in one more combat is out of priority targets. Assault phase finishes up two of his infantries, leaving Nighty and Warriors free again.

    Lord of Flies (finally) fails his WBB and down for the count giving endless satisfaction to my opponent. I'll just stand and shoot now, finishing a squad on the right while Nighty comes ahead to slaughter yet one more squad.

    Game ends in 1060 points for the Guard and 1420 points for the Necrons, a clear Necron win.

    Notes on tactics and units:
    • This was the first time when Pariahs really let me down. I took them originally in case the Guard would have had that nasty psyker squad, but as he didn't take them I was using them as a bodyguard/extra-wounds for my Lord of Flies... a role they could not handle. They ended up being not much more than a very brief speed bump for the Ogryns.
    • I brought Nightbringer so that Guard would have to use his heavy weapons against him and not the Destroyers. I guess he did that, but in the end I racked about 200 points worth of kills with him. I did expect more... I was really planning to run him over to enemy company command and mortars and slaughter them but never quite got there, instead getting stuck up slaying small infantry and platoon command squads.
    • Guard assault army with Ogryns in charge is fearsome to Necrons when deploying this close. And the penal legion squads with priests in them are nothing to laugh at... The sheer number of attacks along with those rerolls and fleets, rendings, stubborns and whatnots is mindblowingly lethal against not-so-assaulty Necrons. However, there is one problem. Whatever they do, they usually get to do it once. They assault, they kill and then they are out in open with no saving throws of any kind and even a humble 10 man warrior squad will shoot them to bits.
    • My Lord of Flies did his job better than I ever imagined... my only regret is that instead of Pariahs I should've taken him 10 Scarab Swarms and some more wargear. I bet that with all those extra wounds the scarabs are providing he would have killed the Ogryns and rolled the whole right flank away without much trouble, leaving the rest of my army to do some seriously nasty shit to enemy. I'm not complaining, since win is a win, but it might have been overwhelming, crushing win.

    Revenant Moon Necrons: (W/L/D) 0/1/0 (6th edition: 13/2/2)(5th edition: 14/6/4)(3rd edition Codex: 16/4/7)
    XIX Legion: (W/L/D) 0/0/0 (5th edition: 14/12/2)(5th edition Codex: 4/3/0)
    Black Legion: (W/L/D) 1/0/0 (6th edition: 2/3/0)
    Something Wicked... Reikwald Beastmen: (W/L/D) 10/4/1

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    Great diagrams, thank you for taking the time to make them. Games without pictures should use that, it's almost as good.

    I've gotta say, on a negative note, that is one of the worst IG lists I've ever seen. You had a pretty good Necron force, I knew the outcome as soon as I read the individual lists. Keep up the battle reports though!
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Prince of Excess View Post
    I've gotta say, on a negative note, that is one of the worst IG lists I've ever seen. You had a pretty good Necron force, I knew the outcome as soon as I read the individual lists.
    I agree, but that's the only way for necrons to win these days.

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