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    1500 Tournament, Orky footslogger style

    This was my first tournie, 6 games over 2 days with a 2.5 hour time limit. VP's were worked out based on the system in the back of the rule book + objectives and killpoints were also translated into VP's. Killpoints were 1500/no# kill points. So if you had 10 killpoints each was worth 150 VP's. Objectives were 1500/no# objectives. so 5 objectives each was worth 300 VPs.

    My List:
    Big Mek: KFF, cybork
    Loots: 9 boys
    Kommandos: Snikrot, 9 boys, 2 burnas
    Shoota boys: 29 boys, 3 big shootas, nob, klaw, pole
    Shoota Boys: 29 boys, 3 big shootas, nob, klaw, pole
    Slugga boys: 29 boys, nob, klaw, pole
    Gretchin: 10 grots, runtherd
    Stormboys: 16 boys, nob, klaw, pole
    Deffkoptas: 2 TL rokkit koptas

    First Game: Pitched battle with 5 objectives(300 vp's each)
    Opponent: Eldar with
    Farseer: doom and guide
    Jain Zar
    Banshees with exarch in a waveserpent (Zar went here)
    Small fire dragon squad
    2 Dire Avengers squads
    Small ranger squad
    2 fire prisms
    Bright Lance wraithlord(modeled to hold the lance and painted up like his dragons, sweet model)

    I had initiative so deployed everything as far forward as possible except the lootas who grot screened along the back table edge and the stormboys who hid behind some ruins. boys spread out with the KFF central to provide cover to everyone minus the stormboys. Deffkoptas outflank
    His right flank had his serpent and prisms. unit of avengers in the centre with the dragons(attached farseer) to their left supported by wraithlord. Other unit of avengers and rangers castled up in ruins on objective.

    He seized initiative so his turn first.
    TURN 1 Eldar
    His castled units stay still everything else moves slightly forward, wave serpent turbos forward next to the big shoota squad. He fires everything on the slugga boys squad who take 3 casualties, nice.
    TURN 1 Orks
    Stormboys try to encircle the serpent but fluff the rokkit pack roll and a boy dies. Sluggas run forwards and shootas walk up to unleash some deff. Lootas fire uselessly at wraithlord, only a few boys are in range and a few dire avengers eat it.

    TURN 2 Eldar
    Banshess disembark, everything else holds their ground, Farseer dooms the sluggas(i hate this skill) and everything fired on them, he fired his rangers first so no need for pinning tests. 5 boys survive. to pass morale. Banshees charge into the stormboys and wipe them out, they consolidate towards the objective in the trees, falling short.
    TURN 2 Orks
    Snikrot and deffkoptas turn up. hooray. Snikrot turns up behind his centre dire avenger squad, deffkoptas come in on the fire prism flank, everybody else (minus lootas and grots) moves forwards. Deff skull shootas open up a full squads worth of fire on the banshees, Jain zar and the exarch survive, Bad moons open up on the fire dragons, wiping them out, farseer is ok. sluggas WAAAAAGH along with snikrot to get into charge range. Lootas waste another turn firing on the lord. Deffkoptas rokkit the side of a prism then forget to charge. Sluggas engage the farseer and snikrot get the avengers, while the deff shootas mob jain zar. All result in a massacre move, sluggas and snikrot move to the base of the castle while the deff shootas move into the tree for cover.

    TURN 3 Eldar
    Castled avengers wipe out the sluggas, while rangers pistol a few kommandos and charge the remainders. Wraithlord (we forgot about wraithsight from now on) charges the bad moon shootas after they cop a flogging from shooting. kills 2, nothing back on him. kommandos kill all the rangers and consolidate up the ruins
    TURN 3 Orks
    Deff skulls charge into the wave serpent, and glance it a handful of times, rolling ones for the damage(this is a theme for the whole tournie) Kommandos charge the dire avengers, both sides take alot of casualties. Wraithlord kills 2 more boys, nob tooks a wound off.

    TURN 4 Eldar
    Dire avengers bunker down near the objective. Prisms kill the koptas and the serpent flies off and fires into the boys. Wraithlord kills a few more boys but loses another wound.
    Turn 4 Orks
    Deff shootas assualt a prism, glance a few more times, ones again. Wraithlord and power klawe nob miss each other (dont know why he isnt trying to kill the big mek for more vp's). Lootas fir at prisms for the rest of the game and do nothing, at all

    TURN 5 Eldar
    tanks fly around firing on the deff shootas, wraithlord bites it, amidst a somewhat lessened boys squad.
    Lootas keep firing aimlessly, while their grot screen hotfoots it for an objective. Bad moons assualt a fire prism while the deff shootas hide in the woods with their objective. more glances got a 3 here to blow off a gun
    TURN 6 Eldar
    They shoot down the grots and contest my 2 held objectives.
    TURN 6 Orks
    More useless lootas, more useless combat against skimmers


    His low model count made it easy to wipe out his footsloggers but my lack of ranged anti tank and some shocking rolls meant his tanks survived 3 turns of constant attention, damn tanks

    GAME 2: Spearhead with 2 objectives (750 VP's an objective)
    OPPONENT: Vanilla Space Marines
    Captain with combi melta and lightning claw
    Tactical squad with meltas
    Drop pod

    Tactical squad with flamer in rhino

    Tactical squad with heavy bolter

    Devastators with 4 rokkit launchers split into 2 squads with 2 rokkits in each

    5 termies with an ass cannon

    Dreadnought with multi melta


    Orks are pretty jam packed, grots and lootas are in the tree on my objective, stormboys spread out behind the tree to block his pod when it comes, rest of the boy and the kopta are as far forward as possible,.
    Marines left flank consists of termies the vindicator and his rhino. Right flank has 2 devie com squads and the dread. HB squad sits in his objective tree.

    TURN 1 Orks
    Deffkoptas have turbo scouted forward and are in his vindies rear arc. stormboys stay still, the 3 big squads move forward, sluggas run. Lootas blow up his rhino shootas all fire on the termies and do nothing. Vindicator loses its gun and is immobilised(nice)
    TURN 1 Marines
    Pod drops in to the right of my tree objective and out hops all his marines. Rhino squad shuffles forward as do his termies, splitting off to the board edge devies and dread open up on the sluggas, half a dozen boys bite it. pod squad fire into the stormboys, killing 6. fluffed that they did. hB squads eats the forgotten deffkoptas(forgot to charge them again)
    TURN 2 Orks
    Snikrot turns up next to rhino squad. everything moves forwards. Lootas, fire on pod squad and do nothing, grots fire and make 2 kills. yeah boy. shootas all fire on termies, lots of wounds and made all his saves. Snikrot opens fire on the rhino squad. used the burnies for 17 hits. no wounds caused( need to stop using them as flamers on marines). sluggas charge into dread and make it to the close devie squad. stormboys assualt the pod marines. Snikrots assualt fails, but he holds fast. sluggas blow up dread taking 6 with it in the explosion. stormboys maul the pod squad.
    TURN 2 Marines
    Devie squad 2 runs up to support squad 1. Termies back away from the shootas and open fire. devies charge in and blows are traded. Stormboys wipe out pod squad and consolidate towards the pod. Squad 1 of devies dies but squad 2 holds out.

    TURN 3 Orks
    Everything fires on the termies(big rock in table centre prevents firing on the squad on the objective. kills none. they are tough these termies. ssluugas finish off the devies while the stormboys blow up the pod.
    TURN 4 Marines
    HB squad fires on the sluggas finishing them off, termies continue to avoid combat firing on the bad moon shootas. Stormbolter on the vindicator is irritating me, killing a boy a turn.

    TURN 4 Orks
    Stormboys rokkit 18 to land beside the termies. bad moons fire on the remains of rhino squad with support from the lootas. deff shootas fire on the HB squad in cover. couple of casualties all round. Stormboys charge the termies and mess them up, there goes their super armour saving abilities. consolidate towards the vindicator.
    TURN 4 Marines.
    Rhino squad sharges into combat with bad moon shootas and the HB squad fires on the deff shootas. Vindicator bolter kills a stormboy

    TURN 5 Orks
    Stormboys charge vindie and blow it up.
    Bad moon shootas finish off rhino squad
    Deff skulls fire on and then charge HB squad to table and claim the objective.


    GAME 3: Dawn of war Annihilation
    Opponent: Orks (evil)
    Warboss with big choppa, skorcha and cybork
    Nob mob with 3 skorchas and painboy

    Slugga boys in a trukk
    2 skorcha traks
    Kommando mob
    1 CCW dred
    1 dual burna dred
    shoota boys mob of 20
    SAG mek

    he deployed the shootas and SAG in the back left hand corner. I deployed my 2 shoota squads and KFF mek at the halfway line on the opposite side.

    TURN 1 Evil Orks
    All vehicles race as far forward towards my mobs as possible. Lootas setup with the CCW dred behind them as a snikrot defence. Dred 2 joins up with the shoota boys. Only shooting was by the SAG, which exploded, and he vehemently denied it being attached to his shoota squad.
    TURN 1 Orks
    My sluggas run on towards the flank where the action is, lootas and grots walk on centrally and stormboys hide behind ruins opposite the shootas. Deffkoptas fly up towards the trukks. All shooting and combat is at the skorcha traks, epic fail there.

    TURN 2 Evil orks
    Kommandos outflank near the boys mobs. Shootas and burna dred amble forward. everything able dismounts and pours fire into the big boys mobs. Tries to fire his whole shoota unit into my stormboys even tho he can clearly only see with 3 models (dodgy much) Skorchas make me cry, alot. Sluggas and nobs charge and wipe out bad moon shootas and KFF mek.
    TURN 2 Orks
    Snikrot fails to show. Stormboys get a good roll and move around the ruins towards the shootas. deff shootas shoot at the sluggas, lootas and koptas fire on the skorchas, killing one and stunning the other. Sluggas WAAAAGH and assualt the nob squad. Shootas wipe out sluggas and my sluggas kill a nob and the painboy and put a wound on the boss ( he allocates hits in combat like shooting, even when i try to correct him). Stormboys charge shootas and their accompanying dred. kill heaps of shootas and take CCW off the dred. the rest of the shootas run off the board.

    TURN 3 Evil Orks
    Trukks head for the lootas and the kommandos close in on the deff shootas. His kommandos and lootas finish off my deff shootas and koptas, his nobs kill a few more boys, but he is left with just a boss. stormboys nob takes the dreds other CCW weapon arm off and stuns him but loses a few more boys
    TURN 3 Ork
    Lootas finish off the skorcha while snikrot stays in hiding (he's come into alot of teeth it seems) sluggas finish off the boss. stormboys lose some more boys and fail to do anything to the dred.

    TURN 4 Evil Orks
    Lootas and kommandos attack my slugga mob with shooting and kommandos assualt the remnants and he tank shocks my lootas with a trukk, they kill it and its explosion takes a few grots.
    TURN 4 Orks
    Still no snikrot, stormboys take some more casualties for an immobilised result. no longer fearless their combat is not going as planned.

    TURN 5 Evil Orks
    Kommandos finish off the sluggas while the other trukk tries the same tactic as previously, immobilised, yea boy. Lootas fire a few shots into my grots who make all their covers (through the trees).
    TURN 5 Orks
    Snikrot turns up, flames the kommandos who flee, he then uses them to assualt slingshot onto the other side of the buildings near his lootas and dred. Stormboys break and run from combat, losing another 2 in difficult terrain.

    RESULT: Win for my orks
    Orks vs orks is always a very interesting and bloody game, his use of skorchas in the early turns made me seriously doubt my ability to win this one, but i hang in there, it was a close run thing in the end. If snikrot had of turned up earlier the flank still would of swung in my direction as he could of disabled the kommandos. Same goes for the stormboys failing to take out the dred. they were close enough to have gotten the lootas aswell.
    Alot of very strange rules interpretations made it a less than enjoyable game overall.

    Last edited by Beest; June 17th, 2010 at 13:25. Reason: update

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    368 (x8)

    What did you end up placing?

    Seemed like a nice and friendly tournament, a lot of lists using things you don't ordinarily expect to see. Thanks for doing a write up, it was pretty easy to read although some more grammar and such would have been nice, but I'am a nazi about such things. ><
    Check my Blog for Battle Reports, useless ranting and more! Comments appreciated.
    Like to talk Warhammer or want some advice on Armies or Tactics? Drop me a PM!

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    22 (x1)

    Was coming 2nd and then first for awhile, game 5 stuffed me and I came 6th overall. I used to be big on grammar but i'm a tradie now so don't tend to bother anymore.

    GAME 4: Spearhead Dawn Raid (one objective in the centre of each quarter, the opponents deployment zone objective is worth 600 VP's, all others are worth 300 VP's)
    OPPONENT: More Orks (I play this fella alot at games club, he's great fun to play against and always a challenge. This list of his scares me)

    Warboss, big choppa
    Nobz mob with 7-8, including painboy and all geared differently for wound allocation, in a trukk

    Grotsnik with 5-6 meganobs in a trukk (i hate this unit)

    2 shoota boys squads

    2 squads of 2 deffkoptas

    I had 1st turn so setup forward, stormboys at the back, lootas and grots on my objective inside some ruins. He deploys in a flying V formation with his trukks to either side of the central tower and a squad of shootas flanking on either side to head for the empty objectives, His deffkoptas started in reserve.

    TURN 1 More Orks
    He seized initiative, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. His meganob trukk careens forward 13" dismounting 5-6" away from my sluggas. the 2 shoota squads fan out towards the side objectives. The boss' trukk doesn't make it into assualt range as it has to move around the central tower. Nothing shoots as he doesn't want me to remove sluggas from the front of the mob. Slow and Purposeful for the assualt, dual 3's. I start to breath again
    TURN 1 Orks
    Deffkoptas fly at the boss' trukk while the sluggas and stormboys move up towards the nobs. Bad moon shootas hold their ground whilst the deff shootas move towards the boss' trukk. In hindsight the KFF mek in the bad moon shootas should've ambled forward to keep the stormboys in KFF range. Deffkoptas fire on the trukk and miss horribly so the Deff shootas give it everything they've got, and shake it. bloody trukk. The lootas, bad moon shootas, sluggas and stormboys all fire into the meganobs. 1 wound on a TL shoota, 1 on a skorcha and 1 on grotsnik.
    Assault time and first thing I did was forget to assualt with the koptas....again.( First list i've used with them in, more practice needed I think). Sluggas and stormboys charge into the meganobs. Wipe them out with a few casualties on the sluggas mob.

    TURN 2 More Orks
    Both lots of koptas turn up. One unit behind my lootas, the other unit on the far side of the table so they turbo boost it. His nobs race up and disembark in front of the deff shootas while his shootas continue heading for the side objectives. Shootas on my left maul my stormboys, leaving 4 alive( they pass morale). Shootas on the right shoot down my forgotten koptas. His koptas behind me fire their rokkits into the lootas who make their cover save, then they launch into the assault, passing the difficult terrain tests. His buzzsaw only manages to kill one loota and the lootas manage to put a wound on a kopta. draw. His nobs maul the deff shootas and only suffer a handful of wounds in return.
    TURN 2 Orks
    No snikrot. Stormboys rokkit towards the left hand shoota unit along with the reduced slugga unit. Bad moon shootas double back toward the nobs unit being held up by the deff shootas. Stormboys drop a shoota with their pistols and charge into the fray( I know i should of held them out and hidden them, but charging is just so orky not too). Grots charge in to help the lootas out while the bad moons pile into the nob unit. No wounds caused in the grot/lootas VS koptas, Stormboys kill a handful of shootas but are left with just a nob. deff skulls take a beating but they and the bad moons kill off alot of nobs, leaving the warboss and a power klaw nob.

    TURN 3 More orks
    Shootas on the right move up to occupy the right objective in the ruins( very ordered set up on this table, all the objectives are in or next to terrain). His other deffkoptas fly up 12 and rokkit the sluggas. His trukks have motored off to hide behind the central tower. Shootas kill the stormboy nob and consolidate towards the left objective(also ruins). Nob gets killed but the boss kills off the KFF mek. One more loota dies but they hold in their.
    TURN 3 Orks
    No Snikrot. Sluggas continue towards the shootas on the left. His boss kills off the last of the deff skulls before succumbing himself. Lootas inflict a wound killing a kopta and forcing the other to try and run, cutting it down.

    TURN 4 More Orks
    Shootas on the left move into the terrain while the right shootas hold their ground. Trukks race forward to block my sluggas from charging. Shootas kill a few sluggas but they are still fearless.
    Turn 4 Orks
    Snikrot turns up next to the right hand ruins holding his untouched shoota squad. sluggas and bad moons continue around the ruins firing on the shootas. Lootas fire on one of the trukks, shaking it. grots move up to be 3" from the objective. Snikrot's boys make the shootas do the burnie dance then charges in to finish them off. They then consolidate further into the ruins towards the koptas.

    TURN 5 More Orks
    One trukk contests the left objective while the other tank shocks at the grots. who pass morale and promptly hide. His shootas kill off a few more sluggas while the koptas fail to rokkit any kommandos.
    TURN 5 Orks
    Sluggas and shootas both charge up towards the shootas in the ruins. Snikrot moves 6" out of cover towards the koptas. Lootas immobilise the trukk near the grots while the kommandos, sluggas and shootas all WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH into combat. Kommandos inflict one wound and suffer two in return. ouch they hold firm. Sluggas take some wounds from the in coverr shootas but the return attack wipe them out. Sluggas consolidate towards his starting quarter. My shootas move towards the objective and his trukk

    Turn 6 More Orks
    Immobilised trukk fires on the lootas, killing 1 more. Trukk near the objective holds it place and fires on the shootas, killing 2.
    Turn 6 Orks
    Sluggas move and run towards his base objective, snikrot finishes off the koptas. Lootas blow up the immobile trukk while the shootas shoot down the other one.
    Tabled. (If i had of left his trukk alive till turn 7 My sluggas would of reached his objective giving me an extra 600 VP's. oh well)

    RESULT: Win for my boys. this was a great game this one. His poor rolling on his meganob slow and purposeful and the fact that he only made 3 FnP saves really hurt him this game. This is the fella who went on to win the tournament and I'm proud to be the only player to win against him.

    Coming up tonight is game 5 and 6. stay tuned

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    797 (x8)

    Good read so far. When you have ork-on-ork action, sometimes it gets a little confusing whose orks are doing what to whom. That can be made clearer with using more possesive pronouns (i.e. "my" shootas killed "his" kommandos as opposed to "the" shootas killed "the kommandos"). Just something to consider on you next batreps. Congrats on your finish and for beating the super-orks. Lots of orks in that tourney. Good thing you didn't go up against land raiders.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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    22 (x1)

    Good point JY. Will remember for any future reports.

    GAME 5: Dawn of War. 3 objectives (500 VP's each) come in along the centre line as per reserve rules. Each objective always scatters D6" and a large pie plate is centred on the marker. Anything touched by the template takes a strength 9, ap 2 hit.
    OPPONENT: Imperial Guard Air Cav ( as soon as i saw this guy walk in the door saturday morning i hoped i wouldn't have to face him)

    4 vet squads with either meltas or plasmas, and a demo charge in each
    command squad with plasma guns
    3 valkyries(squad of 2 and a single)
    2 vendettas

    Won't even bother with a turn by turn for this one. 1st turn everything but my bad moon shootas takes cover in the copious ruins on the board. His planes fly around and just generally shoot me while i spectacularly fail to do anything more than shake them and blow off one missle pod. End of turn 5 I'd killed a vet squad and damaged a valk and he'd only killed one shoota squad and the KFF mek. I held one objective to 2 contested. The game continued for another 2 turns and i got slaughtered. He held 2 objectives to one contested.

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