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    1500 pts Ultramarines vs. Blood Angels with maps, lists, comments.


    Welcome, Dear Reader!

    For your delectation and as an exercise to my memory, I present a battle report from a game I played on the 1st of July 2010 in Games workshop Durham.

    This was somewhat a game of firsts for me - the first time I'd played in 4 months, the first time I'd played in a Games Workshop store (despite 15 years of playing), the first game I'd played against the new Blood Angels and the first game I'd played against their owner, a friend of mine who previously played Fantasy and finally took up 40k in the last couple of years (which is a good move I'm sure we can all agree).

    My last game was a game of Planetstrike in which I defended my (semi-)unassailable fortress against the Orks, but this time I would be facing the children of Sanguinius in a standard game - a very different prospect indeed.

    I'd never played in a Games Workshop before because I usually just play with friends, and generally speaking we've had room to play at one of our houses, however this time we were just squeezing in a game after work, and GW Durham is quite near to where both of us work, so it made sense to play there rather than start tripping about before we even got started. Although it would have been nice if they had put some air conditioning in, as it was stupidly hot and humid inside the store - thank god for the shop over the road and their refrigerated drinks!

    Army Lists

    Ultramarines 2nd Company

    I will freely admit that with the stuff I've seen in the Blood Angels Codex, I spent quite a while agonising over what to take in my army. As I stated before, my last game was against Orks, and most of the previous ones were as well. However flamers, massed bolter fire and whirlwind missiles aren't much use against troops in power armour (or as I feared, artificer armour). I also knew I'd be facing a lot of Feel No Pain saves as Death Company and Sanguinary Priests are the order of the day for most BA players.

    With this in mind, I decided to dust off the old Las/Plas approach, reasoning that Lascannons and Plasma weapons would be invaluable as they will wound easily, ignore and armour saves and also ignore feel no pain - as well as allowing me to pop any of the transports or ridiculo-dreads that the Blood Angels can take. Obviously I would get fewer of them for my points, but with all the uber-elite expensive options the Blood Angels get, I was expecting to be facing a relatively small force.

    First in was two-tactical squads - anyone who's read a battle report I've written before will know these are automatic choices for me. Rather than my usual loadout these were equipped with Lascannons and Plasma guns, for the reasons stated above. It did mean substituting my painted squads for undercoated ones, but thankfully there wasn't a painting competition side to this game!
    I also bought Rhinos for both squads to give them a bit more mobility for objective grabbing or Death Company baiting, or to allow them to sit in their (admittedly flimsy) bunkers and fire plasma guns at approaching Nasty Things. I would have thrown in power weapons or fists for the Sergeants if I'd had the points left over, but unfortunately I didn't.

    Next in was a Dreadnought - I knew at least one would allow me to kill a few Blood Angels before it went down, and with luck, it could do some serious damage to some Death Company or Sanguinary Guard - depending on what they had in the way of anti-armour. Fearful of the speed of the BA vehicles, I gave him a multi-melta and put him in a drop pod, with the objective of coming in and (hopefully) popping whichever tin can full of red guys was the highest priority. I also gave him a heavy flamer as they score a good number of hits at close range and could bag me a few lucky casualties.

    On this note, I knew I would be facing some roving bands of highly mobile super nasty assault units - namely Sanguinary Guard or Death Company. To this end, I knew I needed something that could reliably make a serious dent in them before they got to my lines. I didn't want to risk anything assaulty (I always find the best initiative is the one where you shoot them to death instead of charging), so my go-to-guys for this role are the Sternguard. Knowing that I would be facing Feel No Pain and possibly 2+ saves, I took a 5 man squad (I would have taken ten in a bigger game but at 1500 they are a points sink really) and gave all of them Combi-Plasmas. I also gave the Sergeant a lightning claw in case he did end up in an assault (I took the LC because it's same points as a power weapon and the re-roll is better when you don't have a pistol). I put these guys in a drop pod as well, knowing that putting them in the right place could be the key to winning the game.

    I also needed something to allow me to shoot up any approaching Blood Angels, or at least keep them in cover rather than charging towards me. For this I went to my Devastators, taking a 5 man squad (to conserve points) with two Plasma Cannons - definitely something to make anyone in power armour think twice about venturing into the open.

    I'd used up two thirds of my army and I still didn't have a leader for them. This I considered long and hard. I was sorely tempted to try Lysander and some TH/SS Terminators in a Land Raider or Deep Striking, but I didn't want Lysander's Stubbornness keeping my squads locked in combat when I should be using Combat Tactics to fall back and shoot.
    I also consider Marneus Calgar, but I ended up worrying too much than one charge from the Sanguinary Guard and a few bad saves would see me losing 465 points worth of models in one feel swoop - not something conducive with success.
    So taking the above to heart, my Second Company looked to their leader. I took Cato Sicarius and his Command Squad. Sicarius has come through for me in the past and with luck he would again. He didn't get a transport, as I didn't think I could spare the points, and as he was a non-scoring unit the Tactical Squads came higher in the pecking order.

    With a few points remaining, I looked at what I could afford and decided on another Dreadnought, mostly for the reasons I went into above. Instead of a drop podding multi-melta monster, I went instead for a twin-linked Lascannon this time, to allow him to stand with the core of my army, but move about to get shots on any juicy targets of opportunity. He retained the close combat weapon though, as all too often what a Dreadnought can't settle with his gun he can settle much more easily with his fist. Another heavy flamer rounded him out and used up the last of my points.

    My battle plan was to have a firebase consisting of the 5 man combat squads with Lascannons (unless we rolled Kill Points) and Devastators hold the line, while the other half of the Tactical Squads in their Rhinos, Lascannon Dreadnought and Sicarius move forward to engage anything incoming. Then when the drop pods come down, they can take out (or at least slow down) the biggest threats to my success!


    Captain Cato Sicarius - 200

    Command Squad Daceus “Lions of Macragge” - 180
    Company Standard, Company Champion, Meltagun, Power Fist


    Sternguard Veteran Squad XI Gordian - 170
    Lightning Claw, Meltabombs, 5 Combi-Plasmas

    Drop Pod - 35

    Dreadnought I Honoured Brother Ultracius - 160
    Heavy Flamer, Twin-Linked Lascannon, Extra Armour

    Dreadnought II Honoured Brother Agnathio - 130
    Heavy Flamer, Multi-Melta, Extra Armour

    Drop Pod - 35


    Tactical Squad III Vorolanus “The Thunderbolts” - 190
    Five Additional Marines, Plasma Gun, Lascannon

    Rhino - 35

    Tactical Squad VI Octavian “Swords of Judgement” - 190
    Five Additional Marines, Plasma Gun, Lascannon

    Rhino - 35


    Devastator Squad X Atavian "The Titan Slayers" - 140
    2 Plasma Cannons

    Blood Angels 4th Company

    This is the list my opponent used, as accurate as we can remember:


    Captain Castigator - 140
    Jump Pack, Power Weapon


    Sanguinary Priest Virgil - 75
    Jump Pack

    Sanguinary Priest Cardozo - 50

    Sanguinary Guard Squad Rafen - 240
    Power Fist, Chapter Banner

    Chaplain Crixus - 115
    Power Fist


    Death Company - 130
    Three Additional Death Company, Hand Flamer

    Rhino - 60
    Hunter Killer Missile

    Death Company Dreadnought Brother Sergeant Nexus - 125
    Blood Talons

    Tactical Squad 4 Castor - 215
    Five Additional Marines, Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Combi-Plasma

    Tactical Squad 3 Proximo - 200
    Five Additional Marines, Heavy Bolter, Meltagun, Power Fist


    Vindicator "Sanguine Fury" - 145


    The table we took over was a Citadel Realm of Battle Gameboard, setup with the hills in the corners. We setup terrain using the store's CoD Buildings and a few bits of Aegis Defence line to use as Barricades. The layout was roughly the same from either side of the board to give it equality for wherever we ended up deploying.

    NB: I have cropped the maps a bit because neither of us ended up venturing onto the western end of the board, and getting rid allowed me to get better images into the 700px limit. I also forgot to put the hills into the SW and NE corners, but no one went on them so it's immaterial really.

    Mission Setup

    I rolled for the mission and got Capture and Control.
    We placed the four objectives, all in or next to ruined buildings, roughly in each corner of the table.
    I rolled the Spearhead deployment type however we decided to play Pitched Battle instead through mutual consent.
    I won the roll off for the first turn choice, and chose to go second.

    NEXT UP: The Game!

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    339 (x8)

    Let The Games Begin!

    The Game

    Blood Angels Deployment

    Both Tactical Squads Split into Combat Squads, the heavy weapons taking up positions on the first floor of ruins, those from Squad Castor next to the North West objective, whilst the special weapons and Sergeants from both squads were on the ground at the front of the deployment zone ready to advance, but still in cover.
    Sanguinary Priest Cardozo was joined to the Combat Squad containing Sergeant Proximo at the beginning of the game.
    The Death Company started together on the right flank, with the Dreadnought Nexus taking a measure of cover behind the Rhino, which contained the squad and attached Chaplain Crixus.
    The Vindicator "Sanguine Fury" started on the left flank, next to the building the Tactical Squad Castor was in.
    Captain Castigator, Sanguinary Guard Squad Rafen, and Sanguinary Priest Virgil cover behind the Sanguine Fury.

    Ultramarines Deployment

    The Ultramarines deployed using a refused flank approach, setting up my army on the right flank, putting some distance between them and the Blood Angels' Sanguinary Guard and Vindicator.
    Like the Blood Angels, Squad Vorolanus and Octavian split into combat squads, the heavy weapons elements in positions where their lascannons had a good view of the approaches between the ruins. The combat squad from Squad Vorolanus was also claiming the South East objective. The other Combat Squads, containing the Squads' Sergeants and their Plasma Guns, started embarked in their Rhinos, which formed the flanks of my army.
    The Devastators of Squad Atavian setup in the same building as the Lascannon-toting half of Squad Vorolanus, where the Titan Slayers' Plasma Cannons had a good view between the buildings, already having a line of sight on several of the Blood Angels' squads.
    Honoured Brother Ultracius started off on the hill already occupied by Squad Octavian, where his Lascannon had a good view of the battlefield.
    Captain Sicarius, accompanied by Command Squad Daceus, deployed right at the front of the Ultramarine deployment zone, behind a barricade but clearly showing the intent to charge forward at the first opportunity.

    Deployment Map


    Blood Angels Turn 1

    The Sanguine Fury moved worryingly quickly up the left flank, and the Sanguinary Guard took flight, landing behind in the shadow of the Vindicator again out of sight.
    Both halves of Squad Castor moved forwards, those on the ground moving towards the next building, those in the building behind them moving up to take up a better firing position for their missile launcher.
    The Death Company Dreadnought which had been Brother Sergeant Nexus moved towards the Ultramarines, which put it into the cover of the ruin Squad Proximo's Combat Squad were in.
    The Death Company Rhino moved to the ruin next to the North East objective and popped smoke.
    The Vindicator shot at Devastator Squad Atavian however the demolisher cannon was just out of range.

    End of Blood Angels Turn 1:

    Ultramarines Turn 1

    Honoured Brother Agnathio's drop pod arrived landing almost on target next between the Death Company Dreadnought and Rhino, and he disembarked to the right, putting the drop pod between him and the Blood Angels' Dreadnought.
    The Rhinos both moved forward, Vorolanus' straight up the middle of the battlefield, whilst Octavian's moved towards the Death Company.
    Lacking transport himself, Sicarius and his Lions of Macragge vaulted the barricade and ran forwards, reaching the cover of the ruin in front.
    Honoured Brother Ultracius advanced down the hill where he had started towards the Death Company on the right flank.

    Agnathio reduced the Death Company Rhino to a crater full of smoking metal with a point blank Multi-Melta blast, the Rhino's smokescreen having no effect at such short range. The Death Company and Chaplain Crixus emerged unscathed from the explosion.
    Squad Atavian fired their Plasma Cannons at Sergeant Proximo and his squad, killing two of them, the deadly brilliance of the plasma blasts more than a match for the boon provided by the Sanguinary Priest Cardozo.
    Squad Vorolanus' Lascannon fired at the rapidly approaching Vindicator and immobilized the Sanguine Fury with a lucky shot.
    In their eagerness to advance, the Rhinos carrying the Tactical Squads forgot fire their smoke launchers.

    End of Ultramarines Turn 1:

    Blood Angels Turn 2

    Sanguinary Priest Cardozo left Sergeant Proximo and his combat squad, moving into the building occupied by the Squad's other Combat Squad, though he remained on the ground floor and did not join them.
    Crixus led the Death Company towards Agnathio, whilst the rage of the Nexus moved him towards the drop pod - but left him also in charge range of the Ultramarine walker.
    No longer able to use the Vindicator as mobile cover, Captain Castigator and accompanying Sanguinary Guard and Priest Virgil all jumped forwards again, landing to the west of the Southwest objective.

    The Vindicator fired its Demolisher cannon at Vorolanus' Rhino and immobilized it.
    Crixus, The Death Company and Death Company Dreadnought Nexus charged Brother Agnathio. The Nexus' Blood Talons could only shake the Ultramarines Dreadnought, but in turn his attacks against Crixus were stopped by the Blood Angel's Rosarius. His return attacks with his power first were much more effective however, leaving Agnathio a broken wreck on the ground. The Death Company then all consolidated towards the Drop Pod.

    End of Blood Angels Turn 2:

    Ultramarines Turn 2

    The Ultramarine's remaining reserves did not arrive this turn.
    Octavian's Rhino moved forward this turn, slowly approaching the Death Company, and Ultracius also moved towards them, clearly intent on avenging his fallen Brother, Agnathio.
    Sicarius and his men moved further into the building they occupied, having difficulty with the crumbling ruin and only managing to get halfway across it.

    Vorolanus' Rhino attempted to repair the damaged caused by the Vindicator, but they did not succeed, while Octavian's Rhino fired its smoke launchers.
    Vorolanus' Combat Squad caught sight of Death Company Dreadnought Nexus in a gap between the ruins, and even thought it was obscured by the drop pod, they chanced a Lascannon shot at it. The blast energy hit home with force, and the Blood Angels' walker exploded, the Brother Sergeant Nexus finally given release in his second death.
    Sergeant Atavian directed his plasma cannons to fire at Sergeant Proximo's Squad again, however in a freak occurrence one of the shots scattered into the building, hitting Sanguinary Priest Cardozo and obliterating him!

    End of Ultramarines Turn 2:

    Blood Angels Turn 3

    The Captain Castigator and his companions all jumped over the building containing the Southwest objective, leaving them close to the Ultramarine's left flank.
    The Tactical Combat Squads containing the Sergeants and special weapons both advanced, Castor moving into the upper floor of the ruin overlooking the southwest objective, Proximo moving across open ground towards the northeast objective.

    Sanguinary Guard squad Rafen fired their Bloodshard bolters at Atavian's Devastators, the hail of fire killing one of their marines despite the cover of the building.
    The Sanguine Fury fired at Vorolanus' Rhino again, this time blasting it apart and leaving Vorolanus and his men in the open.
    The Death Company destroyed Agnathio's Drop Pod with ease, Crixus smashing it apart with his power fist.

    End of Blood Angels Turn 3:

    Ultramarines Turn 3

    The Ultramarines' second Drop Pod arrived with a boom of thunder, scattering off its intended target and impacting between the building holding the southwest objective and the building opposite occupied by the combat squad from Squad Castor, right in front of the Vindicator. The hatches blew, and Sternguard Squad Gordian advanced down the ramps towards the Sanguinary Guard with lethal intent, priming their combi-weapons.
    The half of Squad Octavian who were in the open nearby moved up with them.
    Sicarius and his men moved to the front of the ruin they were occupying, leaving them in a position to charge across the street.

    Squad Gordian fired all five of their Combi-Plasma Guns at the at squad consisting of the Sanguinary Guard, Captain Castigator, and Sanguinary Priest Virgil, the lethal barrage killing 4 of the Sanguinary Guard. Squad Vorolanus joined in, their plasma gun at killing the last of the gold-armoured warriors.
    Seeing an opening, Sergeant Atavian directed his Plasma Cannons to fire on Virgil, leaving him nothing but a charred outline in the rubble.
    Observing all this from his vantage point in the southeast, the marine bearing Squad Octavian's Lascannon took aim and shot at the now exposed Captain Castigator, overloading his Iron Halo and killing the Blood Angels' leader outright.

    The other half of Squad Octavian fired their plasma gun from the top hatch of their Rhino, killing one of the nearby Death Company. Brother Ultracius also fired his Lascannon at them, but such was the frothing rage of the Death Company that one of them survived a lascannon hit!

    End of Ultramarines Turn 3:

    Blood Angels Turn 4

    The only movement from the Blood Angels was from the Death Company and the Combat Squad from Squad Castor, both of whom advanced towards Squad Octavian's Rhino.

    Eager for revenge, the Sanguine Fury shot at Squad Gordian, the blast hitting home and killing three of them, including Sergeant Gordian, despite the cover provided by their drop pod.
    The Blood Angels from Squad Castor overlooking the drop pod shot at Vorolanus and his men, killing 2 of them.
    The Meltagun from Squad Proximo fired at the Rhino, causing it to explode, though Octavian and his men survived unharmed. The other half of Squad Proximo fired their bolters and heavy bolter at Sicarius and his men, a lucky shot taking out Sergeant Daceus.

    End of Blood Angels Turn 4:

    Ultramarines Turn 4

    The remaining members of Sergeant Vorolanus' Combat Squad moved into the ruin to the west, claiming the southwest objective for the Ultramarines. The two remaining Veterans of Squad Gordian also ran into the ruin.
    Sergeant Octavian and his Combat Squad moved into the cover of the ruin next to the northeast objective, claiming it.
    Sicarius and his squad moved out of cover, crossing the street towards the building holding the Combat Squad from Squad Proximo with the Heavy Bolter.
    Brother Ultracius advanced towards Sergeant Proximo's squad in front of him, trying to get his heavy flamer into range.

    The leftover Sternguard fired a volley of Hellfire shells at Sergeant Castor and his squad, but they were protected by their cover.
    Atavian's Devastators, and various others from the Ultramarines army, all shot at Crixus and the Death Company, wiping them out.
    Brother Ultracius fired his heavy flamer and Lascannon and Sergeant Proximo's squad, killing two of them, and then Octavian and his squad rapid fired at them, killing the last.

    End of Ultramarines Turn 4:

    Blood Angels Turn 5

    The Vindicator shot at the survivors of Squad Gordian again, but the cover of the building saved them.
    The remaining Combat Squad from Squad Proximo, in the grip of the Red Thirst, fired their bolt pistols at, and then charged, Sicarius and his command squad, taking out their Meltagunner and Apothecary. The Ultramarines Captain and his command squad replied with deadly force, and only one of the Blood Angels' survived, though the survivor fell back successfully (this was a mistake on our part - he should have been fearless). Sicarius and the Lions of Macragge consolidated across the open ground towards Sergeant Castor's Combat Squad.

    End of Blood Angels Turn 5:

    Ultramarines Turn 5

    Sergeant Octavian led his combat squad into the building next to the northeast objective, claiming it, whilst the other half of his squad moved down the hill, trying to get some better lines of sight.
    Sicarius and the remainder of his squad moved across the table towards Combat Squad Proximo again, but when they charged they fell foul of the difficult terrain and remained on the ground outside the building.

    Dan rolled to see if the game continued, and it did!

    End of Ultramarines Turn 5:

    Blood Angels Turn 6

    Sergeant Proximo and his squad shot at Sicarius and the Command Squad, taking out the Standard Bearer.

    End of Blood Angels Turn 6:

    Ultramarines Turn 6

    The Lascannon from Squad Octavian shot the remaining member of Squad Proximo, killing him.

    Sicarius and the Second Company Champion assaulted Squad Proximo, killing several of them, but the Blood Angels held their ground.

    The game then ended at the six turn limit (set by the store).

    End of Ultramarines Turn 6:

    Final Score

    Blood Angels: 1 Objective, Ultramarines: 3 Objectives.

    NEXT UP: After Action Report!

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    The Dust Settles...

    After Action Report


    Courage and Honour! I have to admit that whilst I did feel bad for my opponent - he had some ludicrously bad dice rolls, and for once, I really didn't - there is a certain satisfaction in seeing a plan come off.

    Everything in my army did pretty much what I asked of it, and while I have to admit it would have been nicer if Brother Agnathio had managed to splatter the Death Company, and the Sternguard's Drop Pod hadn't landed where they had to deploy in line of sight of the Blood Angels Vindicator, and Sicarius had rolled a few higher on his difficult terrain tests (and so on) all told I don't really have any rights to complain.

    I also have to make an apology to Dan - I completely forgot the overheat rolls for my Plasma Cannons. I haven't used them on infantry before and without rolling to hit with them it just totally slipped my mind until a few days later.

    All credit to Dan, he was very gracious in defeat - probably a lot more than I would have been. Still, I have to say that as is often the case in victory, I didn't learn much, and I think he did - I know I'll have a much harder time of it in the next game!

    Man of the Match
    This really is difficult to judge - the Sternguard would be obvious contenders (I have now decided that Squad Gordian have earned their squad nickname, which will be "The Executioners"), as would squad Atavian and their plasma cannon attacks of death (and let us not forget the Tactical Squads, who to be fair, actually won the game) - but for me, I think it had to be the Lascannon armed member of squad Vorolanus who immobilised the Vindicator (which still did a fair amount of damage, but it could have been much worse) and blew the Death Company Dreadnought to scrap so early on in the game - both shots which I think were crucial to my success. So Lascannon gunner, a Marksman's Honour (and possibly even a name if you're lucky) are on their way to you when we get back to Macragge!

    Blood Angels

    I asked Dan for him comments and he came saying that he's learnt a lesson about how to use Jump Pack infantry, and that he will be looking our for reserves... I knew that trick wouldn't work twice!

    He's also had some thinking on his list, and he definitely likes the Vindicator (though would have preferred it not to get shot) he thinks that replacing the Sanguinary Guard with a ten-man Assault Squad with Meltaguns may be a good idea (which I don't like the sound of), and that maybe the DC dread could be replaced by some Devs. He's also looked into deep striking the Sanguinary Guard as an alternative - or possibly some Vanguard Vets to perform a Heroic Intervention.

    Man of the Match
    Dan gave man of the Match to the Vindicator Sanguine Fury for blasting Vorolanus' Rhino and the Sternguard as well as a couple of Vorolanus' Tactical Marines, and the honourable mention went to Chaplain Crixus for single handedly battering Brother Agnathio and his drop pod.

    And Finally...

    Whilst I may have won the game, Dan's army was not only painted, but painted to a brilliant standard, whereas my rag-tag bunch of hastily assembled marines (I was still gluing the Plasma-Sternguard together at 2300 hrs the night before we played) were mostly just undercoated or had a token splash of Ultramarine blue on them. I'll try to get some pictures from Dan, and if I can I will post them on the end of this thread, so I can show you that he would definitely have won best painted army! I may also put on some shots of the models I used just to highlight how poor they looked in comparison...

    So, Dear Reader (see, I remembered your name), assuming you have made it this far, what are your thoughts? What should I have done differently? What should he? Both of us are open to (constructive) criticism!

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    207 (x5)

    The Good:

    You did an excellent job on the writeup and the pictures. It was easy to see what was going and I also appreciated your commentary on why you built the list the way you did. It offers good insight to players who are looking to learn from bat reps.

    The Bad:

    I'm really not a fan of meta-gaming. I've always prefered the challenge of balanced all comers lists to the one sided slaughter that comes from tooling your list to a specific opponent or army type. There is not much to take from your battle report besides 'spaming plasma kills marines', which isn't that much of a revelation. Your list was very heavily geared towards your opponent while his list seemed closer to what a balanced (though weakly formulated) BA list might be. The victor of this battle was largely decided before you guys even deployed and that isn't a great deal of fun for anyone. However, if the metagame is how your local gaming community runs then it is probably ok as long as your opponets do as well.

    The Ugly:

    The BA players list was a little sub par and his deployment choices confused me. He had 2 objectives in his own zone and 2 tac squads yet he only defended one objective and seemed to fritter away his other scoring unit holding a useless building in the center of his deployment. A better tactic would have been to secure both his objectives with his tac squads while rushing one of your objectives with the DC, Sang Sguard and Dred. All he needed for a win was to hold his two objectives and contest one of yours. Instead he chose to hold one of his objectives and make a halfhearted thrust at one of yours which would only, at best, give him the draw (and that would only be if you twiddled your thumbs and didn't take his undefended objective with your more moblie mounted squads).

    Some list suggestions for your friend Dan (please pass them on):

    #1. Captains are pointless in the BA dex. If you want CC then take a Reclusiarch otherwise take a Libby. Either of those choices outshine the Captain, though they do it in different ways. My personal thought is he should have just upgraded his chaplain to a Relusiarch and called it good. He has too many points invested in individual models in the HQ and elites section so dropping that Captain would free up lots of points for no real drop in effectiveness.

    #2. Don't put PF on IC characters, ever. You don't want a guy who can be picked out in combat to be swinging last, its a waste of good initiative. Move the PF onto a DC trooper and use the Chaplain/Reclusiarch's crozius to thin out the ranks.

    #3. The DC are poorly equiped. Hand flamers are useless and expensive, drop it. I would give them a PF or Thunder Hammer and one or two power weapons. Combine that with a chappy and the unit can kill anything it touches on the charge. Make sure the unit AT LEAST has a PF that can't be picked out so it can threaten any vehicles used to bait/bog the unit even if the chappy is killed. Also, if he drops 1 DC he can use the points for a power weapon and he can then put the unit in a Razorback which would give him a TL heavy bolter on the cheap (which is handy against many things).

    #4. His units need to be mounted or have jump packs. Speed is the bread and butter of BA and he is leaving it at home. Fast Rhinos/Razorbacks for his tac squads would double the flexibility his army would have in terms of taking objectives. With just a couple transports for his scoring units he could have played far more aggresively than he did which is the key to BA. I would use the points saved from trading the captain and upgrading the chappy to a reclusiarch to squeeze in rides for his tacs.

    #5. Too much glitter and not enough steel. What I mean is that your friend has too many 'oh shinny!' toys and to few real units to back them up. In 1,500 pts he brought only two scoring troops who were unmounted but he took a unit of DC, a DC Dred AND Sanguinary Guard. That's too many toys with nothing to back them up. He just doesn't need that many uber CC units while the important parts of his army are left underequiped. I personally would drop the Sang guard for a pack of assault marines with x2 melta and a PF. That will get him ten more scoring bodies on the table who can take on armour and be good in CC for 5pts less than the Sang G. If he outfits his DC as I've said and still has his DC Dred he wont need any other uber killy units like the SG.
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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    1 (x0)

    Hi All,

    It's Dan here. First of all thanks to Chris for his excellent job in writing up the battle report, even tho it does make me look like a bit of a fool.

    In truth, I'm a model maker, painter first & wargamer second. Chris has been pestering me for years about collecting 40k & then to game with them. I started collecting dec 09 & started gaming march 2010. I hope this explains some of my schoolboy type errors in Army Selection & deployment.

    Undead Bonzi noted that I should've played a 10 man assault squad with x2 meltaguns & in truth this was what I intended to start with instead of the Sang Guard. I have a silly rule, where by I wont play a unit unless it's fully painted & based etc. I know this seems odd, but it helps me motivate myself during dry spells. Co-incidently the outstanding 4 RAS guy's have now been completed & the full 10 man squad with be deployed in the next game.

    The DC is something I've played about with. I've got 10 painted with JP & Lemertes & the 6 footsloggers used in this game. I chose the footsloggers in a rhino basically because of cost & the fact I like being able to control them longer. Another odd little rule is that I only play the models how they appear. If the Chaplain has a power fist, then he has a power fist. I'm not a power player so this really isn't an issue for me really. Plus if the Chappy is in an assault where his Crozius would be better used then he'll use that instead of the PF.

    While my deployement seems a little odd, I had intended to leave my second objective on the left flank open so as to draw out & weaken Chris's line, thus leaving it open to my Vindi & Sang Guard squad sweeping in from the right.

    I was hoping the my DC would slow down or stop any force moving toward the abandoned objective & then one of the combat squads could move & claim it in a later turn. Clearly this isn't how things turned out.

    The Vindi being hit early on really hurt me. I had wanted it to push my sang guard up behind it until they were in striking distance of his line. As it was they were unsupported & caught out in the open by the unit Chris had tailored to hit them with.

    My plan, as with most, never survived first contact with the enemy. If only the same could be said of Chris. Lessons have been learnt, the hard way addmittedly. However i'm looking forward to our second game, with my 10 man assaulty squad.

    The issue with the Captain is also a valid one. This guy was the first I painted & I havent played him for months before this game. Most of my games are 2,000 pts & I've been running with either Sanguinor, Tycho or Dante. The Captain was the cheaper alternative for 1500, but I accept he wasn't really needed.

    I guess my problem was trying to squeeze all my favorite parts from my 2000pts list into a 1500. I should've picked a 1500pt list to do a job like Chris did.

    Oh & here are some pics of my army as Chris promised:

    DC Dread
    DC Foot
    Sang Priests
    Squad 4
    Squad 3

    More picks of my army can be found on Bolter & Chainswaord via the following link http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...howtopic=192104

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    I did actually have a post of a reply ready to put up but since the forum has had so much down time lately Dan has beaten me to it!

    I agree with prettymuch everything Dan has said, he can be forgiven his errors for being a new player. I did help him with some of the obvious mistakes but obviously I couldn't really offer opinions on tactics during the game as I didn't know what they were!

    As he has rightly said, he's learned his lessons this time, which to be honest is the first point of your early games!

    And Bonzai, as for the metagaming issue, I wouldn't really consider it as such. I did take wargear that would be good at killing marines, yes, but I wasn't exactly trying guessing what my opponent would have - I knew Dan was playing Blood Angels, and he knew I was playing Ultramarines. It wasn't a pickup game or a tournament match, we both went into it with our eyes open - you'll notice he wasn't exactly tripping over the whirlwinds or flamers either.
    You may have noticed that I didn't make much mention of any bolter fire in the battle report - because it basically did nothing. I think there may have been one or two casualties per side from standard bolt rounds - which kind of illustrates my point.

    I actually think I did take a fairly balanced list as far as it went, I had stationary troops, mobile ones, and deep strikers, shooty ones, flexible ones, and assaulty ones. I may have taken a lot of lascannons and plasma, but I still had 2 template weapons, 3 blast weapons and a hell of a lot of rapid firing ones - so I don't think I'd have been completely outclassed vs. horde armies - though I admit I would probably have struggled a bit more.

    I'd also like to think that my tactics helped me win this one as much as my list did, I thought I was quite canny using delaying tactics and alpha strike units to stall the BA advance, and the refused flank helped immensely. Maybe I was just lucky though

    Anyway as you can all now see, Dan's army looks awesome! I may put some pictures up of the one I ended up taking just so you can see how dire they looked sharing a board with these guys!

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