Last match of the escalation campaign I tried to play in. I only got 1 game in each round. Don't remember enough of the details from the 800pt (I didn't have a pen so didn't take notes).

Mission: Seize Ground

My list:


Librarian - blood lance, sword of sanguinius


Furioso Dread - melta, magna grapple, heavy flamer, drop pod
Sanguinary Priest - power weapon, jump pack


Tactical squad - plasma gun, plasma cannon, 5more guys
Assault squad - Power Fist, melta, 4more guys
Razorback - heavy flamer


Devastators - 2x lascannons, 2x missle launchers

His list (Iím unsure of the sizes of his units):


Annoying Crisis suit guy - 4+ inv save and various plasma weapons and drones


3 (4?)x Slightly less annoying crisis suit guys - various weapons not as many plasma
4x Stealth Suits


12x Fire warriors - anti tank grenades, drone
12x Fire warriors - anti tank grenades, drone
10(or 12)x Kroot - kroot guns


2 (3)x Broadsides

*** ***

Mission: Sieze Ground with 3 objectives
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Fluff: Blood Angles scouts have found ancient text from the dark age of technology on large pillars. Now Librarian Matthias' force has been sent to secure the site from tau forces seeking to further advance their tech in the name of the greater good.

*** ***
Sergeant Valaris could feel the rage starting to rise up inside him. Although the campagin for Atticus V had started well, in recent weeks the tide battle had turned against the Blood angels. Chaos warbands had made significant gains on several fronts. Now instead of supporting his brothers his detachment had been redeployed to some backwater moon on the edge of the system.

"Clam youself sergeant" Valaris felt rather then heard the Librarians psychic message.

ďYou do not realise the importance of this mission. The chapterís relations with mars are not what they once where. Today we have an opportunity to change that."

*** ***


We place 1 objective in my deployment zone, 1 in his and 1 in the middle.

I combat squad my tacticals as usual putting the plasma gunner and 4 others in the Razorback with my libby. The other combat squad sets up on the objective in my half, supported by the devastators. Sergeant Valaris and his squad are joined by the priest and deploy just behind the RB so the can use it as cover when they advance. The furioso is going to make a drop pod assault.

He deploys most of his forces in a standard gunline on his table edge, Broadsides in the middle with a squad of fire warriors on each side. The firewarriors to the left hold his objective. His commander and other suit guys deploy to the right behind a hill, they're facing my dev squad but we agree the 2 can't see each other through the trees infront of my squad. I get 1st turn.

*** ***

My Turn 1:

My furioso's drop pod lands right infront of his broadsides dread gets out to the left facing the firewarriors. The RB advances up 18" with the assault squad moving 12" behind it. RB pops smoke.
In shooting I decide to try and move the firewarriors of his objective. The furioso kills 5 with its heavy flamer and 1 with its melta but the firewarriors stay put. My devastators kill a broadside and my combat squad with plasma cannon can't see anything. No assault.

His Turn 1:

Movement his command unit moves up on top of the hill. Rest of his forces stay put.
In shooting his commander unit (i know they're not a unit as such but they pretty much moved like one) kills 2 assault marines(only 2 within range). Then his Broadside takes aim at my dread but miss everything(cue happy dance). He gets alittle desprate and charges my dread in assualt. Only 2 fire warriors are left to attack back and fail to make use of their anti tank charges. They then run off the board. Commander moves back behind the hill.

**** ****
Sergeant Valaris and his squad advanced on the Tau line. Four hundred metres of bare ground lay between him and the advanced alien weaponry threatening to blow them apart. Valaris sent a silent prayer to the emperor for protection. "Ready yourselves brothers" he said preparing to kick his jumppack into over drive "Strike from the sky on my mark...."
"Belay that order sergeant" came the steady voice of the librarian this time through the vox in the sergeants helment "As soon as Hannibal arrives, head straight for the objective"
It was at that moment the sergeant spotted the drop pod hurling down apon the alien lines like a falling metor. Panic surged across the Tau's defensive line as the drop pod smashed into the ground meters away from the firewarriors, who tried to rally themselves around the nearby broadsides. Mere seconds later the doors blew off the droppod and Revered Brother Hannibal 1st company furioso dreadnought burst forth buring the first rank of aliens alive with his heavy flamer.
His ancient voice boomed across the battlefield "be purged in the emperors flames alien!"

**** ****

My turn 2:

Dread moves closer to broadside preparing to assault. The Libby and combat squad get out of the RB ready to take the middle objective. While the assault squad move to put the rhino between them and the crisis suits.
In shooting the dread kills a broadside and the dev move up to get los at the crisis suits next turn. The combat squad with libby are just out of range of the crisis suits. My dread finishes off the last broadside in assault.

His turn 2:

None of his reserves arrive. His firewarriors move up towards my assault squad, and the crisis suits back on top of the hill. In shooting the crisis suits destory the foward combat squad and put a wound on my libby. His surviving firewarrior squad shoot at my assault marines but I make all my save/feel no pain rolls. No assault.

My turn 3:

My RB moves forward to flame his firewarriors. The dread moves to try and threaten the crisis suits. Assault squad move towards the objective previous held by his firewarriors using the drop pod as cover. My libby moves away from the crisis suits and towards his firewarriors. Only 4 fire warriors remain after being flamed by both my RB and Dread. My devastators kill a crisis suit. The libby then charges the firewarriors killing 2 they hold.

His turn 3:

His kroot arrives in a very dangerous position near my remaining combat squad, but stealth team still hasnít decided to join the party. His shooting is devastating, the kroot are within rapid fire range of my remaining combat squad and leave no survivors. Then his commander blows up my Razorback. The other crisis suits took pot shots at my dread but canít penetrate his front armour. In assault my libby kills another firewarrior the last one runs away.

My turn 4:

I move my devastators out of charge range of his kroot. My dread advances of the crisis suits with my libby chases after the last firewarrior, and my assault squad crowds around his objective. I donít really have that much to shoot at, his crisis suits are just out of range of my dreads weapons. In assault my libby cleans up his last firewarrior and consolidates towards the crisis suits using the dread for cover.

His turn 4:

His stealth suits finally arrive coming on from the right sided board edge to support his crisis suits. In shooting the kroot continue their rampage blasting away the devastator squad. His stealth team shoot at my libby forcing 2 saves. Crisis suits manoeuvre to get a shot at my dreadnoughts side armour but still fail to even glance.

My Turn 5:

My dreadnought lets loose all it range weapons on his stealth team killing 2 and forcing the rest to flee off the board. My commander blood lances a crisis suit leaving only the commander and 1 other left.

His turn 5:

He moves his kroot back onto the objective in my deployment zone. At this point we both know its going to be a draw. So he charges my libby with his commander and surviving crisis suit just for the hell of it. His commander makes his invulnerable save (shield drone?) and forces my libby to make a save. The other crisis suit really didnít do anything.

The game finishes a draw with both sides holding one objective.

**** ****
Blood seeped from Librarian Matthias' side where a plasma shot had burnt a hole through his power armour. He did not care, the Alien responsible was in his sights and he would soon avenge his fallen battle brothers. Psychic energy crackled in the air as he lashed out in a forward arc with his force axe, the librarian's hand shook with the force the deadly blown crashed down apon a blue energy shield. Stopped at the last minute by the tau commanders advanced shield drones..and even then only just...Suddenly the Tau commander and his guard lept back from the combat with their jet packs, Matthias started to pursue when a voice rang out over the comm in his helmet. "Commander we need reinforcements all the tacticals are dead, the kroot strike form the trees arrggh" Matthias recognised the voice as belonging to one the devastators assigned to his command.
The Tau commander held Matthias' murderous gaze as he opend his own intercomm systems.
"Shaper Oztrak, place the explosive charges. If the Tau cannot appropiate this technology for the greater good then it must be destroyed"
Moments later the sky blazed orange as a gigantic explosion erupted at the postion previously held by the Blood Angles. Matthias cursed the Tau as they retreated into the fading dusk. They had claimed one of the ancient mars shrines and would soon have the second but with the third destoryed victory had ultimately escaped him this day.