Hello all,

This past weekend I was part of a 1,000 point Doubles Tournament in Iowa. There were 8 teams ranging from Orks/Eldar to Angels of Death (Dark Angels/Blood Angels) to everything in between. I ran IG and my partner ran Blood Angels. I was actually the only IG player. You can find our army lists in my post within the IG Army List forum, but generally speaking I ran two Lemans, two Chimelta squads, a CCS Chiplas, and an infantry platoon. My partner had a Baal, Attack Bike, a huge counter-assault jump pack squad with a Priest and Librarian, and 2 Laserbacks with 5 man Assault squads inside.

*Keep in mind that there may be slight differences in how deployment works and such as the tournament added a few minor bonus rules.*

Game One Vs. Orks/Eldar
Game Type: Dawn of War, KP
I thought we were in a heap of trouble when 60+ Boyz, a Big Mek KFF, and a Battlewagon were deployed just 18” away from us to start the game. Then I remembered I had a LRBT and a Demolisher and proceeded to direct-hit 7 of 8 ordnance shots in the 4-turn game. My infantry platoon (coming in on the middle of our side) performed admirably as well in whittling down the Boyz, immobilizing the Battlewagon and also injuring some Wave Serpents. One pivotal moment for us was my friend’s counter-assault squad surviving a charge by a 10-man Howling Banshee squad. We were worried because neither his armor save or FNP would not apply against power weapon attacks.

We ended up winning 8-5 in Kill Points. We wiped out most of the Orks and the Eldar had some straggler units remaining. Our shooting at the bottom of the 4th turn was abysmal (like a Veteran Melta squad doing literally nothing to 6” rear armor) or we would have had several additional KP added on and a Major Victory.
Result: 8-5 KP, Minor Victory.

Game Two Vs. Necrons/Eldar
Game Type: Table Quarters, Objectives
There were three objectives – one in the middle of the 4x6 board, and one objective in each of the unoccupied table quarters. I knew from the beginning that we would have a massive advantage because we had 9 vehicles with which to contest/claim. The other team’s mobility was limited to a Jetbike squad, 2 Destroyer squads, and a Scarab Swarm pack.

Our flanks won us the game. On the right flank, we moved an Attack Bike, Chimelta Squad, Chiplasma Squad, Baal, and a Laserback squad. On the left flank, I had the PCS, a Chimelta Squad, and both Lemans. We were able to systematically reduce our opponent’s forces – rapid fire plasma eliminated the jetbikes, for example, and the Baal made short work of one squad of Destroyers. The Lemans kept the Immortals and Necron Warriors from doing much of anything at all (i.e. they hid).

The interesting part of the game was when my friend’s huge assault squad dove the middle into a pack of Dire Avengers with a Farseer, a squad of Immortals, a squad of Wraithguard, a Wraithlord, and won (albeit not all in one combat). The first combat saw the squad break the Avengers and Farseer. Additional combats saw the squad (it had 2-3 power weapons and a Power fist) take on the Wraithguard and Wraithlord and slowly whittle them down. While the middle was occupied, the second Laserback squad rolled up and freely claimed the middle objective.
Result: 3-0 objectives (of 3), Major Victory.

Game Three Vs. Orks/Blood Angels
Game Type: D3+2 Objectives, Standard 12” Deployment.
This game was also a bit concerning upon deployment because the Ork was sporting 80+ Boyz with a KFF and Kan Wall, and the Blood Angels player had numerous Combat Squads with Rocket Launchers and Lascannons. The BA player also had a Land Raider and Laserback sitting back on the board edges firing across the board the entire game.

The first turn did not go well for us. One of my Chimeras on the right flank was immobilized and another deployed in the middle was destroyed before they even had a chance to move (the other team went first). It also didn’t help that the Boyz basically covered the board, so we knew we’d have to do major “clearage” to reach objectives.

Our left flank breaking through was the major factor in our success. Autocannon and Plasma broke down the left side of the Kan Wall, and the Attack Bike was able to keep the Land Raider busy for two turns. The Demolisher was also on the left side of the board, which helped dissuade Orks from traveling that way. As such, my leftmost Chimelta proceeded to drive through several Kans and 2 Combat Squads, effectively clearing off 2 objectives for us to capture. The right flank Chimelta squad had to get out of their immobilized Chimera and ran through cover towards the rightmost objective, contesting it on the final turn.

The middle was a huge mess of an infantry blob/CCS/assault squad/Baal vs. Deff Dredd/Kans/Ork Boyz. I was able to knock off both of the Dredd’s CCW weapons through Autocannon and Plasma fire (thank you Orders), allowing my friend’s huge jump pack squad to multi-assault a 20+ strong Slugga squad and the Deff Dredd and still prevail. Eventually the FNP’ed Bangels won the day, blowing up the Dredd with a Power Fist and cutting down the Orks.
Result: 3-0 objectives (of 5), Major Victory.

With 2 Major Victories and 1 Minor Victory, we had enough points to win Best Overall/1st in Battle Score.

MVP Units: Leman Russes (both), CCS Chiplasma, 10-man Assault Squad w/ Librarian and Priest.
Best Moments: Hitting 7of 8 ordnance shots the first game; 5 man Assault squad using Krak grenades to kill 2 War Walkers; my friend making 6 or so turbo boost saves on his Attack Bike against Lascannon, Multimelta, and Rocket Launcher shots; watching my Chimeras go “mountain climbing” for objectives.
“Worst” Moments: Watching a Chimera get Immobilized and a Demolisher stunned by Necron Swarm Disruption Fields; Chimelta failing to even touch a Wave Serpent within 6”.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results; if I figure out how I will post some pictures from the tournament. To note, the Painting award went to a really neat Chaos Demons area and every team got extremely high Sportsmanship marks.