[1850] The Wolves vs. Da Orks - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1850] The Wolves vs. Da Orks

    Rough lists:

    Logan Grimnar
    Rune Priest - chooser, LL, murderous hurricane (in rhino)
    6x Grey Hunters - plasma gun
    5x Wolf Guard - 1 with termie armor and CML
    5x Wolf Guard - 1 with termie armor and CML
    8x Grey Hunters - flamer, standard, mark of wulfen (in LR)
    3x Thunderwolves - SS, SS, SS + thunder hammer
    5x Long Fangs - 4 missile launchers
    Razorback - T-L plasma gun, lascannon
    5x Long Fangs - 4 missile launchers
    Razorback - T-L plasma gun, lascannon
    Land Raider Redeemer - multi-melta, extra armor

    Big Mek - KFF (with 19 boyz in wagon)
    Warboss - bike, pklaw, cybork armor
    6x Nob Bikers - painboy, 2 pklaws (1 skorcha), 2 big choppas (1 skorcha), regular
    6x Bikers - Nob /w pklaw
    6x bikers - Nob /w pklaw
    12x Boyz - Nob /w pklaw
    12x Boyz - Nob /w pklaw
    12x Boyz - Nob /w pklaw
    19x Boyz - Nob /w pklaw
    Battlewagon - grot riggers

    Annihilation. Pitched Battle deployment. Results in a tie (no more than 250 pts difference) go to table quarters. Results in further tie go to objectives (which there were 5)

    ~ Orks win first turn, choose to deploy first. There was a large (area) forest in the middle of the table, minimal set trees allowed it to be seen through granting a cover save. Crashed plane in the South-East corner about 6" in from both sides (my perspective). Raised plateau about 18" wide in the middle of my table edge. Crater roughly halfway between the middle forest and the plane wreckage. There was also a bunker, a crater, another forest, and a hill on the table but none played a factor because of deployment. Here's a rough sketch:

    Ork Quarter (T = trukk. B = battlewagon. W = warboss and nobz. R = regular bikerz)
    [..........................RR WBI..................................]
    [...................................I..............................FW] Wolf quarter (F = long fangs, W = wolves, L = Land Raider, G = wolf guard, B = razborback, R = rhino)
    [...................................I.........................B..L.B.] (long fangs on top are on the plane wreckage, wolves right behind it)

    Wolves seize initiative and let 'er rip:

    Turn 1
    Long chooses tank hunters turn 1. Gets out of the LR, joins the long fang squad. Rhino moves 6" up the board edge to just clip a clear shot at the top trukk (just missed being within 6" of KFF). Living Lightning destroys the top truck (which kabooms but off the table so no movement), 3 boyz die, pass pinning. Lascannon on the right razorback guns down a big shoota on the wagon. Wolves decide to test out the dice gods early just for kicks, 1 CML goes into the battlewagon (hit side), 1 pen but KFF saves the day. Other CML goes into the trukk next to it, KFF again saves against 1 pen. Long Fangs on plateau split fire 2-2, 2 into the side battlewagon rock the 2nd big shoota off, 2 Kraks into the warboss and company takes out the regular nob to instant-death. Other long fangs split fire 2-2 into the regular trukks, Rocks off the big shoota on the trukk next to the wagon, nothing to the middle trukk. End of turn.

    Logan turns fearless just incase. The biker squads speed down around the forest, 1 the closer might just hit combat next turn, 2nd is out for at least another turn. Wagon zooms up 12" in a near direct line to the wolves corner. The Trukks move flat out and create a semi-spear type formation in front of the wagon (remaining within 6". Boss and his nobz turbo behind remaining hidden (scared of da big gunz of da wolves!). The boyz from the destroyed trukk move 3" difficult, and run 5". Shooting sees nothing as nothing can shoot.

    Turn 2
    Logan goes preferred enemy, daring the closest bikers to charge him and the fangs. Raider moves up 3" as a precautionary to absolutely make sure he got the 24" for assault cannon and multi-melta. Both wolf guard units take a step back as do the razorbacks that are behind them (just a few inches out of being completely in the corner. It's tactical retreat for the moment ). The rhino decides to play it safe and back up right quick 6" to the south (to where it started). The wolves move just in front and to the right of the top long fangs as to not block LoS. Living Lightning immobilizes the (now) top trukk *about* 18" away from the closest wolf model. Razorback pop shots the other trukk and destroys it. Other razorback fails to the mighty KFF. Long fangs split fire 2-2, 2 into the closest trukk and destroy it (kaboom says "no damage for us", and 2 into the bikers closing in on them, killing 1 (just to soften and make sure logan can wipe them). CMLs throw frag missiles into the now out boyz from the closest trukk, killing 5. Boyz aren't pinned. Other fangs catch a side clip of the battlewagon and immobilize it, while 1 shot goes into the bikers coming at the other squad of fangs, saved by smog cover. last CML attempts to soften the only thing that *can* definitely hit me next turn, being the closest squad of 5 bikers, killing 1 more with krak missiles. Wolves fleet 5" to block the Fangs in the wreckage from being assaulted.

    Logan goes preferred enemy still. Mek gets out of his whip, boyz remain in. Logan scares away the bikers and he moves 12" across the face of my army to back up his (now) weakened other side. (big mistake as they can't charge anything now they're inthe middle of nowhere for a turn). 2nd biker squad follows up 12" ready to dakka dakka my fangs and logan on a prayer. Boss and nobz are still out of any charge range as he's been playing very careful with them and so moves 12" ready to dakka dakka my wolves. Boyz from the closest trukk (destroyed) only get a 2" terrain move and so bunker down in a crater (they're sluggas so no dakka shoota dakka to worry about). Mek repairs the immobilized wagon. Dakka from the closest bikers goes into the wolves, dealing 1 wound to a regular storm shield + bolter model. Dakka from the boss and nobz into the wolves as well deals 2 wounds, 1 to the thunderhammer wolf, and 1 to the storm shield + no bolter model. So 1 on each. Big Shoota on the immobilized trukk goes into wolves but the wound is saved. Dakka from the 2nd group of bikers goes into the fangs, 6 wounds caused, logan misses his save and takes a wound, and a missile launcher takes a bullet and bites the dust. No assaults to be made, immobilized + wrecks + tactical retreat + Logan just can't seem to get him there fast enough and that seize really didn't even do much damage.

    Turn 3
    Logan stays preferred enemy. Land Raider moves up and left 12" to block off the fangs from any assault (but limiting their LoS to only the 2nd group of bikerz). Grey Hunters pop out of the Land Raider ready to try and toast some green skins of the 2nd group. 2 models hang back, Logan makes his 6" move on the plateau and joins up with his men. Rhino moves 6" south to my table edge. Wolves get 3" off the terrain in front of the fangs, prepping to charge the boss and his nobz. Razorbacks move up 6", the wolf guard move up 3" and form a line between the back of the Raider and the fangs on the terrain, blocking off the razorbacks. Hunters flame and double tap into the bikers but sad face only kill 1 . Long fangs on the plateau open krak into the same squad, killing 2. 1 Razorback double taps his plasma into the closest (stupid) biker squad that decided to park in my face. Killing 0, damn smog. CML and grey hunters closer to the wreckage double tap into the destroyed boyz squad in the crater, frag + bolters takes out 5. Other Wolf guard open into same squad but only 3 double tap, killing them down to 2 boyz and a nob. Redeemer Potm flamestorms into the bikers in my face killing 2. Rune priest living lightnings into the lone nob in my face, but only gets 2 shots and puts 1 wound on him. Last long fangs pump 4 kraks into the boss and nobz to try and soften em up, killing 1 big choppa, and putting 1 wound on the warboss. Wolves fleet 5. Assault sees them needing a 5 to get in with the boss, they get a 4 and a 6 and make it easy. My attacks go awry and i only put 1 wound on a big choppa, no rendings . His big choppa in return deals 1 wound and it's the final blow to my SS+bolter wolf. Warboss and pklaws go simo with my hammer. I roll first with the hammer, and he makes 3 5+ cybork invul. saves >.< . Pklaws in return dish out 8 wounds (4 per) to my wolves. I fail 1 on the SS+ccw wolf and he dies. And make all 4 on the TH+SS wolf! (Sir Charles is his name). Sir Charles lost combat and he rolls and 1+3 and he stays in combat. The Ork player throws in the towel and concedes. He'll spend his next assault stuck with 1 wolf and then get shot up in my turn, and he's too crippled to possibly touch my mobility or survive with what else he has which is so far away.

    Victory to the Wolves.

    Wolf Deaths : 2 thunderwolves, 1 missile launcher long fang
    Ork Deaths : nearly all of 2 biker squads (not strong enough to even charge into one of my normal squads), 2 nob bikerz, 2 trukkz, a handful of boyz.

    5th E Sand(Grey) Knights: 11-3 (retired) 5th E Eldar: 37-4 (retired) 5th E Wolves 5-0

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    Wow...just looking at the lists, I knew he didn't stand much of a chance against your shootiness. His only chance was if he went first and you stole that from him. Good target prioritizing by going after his transports instead of his nob bikers.

    For your TWC, I wouldn't bother giving all of them storm shields. 1 is enough for wound allocation purposes. With your army composition, they're mainly a distraction unit and fire magnet that can't really be ignored. I wouldn't invest too many points into them, but if I did, I'd much rather trade 2 storm shields for another TWC w/meltabombs.
    Record: Win - Loss - Draw: Hive Fleet Pandora (New) 32-6-6 Space Wolf 7th Co. 52-11-6
    Blood Angels 12-4-2 Daemonhunters 20-8-3
    Imperial Guards 12-5-2 Daemons 8-3-2

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