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    Noob Horde Battles! Game 6!

    Here we are again! Trying to get in a game each weekend if we can to speed up the learning process! This saturday we played a 2vs2 game, with 1500 points a side, 2x ork vs 750 beakie and 750 fish'ead.

    Two of the guys were playing for the first time, the fish'ead, and the other half of the ork army.

    My friend left the 6 feet table at home, so we ended up playing on a 8 foot long table, and a 6 foot long'll be nice when we get an actual terrain setup table to play on! (Notes: Grotz are actually slugga/choppa orks. I ran out!. Meganobz are beakie devastators!)

    First Fugi's Ork's. He had never played before (he's an panzee player, and he's still waiting for them to finish being painted by minifigs or some other painted site).

    He got 2 battle wagons (armor plates, grot riggers, red paint, ram, cannon, bs) (Armor plates, red paint, deff rolla, bs), 19 boyz and a nobz in one, and 19 boyz and a Big Mek (KFF and claw) in the other.
    I also gave him a looted wagon, (BS, Boom gun, redpaint) and 5 TL Deff Koppta's. He was facing the beakie player directly.

    My setup was...
    warboss with bike (deff coppter on ground)
    trukk with 11 boyz/nob
    19 shoota boyz with nob
    deff dread with two scorcha
    2x kan with RL
    2x kan with Grotzooka

    The beakie player (Jay) did the normal Battle reach setup, with additional options to bump up his points, with an additional 5 devastators, with lascannon's, missles, and heavy bolters.

    The fish'ead player (lou) took a group of kroots, fire warriors, and what seemed like an endless amount of suits, including two broadsides with twin linked Railguns.

    We rolled imitative, Fugi won, followed by Jay, followed by lou, followed by myself. (Vehicle Orks, beakie, fish'ead, and my orks).

    Fugi turbo boosted the deff choppa's up, then moved them another 12 to engage the dreadnought on the first turn. He was out of range! (We allowed measuring for the new players since they hadn't played before). He moved the remaining vehicles 13 inches and fired 5 TL rokkit's at the beakie's, wiping out 3.

    beakie's went next. Jay moved his dreadnaught over to my side of the table, and repositioned his beakie's to engage as much of Fugi's orks as possible, and fired everything he had at the deff choppa's. He either missed, or hit and fugi make the cover saves. It was absurd.


    Lou went next with the fish'ead, and moved his kroot and fire warriors forward, and opened up on the choppters, wiping out 2. Fugi made the leadership save. Lou also launched a bunch of 36 missles at my troops, but luckily everyone was behind cover.


    I basically just ran all my units and turboboosted the boss around. No shooting from me this turn, basically just positioning.

    Fugi's turn. He moved the wagon's another 13 up, ignoring most of the terrain issues with the deff rolla/ram's. The boomwagon moved 7, and started firing pie plates...completely missing. The remaining deffchoppa's went after the dreadnought, and completely missed their 3 shots, followed by their 3 re rolls.

    Jay goes with his beakie. Opens up on the remaining helicopters, destroying 1. The helicopters lose their LD roll, and run off the board. He then realizes maybe he shouldn't have been firing all his high str weapons at the helicopters, and has no guns left to shoot at the wagons.

    Lou and the fish'ead go, and open up on my running troops, wiping out a walkers grotzooka, and getting a bunch of stun rolls (squad rolls and armor plates on the dread), not doing too much. A few orks die to missed cover saves. He fires two TL railguns at the wagons, 1 misses TWICE, the other hits, penetrates, and he rolls a 1. Hahaha.

    My turn. My useless dread moves 6, and hits 6 kroots in cover with flame throwers, killing half the squad. They pass their ld.

    The rest of my group moves forward, and i send the warboss behind a closer unit of cover. Everybody moves up, the kan's fire rockets and zooka's, wiping out most of the firewarriors.

    IT's fugi's turn. The failure of the fish'ead and beakie to do anything to the battlewagon's now becomes apparent. Fugi moves 7 inches, disembarks, moves 6, then WAAAAAAGH!!!! with a roll of 5! One group of 20 smashes into the center beakies.

    The other group smashes into the terminators.

    These guys are slugga/choppa, so they do an insane amount of dice rolls. The beakie's kill 3, the Terminators kill 2. Something like 68-74 dice get rolled against beakie's, the tactical squad + sarge is completely wiped out. 3 of the 5 terminators die. Nobody notices Jaw's waiting. The one group of orks consolidates, and moves towards the devastators for a next round attack.

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    *thread moved to the battle report section*

    I think you'll find more responses in that neck of the woods
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