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Thread: stand ins?

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    stand ins?

    so i watched a few battle reports on bols and i noticed something that kind of annoys me. so many chaos players use the BA and SW books to make chaos armies that can use the rules in the book. yes i know its perfectly legal but in the spirit of fluff i find it to be annoying. i just wanted to see if a single person reading this shares the sentiment or am i being a little over bearing?

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    First thing, I don't really think this thread should be located in BRs subforum, don't panick if it disappears - propobaly just a mod will have moved it to other subforum.

    Answering your question, 4th edition brought Chaos players their current codex but as well robbed them of their Legions - distinct and different, not only in paint scheme, but rules, army building, units, whole different playstyle really well presenting their style fluffwise.

    It's gone.

    SW Codex is just silly in a way that some SW dudes are better in CC than, for example, 10.000 years old and so experienced World Eaters (yep, Khorne favoured Astartes). Because there is no proper way to represent them. And fielding, let's say Logan as grimdarky lord of these khornate guys with CC equipped Wolf Guards seems to fit better than uber-gritted CSM.

    Honourable mention to fully lighting-fast, almost fully jump-packed and bike riding Night Lords army. I use BA codex to represent them myself.

    Other thing is, that many Chaos players doing so choose units that do not fit these legions in any way, irritatingly trying to explain impossible and awesome. That's why there is no character in many such armies.

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