1500pt Cult of the Bloodied Sky (DE) vs Tyranids - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pt Cult of the Bloodied Sky (DE) vs Tyranids

    Howdy, so after 2 years of not playing 40k (and 10 years! of not playing DE) i decided to re-invent my old cult of the bloodied sky and give the hive mind a bloody nose! here's how it went:

    The Lists:

    Cult of the Bloodied Sky:

    Vararkhel 'The blood bringer' (Baron Sathonyx)

    2 Haemonculus - WWPs, v blades

    12 Hellions - Helliarch w/t agoniser
    12 Hellions - Helliarch w/t agoniser, PGL

    9 wracks - liquifier
    Raider - flicker field

    9 wracks - liquifier
    Raider - flicker field

    6 Reavers - 2 blasters

    2 talos - TL heat lances, chain flails

    The hive mind:

    Tervigon - catalyst

    12 termagaunts (not 100% sure on the numbers here)
    12 termagaunts

    10 stealers - broodlord
    10 stealers - broodlord

    Trygon prime

    3 hiveguard

    3 zoanthropes - mysetic spore
    3 zoanthropes - mysetic spore

    The top half of the board: ruins in the right and left corners
    Middle: a large forest approx 12" from the right board edge.
    Bottom: A very large hill on the left side and a small forest in the centre

    Mission and deployment:
    The mission was seize ground with 3 objectives, one was deployed in the ruins top right, one was centre board in the open, the last was on the hill in the bottom left.
    Deployment was spearhead, both players rolled a 1 for the deployment/first turn roll, DE win due to the barons 'bones of the seer' rule.

    I choose the bottom left corner, intending to use the forest to shield my raiders from fire, the 2 raiders are deployed each carrying 9 wracks and a haemonculus, as close to the board centre as i can, everything else is held in reserve.

    The Tyranids deploy right up in the right corner, sheltering in the ruins and sitting on an objective starting on the board we have: the hiveguard, both termagaunt units, the tervigon and the trygon.

    The tyranids steal the I but decide to go second anyway.

    Combat drugs score my hellions and reavers +1WS

    ++At this point i'm a little worried, spearhead has put alot of distance between me and the enemy, i only hope my forces can cross it in time++

    Turn 1 - Dark eldar
    Movement: Not much happens here, both raiders move up 12" to the centre of the board, the haemonculus and wracks climb out.

    Shooting: Both WWPs are dropped behind the cover of the forest, the raiders lances fire at the trygon but fail to do any damage.

    Turn 1 - Tyranids
    Movement: The tervigon spawns 11 termagaunts but manages to break itself, no more spawning this game.

    Shooting: the hive guard open fire on one of the wrack squads killing 4, tervigon casts FnP on the hive guard.

    Turn 2 - Dark eldar
    Rserves: both hellion squads come in but nothing else, the baron and co emerge from the top portal and race toward the hive guard hoping to tie up as much as possible, the other squad emerge fromt he bottom portal and skirt around the bottom of the forest ready to (hopefully) take a few shots at the trygon.

    Movement: Both wrack sqauds mount up and move forward to support the baron and his posse.

    Shooting: The baron and his squad (foolishly) fire at the hive guard instead of fleeting and kill 1, both raiders open up on the trygon causing 1 wound, the other hellion squad are out of range sadly.

    Assault: the baron tries to assault the hiveguard but is out of range (damn my eagerness to use the nice poisoned shooting! This is going to hurt)

    Tyranid turn 2
    Reserves: both stealer units enter play via outflank, one from each table edge. the ones on the right emerge as close to my bottom hellion unit as possible, the ones of the left flank emerge to claim the objective on the hill.
    Movement: The trygon races toward the barons hellions, all 3 termagunt squads move up to fire on the barons squad.

    Shooting: 26 gaunts fire on the barons squad and kill 5, the baron breaks and flees! The hive guard open fire on a raider, a pen and a glance are ignored by flicker fields but 1 hit gets through and the raider explodes killing 3 wracks (this squad had already lost 4 so was now seriously under strength).

    Assault: The stealers in the bottom right assault my hellions, hypnotic gaze fails on my helliarch but the stealers kill 6, lossing 5 in return the hellions hit and run out of there! The trygon now with no one to charge sits around.

    Dark eldar turn 3:
    Reserves: Both talos come through appearing in the large woods roughly 16" from the cluster of tyranids in the top right.
    Movement: the baron rallies, the healthy wrack squad move into assault range of the hive guard and the bottom hellions move into charge range of the stealers, intent on finishing of the aggressors. the injured wrack squad retreats to hold the centre objective.

    Shooting: Both talos run through the woods, bringing themselves into what i hope is charge range next turn, the remaining raider fires its lance at the trygon, causing a single wound, the wracks fire their liquifier gun into the cluster of nids in the top right and kill a massive 3 gaunts. finally the hellions fire on the stealers, splinter pods chatter the fusilade ends another 5 stealers lay dead, leaving only the broodlord on a single wound.

    Assault: The wracks assault the hiveguard causing a massive 12 wounds and slaying all but 1 of the beasts, the final one dies to no retreat, hellions assault the broodlord, 1 falls to the I7 beast before the helliarchs agoniser puts it down, gaining the hellions a pain token.

    Tyranid turn 3
    Reserves: 1 unit of zoanthropes come in, dropping next to the hill on about 9" from the centre of the board.

    Movement: The trygon advances on the wracks in the top right, the remining stealer in the bottom left forma congo line between cover and the objective.

    Shooting: The tervigon casts FnP on the trygon, the thropes warp blast the low strength wracks on the middle objective, only killing 2, all the teramgaunts fire on the remining raider, blowing the darl lance off, the trygon fires on the wracks killing 4 or 5.

    Assault: the trygon assaults the wracks finishing them off, the haemonculus dies to no retreat (curse you 3rd pain token!).

    Dark eldar turn 4:
    Reserves: the reavers come in and take up position in the woods.

    Movement: The baron, freshly rallied advances on the thropes, the haemnonculus leaves the under strength wracks and joins the barons squad, bringing a pain token with him, the other hellions swing around the forest into firing range of the trygon, oth talos roll aweful for DT.

    Shooting: the talos fire on the trygon with heat lances, causing a single wound, the hellions fire on it and do nothing. the baron and co fire on the thropes causing a single wound while the reavers blasters fail to kill the mysetic spore due to cover.

    Assault: The baron and posse assault the thropes reducing the squad to 1 wound.

    Tyranid turn 4:
    Resevres: The remining thropes enter play, dropping ontop of the middle objective,

    Movement: The trygon moves down to assault my hellions.

    Shooting: The thropes open up on what's left of the middle wrack squad, killing 2 and forcing the unit to flee with no hope of rallying.

    Assault: The trygon charges and proceeds to butcher my hellions, wiping them out to a man. The baron and co do the same to the thropes gaining a 2nd pain token and therefore furious charge.

    Dark eldar turn 5
    Movement: the baron and his hellions advance on the thropes holding the middle objective, one talos moves into charge range of the trygon the other within range of the gaunts on the top right objective.

    Shooting: heatlances fire to no effect, the reavers blasters reduce the spore on the middle objective to dust and the barons hellions kill a thrope with splinter pods.

    Assault: both talos charge, 1 hits the trygon getting 6 attacks (love the chainflail) but only causing 1 wound, and taking one in return. The other charges the termagaunts and kills 5 taking no wounds in return, the last of them die to no retreat, the baron charges the thropes and wipes them out.

    Tyranid turn 5:
    We call the game at this point a smy opponent has run out of time.

    End game result:
    A draw i hold the centre objective the nids hold the bottom and the top in contested between a tervigon 10 termagaunts and a talos.

    Remaining forces:
    Dark eldar: The baron, 1 haemonculus, 5 hellions, 6 reavers 2 talos.

    Tyranids: 10 stealers, a mysetic spore, 9 termagaunts, a trygon and a tervigon.

    All in all a pretty even game, mistakes were made by both sides but very enjoyable all the same.

    General thoughts:

    - The DE really lend themselves to an offensive style of play, i found myself constantly on the attack, even against tyranids, always pushing if i'd try a more defensive game i feel i'd have lost quite badly. Strike first, leave no one to fight back.

    - My speed allowed me to keep my opponent off balance just enough to give me the upper hand and to quickly respond to his reserves, slower armies will really suffer against dark eldar.

    Hope you enjoyed!

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    No wonder you were able to outspeed him, i think thats possibly the worst tyranids list ive ever seen. I mean seriously, bar none.

    Well played anyway, sounded like a good win.
    Your friendly neighbourhood gargantuan creature

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heirodule View Post
    No wonder you were able to outspeed him, i think thats possibly the worst tyranids list ive ever seen. I mean seriously, bar none.

    Well played anyway, sounded like a good win.
    Yeah it's true it wasn't the most competitive nid list but then i'm not exactly running are overly competitive list myself, made for a good match and a slightly easier re-introduction to 40k after so long.

    Incidently the hellions have now proved my MVPs in 2 matchs straight, not sure about the rest of the list but the hellions are here to stay

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