1500 Space Puppies vs Iron Hnds - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Space Puppies vs Iron Hnds

    EDIT: I am rewriting this to remake the version the forum ate.

    This was my first battle with my space wolves that I did last night. I bought most of my army from someone else. As a result, some of them are not equipped how I would have preferred, like the wolf guard. I also had rather limited models for this game, with the rest of my stuff arriving today. My gaming store had forgotten to order my razorbacks, so I had to make some changes to the list with what models I had, which is why you see a footslogging grey hunters squad and the fenrisian wolves. We both made several mistakes in this game, so bear with me.

    Army list:
    1500 Pts - Space Wolves Roster

    HQ: Freyr - Rune Priest in Power Armour w/ Chooser of the Slain; Melta Bombs; Plasma Pistol; Jaws of the World Wolf; Living Lightning
    HQ: Mimir - Rune Priest in Power Armour w/ Chooser of the Slain; Melta Bombs; Living Lightning; Storm Caller

    Troops: Grey Hunters Pack Alpha
    8 Grey Hunters w/ 1x Meltagun, 1x power weapon, rhino

    Troops: Grey Hunters Pack Beta
    8 Grey Hunters w/ 1x Meltagun, 1x power weapon, rhino

    Troops: Grey Hunters Pack Gamma
    7 Grey Hunters w/ 1x Meltagun, 1x power weapon

    Elite: Wolf Guard Pack
    1 Wolf Guard Pack,
    1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour w/ Melta Bombs, TH/SS - with Psi
    1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour w/ Melta Bombs; Wolf Claw x2 - with Alpha
    1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour w/ Melta Bombs; Wolf Claw x2 - with Beta
    1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour w/ Melta Bombs; Wolf Claw x2 with Gamma
    1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour w/ Melta Bombs, TH/SS - with Omega
    1 Wolf Guard in Power Armour w/ Melta Bombs; Power Fist - with Delta

    Elite: Wolf Scouts Pack Delta
    5 Wolf Scouts Pack w/ Melta Bombs; Power Weapon

    Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack Psi
    4 Long Fangs Pack w/ ML
    1 Squad Leader

    Heavy Support: Long Fangs Pack Omega
    4 Long Fangs Pack w/ ML
    1 Squad Leader

    Fast Attack: Fenrisian Wolf Pack
    10 Fenrisian Wolf Pack

    10 tacs, 1x lascannon 1x melta
    10 tacs, 1x lascannon 1x melta
    10 assault termies, mixture of LC and TH/SS, w/ sarge
    10 regular termies, 2 assault cannons, sarge

    Attack bike w/ multimelta

    Dawn of War, Capture and Control


    SW Deployment: Freyr joins squad Alpha in their rhino only about 4 inches out from the board edge so they aren't too far forward. Scouts outflanking, everything else coming in first turn.

    IH Deployment: Tac squads split into combat squads, each combat squad having a special weapon. He places a lascannon squad in the ruins on his side, melta squad right outside the middle ruins on his side of the board, other lascannon squad in the trees with his objective, other melta squad in front of those trees. Pedro joins the melta squad on the right.

    SW Turn 1:
    Movement&running: Everything comes out. Mimir comes out in Beta's rhino next to Freyr's rhino. They both go forward 12" and pop smoke, leaving Freyr's rhino somewhat in the lead. Squad Psi comes in behind the ruins on the middle on my side, then runs into a firing position in them. Squad Omega does the same to the trees on the left. Gamma comes in on top of my objective and sits there. Wolves come in behind the rhinos, using them as screens(not that anyone would waste shots on them anyways).

    IH Turn 1:
    Movement: Everything comes on. His normal termies come on to the right side of the ruins on his side, the assault termies on their right. They both go forward 6". Attack bike comes in between the normal termies and the ruin. Tac squads don't move.

    Shooting: Our first mistake of the game: we both forgot about night fighting on turn 1 of dawn of war. He pours every single piece of anti-vehicle fire he has into Freyr's rhino, doing nothing, until the last shot in his entire army, ordinance of some type, finally hits it and causes it to explode. A single GH dies in the explosion.

    SW Turn 2:
    Movement: Freyr moves his squad forward towards the tac squad next to the middle ruins. Mimir's rhino goes forward another 6". Wolves move forward.

    Shooting: Freyr's squad shoots at the marines with pistols(accidently shot Freyr's plasma pistol instead of LL, but that turns out to be a good thing). Only kill one. Wolves run forward, ending up on top of the former rhino. Mimir LLs the lascannong squad in the trees, killing 2. Squad Psi shoots their frag missiles at the same squad, killing another 2(including the lascannon). Squad Omega shoots their frags at the lascannon squad in his ruins, killing 4(including the lascannon).

    Assault: Freyr's squad assaults the marines they shot at. Kill 3 of the remaining 4, taking one casualty in return. He doesn't run, they stay locked in combat.

    IH Turn 2:
    Movement: Termies move forward. 1 remaining member of the tac squad in his ruins falls back towards his objectives, placing him behind the termies. Pedro's melta squad moves forward. Attack bike moves forward.

    Shooting: He shoots every remaining piece of anti-vehicle weaponry he has at Mimir's rhino, only shakes it.

    Assault: Freyr finishes off the single remaining marine, getting a wound himself, consolidates towards the regular terminators.

    SW Turn 3:
    Movement: Freyr's squad moves towards the regular termies to get within assault range. Mimir's squad disembarks their shaken rhino. Wolves move forward

    Shooting: Freyr's uses Jaws on the regular termies, killing the sarge and one regular termie. Bolt pistols and meltagun from his squad do nothing. Mimir LLs the assault termies, killing one. Omega puts 4 missiles into the termies, killing 1. Piso puts 4 missiles into the assault termies, killing 1.

    Assault: Wolves assault the attack bike, killing it with 0 casualties, consolidates towards Pedro's tactical squad. Freyr assaults the termies, only killing 3 more, leaving 4. Those 4 kill all the GHs in the squad, leaving Freyr and the wolf guard.

    IH Turn 3:
    Movement: Assault termies and Pedro's squad move forward. Single marine hiding behind the termies continues going to his objective.

    Shooting: Assault termies run.

    Assault: Freyr and the wolf guard are killed off.

    SW Turn 4:
    Movement: Rhino tries to tank shock Pedro's squad. Turns out to be a bad idea as the meltagunner death or glories and wrecks it. Mimir's squad falls back a bit to stay out of assault range of the assault termies. Squad gamma finally leaves their spot behind the hill to get a firing line on Pedro's squad if he keeps coming. Wolves move to get into position to assault Pedro's squad

    Shooting: Psi and Omega both unload all their missiles into the assault termies, killing a single one. He has spread them to the limits of coherance, so I'm just using krak missiles. Mimir LLs the assault termies, killing another one.

    Assault: Wolves assault Pedro's squad. They get wiped out without inflicting a single casualty. Pedro's squad consolidates backwards towards his objective.

    IH Turn 4(Note: from this point on I did not pass a single armor save):
    Movement: All termies move forward. Pedro leaves his tac squad and moves to meet up with the assault termies.

    Shooting: Regular termies shoot their 2 assault cannons into Mimir's squad. Kill 3. Roll an 11 for morale, and 12 for fall back distance, running Mimir's squad off the board, leaving only Gamma to defend the objective.tive.

    SW Turn 5:
    Movement: Scouts finally come on. I come on close to his objective, getting into assault range of a single marine next to the objective. Move Squad Gamma to get within rapid fire range of assault termies.

    Firing: Scouts hold their fire, wanting to use the marine as a way to get within contesting range by assaulting. Gamma fires everything at the assault termies, killing 3, but I know it won't be enough.

    Assault: Scouts assault the single marine, lose 1, but kill him, and consolidate on top of his objective!

    IH Turn 5:
    Movement: Assault termies move to get into assault range of Gamma. The one full tac squad gets into rapid fire range of my scouts. Regular termies move back towards his objective.

    Shooting: Assault cannons and tac team do 5 wounds to the scout squad...I figure that I have this in the bag and at minimum will force a tie if it ends this turn. I roll armor saves...and fail every single one. Scout squad is wiped out, leaving his objective uncontested.

    Assault: Assault termies attack Gamma. Kill everything but one marine and the wolf guard. This puts him in contesting range of my objective.

    Roll to see if it goes to turn 6, but it ends. Not that it matters, as he would have tabled me turn 6.

    After game thoughts: I didn't think I was gonna do very good against a termie heavy list. My list was made to handle more of a mech army, with lots of MLs and meltabombs. The things that really decided the game were Mimir's squad running off the board, as they could have held his assault termies off my objective(plus did more damage to them, possibly killing them between Mimir's squad and Gamma), letting Gamma hold the objective uncontested, and my scouts failing all their armor/cover saves. If both of those had not happened I would have won(held my objective and contested his). If just one had happened it would have been a draw. Also might have been better to use my missiles to try and wipe out his remaining tacs, as he would have not have had any scoring units remaining.

    Last edited by Khisanth Magus; February 11th, 2011 at 22:09.

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