This was my first tournament, a local one at a Hobby Town in Plano, TX. The game was 2v2 teams, 1250 points each. However, we didn't have quite enough players to do full teams, so I was playing by myself, since I had brought both of my armies, Imperial Guard and Necrons. Here's the lists I ran:



Company Command Squad: x4 meltas, Chimera (all Chimeras in my army had multilasers and h. flamers)

Stormtrooper Squad x5: 2 meltas, Airborne Assault

x3 Veteran Squad: 3 meltas, Chimera
Veteran Squad: 2 flamers, Demolitions (in Vendetta)

Fast Attack:
Vendetta Gunship
Hellhound w/Hull H.flamer

Heavy Support:
Leman Russ Battle Tank: Hull lascannon



Necron Lord: Res Orb, Gaze of Flame, Staff of Light

x3 Necron Warriors x10

Fast Attack:
Wraiths x3
Destroyers x4

Heavy Support:

We played 3 games. Each time the game had different deployment, mission, and special rules involved. Victory was determined by the number of points you had at the end, depending on the special rules. You had a primary victory condition, worth 8 points, a secondary condition, worth 6 points, and a tertiary condition, worth 2 points.

The first game I played was against a Demon/Orc combo. The orc player ran 3 30 man boyz squads and Battlewagon carrying Gazghull and some more Boyz. The Demon player spammed Soul Grinders, Defilers, Dreads, and Princes (without Lashes, surprisingly). He was running two minimum squads of Chaos Marines in Rhinos too. This army I had the most trouble with. We had 3 objectives, one in the middle, and two others 12 inches to the side of it. My Imperial Guard had little trouble with their boyz mob, they flamered it into little pieces. My Necrons had a harder time. Though I was able to whittle it down through massed Gauss fire and a few Particle Whips, it bought the other player enough time to jump me with his Battlewagon and several Soul Grinders/Defilers. The third boyz mob had walked on (we were doing DoW), and couldn't get near me in time. I managed to disable some of his walkers, but I didn't have the firepower to push back, even with some support from my Guard. However, I still managed to eke out a win. On the last turn, my Vendetta finally managed to come in from reserve, so I turboboosted them and my Wraiths next to the objectives he held. The objectives were worth 8 points, but they were all contested, so nobody got that. The secondary goal was to kill all your opponents HQ units. My Lord and Command Squad were untouched, both Princes were dead, but Gazghull lived. No points there. The third goal was to deep strike more units than your opponent. I deep struck my stormies, they deep struck nothing.
End result: Victory, 2-0.

The second battle was against a Black Templar/Space Wolves combo that had been giving a lot of other players trouble. Short summary: lots of Long Fangs and Terminators. Things looked bleak for yours truly. The special rule of the map was a single objective that scattered 2d6" each turn, stopping if it ran into something, referred to as the "greased pig" game by the players. Deployment was Spearhead. My opponents fielded lots of assault Terminators at the front of their deployment zone, with the Long Fangs and a Sorcerer in the back.

Here's where I learned something surprising. Necrons LOVE terminators. They're slow, they can't sweep, and they're vulnerable to massed Gauss fire. My Monolith was up front, with my three warrior squads and Lord next to it. The Terminators advanced on my phalanx, seemingly invincible in their gleaming armor. My opponents discussed their strategy for a bit, and decided to ignore my Monolith in favor of my warriors, in order to try and phase me out.

Big mistake.

The first squad of Termies assaulted my warriors, and after the battle, a few Necrons lay dead, and one Terminator. My Monolith, which had just moved over the objective, placing itself in between the objective and my opponent's deployment zone, yanked the warriors out of combat, leaving the Terminators stranded. My WBB rolls resulted in all of my warriors coming back to life, and now the objective was completely surrounded by my Monolith and warriors. It wasn't going anywhere. Those suddenly exposed Terminators now faced 60 Gauss Flayer shots coming in at them, followed by a taste of the Gauss Flux Arc. The few that were left quickly fell to my Chimeltas. Their offense had been broken in one fell swoop. Another Terminator squad with Storm Shields coming up from the bottom had been blocked by two Chimeras and my Hellhound. They laid waste to them, but not before losing a few to my Meltas, and they were now in no position to do anything. Meanwhile, my Vendetta and Russ had been merrily blasting away at his Long Fangs, and now their weren't many left. He managed to take down my Vendetta with a lucky krak missile, but it had done its job. The missiles that were left couldn't target my warriors, my Monolith was blocking their line of sight, and my Monolith and Russ laughed in the face of their missiles. Their sorcerer had been busying himself trying to kill my Hellhound, which he managed to do, but those were a bunch of shots going towards something that really didn't pose much of a threat to him, so I was happy. A squad of wolf riders came out of reserve near the end, and managed to kill my Russ, but not soon enough to get the objective. Objective points: Hold the objective, 8 points, kill points, 6 points, have a unit in every table quarter, 2 points.
End result: I held the objective with my warriors, with nothing he had near enough to contest. 8 points for me. They'd managed to kill off more than I did, 6 points to them. Nobody had everything in all table quarters, no points for them.
End result: Victory for me, 8-6.

The last match up was against a Tyranid/Marine combo. They had a line of Predators and Razorbacks, with troops hidden behind them. I think they might have been relatively new, because their tanks stayed put the whole time and shot at me, rather than moving forward. The special rule was to put one objective in your own deployment zone, and then secretly write down only one army on your opponent's side who could hold it. I chose Marines, since he seemed to be fielding less troops than the Nid player. I deployed the objective off to one side of my deployment zone, and put my Monolith in front of it. Behind the monolith, I deployed one Chimera and one squad of Warriors to hold it. Though I hated to give up that much firepower, I gambled that I could eliminate any Marines near the objective and come out one ahead, since I had both next to mine. I figured that the Chimera and warriors together had enough firepower to discourage any deep strikers as well.
Now, I'm not too familiar with Nids, so any Nid players feel free to yell at me if I get anything wrong.
As one, my armored column rolled forward. The Monolith and Russ fired off pie plates into his infantry behind the tanks, taking out groups. My Hellhound rolled forward as fast as it could and took out an entire squad of Scouts in cover. My wraiths and Destroyers turboed up one flank, and hid behind some cover, waiting to pounce. Meanwhile, my Vendetta blasted up his squad of Zoanthropes (the psyker ones, right?) in the first turn, removing my greatest anti-armor threat. Massed multilaser fire after took out a few more units, nothing major though. His transports lay wrecked, courtesy of lucky shots from my Russ and Monolith. However, next turn, a lucky shot from one of his Predators took out my Russ. No big deal, however, my Chimeras were nearing his line. Meanwhile, my Destroyers now blasted away with impunity at his Marines, scoring several kills. My wraiths merrily assaulted away at his vehicles, 12 auto hitting Str 6 attacks on rear armor ensuring major damage. He probably could have killed off my wraiths easily if he'd tried, but he was much more worried about all my Chimeras. He tried deep striking some big bug I don't know the name of, but it scattered onto one of my Chimeras and mishaped, taking it out. Meanwhile, my stormies had deep struck behind his lines and zapped a big thing that was spawning Termagaunts. My Chimeras had reached his line, supported by my immobilized Hellhound that was nevertheless still capable of launching burning death into their lines. Between all that massed flamer fire, all his little bugs went away. My wraiths assaulted a vehicle a turn, wasting one each time, and finally I had them go after his Hive Guard, since they'd run out of other things and I figured maybe they could do some damage. My warriors had also been advancing steadily, and now were adding their Gauss fire to the mix, removing more threats. End results: 8 points went to whoever controlled the most objectives. They had written down Necrons, and I had a warrior squad guarding mine. They had no Marines near enough to control theirs. 8 points to me. It was worth 6 points to the person who had the most units in their opponents deployment zone. I had wraiths, Stormtroopers, and Destroyers in their zone, with Chimeras edging in, they had nothing in mine. 6 more points to me. 2 points went to whoever had destroyed the unit on their opponents team with the highest retail selling price. My destroyer squad, worth 80 dollars retail, was still alive and untouched. My stormtroopers, all metal models and therefore worth 75 dollars all told, were currently giving the finger to my opponents right near their objective. The Hive Guard on my opponents side was not completely dead, and neither were the Terminators, comprising their most expensive models. No points there.
End result: 14-0, a massive victory to me.

My total score was 24 points, resulting in me getting third place, after the Space Wolf/Templar players and another group I hadn't played. All told, I did much better than I thought I would, especially considering I was playing Necrons alongside my Imperial Guard. However, I think that combo was quite effective, since the greatest weakness of the Necrons is lack of anti-tank fire, which the Guard has in spades. Likewise, the extreme resilience of my Necrons complimented my squishy Guardsmen quite well. My monolith and Russ acted as a AV 14 wall that was hard to break through. I had the most trouble with the very assaulty Green Tide army, since I didn't have enough speedbumps to slow them down. Still, they didn't count on my wraiths and Vendetta showing up when they did, so it was lucky for me.