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    NECRONS VERSUS TAU-1750 POINTS (with pictures!)

    Hello There.
    This is my first real attempt at writing a battle report. This battle i had with my friend, a Tau opponent. I have probably forgotten a few things, but try to bare with me here, as i will attempt to put some story telling in it.
    The objectives were: A small hatch, a cannon and a telepathic relay, all tainted my Necron metal and holding mysterious properties.




    Necron Lord Blackstar (Resurrection Orb, Phase Shifter, Destroyer Body)
    Necron Lord Nightshade (Nightmare Shroud, Phase Shifter, Destroyer Body, Warscythe)


    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors

    10 Scarabs


    Tomb Stalker
    2 Tomb Spyders


    Shas'O Alpha (2 Shield Drones, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker)
    Shas'O Omega (2 Shield Drones, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker)

    3 Shas'uis Team Silence (2 Shield Drones, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker, Targetting Array)
    3 Shas'uis Team Emmisary (2 Shield Drones, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker, Targetting Array)
    3 Shas'uis Team Vengeance (2 Shield Drones, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker, Targetting Array)

    12 Fire Warriors (Shas'vre)
    12 Fire Warriors (Shas'vre)

    8 Pathfinders
    Dedicated Devilfish

    Hammerhead (Plasma Cannon thingies from IA, The upgrade which lets them move 12" and shoot)
    Hammerhead (Plasma Cannon thingies from IA, The upgrade which lets them move 12" and shoot)
    3 Broadsides (2 Shield Drones, Targetting Array)

    Sorry for the bad quality of the second one.

    Since we rolled Dawn of War, We could only deploy up to 1 HQ and two troops.
    My opponent won the deployment roll-off, and he made me deploy first. I deployed Two warrior squads, and a support Lord (The one with the res orb) accompanying them on the bottom right side of the board, near the objective but not holding it. My opponent deployed his Shas'O on the top middle area, near my forces, but far enough away as that i was out of range of being able to shoot him. He also deployed his Fire Warriors up on the top left side of the board. Far enough as that he would have to foot slog a while to the objective.
    My opponent won the roll of to play first, and wanted to go first.

    Shas'O Alpha, on his daily patrol, sighted skeletal figures emerging from the jungle not to far from his position. Without hesitation, He jumped over to investigate. As he got closer, dread overtook him. Necrons! A small host of necron warriors, headed by a lord, with hs tattered cape flowing in the wind, were advancing through the area.
    Alpha knew, that, whatever these necrons were here for, it couldnt be good. Immediately, he radioed in to base:
    "Necron forces sighted, off sector Remar! intentions unknown, but i am going in to engage. Requesting backup!"

    Not to far away, a small detachment of fire warriors heard his transmission. They prepared to come to his aid, but the shas'vre leading the team picked up a strange energy signal from nearby. Thinking their shas'O could easily take on the necrons, they set out to investigate.

    Meanwhile the Shas'O had come into optimum range for engagement. With a squeeze of his inbuilt trigger, a burst of plasma and missile fire rains on the incoming necrons. The necrons, while startled from an affront from such a lesser species, suffers no casualties whatsoever. The necron lord seemed to smile. The real fight was about to begin.

    The Necron Lord Blackstar was in rage as the living had fired upon them. Ignoring it, he turned his attention to a nearby imperium telepathcia beacon. Necron resonance seemed to emit from the object, and he knew it was on of the many artifacts that the Over Lord wanted, hoping to expose it's secrets from Millenia of decay and infiltration of necron metal. But he had to deal with the immediate threat: The upstart Tau. With a guesture of his hand, He sent an instant message to his tomb ship in low orbit to send reinforcements. With another guesture, his skeletal warriors moved out, one squad pursuing the shas'o, the other charging to secure the all-important objective.

    Alpha, on his vox immediately heard the sounds of incoming reinforcements deploying:

    "Battlesuit teams Silence, Emmisary and Vengeance deployed"

    "Pathfinders in position"

    "Broadsides on the move"

    Alpha felt the upper hand already. He immediately backed off from the approaching Necrons, joining a large detachment of battlesuits behind him. Facing the warriors, he saw broadsides on his right sneaking up to take position on the hill.

    Meanwhile,The pathfinders arrived in their devilfish. They immediately disembarked, giving control over to a nearby fire warrior team, which immediately took after the energy signal they detected earlier, along with a footslogging team. The Pathfinders took position on a nearby hill, overlooking most of the area. They would have full control of the battlefield. The necrons didnt stand a chance.

    Meanwhile, the rather large collection of battlesuits oppened fire on the pursuing necron squad. In their hail of fire, they brought down 6 of the skeletal warriors, but the warriors seemed unphased. They continued their assault.

    In unison, the battlesuits make a jumping retreat, with the fire warriors reaching nearer to the objective.

    four warriors from the necron squad which took heavy casualties from the tau fire raised from the dead.

    The necron lord Blackstar was getting more and more doubtful about the outcome of this engagement. The Tau had heavy reinforcments arive, wheras he had, so far none. Then, he sensed them. Not to far away from another of the artifacts, his rival, Necron Lord Nightshade had deployed with his weapon of choice: a swarm of scarabs.
    But he was not alone, no. On his flank, 2 hulking tomb spyders appeared. Their massive artificer bodies floating ponderously above the ground.

    Sensing it wise to retreat and take more defensive positions, The 8 necron warriors, along with the lord Blackstar retreated into the jungle and around the telepathic array, defending the position.
    The spyders came up and supported them. If any of the warriors were to fall, they would surely not stay out of the fight for long.

    Meanwhile, Necron Lord Nightshade and his cloud of scarabs advanced on the fire warriors attempting to claim the objective. They moved so fast it was nearly immpossible to catch, but as an added measure, he clouded himself in the scarabs. A barrier of defense if the Tau were somehow able to get a shot off: possible, but unlikely.

    Not to far away, The tomb spyders generated a small cloud of scarabs each.

    Tau Battlesuit Commander Alpha heard over his Vox the familiar sound of his colleague, Commander Omega. He had, along with two hammerheads sporting experimental plasma cannons, deployed close to his position, ready to back him up.

    "Surely the foe does not stand a chance now, with all of the forces we have at our disposal!" Said Omega

    "I would not underestimate the necron, my friend" Replied Alpha "The necron are a persistent foe: Even if we achieve victory today, they will be back: Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps a week from now. There is one thing you can be sure of, however, they wont take defeat kindly.

    That's when they got a radio in from a small fire warrior company not to far from their position:

    "Need Assistance! Need Assistance! Under attack by necrons! By the Ethereals! Their is enough to block out the sun!"

    It seemed that, while attempting to investigate a unknown power source, had been sighted by necron scarabs and were being attacked. They surely needed assistance
    That's when Alpha detected the power reading himself. It measure off the chart, and was only a few feet away, and needed to be investigated. With a quick order, The suits headed over to take defensive positions around the object: An ancient Icarus Lascannon. They aimed their weapons at the approaching scarabs: Alpha could of sworn he saw a figure in the cloud...

    The hammerheads and broadsides advanced, taking an optimum positon over which they could see the entirety of the battlefield. The pathfinders took the highest position avaliable over the hill, and readied to fire...

    In unison, the fire warriors and devilfish fired at the swarms. No matter how pulse fire they seemed to pour into them, the swarm seemed to not lessen whatsoever.

    Then The Crisis suits fired.

    The hail of missile pod and plasma fire was, however, somewhat ineffective. They had let down the fire warriors, and now they would have to pay the price.

    As the hammerheads opened fire into the warriors holding the objective, killing two, the battlesuits advanced around in a tightly packed formation. They would hold the objective at all costs.

    The two killed necrons self repair systems sparked to life, and rose from the grave...

    Necron Lord Blackstar was about to order a full retreat...when his senses picked up incoming reinforcements...

    Alpha could of swore the necron lord broke out to a complete grin...Thats when he felt the rumble, and a large shadow pass overhead. The entire Tau forces look up in awe. as a monolith fell majestically from the sky.

    The monolith's energy matrix pulsed with sickly green energy. This was a weapon of pure power, and had to be taken out. It crushed the trees as it landed on a river creek bed...A few meters away from the battlesuits!
    Then, a large roar overtook the battlefield. A mighty tomb stalker burst from the ground not to far from their position. The construct immediately sighted the battlesuits, and made a rush, ripping tree out of the way and scaling objects easily.
    More warriors joined the fray. They arrive to support nightshade, and secure the objective for themselves.

    Spurred on by his reinforcements, Dark Star Charges with his warriors and Tomb Spyders. The spyders, unable to catch up, stay a few meters behind. The lord. faster then the rest, is the only one to reach the fight. Nightshade, with necron warriors coming up behind him, charges with his scarabs, passing over the fire warriors and going straight for the poorly defended Pathfinders behind them! Blackstar raises his Staff of light and lets loose a few shots on the battlesuits, inflicting no damage. Angered, he is redeemed when the monolith discharges a mighty particle whip shot from it's weapon mounts. He laughs in victory as the battlesuits are pummeled, only to stare in disbelief as the particle had only killed 2 of the Tau's flying machines. In rage, the lord assaults and of the squads, cutting them down. They attempt to break off, but are cut down by the lord by a sweeping advance, totally destroying the entire squad. Silence had been silenced.
    The tomb stalker lept over a small wall and charges into shas'O Omega. The beast rips into the Omega's drones, destroying them and wounding him. In defiance, he attempts to fight back, but fails do to any damage.

    The necron lord Nightshade and scarabs envelop the pathfinders in darkness. Nightshade tries his luck on the rear of a nearby Devilfish, but fails to hit it. The entire pathfinder squad is killed, with the remnants cut down by the clouded necron lord.

    Then, in a freak move, one of the warriors squads break off and charge the squad of broadsides. They only hurt a broadside and destroy a drone, but that meant no railguns would be their to harm their energy beacon, the monolith.

    Darkstar felt victory in his grasp more than ever. He only had a few annoyances to deal with. Victory was almost assured, he felt it.

    TURN 4-TAU
    Alpha was taught when being taught the ways of war, that new threats can always be dealt with. This 'monolith' and millipede construct would be dealt with, in time.
    But first, he had more immediate threats.
    The remaining battlesuits surround the commander in a well-practiced battle formation, raising their weapons. They would exact revenge on their fallen comrades.
    Meanwhile, the fire warriors set up a firing line around the objective, claiming it for their the moment. They raise their weapons, ready to attack the incoming Warriors. They were prepared to sell their lives for the greater good.
    Gun drones detach from their vehicle hosts and aim their weapons, ready to fire.
    The hammerheads lock onto their targets. Ready for the signal.

    "Fire." Called Alpha.

    The battlesuits fire in unison, murdering the necron lord Blackstar until his body fell to the ground in a wreck.
    The fire warriors let out a hail of pulse fire. Despite the volume of shots emmited, only four of the warriors go down.
    The hammerheads release a volley of plasma fire along with the gun drones into the squad of warriors holding thee telepathic array, obliterating them.
    The devilfish and drones fire at the Necrons near the fire warriors, felling another one.
    Significant damage had been caused to the necron forces, but major threats still existed.

    Meanwhile, Omega was still in a duel with the Tomb Stalker. The creature bores into his armor, wounding him again, before disappearing into the ground, Cautiously, the battlesuit begins to back off.

    The battlesuits, along with Alpha which killed Blackstar, begin jumping over to assist the broadsides in melee with the warriors: They needed their heavy weapons if they were to have any chance against the monolith.

    In the combat, the warriors fail to cause any damage, while losing one of their own. They break off, retreating. Alpha felt a shred of hope: Their may be a chance yet!

    The final trickle of reinforcements appear near the Telepathic array, ready to join the fray.
    Meanwhile, the dead body of Necron Lord Blackstar begins to spark back to life, his tattered body raising to do his duty once more. He wanted revenge. and he would start by taking out those broadsides.
    The destroyed necron squad reassemble due to the tomb spyders construction. Two join the battle near the fire warriors. The falling back squad also gets it's warrior back, and regroups.

    Blackstar, enraged, passes straight over the battlesuits, going straight for the exposed Broadsides, with the newly regrouped squad joining him.

    From that point on, Alpha knew the broadsides, and their chances at taking out the monolith hang by a thread.

    The newly arrived necrons moved right in front of the hammerheads readying their weapons, With the tomb stalker pursuing the near-dead Shas'O. The monolith moved into range of the rear arc of the battlesuits, readying to realize a blast of particle whip.
    The warrior squad moved right next to the firing line of fire warriors to contest the Hatch Objective, raising their weapons in anticipation.
    The tomb spyders made their move, swinging round on the rear, readying to attack the hammerheads, when the moment arisen.
    And Necron Lord Nightshade readied his hordes for what he knew would be the end of his mortal foe.

    The monolith's particle whip was the first fire to rain down on the battlesuits, killing two of the suits from Emmisary squad and two shield drones.
    The Lord Blackstar discharged his staff of light into the battlesuit squad. Although failing to kill anything, he was softening the target up for the slaughter to come.
    And in freak move, the warriors on the fire warrior side raised their weapons and fired at...The Drones? The gun drones detached from the Devilfish didn't stand a chance, as their lifeless husks fell to the ground.

    Then, the assault began. The Necron Lord Blackstar, along with his squad of warriors charge the broadsides. Although the conflict was a tough one, The broadsides were eventually cut down as they attempted to flee. As the necron Lord raised his staff in victory, Shas'O Alpha knew that time, and options, were running out.
    The Scarabs, along with Necron Lord Nightshade assault the legion of fire warriors. Despite gaining the charge, they somehow inflict zero casualties whatsoever, while they themselves fell by the dozens!

    Mean while, not to far away, Blackstar was mocking his rival.

    Alpha, hearing the vox's go silent on several chanels, turned to Omega. Then, it came. Stealthily, and almost graceful, the tomb stalker sneaked up behind him, Ripping the Shas'O in half with it's many Talon-Like legs. The bloodied husk of the Shas'O was thrown aside, and the stalker surged on, in sight of new prey.
    Lol, we used the bastion as a stand-in for a hammerhead, as well as stealthsuits for all the battlesuits he had.

    TURN 5-TAU

    Shas'O Alpha, Immediately feeling the loss of Omega, sprang into action.
    Both hammerheads move over to block the Telepathic relay from the necrons. The tanks would provide a roadblock, he hoped.
    The single remaining battlesuit from Emmisary, along with Vengeance, and Shas'O Alpha jump close to engage the necron foe which had cut down the Broadsides.
    The remaining drones follow close behind the hammerheads, defending it's rear for the approaching tomb spyders.

    Then, the battlesuits Open fire. They rain destruction onto the warrior squad, completely wiping them out before they even have a chance to respond. Now only the lord Blackstar remains, defiant to defeat.
    Meanwhile, The hammerheads on the right side open fire on the newly arrived warriors squad, along with drones, and blow 3 of the skeletal warriors apart. If they were gonna go down, they were gonna go down fighting.

    Wishing to end Blackstar once and for all, The remaining battlesuits assault the lord, and while taking hits on the squad Vengeance, Their vengeance is delivered as the necron Lord is killed once again.

    Meanwhile, the combat with Nightshade has fared no better. While both of the fire warrior squads suffer a wound each, the scarabs are completely dispersed by the flailing Fire Warrior, leaving an angered an unscathed Nightshade ready to exact his retribution.

    Three of the necron warriors felled by Battlesuits rose, joining the battle near the fire warriors.
    And again Lord Blackstar raises from the grave...wanting to seek vengeance on his attackers for the second time.
    The three warriors felled by the hammerheads rise again...ready to exact their fury on the tanks.

    The battle near the fire warriors were drawing to a climax. Fifteen necron warriors were only moments away from facing off against 22 Tau Fire Warriors. The odds were in their favor, as they contested the objective.
    The risen Lord Blackstar readies his staff of light, as he peruses his attackers: Vengeance squad. Meanwhile, however, the Tomb Stalker was pursuing the final Battlesuit from Emmisary squad, leaving Shas'O alpha helpless to watch the mayhem. The monolith surged forward, it's ancient energy core suspending it above the lush jungle terrain. Nearby, The Tomb spyders readied their weapons to flank the hammerheads.

    Then, the monolith discharged a shot from the particle whip. The blast striking the rear of the hammerhead, but failing to cause any lasting damage. Blackstar as well fired his staff of light, but again failed to do any damage to the battlesuits at all.

    But his ineffectiveness was not without redemption. He charged Vengeance, and exacted his vengeance by completely obliterating the remnants.
    The tomb stalker as well charged the lone battlesuit of Emmisary, in which the suit met a bloody end.

    The tomb spyders charge a rear of the hammerheads, but fail to hit the fast-moving tank. whilst the other kills two of their gun drones.

    And finally, the warrior squad assaulted the fire warriors. They completely overrun the defenders, Cutting down an entire squad and killing quite a lot more, but to their avail, Some held on! yes, some fire warriors, defiantly, stood their ground, ready to hold up their foe.

    TURN 6-TAU
    Alpha sensed the battle coming to a close, and knew the best he could hope for was a tactical draw with his opponent. He knew that he could rely on his tanks holding the position, but knew it all came down to the fire warriors and the devilfish, which had waited silently for the entire battle.

    And now it moved.

    It moved straight next to the objective, denying in to their necron foe. This attempt was rather suicidal, but just might work.
    The Hammerheads did a small reposition, and were now on the literal doorstep of the necron warriors.

    It boiled down straight to the assault with the fire warriors, but the attempt was doomed at the start. Mercilessly, The necrons cut down the remaining fire warriors, while taking only two casualties themselves, and made their way straight for the devilfish.

    No warriors self-repaired at this point
    With victory so close and so far, Blackstar had little to do but hope that a shot from the monolith and Nightshade could bring down the damned Devilfish. The monolith moved into position, right into firing range of the front armor of the devilfish, while Nightshade and the nearby squad of 13 warriors moved to intercept the side armor.

    Meanwhile, the other remaining spyders and troops, as well as Blackstar and the stalker near the two hammerheads moved in for the kill, weapons raised.

    The Monolith discharged the particle whip at the devilfish, but missed, only partially hitting it but failing to do any severe damage.
    The warriors squad fired at the same devilfish, but besides causing some glancing hits, failed to damage it.
    On the hammerhead side, Gauss blasted against the armor of the Hammerheads, but to no avail.
    It boiled down to what would happen in assault.

    The tomb stalker assaulted the remaining units of squad emmisary, and through a horrific storm of necrodermis the entire squad was massacred, leaving nothing but a bloody pulp. Alpha yelled in anger as yet more of his battlesuit brethren was cut down.
    Necron lord Blackstar and the remaining spyders assaulted the remaining hammerheads, through a fury of blades, one of the great skimmer-tanks were split in two, it's burning husk drifting ungracefully to the ground. A single tank remained, however, contesting the objective.
    Both sides knew it came down to the devilfish.
    Necron lord Nightshade approached the sleek flying tank, hovering gracefully above the air. The scanners of the devilfish at once picked up the presence of the Necron Lord, and made an immediate evasive move. The strikes of the necron lord, instead of hitting alien steel, strike nothing but air. Despite the lithe agility of Nightshade, the somewhat agility of the devilfish avoided all blows made against it.


    Boiling in rage, Blackstar watched as the remaining Tau forces, including Alpha, fell back. With them, contained the information from the defiled relics, and knew if the Tau were ever able to decipher the code they would gain a leg-up against the necron foe. Due to the fact he had no fast assault units, The lords were helpless to watched as their highly mobile foe escaped them. As they fled, they swore vengeance against their foe: a slow, painful death, and the horrific destruction of Alpha and his men. They would not stop. They would not falter.
    It was only a matter of time.

    NECRONS: 0 TAU: 0

    I really enjoyed this battle, and thought it was really close. Despite it took a while, recording mostly what we did each turn, i think it payed off with this trying-to-be-fluffy-and-informative battle report. I must give commendation to the fire warriors i charged with my scarabs: I failed to cause a single wound that phase! Not to easy, i would say.
    I would also say I think I forgot to fire the monolith one turn: bummer!
    As a last stand, his move of contesting all of my objectives was pretty nice. If I even had one of those objectives it would of been a victory.
    I should of sent a squad of warriors to take the middle objective. That nasty looking battlesuit "squad" scared me off though.
    As this was an objective game, I think the spyders were kind of justified. They were almost always in range of my warrior squads, and my opponent learnt the pain of the WBB when you ALWAYS get it. I was disappointed that they only caused menial damage, however.
    I also forgot to use Nightshade's Nightmare Shroud.
    Overall, a good game.

    GAME RATING: 8/10
    MVP: Tomb Stalker. It killed many battlesuits in it's quest for total annihilation. Though it did little objective wise.
    WP: Squad of Warriors. The warriors that came in last turn literally did no damage! fail!

    To be quick, I'm more then happy with the end result, with the few notable moments. The game ended a draw and no thanks to my MVP Fire warrior squad who bought a lot of time - 4 turns in fact, surviving a wave of scarabs, killing a lord and none shall forget the insane bravery of the prime squad, lead to death in honor. I also would like to thank the brave pilot of the Devilfish, staying put on his objective, contesting it from the Necron Warriors. I think the Necrons ultimately played better then Tau, but with very lucky rolls I managed to pull in for a draw. Perhaps next time, the Necrons will be at the mercy of the Tau, not vice versa.

    A toast to the brave shas from Fire Warrior squad one!
    My stupid Commander, honestly, you could have even put up a slight fight against the Tomb Stalker???

    The Tomb Stalker, Necron Lord and Monolith sandwich their prey.

    The Necron Warriors sneak up on the unsuspecting Broadsides (Flayed ones)

    The Tau gun line readies to unleash a volley on the incoming necrons

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    11 (x1)

    Very nice terrain! I enjoyed the battle report and it was a even more fun to play on it!
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    91 (x3)

    very nice report but tau should have slaughtered that nec's army - the hammerheads and broadsides should have destoryed the mono happily and all the battlesuits should have taken out that tomb stalker with tons left over to keep shooting at necs from a distance.

    Tau are crap in CC - you were too attacking - you could have easily one had you held back.

    Also make better use of the JSJ on the battlesuits and i assume in your elite tau only the leader had PR, MP, TA and HWMT and the other two had PR, MP, MT instead of them all having PR, MP, TA, MT as that is not allowed!

    p.s scenary looks good
    Tau: 6K - W17-D3-L4, Orks: 4K - W9-D0-L2, SM: 7K - W7-D3-L4,CSM: 4K W5-D1-L1, Nids: 3.2K W3-D0-L2
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    4 (x1)

    He would of destroyed my monolith + stalker had they not deepstriked. I advanced up the side of the board until i was in cc with his broadsides, in which his weapons were down and my units came in. In the end of second turn picture, my warriors on the far right were dangerously close to his broadsides, it's just they were hiding behind the hill so you couldn't see them.
    Oh and his hammerheads didnt have railguns () He was trying out the forge world 'Plasma Cannons'. In my opnion, they did little and railguns would be more justified.
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