The purpose of this fight was to see the benefit, if any, of losing 2-3 tanks from my usual list in order to buy a Blob platoon would be like. This is not the usual Hybrid list since the blob was not intended to be bubblewrap for hydras and arty but rather a potential board control device. Proper bubblewrap would have autocannons and plan to stay at home.

Things however, turned out differently than intended, of course. I ended up playing against a Deepstrike army in Annihilation...

We played on a hilly 4x6 Table, but only used maybe 3x3 of it since my opponent was playing a Deepstrike army.

The lists:
MacDougals artifact recovery expedition
Priest w/ Eviscerator
40 Man Blob with 4x Metaguns, 4x Power Weapons, Commissar with Power Weapon

Nothing had sponsons. Everything had hull Heavy Flamers.

Astaroth's Angry little band (Which I will call The Vampire Counts-as)
Astaroth leading a Death Company Squad
Chaplain Leading a Death Company Squad
Chaplain Leading a Death Company Squad
2x Sternguard in Pods
2x ??????????? in Pods (I think it was more Death Company)

There were 20+ melta weapons plus some powerfists in the army. I really didn't look at his list since all I saw was MEQs with FNP and strange bloodplay fetishes.

Turn One:
I set up in the corner of the board that gave me room for a castle. I'm not actually good at castling up usually because I hate doing it. Here is what I did:

So my not-for-bubblewrap unit ended up being bubblewrap. NOTE: The wall on the right side is actually the edge of the gaming area. We cut a foot off the sides of a 4x8. My Vendettas are in reserve.

That triangular building is supposed to be like a landing pad and gives cover and an invulnerable save. It did not come into play as anything other than LOS blocking terrain during the game.

Vampire Counts-as:
His original goal was to use the first wave to attack my platoon in the middle. in later turns he would forcing pile-in moves to open gaps on the ends.

He tried to land the pods into that building, but scatter killed that idea.
His shooting killed some of the blob.

Turn Two:
I killed everything but two Sternguard and their Drop Pod. Considering how much shooting that took, I was actually disappointed. But it meant he had two dudes left to carry out his plan.

That Guy
He dropped two pods to the left of the ruin and the assault DC with Chappy landed behind cover using the surviving drop pod's homing beacon.

The closest drop pod squad destroyed a chimera with a max-range infernious pistol shot. The Meltavets inside lost half their number to the explosion and decided they were done for the evening. Two KPs go *Poof* with one shot.

This picture is taken just after assaults in his turn, but before I rolled a 6 for my consolidation move.

I was able to get the team back into a thinner, but still complete, bubblewrap formation. I forgot to take pictures after this, but the game went quickly.

Turn Three:
The Blob
I poofed the closest squad, but hurt nothing else.

Dudes Licking their Blades
He ended up attacking my bubblewrap from the ends with two 5-man death company squads, led by chaplains.

We looked at the rules a lot to figure this out and my platoon ended up splitting roughly in half with a lot of unengaged models due to the size of the spread. The Priest never even got to fight due to his IC status.

In the end, I made sure the commissar was assigned wounds to make sure he died. The platoon, then being non-stubborn and at -20 to leadership broke by not rolling snake-eyes. They were then run-down. 2 More KPs go *poof* But now I have a free shooting phase at some marines. I think I killed one in combat with a Power Sword before he soiled his trousers.

Turn Four:
Flamers of Fire
At this point, Id like to point out that my opponent had not yet failed an armor save. That's right, FNP had not yet been rolled. I either killed him with Meltas and Demolishers (and one Power Sword), or he saved from Multilasers and Lasguns.

Despite spreading out as best he could, my opponent was victim to a lot of flamer and heavy flamer fire. He finally started failing armor saves. I then dropped pie plates and meltas on him to finish off those TWO squads. It took the whole army to kill 2 Chaplains and 10 Death Company.

It should be pointed out that I'd forgotten about my Vendettas at this point, but that was fine because when the first one came in, it has Astaroth and his squad to play with. I think my opponent made a mistake trying to hide Astaroth and count on his other squads to make enough havoc to let him fly in later. He really should have gone for it rather than keeping him back as a reserve.

As it stands, there are the Pods and The Vampire Count himself left on the board. He totaled my Vendetta for honor's sake after losing a dude to lascannon fire.

At this point we called the game.

When the dust cleared I'd lost 5 KPs to his 9 or maybe 10. We figured I'd have him beat even if he tried to hide the last squad since I'd have 3 pods to blow up and he lacked a way to get to me again.

So, lessons, learned? Are Blobs Uber? It is hard to say. In this exact matchup with this exact deployment they certainly were. I'll need more games against more conventional armies to know for sure.

But if I was going to ignore logic and just go with anecdotal evidence I'd say that coherent light weapons are useless against Death Company, but they really don't like being cooked.