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    3400pt Imperial guard vs Imperial guard

    This passed weak end I was at my local gaming area waiting for someone to play. Two others showed up at the same time, both IG players. One had 2000points of IG the other had 1400points of IG. I also play IG, my army is larger 3400points not counting my baneblade. So my smart or not so smart idea, was to take both of them on.

    A quick run down of my list
    2 HQs, the standard command squid, and demanhunters Inquisitor lord
    4 elets, 2x 3 Ogryns, 5 ratlins, 10 storm troopers
    4 Troops, 120+ men, 2 Chimeras
    5 Fast attacks, 2 scout sentinels, 1 armored sentinel, 1 hellhound, 1 Valkyrie
    3 Heavys, leman russ, Demolisher, Basilisk

    Their combined list
    3 HQs, the standard command squid, primaris psyker
    4 elets, 15 storm troopers 2 squids, 8 ogryns 2 squids
    4 Troops, 70ish men, 3 Chimeras
    4 Fast attacks, 3 armored sentinels, Valkyrie
    7 Heavys, 4 leman russes, 2 basilisks, 1 executioner

    I did not get 1st turn and being more troop heavy then them hurt. Faceing down all these templates I lost a 1/3 of my troops, lost my basilisk, the hellhound couldn't shoot, and 1 of the chimeras was immobilized. On my turn I did little damage. I moved both hellhound and the mobile chimera up and popped smoke, this was one of the few things that went my way. The hellhound took a lot of fire, they were afarid of it. It took a few crew stunned hits and had it's inferno cannon destroyed. I think the high point for me is when my platoon command and their chimera transport took out 40 men in 1 shooting round. 4 flamers on a 20 men squid (did 46 wounds) and heavy flamers and storm bolter from chimera killing 16 of a 20 men squid forcing to run off the board. End of the game it was clear that I lost, I was only able to take out one of their tanks as I rolled really bad for armor pen.
    Think I'm so used to fighting SM armies that I have trouble with other guard armies.

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    They did have a much stronger list - your big problem was Mech IG is much more powerful than troops on the ground. They were stronger in HQ, Elite, FA and HS and only lacked in troops. Were any of them vet's cos 70 vets in chimeras would be a lot better.
    Well done for giving it a good go. Im guessing losing so much in the first turn meant it wasn't a long drawn out game
    Tau: 6K - W17-D3-L4, Orks: 4K - W9-D0-L2, SM: 7K - W7-D3-L4,CSM: 4K W5-D1-L1, Nids: 3.2K W3-D0-L2
    Apoc games (mixture of armies used): W5-D0-L1

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